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Lots of firsts happened with Ricky that summer....
Picture it... school was out, and it was summer vacation. All my friends were having sleep overs and pool parties. The weather was hot, and guess where I was....on a road trip with my parents. Where were we going? On a trip across the country, to visit uncle Steve.

I was pretty bummed out about the whole situation because I had been hanging out quite a bit lately with a boy in my class...Ricky.

I guess you could say that Ricky and I were “dating”, although I wasn’t really allowed to have a boyfriend....My parents would never allow it, not until I was older. None of my friends were really into boys yet. Everyone at school thought we were best friends. They knew we hung out a lot, both at school, and meeting up after school. But they didn’t know we had a dirty little secret. I guess you could say that we were best friends at that time.... but we were also so much more.

Ricky and I realized we had similar curiosities when we were at a classmates birthday party together. We were playing an innocent game of hide and seek. When it was time to hide, I ran down the hall to hide in a closet under the stairs. Turns out Ricky picked the same spot to hide as I did. I gave him heck and told him to go hide somewhere else, but he didn’t have time, as the seeker was almost done we had no choice but to hide there together. The closet was dark, and small. As he brushed past me to find a comfy spot to sit, he also brushed my boob. There was an immediate tingle to my little pussy. He apologized several times (I think he thought I was going to clock him). I told him it was ok.... I kinda liked it. He didn’t have a chance to respond, because the closet door burst open and we were found. I remember the flabbergasted look on his what do you mean you liked it??

And that was how our adventures began. Ricky was soon asking me to hang out. I knew why he wanted to hang out....he wanted to explore, and so did I. We snuck around often,...meeting at secluded places (under the bridge by our house, in an abandoned building in our neighbourhood, or in Ricky’s tree fort). Really anywhere we could get some alone time. I was still a virgin, and so was he. Ricky was just as horny, and just as curious as I was. So really we were good for each other at that time. I wanted to get in some sexual experience with him. He wanted the same thing.

In the beginning, we spent a lot of time looking at porn. I would steal new mags from my older brothers all the time. We would flip through them together, cover to cover, in awe of what we saw. Ricky was always adjusting his pants. I could see his erection grow, and his pants stand at attention. It wasn’t long before we began exploring. We started off with kissing. It was kinda gross at first, but after some practice, our awkwardness went away, and it was becoming quite arousing. After a few weeks, we moved on to bigger adventures...He was the first boy to fondle my boobs and play with my nipples. I remember the jolt of electricity that sent to my little pussy. I liked my nipples being gently pinched and sucked. I learned this quite early on. I told him how wet I got down there when he played with my nipples, so of course he wanted to see for himself....and I was totally fine with showing him. It was nice having someone to experiment with. To help take care of some of sexual needs. In time, We eventually got into some heavy petting. Ricky was the first boy to give me an orgasm. He would play with my clit. Rolling it around and flicking it with his fingers. Rubbing my wetness from my little pussy all over my clit. It felt so good to have someone else’s hands down there, besides my own. I told him what felt good,... we were learning together. I never allowed him to put his fingers inside me. I wasn’t ready to lose my virginity yet. As horny as I was, I wanted it to save that for the right person. Maybe Ricky would be that person one day.... but not yet.

Rickys cock was the first real cock I had ever seen. I learned how to jerk him off. He walked me through it, telling me what felt good. How to spit on it to keep it wet, how much pressure to use, how to keep a good pace, and how to twist my hand a bit at the head of his cock. I remember the first time that I jerked him off, I thought he was peeing when I saw precum come out of his penis. He assured me it wasn’t pee, and I kept going. It didn’t take him long to cum. I was amazed at the amount of goo that spurt out from his penis. I was fascinated.

Ricky and I couldn’t get enough of one another. We were a perfect pair at that time of our horny and so curious. I never felt dirty doing the things we were doing. Even though I knew none of my friends were doing these things. I couldn’t tell them, they would think I was a slut.... deep down I knew I was.

Ricky and I continued on for weeks with our shenanigans. After some time of practicing with our hands, we eventually moved on to oral sex. I remember the day like it was yesterday. We had been talking about it for weeks. It kinda grossed me out at the thought of putting his “thing” in my mouth, but it also excited me at the same time. I don’t know if I was more excited for him to go down on me, or for me to go down on him. We both agreed to meet at his fort after school one day. I stole some porn magazines from my brothers room, and stuffed them into the bottom of my backpack. We wanted to see how it was done. My panties were soaked by the end of the school day, with the anticipation of what we were going to do after school. As soon as we got to the fort, Ricky threw his backpack into the corner, and unzipped his pants. Before I could even think, he was standing in front of me, pants around his knees, and a hard on in my face. He forcefully grabbed both sides of my head, and started putting his cock to my lips. “Suck it” he said. “Go on, put it in your know you want to....slut!”

And just like that....I came.

Ricky looked super confused. We both were. He hadn’t even put his cock in my mouth yet, ...and here I was the one cumming.

It was too much. The anticipation, the forcefulness of his hands, and the way he talked. That was the day I realized I liked being submissive. I liked being told what to do, and I liked feeling dirty and bad.

We did eventually end up exploring a bit with oral sex. He practiced getting me off. Licking my hard little clit, running his tongue up and down my wet slit. But as much as I loved the feeling of an oral orgasm, I still preferred performing oral sex on him. The feel of his cock in my mouth, how wet it made my pussy. Over the week, I practiced some techniques. Ricky would tell me what felt good and what didn’t. How fast to go, and how to swirl my tongue. Again, we were learning together. I was excited at our new found adventures, and I was excited to keep playing and having fun with Ricky. It seemed like the more we explored, the hornier I got, and the more I wanted to try. We had all kinds of dirty things planned for that summer.....and then me and my parents left for our road trip.


2020-08-21 10:04:23
This was an amazing chapter. I can't wait to read more and find out what happens.


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2020-08-13 21:05:07
It was a good start but I am sure you would have gotten higher ratings if you added a bit more.

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