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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.


Eroji 3: The Return (mFF, bi, inc, magic, mc, nc, oral, parody, impreg, f-solo)

by Krosis of the Collective


16-year-old Kaden fumed and stomped around the house. His sister Beverley had come home from college for the weekend and insisted on sleeping in his room, which had been her room before she moved out, but still, all his stuff was in there! He was relegated to his old room, to sleep on an air mattress! Fucking bitch!

As he passed by the living room on his way to the kitchen for a snack, something caught his eye. Where had that come from? He went over to the board game shelf and brought down a brown box with "Eroji" written in a strange, flowing *********** on it. Nothing else; no company, and nothing indicating what the game was about.

He almost opened it, but something compelled him to take it up to his, er, his sister's TEMPORARY room. He walked in without knocking, finding the slim, bespectacled brunette lying back on his bed looking at her phone, clad only in a black t-shirt and panties.

"What the FUCK, Kaden!?" She jumped to her feet.

"What, Bev? It's not like you were naked. Wanna play a game?" He closed the door behind him and then took the top of the Eroji box off.

The room dimmed as if the sun had gone behind a cloud, and the air seemed to get warmer. Bev's anger suddenly boiled away and she blinked. Her mind felt stuffed with cotton, and she plopped her phone down on the bedside table. "Um...sure...we haven't played a game in a long time..."

They sat on his bed and emptied out the box: several board pieces that looked like they fit together, a die, some cards in cardboard boxes, and two colored wooden pieces, one blue one shaped like a man and a red one shaped like a woman.

They quickly figured out that the board pieces could fit together like a puzzle in any order, making it so that the game would be different each time it was played, like Settlers of Catan. They set the board up and placed their pieces on the Start square.

The siblings rolled to see who would go first, and Kaden won. He then rolled and moved his piece onto the first square: General Card. He picked it up: There was a drawing of some eyes with hypnotic whorls, and some text: "'It's just a game. You need to finish it. Pass it on.'" He passed the card to his sister, who also read it and then put it on the discard space next to the card pile.

"That's weird," she commented. Kaden nodded.

Bev also rolled a one. The General Card showed a picture of a bra and panties, and said, 'Remove a small article of clothing.' She looked at it, eyes wide.

Kaden took the card. "It's just a game," he advised after reading it, and Bev sighed and reached under her t-shirt to unhook her bra. She wasn't about to take her panties off in front of her brother!

As Bev dropped her black bra to the floor, Kaden had a look at the outlines of his sister's medium-sized breasts and noticeably hard nipples pushing out her t-shirt. She caught him looking and crossed her arms over her chest.

Kaden rolled a 2 to wind up on square #3: Wild Card. The card showed a cartoonish pair of boobs and said, 'Boob play for 1 minute.' He showed the card to his sister, dropped it onto the discard pile, and grabbed her titflesh through her thin shirt.

She gasped at the intimate contact but couldn't stop her brother from molesting her. She had to play the game. Soon his fingers found her nipples, which were always swollen during her fertile time of the month, and he pinched them lightly. Her breath hissed and she felt a little twinge within her pussy.

When the minute was up, both siblings were breathing heavily. Kaden moved back and Bev rolled. Another 1, so she was on the second square, which was also a Wild Card. This card had a drawing of a peach and said, 'Teach another player how to eat pussy.'

"Ohh..." Bev moaned. This was mortifying! She lay back as Kaden moved forward for a good view as she pulled her panties to the side. She pointed with her other finger.

"These are my vaginal lips," she advised as she touched them with her fingers. "Those open up when I get turned on, and here..." she pointed, "is my clitoris. It's sorta like your penis, with lots of nerve endings, and it feels good when played with. Now...erghh...move your mouth down and lick all around my pussy lips."

Kaden did so, marveling at the earthy smell of his sister's vagina, not fishy like he'd heard from some of his friends.

"Aa-aahh..." gasped Bev. " lick at my clit. OHH yeah, you're doing pretty good, squirt. Alternate between my clit and pussy lips. As your spit opens me up you can make your tongue hard and dip it between them...UHHH! Yeah, like that! Holy shit! You're a natural!"

Kaden felt proud. This was the first pussy he'd ever seen in person, but some part of him thought that didn't sound right. He didn't remember when this sort of thing might have happened to him before, though.

Bev's breathing was labored. "Okay, back to licking my clit, and put one finger inside my pussy. Shittt! In and out...unnhh, yeah...two fingers...fuckkk...move it...faster..."

Knock knock! The two siblings split apart, the spell broken. Bev quickly said, "I'm not dressed!"

Their Dad's voice came from the other side of the door. "Bev, honey, we're heading out for groceries. Wanna come?"

I almost did, she thought, and then shook her head. She had to finish the game. "Uh, no thanks! Laying down..."

"Okay! Do you know where Kaden is?"

Bev saw him reaching for her pussy again and she smacked his hand away. "Up to no good somewhere, I'm sure," she replied.

"Have a good nap, sweetie." Then they heard steps receding down the hall.

Bev turned to her brother. "I don't know what the fuck we've been doing..."

Kaden quickly grabbed the die and rolled, and Bev stopped talking. 3, which moved him to the sixth square: Wild Card. He read the card, which had a picture of a shirt and pants: "'Remove a large article of clothing, or 2 small.'"

Kaden had an idea: instead of removing his shirt, he removed his jeans. Bev saw his cock tenting out the front of his boxer briefs and stared. It was bigger than she expected.

He pushed the die into her hand. "Your turn."

Without thinking, she threw it: 4, which put her on the same Wild Card space. The card had a drawing of a banana and peach and said, 'Dry hump another player for 60 seconds.'

Once Kaden read the card, his sister lay back again and Kaden climbed between her legs and started to thrust, rubbing his cotton-covered hard-on against her very wet pussy through her undies. She could see the front of his underwear become wet with their juices and considered that this wasn't a very dry hump. She could also feel an orgasm approaching as his hard shaft slid along her barely-protected pussy lips and his cock head bounced off of her clit through the two layers of thin material. 'Oh, please don't let my brother make me cum,' she hoped.

Then it was done and they separated, gasping. Kaden rolled a 2, putting him on the eighth square, which was another Wild Card. So many Wild Cards! Had he said that before? This one had a picture of a cartoon rooster and a pair of underwear: "'Masturbate a penis with it touching the genitals of the player across from them for 30 seconds.'"

Bev read the card as well. "What?! No way..." But she found herself getting up onto her knees and pulling the front of her underwear down and away from her pussy as Kaden scooted up in front of her, his above average cock poking out from the front opening in his undies. She shuddered as he moved right up against her, his face pressed between her t-shirt-covered breasts and the head of his cock touching her pussy lips.

Then he started to stroke his cock. She didn't look down, but she felt his cock head bump into her clit a couple of times, then against her pudendum, and then her small fringe of dark pubic hair. 'Don't cum, don't cum, don't cum...' she repeated in her head, as much for her as for him.

However, Kaden looked down at his cock poking at his sister's pussy as he whacked himself off and could take no more. "Ungghhh..." he groaned, stroking fast.

"Nooo..." Bev moaned as she felt her brother's hot cum splash on her pussy and clit. It almost sent her over the edge but this was WRONG! She shouldn't be doing this with her brother!

"Unnh! Umm!" Kaden angled himself so as to get a better look at what he was doing to his sister. He saw a spurt of his cum slip between her distended pussy lips and thought that it was the hottest thing he'd ever seen, or at least that he could remember seeing. There was a recurring feeling of deja vu.

Then 30 seconds were up and they separated, Bev's underwear snapping back into place. Fucking gross, she thought to herself. If she wasn't on the pill then she would be in a lot of trouble as her brother's sperm soaked into her otherwise fertile womanhood.

She rolled a 3, which put her on space #9: General. The card had a picture of a bird flying out of a cage: "'Timeout over, player returns.'" She knotted her brow in confusion. "What player?"

Suddenly there was a young woman with brown wavy hair standing by their bed. "Oh! Who are you?" the newcomer asked, shocked, as she regarded them with wide eyes.

"Who the hell are you?!" Bev yelled. "What are you doing in our house?"

"I'm Flora," she said as if that meant something, "and I'm playing the game. See?" She pointed at the board where a metal female figure had appeared next to Bev's wooden one.

Kaden held out the die. They had to finish the game. "Then I guess it's your turn, Flora. I'm Kaden, she's Bev."

Flora smiled and nodded in greeting. Then she rolled while the siblings looked her over. Pretty, maybe 18, but wearing a blouse and skirt with a ribbon in her hair; seriously retro gear!

"Oh, the board has changed," Flora said as she rolled a 3 and moved her piece to space #12: General Card. As she read it she said, "The cards too! They didn't have pictures before."

Again, it showed the bra and panties. "'Remove a small article of clothing.'"

She went over to Bev. "Can you please help me remove my brassiere? I already had to remove my knickers earlier in the game."

As the girl unbuttoned her blouse she glared at Kaden until he turned his back. After a minute or so, Bev told him he could turn back around.

He gasped. The cotton blouse Flora was wearing easily showed her nipples without the bra, which Bev was holding up and examining. It was bulky and oddly styled, with buttons instead of hook fasteners. "Where are you from, Flora?" she asked.

"Here," she replied. "Your turn, Kaden. I really like your name." She smiled and held the die out to him.

Kaden smiled back, his cheeks reddening, and rolled: a 2, which put him on space #10, so another Wild Card: It showed a mouth with a tongue sticking out, with the words, 'Eat pussy for 2 minutes.'

When he read out the card, Bev sighed and leaned back, but Kaden moved to Flora instead, pushing her back onto the bed and lifting her voluminous skirt to dive into her hairy muff.

"Oh!" she exclaimed. "What are you--? Oh! Oh my..." She lay her head back, eyes wide, as Kaden ate her out.

Flora's pussy didn't taste like Bev's did. It was less earthy and more dry, but with the skills he had learned earlier, he found Flora's clit and soon had her gasping and thrusting her hips up at him as she moistened up. He thought that he might have given her a little orgasm just before time ran out.

Bev looked dissatisfied as she rolled: 3 put her on space #12, General Card. This one had a picture of pursed lips: "'Kiss another player for 30 seconds.'"

As Kaden moved forward, Bev instead grabbed Flora's shoulders and pulled her close, thrusting her tongue into the newcomer's mouth.

"Mm!? Mmm..." Flora relaxed into the lesbian makeout session, and by the end of it she had started to return the kisses herself. She looked dazed, but only for a moment. "Oh! My turn again..." She rolled a 2 and moved to space #14: another Wild Card! It showed a picture of a banana pushing inside a donut: "'Unprotected vaginal intercourse and cum inside.'"

She looked confused. "What is cum? Oh!"

Kaden had jumped onto her and was raising her skirt up, giving him access to her naughty bits again. This time, though, he slipped his hard cock, newly reinvigorated from licking Flora and watching the two girls kiss, into her sopping pussy.

"OH! Oh my God!" Flora screamed. It was not a scream of pain, though.

Kaden felt his cock buried inside Flora's tight, hot, wet insides, and began to thrust. This is the most amazing feeling in the world, he realized.

Flora pulled her knees back to help Kaden get deeper inside her. She'd had sex only once before with her boyfriend, but he had, of course, used a condom. The card would not allow that this time, but it was just a game so it didn't matter. She continued to gasp as he thrust into her: "Oh! Oh, oh, oh..."

Bev moved her face next to Flora's ear. "When did your last period start?" she whispered.

Flora opened her eyes wide. "Two...weeks...? Oh!"

The scene in front of Bev was incredibly hot, so the brunette had slipped one hand into her sperm-filled underwear, playing with her clit and dipping one cum-covered finger inside herself. "Are you on the pill?"

"What pill? Oh! Oh my! Ohh myyyy!" And then Flora arched her back as she orgasmed, the first one she'd ever had with a cock inside her.

Kaden felt Flora's pussy suddenly grip his cock like a vise and he couldn't help but groan and absolutely paint her fertile insides with his hot, potent sperm. "Ah, fuck!" he yelled as his second orgasm of the day filled up the strange girl.

Kaden collapsed upon Flora, both of them panting. As they calmed down from their mutual orgasm he started to pull back, but Flora wrapped her legs around him.

"Not yet..." she murmured, looking up at him. Then she brought his face to hers and they kissed. "That felt really good, Kaden."

After a few seconds, Kaden finally pulled out, making them both groan. Then he tucked his softening dick away and rolled: 3, which put him on space #13: General Card. "'Recharge?'"

Then both girls gasped as they saw his cock quickly harden and push out the front of his boxer briefs again. "Whoa!" he exclaimed, feeling light-headed from the sudden shift of blood.

Bev absentmindedly took the die as she kept her eyes on her brother's newly invigorated cock tenting out the front of his underwear. "Amazing..." she murmured as she rolled: a 1 put her on space #13, which was the same General Card as Kaden.

She took the card. "What? But..." She reached one hand down to caress her stomach. "No..."

"What does it say?" Kaden asked.

Bev's hands were shaking. "'Your pills fail.'" She dropped the card. "Oh shit, I'm not protected." She was acutely aware of Kaden's creamy load from earlier, soaking into her pussy lips. She had just been pushing some of his dangerous seed inside herself while watching the other two fuck!

"What's with these pills you keep talking about?" Flora asked as she rolled: 2, so she moved her piece to space #16, which was a General Card. "'Skip your turn?' Okay."

Kaden rolled a 5, which put him on space #18: Group Card: "'Unprotected vaginal intercourse with all applicable players and cum inside your choice.' Oh, hell yeah!"

"Shit!" Bev exclaimed, even as she and Flora could not stop themselves from laying back on the bed, legs wide, Bev pulling her panties to the side while Flora pulled her skirt up.

Kaden pulled his cock out through the pee hole in his underwear as he regarded both girls. He had just fucked Flora, so...

Bev's eyes widened as her brother clambered between her legs. "Kaden, no! I just told you that my birth control pills failed! Unghh!"

Kaden hadn't paused, and with a quick thrust he was halfway inside his sister's fertile pussy. He began to thrust, and soon he was 3/4 of the way in, and then all the way.

"Jesus..." Bev groaned. Her brother's cock was actually a little thicker than her boyfriend's, but not as long. Nevertheless, she felt filled by it. As he continued to thrust, she realized that some of the sperm he had left soaking into her pussy lips from earlier had probably just been pushed inside her by the entry of his cock, and there was probably some left over on his shaft from when he had cum inside Flora! "Oh God..." she moaned.

Kaden was in heaven. Flora's pussy had been tight, but his sister's was really wet. He was having trouble deciding which one he should finish in, so to help the decision-making process, he pulled out and moved between Flora's raised legs.

"Oh, thank God," Bev sighed.

"Yesss..." Flora moaned as he thrust inside her. With his previous load already inundating her reproductive system, she was as wet as his sister, but still tight. Again, Flora pulled his face to hers for a passionate kiss. Kaden liked fucking Flora. Bev certainly wasn't going to kiss him!

Then he heard Bev, her voice low. "Cum in her, bro. You know you want to. You probably already knocked her up, so what's another load? Come on, do it..."

Kaden thought for a moment. If his next load didn't matter, then why was he still fucking Flora? He pulled out and moved back to his sister.

"No! Not me!" She pleaded as he thrust home. "Urghh...please...I don't want to get pregnant..."

Kaden found that he liked his sister begging him. He grabbed her hips and thrust harder.

"Nooo..." Bev moaned. "Please...why are you doing it because I took your room? This was my room, you fucker..."

Kaden looked up at her face with fire in his eyes. Bev's blood ran cold. Then he reached up and started to grab her breasts through her t-shirt as he pistoned into her, harder, harder...

"Noo, I didn't mean it. Please, bro, I'm sorry..."

Flora was caressing her own stomach. She was most likely already pregnant? She didn't want that either. She looked at the board, situated between her and the other two as they fucked on the bed. The end square wasn't far off. "'s your turn," she whispered.

Bev looked at the board, strained to grab the die, and rolled it: 4, and Flora moved Bev's piece to square 17: Wild Card. " it for me?" she called out to Flora.

"Oh dear..." Flora said, and turned the card so that Bev could see.

The card showed a picture of a bell ringing. 'Orgasm,' it said.

Bev only managed to get out, "Nn..." before her back arched and her mouth opened in a silent scream as she had one of the most intense orgasms of her life. "...ooouhhhh..." she gurgled.

Kaden, while mad at his sister, was actually going to be nice and pull out to cum inside Flora again, but suddenly Bev groaned sexily, arched her back, and wrapped her legs around him as her pussy clamped down on him HARD. He had no chance, and started to cum. "Sis! I'm gonna...urgghhhh!" While they had all wanted him to pull out, the power of the game compelled the copulating siblings to follow the card's instructions, for Kaden to cum inside, and he did, his sister's strong legs pulling him as deep inside her fertile, now unprotected reproductive system as possible. Spurt after spurt of potent, sperm-filled semen rushed up his shaft and out the tip, splattering her insides, drowning her cervix in incestuous seed as it spasmed open and closed in time with the orgasmic waves flowing over her ripe, overheated body, pulling a not-inconsequential amount of her brother's dangerous cum into her ready womb.

"" Bev gasped as her body relaxed, the orgasmic attack complete.

Kaden pulled out. "Shit...Bev...I'm sorry, you wouldn't let go!"


They looked over at Flora, who had just rolled a 3, which put her on the end space. "I won! Oh, there's instructions..."

"'It was just a game. Forget, and tell no one.'"

Then Flora was gone, a butt-shaped indent in the bed the only sign that she had been there.

Kaden and Bev got dressed and packed up Eroji, forgetting their incestuous adventure. Then Kaden took the box downstairs and put it back up on the game shelf. As he did so, an old black-and-white photograph fell.

The photo was of a family: a man, woman, and young boy. He thought the woman in the picture looked familiar but he couldn't place her. He turned the photo over and read, 'Bill, Flora, and little Kaden, 1960.' Oh, Kaden realized, this was a childhood picture of Grandpa Kaden, his namesake, and that boy's parents. He hadn't realized that his Great Grandma was named Flora...what a cute name, he thought.

He put the photograph in a more prominent position on the shelving unit. Family's important, he mused. Then he went to go help his parents bring in the groceries, since his stupid sister probably wasn't going to move her ass to help anyone.


2020-09-13 03:58:17
"'Timeout over, player returns.'" And Flora just HAPPENS to show up for Kaden and Bev's Eroji game. THEN, to top it all off, Kaden shoots copious amounts of cum in BOTH girls, probably impregnating them!

So, to recap, Kaden has had unprotected sex with AND has cum in FIVE women, probably getting all of them pregnant. What has happened with the other girls? Did they Abort? Did they deliver and keep the babies? Did they deliver then give up the babies for adoption? So many questions there....

Finally, IF the Flora in this story is indeed Kaden's Great-Grandma, is that how Eroji came into his family's possession? Was the game old then, or was it new? Is Kaden's copy the only one in existence, or is there at least one other copy? If so, can the copies interact with each other, thereby causing even more sexual mischief?

Just some things for you to think about for a future chapter....


2020-09-08 21:37:49
Thoroughly enjoyed this installment!! Right after the photo reveal, I thought of an old Novelty Song called, "I'm My Own Grandpa." Though in this case, it would be Great-Grandpa

Perhaps Flora was playing the Original version of Eroji, like in the first story? Or has Eroji been around for even longer than that?


2020-08-25 06:15:37
fejenor, search the web for "Kazoku Soukan game".


2020-08-24 06:32:45
I would like to see a bit more struggling with themselves in characters. And I would like to know which manga served as inspiration to you


2020-08-24 06:30:51
Great story. But I think you are a bit evil

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