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A couple use a homeless woman for pleasure.
Ann continues her “education” and finds her hairdresser changing to her lover. Rhonda and Victor, meanwhile enjoy using Beth’s husband. A huge strap-on becomes a topic of conversation.

Ann is both concerned and excited. The sight of Rhonda wearing a 12” strap-on dildo is etched in her brain. Can she take it all? What a quandary. Can desire overcome misgivings? A decision needs to be made. After all, Rhonda did say she would only give Ann how much she felt comfortable with. Finally she smiles and stands up. Rhonda follows her to the bedroom with Victor close behind. He doesn’t want to miss the opportunity of watching his wife pleasure this sweet young thing. He decides not to participate but to watch from a distance.

Both Rhonda and Ann hurriedly get undressed. Ann sits on the foot of the bed watching Rhonda as she retrieves the dildo and slips it on. Ann’s eyes bulge as she takes in the image in front of her. She bites her bottom lip wondering what she has let herself in for. “Oh shit it is so big” she whispers as Rhonda moved towards her. “I think doggy would be best darling” said Rhonda “that way you can regulate better. Getting on the bed on hands and knees she waits while Rhonda moved behind her. In an effort to prepare Ann Rhonda rubbed Ann’s pussy. “My goodness, you are soaked honey” exclaimed Rhonda. The anticipation of what was about to occur had Ann’s pussy trembling and getting very wet.

Edging closer Rhonda introduced the head of the dildo to Ann’s pussy. First an inch. Then another. Ann started to moan, not from the minimal entry but from the anticipation of what was to come. Another inch and another. Victor unzipped his pants. His cock was rock hard. He had seen Rhonda repeat this exercise many times but he never got tired of it. He fondled his erection. “Give her some more my darling” he rasped. Rhonda smiled as a couple of inches more slipped into Ann’s quivering sex. “Are you ok honey” Rhonda asked, concerned. But she needed have been. Ann now moaned and groaned as her pussy accepted the intrusion. “More” she gasped. “More?” asked Rhonda. “Yes more. Fuck yes I want it all” screamed Ann and pushed back until her arse cheeks slapped against Rhonda’s hips. “Fuck me” Ann screamed again and Rhonda was only too happy to comply.

Having satisfied herself that Ann could take it all Rhonda reached around and grabbed her hips. Thrusting hard and fast she proceeded to give Ann the brutal fucking she was crying for. “Yes oh fuck YES” Ann wailed as her love canal was pounded. Rhonda, now like a woman processed, yelled obscenities. Victor had seen her like this before and it wasn’t long before he felt his orgasm building. Grabbing Rhonda’s discarding knickers he spilt his load moaning and groaning. It was a further, maybe, 10 minutes before Rhonda regained some composure and both she and Ann collapsed in a heap on the bed. “Oh Rhonda, that was so good” sighed Ann as they hugged.

It was several minutes before Rhonda and Ann headed into the shower together. They fingered each other to a watery orgasm before getting dry. Getting dressed Rhonda complained that she couldn’t find her panties. Victor gave a sneaky smile. He would explain later. Rhonda and Victor went to the master bedroom and Ann went to her room. She was still trembling from the energy Rhonda had put into pleasing her. Although still tender it did stop her from cumming again before falling asleep. She woke up Sunday morning. It was 10am. She groaned as she rolled over. She could hear Victor and Rhonda in the living room. She glanced at the bedside clock and noticed another clutch of $100 notes. Her “salary” for a job well done.

Ann sat in the lounge as Victor discussed the various duties he expected Ann to complete. He and Rhonda would be going to work so they expected Ann to run the house. This included making breakfast for them both each morning, tidying up, a bit of shopping when necessary and being available for “added duties”. She obviously knew what that meant. The rest of the day went pretty normally. She and Rhonda went for a walk after lunch. Ann noticed a woman walking a dog in the park. “Have you ever had a dog” she asked Rhonda. “Rhonda laughed “Victor has suggested it but I fear he would want me to have sex with it”. Ann gasped with surprise. “Really” she asked “I have heard people do that but I thought it was bullshit”. Rhonda just grinned.

Getting back home Rhonda called Ann to come into the room they called the office. Loading the computer she clicked onto a porn site that Victor had bookmarked. Ann sat transfixed as Rhonda scrolled though video previews of bestiality. “It real” said Ann, totally shocked. There were women having sex with dogs, pigs and even horses. “WOW” squealed Ann “look at the size of that horse’s cock”. Rhonda said Victor was into this sort of stuff but she was less than enthusiastic. “He wants you to have sex with dogs?” said Ann, sounding shocked. “Yes honey” replied Rhonda “but there is no way”. Ann nodded as she was less than impressed with having a dog mount her.

One video showed a woman using a horse’s cock to rub against her pussy, then pushing a few inches into her slit and finally jerking the horse off. “Look at all that cum” squealed Ann, as the woman let it run into her mouth, down her chin and flow over her breasts. As intimidating as it looked Ann felt her pussy twitching but she stayed silent. Rhonda closed the site and the rest of day proceeded normally until after dinner when the three of them went into the master bedroom for some threesome sex before Ann went back to her room. She continued to rub her clit as she replayed those animal videos in her mind. It had certainly got her attention.

Monday and she made breakfast for Victor and Rhonda. After they left she cleaned up the kitchen and went back to her room to tidy up. She also tidied up Victor and Rhonda’s room. Making another coffee she sat in the lounge with a coffee. Her mind wandered and, finishing her coffee, she went into the office and loaded the computer. She clicked on the site that she and Rhonda had looked at the day before. She loaded one of the dog videos. Halfway though she stood up and stripped off. Sitting down again she began to rub her clit as she watched the woman sucked a dog’s cock. She moaned as she became less interested in the video and more intent on getting off.

Ann clicked onto a horse video and sighed as she watched two women playing with his cock. It grew larger until Ann estimated it was maybe 15” or more. “My God” she said out loud as she watched each woman first try to push it into their pussies and then join forces to jerk it until the horse orgasmed all over them. By this time Ann was working on her third orgasm. Having cum she settled back and suddenly a vision came to her. In the sex shop she had seen a fake cock that looked the same as the horse’s cock in the video. She smiled to herself. Maybe Rhonda wasn’t into sex with dogs and horses but maybe she would enjoy a horse cock dildo. “How to make it happen” she wondered “it would be so cool and attached to the strap-on harness it would be like the real thing”.


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good story!

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