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A couple employ a homeless woman to satisfy them.
Rhonda and Ann revisit the Adult Bookshop, this time buying a horse cock dildo. Despite Rhonda’s misgivings Ann expertly pleasures her while Victor gets so excited.

Rhonda laid on the bed, her pussy stretched and a little sore. But she couldn’t say she didn’t enjoy it. Ann smiles as she takes off the harness. Victor hugs his wife and kisses her passionately. “That was amazing” he gushes “thank you darling”. Ann says goodnight and returns to her room. She uses her fingers to satisfy herself before falling asleep. It had been quite an experience. She couldn’t help wondering if she too could enjoy being pounded by that monster dildo.

Victor didn’t mention anything about the scene in the bedroom and Rhonda and Ann didn’t raise it either. Once again normality descends on the house. Well as normal as it could be with three highly sexed individuals enjoying each other. Ann’s cash is mounting and Rhonda realises that she is not spending any. Broaching the subject she asks Ann what her intentions are. “What do you mean?” asked Ann. “Well you have money now. Are you thinking of leaving us?” Rhonda asks. “Oh no honey” said Ann and kisses Rhonda “I am the happiest I have ever been in my life”. Rhonda breathes a sigh of relief. She has grown more than just fond of Ann.

It was a couple of weeks later, on a Saturday, when Victor announced he had a surprise for “his girls”. “What are you up to?” questioned Rhonda, felling somewhat apprehensive. “Oh you will see” relied Victor “it would be a surprise if I told you”. Rhonda and Ann do the shopping and when they return Victor says they will go out for lunch. They drive out of town and stop in a little country pub. A counter meal and drinks. “Come on girls” whispers Victor “drink up and relax”. After several glasses of wine he said “now for the surprise”. They got back into the car and a couple of miles further on Victor turned into a farm. Looking out, Rhonda saw a number of horses feeding in a paddock. “Shit” she squeals “I have told you I am not fucking with a horse. Now turn around and go home”. But Victor just smiles. “Calm down sweetheart” he said “you will not be fucking a horse”.

They stopped by the farm house and a guy walked out. “Hello Victor. Found us without much trouble?” “No worries Frank” Victor called back “This is my wife Rhonda and her friend Ann”. Pleasantries exchanges they head into the farm house. “This is my wife Jean” Frank said “just made coffee if you interested”. Rhonda welcomes the coffee as she is feeling a little tipsy. They settle and finished the coffee. “I guess you want to see the horse now” said Frank “he is in the stable. Poor lad hasn’t had a mare for weeks so he will enjoy some attention”. Rhonda is very angry but Ann is excited. She didn’t think she could be mounted by the horse but was eager to see his cock. Was it like the dildo?

They walked out into the yard and this huge Doberman appeared and snarls at the strange intruders. “Down Digger” Frank yelled, and the dog immediately calmed down. “Digger” said Victor, laughing. “Yes” said Frank “the day we got him he started to dig up the garden. So he became Digger. Of course we trained him to stop digging as well as training him on other things”. The meaning of that last statement was not lost on the visitors. Headed into the barn there was a horse tied up on the middle of the barn. “We tie them up and relieve them when necessary. Victor, you mentioned you would like to see that. It is simple. I manipulate the horse’s penis until he shoots. That keeps a horse calm when the mares are not on heat. Perhaps you want to see that”.

Victor grins “well that sounds simple enough. Maybe Rhonda or Ann might like to try it”. Frank laughed “I suspected you might be thinking along those lines. I have one or two people drop by to be entertained by my horses. It is always very interesting to watch”. Rhonda was still pissed off at Victor for his manipulation but Ann was excited. “I will try it” she said enthusiastically. “Well it will be rather messy” suggests Frank “and you have nice clothes on. Maybe I can find something else for you to wear?” Frank was shocked when Ann said “don’t bother” and began to undress. “You have a wild one there” Frank whispered to Victor. He smiles “you don’t know the half of it” Victor replied.

Now naked Ann began to stroke the horse’s back and flanks, moving down to his sheath. The horse gives a low grunt and stamps his front legs. Obviously he has had this attention before and knows what comes next. In preparation his cock appears and begins to swell. Ann smiled in admiration as it swings below the horse’s belly. “Wow” exclaimed Ann “Rhonda it is just like your dildo”. Rhonda blushed with embarrassment. She really didn’t need Frank to hear that. But she didn’t need to worry. Frank was too engrossed watching this naked woman begin to fondle his horse’s cock. Victor licked his lips. “What a turn on” he thought “I wish it was Rhonda under there”.

Ann began what amounted to jerking off the horse. As its cock grew longer and thicker Ann’s moaning grew louder. Victor looked at his wife. She was standing there, her eyes wide in wonder at what she was seeing. Victor’s cock was so hard it was painful. He had played this scenario in his mind a thousand times without ever expecting it to come to fruition. Now it was happening right in front of him for real. While not his wife, Ann was the next best thing. Suddenly he saw his wife move closer to the action. Rhonda was breathing deeply. She began to remove her clothing. She wasn’t about to let Ann have all the fun. “Oh my goodness” muttered Frank as now there were two naked women working on his horse. Victor was licking his lips. He didn’t say anything in case he spooked his wife. He just stood and looked with lust as Rhonda ducked under the horse and began to stoke him too.

Ann turned and kissed Rhonda. Both women were now moaning as they were turned on by the situation. Neither felt the need to try to suck the cock. It seemed too big for that. Instead Ann crouched and pulled the horse’s cock between her legs. “What are you doing” shrieked Rhonda. “Don’t fret honey. I am just going to rub my clit with this cock” whispered Ann. It was only a couple of minutes before she gasped and then groaned. “Fuck, that was the quickest I have ever cum” moaned Ann “try it Rhonda it is so amazing”. Not to be outdone she moved Ann of the way and began to run the end of the cock against herself. She yelped as she felt it slide inside her pussy. Quickly changing position she replicated what Ann had done and she too quickly reached orgasm.

Both women were now hooked on horse cock. Side by side they returned to stroking it. The horse grunted and started to get more active. Suddenly it snorted and a stream of cum spewed from its cock. Both women were splashed with the result of their attentions to the horse. “Oh fuck” squealed Rhonda as she and Ann swung the cock at each other. The horse, having cum, settled down but his two helpers were still excited. They rubbed the results over each other, kissing and fondling wildly. Only after they calmed down did they turn there attentions to Victor and Frank. Both men stood there, each with a rock hard erect. “Fuck me Victor, how do you satisfy these two. They are crazy”.

Rhonda and Ann got from under the horse and they both kissed him. “Come on ladies. I think you will need a shower before you get dressed”. He led them into the house. Jean looked up and smiled “I can see you have had fun” she said “I bet the boys liked it too. Frank will be as randy as hell after you leave”. Rhonda and Ann took a shower and then dressed. Walking out into the living room Victor and Frank were full of praise for their performance. Victor was careful not to ask Rhonda the obvious question. But she and Ann had disgusted it in the shower. “Did his cock press into your pussy” Asked Ann. Rhonda giggled “yes just the flared head but then I chickened out. Maybe next time I will take more”. “Next time?” Ann responded but Rhonda just smiled.


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