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Carl agreed to watch the neighborhood girl when both parents went to the Auto show. Although he was older, he couldn’t wait to have his brother and Ashley, both younger . . . participate in a game that would end with everyone winning.
The year was half over and Carl, now 16 was beginning to be frustrated that he did not have a girlfriend. He would be entering high school this fall, and although he had some experience kissing girls . . . and even touching a few sets of titties, most of his familiarity with the opposite sex . . . was going to websites and watching porno flicks with his friends. He longed to slip his tongue into a pretty girl’s pussy and make her climb the walls with orgasmic relief. Suddenly a set of circumstances provided him and his brother that opportunity with a 14-year-old neighbor . . . called Ashley.

Mike, his brother, had just turned 14 as well. Ever since he could remember Mike had a crush and Ashley. She lived right behind them and since the parents were best friends, there was even a convenient gate between the properties. It was a Saturday and both sets of parents were going to go to the Auto Show. Although when they were younger, the kids use to like going . . . soon every year became the same thing over and over and their interest waned.

As Carl was doing his Saturday chores, he overheard his mother say on the phone, “Carl can watch over her while were there. He might not be wild about the idea, but I’m sure he will oblige. Just bring her over when you guys come to pick us up.” Bingo he thought! A perfect afternoon for him to “play with the kids”. Since he knew Mike and Ashley liked each other, he was willing to bet he could get them to “experiment” by playing an old game he had read about on a porn site. But first he would play the game of not being happy about babysitting.

“The Johnson’s will be by shortly and we will be going to the Auto Show like we said last night,” said his mom.

“Great. What time will you guys be back?” asked Carl.

“Probably early evening, like 8 or 9. I need to ask a favor though . . . Ashley is not interested in going with us . . . as of course is the case with you and Michael. I need for you to let her hang out here today until we get back. With such short notice, the Johnsons can’t find a babysitter.”

“She doesn’t need babysitting mom. She’s isn’t like 10 or 11 years old! She’s like 14.”

“I didn’t say babysitting honey . . . can’t she just watch TV or do homework with you guys?” she hopefully asked.

“All right . . . but you guys owe me BIG TIME!!” he stated. His mother came up close to him and hugged him.

“Thanks dear . . . maybe you guys can play a game or something during the afternoon,” she suggested.

“Maybe she likes Parcheesi,” he offered, sarcastically. He was interrupted by a knock on the front door, which turned out to be the Johnson’s. The usual chit-chat took place and he saw Ashley with her backpack, enter the den. At the same time Mike came downstairs and joined her. The couple started talking about school . . . then the Auto Show enthusiasts left . . . and Carl felt his cock begin to grow inside his pants, in anticipation for what he had planned. He decided not to waste any time and entered the den. Mike and Ashley were sitting on the couch together, and it was easy to see their young attraction to each other.

“Hopefully I am not interrupting anything,” he teased. Ashley blushed and moved a few inches away from Mike, but what he didn’t know was how attracted she was to him and had been for a couple of years. In fact, she thought both guys were “foxes” in her book. He looked at what she was wearing and was surprised. Today she was wearing a cute skirt that stopped an inch or two above her girlish knees. On top she had on a button-down blouse and her black hair pulled into a ponytail in the back.

“How come you are all dressed up?” asked Carl.

“I had choir practice and there wasn’t any time to change. I should go home and put on my jeans and a top,” she suggested beginning to stand up.

“No!” she heard from both Mike and his brother at the same time and then they all started laughing. Ashley took this to mean they liked what she was wearing, which made her happy.

“You just look very nice,” Carl qualified his remark but continued. “To help pass the time, I have a game we could play . . . but it is not a board game . . . it’s like a getting to know each other game. Are you guys interested?” he asked. The two teens looked at each other and nodded their heads, saying “OK . . . sure”, the usual.

“Okay, I need to get a blanket and then I will need to whisper some rules to both of you separately.” Before they could say anything, Carl was already on his way to a hall closet where he knew there was a wool blanket. Meanwhile . . .

“I wonder what we’ll be doing with a blanket?” asked Mike as he concentrated on Ashley’s attractive face. She had on some clear lip gloss that he liked and a tiny bit of makeup.

“Maybe making a tent!” she offered and they both started laughing again. Carl returned with a large King sized blanket and he carefully spread it out on the floor in front of the couch.

“Let me talk to you Mike for a second,” he suggested.

“Be right back,” said Mike to the girl. He got up and followed Carl into the other room.

“OK bro . . . I know you like her, and don’t deny it. If we play our cards right, you will be able to kiss her and maybe even fool around a bit. Are you game?”

“Uhhhhh, yeah. I just don’t want her to do stuff she doesn’t want to.”

“Me neither . . . especially with mom and dad being so close to her parents. I guess let’s just see how things go.” They both agree and head back.

“Alright Ashley. Your turn,” said Carl waving for her to follow him. When they got to the other room, Carl faced her, but was immediately attracted to her cute figure. The girl had begun to develop small breasts and it looked like they were being covered by a bra or undershirt under her blouse. While he inspected her chest, she realized what he was doing . . . and her nipples began to pop up to celebrate the occasion.

Lately she had discovered her developing body and especially her breasts and clit. She wished at that moment she could rub those two places, but knew the timing wasn’t right . . . or WAS it she thought? She suddenly realized she was now ALL alone with two cute boys and all sorts of possible lewd thoughts entered her mind.

“Here’s the deal . . . we are going to play a kissing game that starts out slow, but then gets kinda hot. Is that OK?” he asked.

“I guess so,” she remarked, secretly enjoying every word that he had said.

“None of us will do anything that makes us feel weird, but I know you like Mike and thought you might enjoy playing this kinda . . . adult game. One word of caution though, you will have to kiss me too . . .” he said, smiling at her.

“I think I can manage that” she said with a big grin on her face, “As long as you don’t make fun of me because I don’t have much experience with boys.”

“Well, let’s just say both of us will be giving you LOTS of experience . . . and with this big boy as well,” and with that being said . . . he found her hand and placed it on the stiff cock that was hiding under his pants. The girl blushed with the sudden contact, but made no effort to pull her hand away.

“Great . . . let’s head back and teach you some real dating skills from two horny boys.” They entered the den and found Mike eagerly waiting.

“Who wants to be first?” asked Carl after everyone was seated.

“How about me?” asked Mike.

“Great. I want you to lie down on the floor on your back. Here is how the game is played. One person lies down for one minute in the beginning and must remain perfectly still. Another person performs whatever the third person wants them to do, while the person is on their back. Gradually the time down increases. If the person laying down moves or talks, the other two create a penalty for that person.”

“In the beginning, I will give the instructions, but as time goes by, all three of us will be in charge. Ashley is lucky because she will be playing almost continually with each of us. Sooooo, let’s get started. Ashley I need you to kneel alongside Mike here and follow my instructions.” Ashley’s heart was pounding as she followed his instructions. She was thinking about what Carl had said about kissing, and was imagining what it would feel like to kiss each of them . . .and maybe inspect and touch their cocks as well.

“Bend over and kiss Mike on the lips for 1 minute,” he said. Once the words left his lips, Ashley was leaning down. She winked at him before she let her quivering lips touch his. If an electrical charge was possible, that is what Mike felt as he eagerly kissed her back. Carl looked at his watch, but also looked at how her skirt had slid upwards. He glanced and saw her pink panties and wondered how long it would be . . . before those were gone. Soon the time was up.

“STOP!” he said. “Mike I want you to take over my spot and Ashley, I want you on your back.” The participants moved into their new positions, and waited for their next set of instructions. Mike began:

“Alright . . . starting on her arm, I want you to places kisses up to her lips and then back down the other arm and then back again”. Ashley had worn a sleeveless blouse and she was trying to anticipate what this would feel like.

“Go!” said Mike as he watched his brother place short kisses on her wrist and then slowly up her arm to her shoulders. Ashley was enjoying this attention as she smiled. Soon Carl was placing kisses on her cheek and then he put his lips to hers and pressed them with much more force. The girl’s breath was taken away as he began to slide his tongue in between her lips and touch her tongue simultaneously. Teasing her . . . he broke away from their embrace and kissed her cheeks, shoulders and down her arm.

“STOP”, said Mike and then realized he would have to keep being the person who gave instructions. “Alright Carl . . . your turn to lay on your back, and Ashley will follow my instructions.” Carl knew his cock was lewdly pointing out the front of his pants in this new position, but decided to make no effort to cover it up.

“Okay Ashley . . . let’s get back sitting alongside Carl. Starting at his ankles, I want you to take your hand and slowly move it up his body to his face and then kiss him and then back again”. As he was giving her instructions, she was staring at the 16-year-olds BIG BONER and when he finished, she wondered whether she should touch him there or not. She blushed as she placed her right hand onto his ankle tentatively.

“Add more pressure. I promise he won’t break,” Mike said. She glanced up at her friend and continued. As the seconds passed, she moved on the inside of the boy’s leg and gradually closer to his waist. Suddenly she moved her hand onto his pelvic bone and then up the side of his ribs. She placed her hand on his cheek and then kissed him . . . but this time she thrust her tongue into his mouth and wiggled against his tongue. Next she placed her hand on his other shoulder and worked her way done his chest to the top of his waist. Should she touch his cock or not? she mused.

“Don’t forget the part that’s sticking UP Ashley. You missed it the first time,” said Mike. She glanced up again towards the boy, and was somewhat startled to see . . . he had grabbed his own cock and was rubbing it gently. The 14-year-old took in a deep breath, opened her hand and let it slide over the crown of his stiff member. Then she curled her fingers around its mass, and gently moved it up and down, like her girlfriend had told her to do. Suddenly, Carl groaned and she quickly moved her hand away and down to his knee. Mike was suddenly excited.

“Hey bro . . . no noise and no movement. It’s penalty time! Ashley let’s go in the other room and make that decision.” As Mike and the girl retreated, Carl smiled and was still tingling from her lewd touching. Once in the other room, the two schemers began to plot.

“How about if we make him take off some clothes,” suggested Mike.

“Alright . . . but like what?” she asked curiously . . . with a big smile on her face.

“How about his pants?” offered the boy’s brother.

“What if he doesn’t have anything on underneath?” she tentatively asked.

“Then you will get to see his stiff coc . . . rod up close, and personal,” he said.

“Then let’s make him do it!” she squealed as they left the room.

“Your penalty is to lose your pants for the rest of the game!” said Mike as they entered the den. Carl was surprised, but actually happy to free his cock from the confines of his pants. He was glad he had put on a clean pair of boxers that morning, but was curious whether the thin material might show off his long shaft . . . too much . . . at this point of the game.

He slipped off his shoes, and then decided to face his brother and the 14-year-old girl, he secretly fantasized about, as he unbuttoned his belt, unhooked the button at the top of his jeans and then yanked them down to his ankles. When he stood back up . . . his naked shaft poked through the opening in the front of the boxers. He looked at Ashley who had a hand over her mouth in surprise of his cock’s appearance. At first he made no movement to cover his erect cock . . . that was pointing at her lips.

“Whoops . . . sorry guys (and then he quickly slipped his stiff shaft back into the garment), but let’s keep playing. I believe its Mike’s turn to be on his back. Go ahead and kneel next to him Ashley,” he said. For some reason the appearance of his brother’s member caused Mike’s cock to stick out similarly, so when Ashley waited to hear her instructions, she was looking at a comparable erection . . . from the younger boy.

“First, I want you to unbutton Mike’s shirt and then pull down his zipper all the way. Go!”

Ashley’s heart was again pounding as she started at the top of Mike’s shirt and one by one opened up his shirt more and more and she noted he was not wearing an undershirt so his bare chest was now visible to her gaze. Slowly she got towards the lump in the boy’s pants.

She smiled at him, as she unsnapped the brass button at the top of his jeans and then pulled the belt back, making sure the stem that was holding the pants in place was out of the hole. Then she slowly pulled down his zipper . . . the noise echoing in the room. His white briefs came into view, with the dark purple color of his shaft . . . being somewhat visible under the fly of the article of clothing.

“Excellent. Now we are getting somewhere,” said Carl eager to do the same type of undressing on the girl, if his brother followed suit. “Your turn to lay down Ashley, and Mike one of the rules is that you leave in place anything the previous person did,” he said, already poised to do whatever his brother asked.

“Awesome . . . okay Carl . . . I think it is only fair that you make Ashley’s chest look just like mine,” he instructed with a gleeful voice. He was hopefully going to finally see her bare titties when his brother was through. Mike’s instructions were music to his ears.

“Are you okay with that?” he asked. The girl knew boy’s loved to look at girl’s breasts, so she was already anticipating this step.

“Uh huh . . .” she said softly and once again winked at him. Carl’s hands began to quiver slightly in his eagerness to make the girls tits visible. “If it’s ok, I am going to shift over a bit to make this easier,” he suggested. He heard her murmur “Fine”. Surprising his brother he turned slightly and straddled her waist and looked down at the girl. Immediately she felt his thick cock center itself in between her legs over her skirt.

He began at the bottom and individually unbuttoned each button. About halfway, he saw a portion of her bra, and noted that the clasp was in the front, which would make things easier when making her topless he thought. Mike realized that his cock was technically between her legs and he gently moved the head upwards, and knew it had to be just about where her opening was.

Soon all of the buttons were undone and he gently pulled back the sides, baring her chest with the exception of the area covered by her bra. He winked at the girl and whispered softly, “I can’t wait to open up this too,” he said joyfully and without waiting he unlatched the catch at the bottom and slowly pealed back the tiny cups that protected her developing breasts.

Ashley's small mounds were capped with pert red nipples that were already stiff from her excitement. Her breasts looked like firm budding apples and Carl leaned close to her ear and whispered, “You have fantastic titties” and then he moved down with his lips and licked the nipple closest to him. Bolts of lightning went through her mind as she uttered, “Oh yes!” But upon hearing her moan . . . Carl bolted up and said, “Mike did you hear something?”

“Sure did bro. You know the rules Ashley, we got to talk over a penalty just for you,” the two boys left the room, leaving the 14-year-old to consider what just happened. Quickly she decided to take off her bra, and leave open her blouse. She knew she would be manipulating Carl next, so she opened up her blouse almost all the way, and tucked the bottom into the sides of her waist. Seconds later, the boys returned.

“We don’t want to embarrass you,” said Carl, “but we want you to take off your panties and leave them off for the rest of the game. We will turn around while you slip them off.” Before she could say anything in protest, they did turn around. She began to realize this game was all about getting naked, so she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down and off. The instant feeling of not having on any panties . . . was strangely thrilling to the girl. She also had noticed that between her legs . . . the dampness now showed her excitement.

“Ready?” asked Mike.

“Uh huh,” she said placing her panties on top of her bra. “Time for Carl to lay down,” she affirmed. She also knew that depending upon how she was seated, her bare hairless pussy was now going to be wide open for the boys to look at. Carl laid down, with his rigid cock still pointing upwards . . . inside his boxers.

“Carl needs for his shirt to be taken off Ashley. Please help him with it, but I want you to sit on his waist just like he did to you.” Both of the two participants could not believe what they heard, but Ashley decided to just follow along. Standing up over the boy she straddled over him, placing a leg on either side of his waist. She then sat down, carefully letting her skirt open up so that it covered everything. As she eased downwards, the tip of the boy’s cock, still hidden by his boxers . . . landed in the valley in between her bare pussy. Although Mike could not see this exactly from his position . . . both Carl and especially Ashley felt erotic charges go through their bodies . . . as his shaft began to rub slowly back and forth across her clit. Both players almost uttered a noise but forced themselves to remain silent.

The girl pulled down the zipper on the hoodie he was wearing and slowly his chest appeared. She noticed that the boy had some hair on his chest which made it even more exciting for her. Once the zipper was down, Mike suggested that he just take it off. As Carl struggled somewhat to make this happen, by chance the tip of his cock . . . entered her tiny love tunnel causing them both to moan. He quickly moved . . . so that the tip was no longer inside her, but he knew his brother had heard him.

“Penalty time . . . you two. I heard you both a few seconds ago. So here is what your penalty will be . . . I want Ashley to sit on the edge of the couch, AFTER she gets rid of her blouse and shows us her bare tits.” The girl smiles as she stands up and lets her top fall to the floor. Her bare titties are now on display for both boys to inspect and enjoy. She sits on the couch directly in front of Carl. Because he is still lying on the floor, he looks up and although somewhat dark, he can see between the girl’s legs . . . and her wet pussy that had touched his shaft, seconds earlier.

“Carl I want you to strip naked and kneel in front of Ashley. Once you are there, wait for my instructions.” Carl couldn’t wait to pull off his skivvies in front of the 14-year-old girl. He deliberately moved forward a step . . . so that once the boxers were off his hips . . . his COCK would flop right in front of her lips. She turned a bright shade of red . . . as his shaft bobbed up and down. He then knelt in front of the girl, wanting badly to see under her skirt . . . and waiting for his brother’s instructions.

“Ashley has been a super great sport so far, and I think she needs to be rewarded Carl. Pull up her skirt and SUCK HER PUSSY for the next three minutes! And while he is licking your clit, I want to watch you pinch and pull those cute bare stiff nipples for me”. Carl had a big smile on his face because he knew Ashley more than likely had never had cunnilingus performed on her before . . . nor had a tongue ever given her sexual pleasure. He smiled up at her and pulled her skirt up onto her bare tummy. Next, he leaned over and gently licked between the folds of her hairless slit. He pulled his tongue into his mouth and savored the taste of her teen flavor. And he was soooo right. She had never had a tongue excite her before.

Ashley was immediately reacting to his tongue in her pussy and the gentle probing of her moist clit. She rocked her hips up and down and helped him make more and more contact with her pussy. Then she ground her pussy into his face when he spread her little lips with his fingers and sucked her clit between his lips. She bucked more aggressively now . . . and reached down to grab his head.

She wrapped her fingers in his hair and pulled his head against her mound as she arched her hips to meet him. She began to quietly moan and he knew she was near her release. She sucked her breath in and her pussy began throbbing on his lips and around his tongue. She was cumming . . . and her body began to shake and quiver with climax.

"Ohhh...Yesss! Riiight....THERE!!!!" she yelped as her legs wrapped around the teenage boy’s head. Again and again electric flashes raced through her head as the boy continued to lick and suck her 14-year-old muff. As things began to slow down, Mike, now completely naked . . . moved over next to his brother with his cock fully extended, almost offering it to the fully stimulated girl.

“It’s time for your penalty Ashley for screaming so loud,” he laughed. “Both me and my brother, need our COCKS licked and we need that cute little skirt off so that we can spray our cum all over your body!”

“Alright,” said the exhausted girl, as Carl backed away, she unzipped the side of her skirt and let it fall at her feet. “Let’s switch places BOYS (she giggled). You guys on the couch and me on my knees. Never even thought about doing anything like this before . . . so help me do this right,” she said. Mike and Carl quickly sat down next to each other, but realized it would not work out. So instead they stood at an angle, which allowed their cocks to be within a few inches of her pretty face. Both boys looked down at her pretty tits and couldn’t wait to shoot their wad.

“Put your hand around BOTH cocks, and then just start licking all around and get it all slippery with your spit,” said Carl, looking downward at her. Tentatively she reached up and circled her fingers around Carl’s cock and he had to train his mind to not immediately just cum in her face. Next she did the same thing with Mike’s stiff member. Looking up at the boys . . . which was a turn on by itself . . . she stuck out her tongue and gently touched the tip of Carl’s cock.

Soon she was swirling around and around the dark purple crown, not really tasting anything bad, and then she moved her mouth over to Mike’s shaft and did the same thing. Back and forth she continued to lick their cocks, moving her hand down slightly each time so that more and more of their shafts were covered with her warm saliva.

“That’s great Ashley. Now just hold our cocks kinda firm . . . and move your hands up and down. I know we aren’t going to last too long, though.” She mimicked his request, and slowly she jacked each of their shafts simultaneously which looked unbelievable to the boys as they watched her efforts. The boys began to moan and they each thrust their cocks up and down in her slippery hands to enhance the sensation.

Ashley smiled, and opened her mouth and lowered her head on to Carl’s cock, and took the head in, and began sucking. He placed his hand over her hand that was holding his cock at the base, and started jacking slowly. He could feel several surges of precum oozing into her mouth, and he was delighted to hear her moan lightly and swallow.

“Here it CUMS! Just relax and let it shoot into your mouth . . . then when you're ready, start swallowing it as best you can," Carl said softly, as he felt his orgasm rapidly approaching. "Oh God . . . . UUUUUUUUugggggggggghhhhhhhh." He grunted out, as his gut tightened, and the powerful orgasm started. He felt his balls draw up, and a surge of blood rush up into his cock. Ashley wasn't sure exactly what was going to happen, but it was certainly happening! She felt the head swell slightly, and then the first shot of cum blasted into her open mouth and hit the back of her throat, making her flinch. But she stayed put . . . as her mouth began to load up with semen.

"You’re Great!" Carl exclaimed. Ashley looked up at him, with her mouth full of his cum, and he could swear he saw her smile in response. Then he felt her take her first swallow. His cum was down to a trickle now, and she swallowed again.

“My turn,” said an impatient Mike as he pulled his brothers cock out of her mouth and inserted his. While inside, she began jacking it slowly, watching it carefully as she did. Then a little faster, as she leaned forward and took it further into her mouth. "Oh God!" Mike moaned as she began to finally suck his cock. A moment before the first blast shot out, he felt her mouth leave his shaft. He looked down, just as the first blast erupted and shot a long white rope of cum . . . across her sweet face.

She kept jacking, and two more blasts decorated her beautiful little face. She was giggling as she jacked the cumming cock which was painting her face with fresh sperm. Mike could barely stand . . . as he finally stopped shooting, and he looked at the mind-blowing sight of the 14-year-old's face . . . splattered with his cum that was now dripping onto her sweet little titties. She put his cock back into her mouth and sucked, as she milked up the last few drops as he had taught her. Afterwards, they all agreed she would come back for more versions of the same game!


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