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A naughty girl craves to learn how to give a blowjob from her father! But what happens if she goes too far?
Brat's Incestuous Lesson

Chapter One: Nubile Girl's Incestuous Lesson

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020


The moans of my mother bled through my bedroom wall.

I groaned as I lay in bed, hearing their passion. The bed creaked at the sounds my mother made. The passion. Twenty years of marriage and my parents were still going at it. A shiver ran through my virgin body. I shuddered at hearing the sounds. They were so loud.

“Yes!” I heard my mother gasp audibly.

I shifted on my bed. I suddenly felt my pajamas over my body. My flannel tank top and bottoms felt cloying around my body as this heat rippled through me. I bit my lip, my heart pounding in my chest at the hot sounds that bled through my bedroom wall.

The creaking picked up the pace. Flashes of my father atop my mother popped into my mind. They were entwined, pumping away. I flexed my fingers, my breasts rising and falling. My nipples ached from the sounds. I heard.

I shuddered as my pussy grew hot. I was eighteen and a virgin. I wanted so badly to experience the pleasure my father gave my mother. My fingers flexed as the wet ache swelled between my thighs. My panties soaked my twat. The thin material clung to my vulva.

Moan shouted loudly. Was she cumming? She sounded so passionate. So hot. It was an amazing sound to hear. I was so envious of it. I had masturbated, of course, but I never felt like I had to scream that loudly when I climaxed. My nipples throbbed and ached against my top.

“Daddy,” I whimpered, hearing the depths of my mother's passion.

My hand slid down my body. I gasped as my fingers pressed tight against my stomach. I went lower. I reached the panties. I shuddered as I pressed into my waistband. I closed my eyes, hearing my mother's gasps.

I shoved my hand into my pajama bottom and panties in a single thrust. I slid over my silky bush and found the wet folds of my pussy. I closed my eyes, imagining Daddy over me. As I rubbed my virgin flesh, I imagined him thrusting into me.

“Mike!” my mother moaned clearly.

Then my father groaned. He let out this sound of masculine passion. Was he cumming in her? Was he spilling his seed in her? My fingers rubbed up and down my cunt. My head shook from side to side. My hand brushed my clit as the pleasure rushed through me.

I exploded in a flash. I couldn't believe it. Just imagining my daddy on me—in me—sent me over the edge. I bucked on the bed as this wonderful delight shot through me. I groaned and whimpered, the juices bathing my hand.

My juices gushed out of my convulsing twat. I shuddered. The pleasure rippled through my body. My eyes squeezed shut. The delight rushed through my flesh. My breasts jiggled in my top. My head tossed back and forth. The bed creaked. My toes curled. I whimpered.

Mom groaned.

We were cumming together.

She was so lucky. The pleasure rushed through me. I gasped and moaned. My body spasmed as the pleasure gripped every bit of my flesh. My juices gushed out of me. The heat coated my finger. I whimpered. The cream bathed my digits.




“Hey, Mom,” Kat, short for Katherine, said, a bright smile on my daughter's face. Her red hair swept around her fresh face, her green eyes sparkling. She had dimples in her cheeks which always made her seem so cute.

“Hey, Kitty Kat,” I said as I manipulated the omelet I was making. “Ham and cheese omelet for breakfast?”

“Sure,” she said, taking a position at the kitchen counter. We had some bar stools on the counter that separated the kitchen from the living room. She wore a flannel tank top and her pajama bottoms.

“Good,” I said, “because they're almost done.” I flipped her omelet onto a plate and turned around, dropping it off before her. “OJ?”

“Sure,” she said, giving me a bright smile.

I turned around, heading for the refrigerator, a hum on my lips.

“You're in a good mood, Mom.”

“Oh,” I said, shrugging. “Sure, I guess.” I had a great orgasm last night. I was still buzzing from it.

“How are you and Daddy still happy and having sex after all these years?”

I stiffened for a moment, a wave of heat washing through me. I opened the refrigerator and grabbed the OJ as I said, “So you heard us, huh?”

I turned around to find her blushing and nodding. Her fiery hair swept around her features. She shifted on the stool, the wood creaking. She looked cute while embarrassed. My own cheeks warmed realizing she'd overheard us.

“I always hear you,” Kat said after a moment.

“Oh,” I said, my embarrassment shuddering through me. “Well, since you're a woman now, I'll let you in on my secret. I keep him happy in the bedroom.”

She gave me a blank look.

“You know, I please him.” I arched eyebrows at her.

Her green eyes widened. “Oh, I mean, isn't that degrading?”

I licked my lips. “Oh, honey, giving a blowjob is the best. It makes you feel like a woman when you're pleasing your man.”

She trembled and swallowed. There was this look in her eyes.

“You want to feel like a woman, huh?” I asked.

She nodded. “So... when you blow Daddy, do you swallow?”

I leaned over the counter. “Kitty Kat, I gulp it down like it's the best thing in the world.”

The awe in her eyes was incredible. She was eighteen, but so innocent. She was still a girl despite having the body of a woman. She needed to find that guy to usher her into the full delights that her flesh had to offer.

Someone gentle. Not like my first guy.

“How did you learn to... to give a good one?” I asked. “I mean, how did you know what to do?”

“Practice.” I studied her. “Is there any particular boy that you want to please?”

“No,” she said, looking away, her cheeks scarlet now.

Gears clicked in my mind. “I know a way that you can practice,” I said, shocked I was saying this, but... This wicked thrill shot through me. It was so kinky, and my daughter was so cute. I couldn't believe I was even thinking this. “Let me talk to your father.”

My daughter's jaw dropped. “Really. You mean...?”

The eagerness in her eyes made me smile. “Really. Now eat your omelet before it gets cold.



Kat left the counter, her cheeks scarlet. She fled upstairs, her hair flashing behind her. When I came down from upstairs to find Sierra making omelets, I was a little surprised by the strange energy in the air. They had been talking about something that had embarrassed Kat.

Something that caused her to wolf-down her omelet like she was starving, then she fled as fast as she could.

I almost asked what they were talking about, but then I didn't want to get in between my wife and daughter during one of their conversations. A tinge of heat touched my cheeks. I had overheard parts of those conversations in the past. They could be embarrassing.

I sipped at my coffee and then dug my fork into the omelet, melted cheddar cheese stretching and then breaking. I brought it to my lips and took and a bit into it. I chewed on it. I groaned at the flavor, the ham and sharp cheddar mixing together with the fluffy eggs.

“I want you to teach our daughter something,” Sierra said as she sat beside me. She dug into her own omelet. Her blonde hair fell about her shoulders. Her blue eyes wide. She wore a lilac housecoat wrapped around her curvy body.

“Oh,” I asked, taking another bite of my omelet.

“How to give a blowjob.”

I almost choked on my breakfast. I coughed, struggling to clear my throat. My cheeks burned hot. I glanced at my wife. She had this sweet look on her face as she grabbed her glass of orange juice. She sipped it, this twinkle in her blue eyes.

“What?” I demanded when I caught my breath.

“You know, coach her through it.” She calmly slid her fork through her omelet and lifted the bite to her mouth. She just chewed it like what she'd asked was no different than asking me to mow the backyard or change the oil in her car.

“What, to help her with a banana or something?” I asked. Practice a blowjob?

“No, no, your cock.”

My fork dropped from my hand and landed on the plate. The loud clatter echoed through the kitchen. This strange heat shot through me, my cock throbbing as flashes of my daughter sucking on my dick with the same enthusiasm my wife used filled my mind.

“I know, I know,” she said, patting my hand. “It's an unusual thing for a father to teach his daughter.”

“Unusual?” I choked out, my voice strangled. “She's my daughter. It's incest!”

“Honey, you are the perfect person.”

I shook my head at her. What was wrong with her?

“Relax, this is perfect. You won't hurt her, honey. You'll just teach her to give a blowjob.” My wife leaned in, nudging her shoulder against mine. “She'll pick up a good life skill, and you'll get to have an orgasm or two with a cutie.”

“With our daughter,” I said, my dick throbbing harder in my boxers and sweatpants.

“Mmm, our cute and nubile daughter who needs to learn,” purred Sierra. “I know you can do it.”

She pressed her hand up my thigh and squeezed my cock through my sweatpants. My wife's grin only grew. She slipped off her bar stool and smiled at me. I shifted on it, following her as she moved until my back was against the counter. My blood pounded.

“What has gotten into you, Sierra?” I groaned.

“Hey, you're the one who got hard when I propositioned you to teach our daughter how to blow a cock.” My wife licked her lips. “Mmm, teach her to do this.”

I gasped as she moved quickly, yanking down my sweatpants. Her hand darted into the slit in my plaid boxers and pulled out my cock. Her grip held my dick. She stroked me, fisted me. The pleasure burned through me as she licked her lips.

Then she darted her head down and engulfed my cock. She sucked on it with eager hunger. Her lips slid over it. I groaned, leaning back as her lips slid over my dick. It felt incredible. This wonderful rush.

“Shit,” I groaned as she worshiped my cock with her hungry mouth.

I stared down at her, blonde hair sliding around her lovely face, her blue eyes twinkling. My arms stretched out across the counter as I closed them. I relaxed into it. I couldn't fight this. Not with her mouth locked around my dick.

Her tongue danced around the tip of my cock. I shuddered as she bobbed her head. She put such passion into blowing me. She always had. When we first dated, she had gone from a novice to a skilled cock-sucker. She put such enthusiasm into practicing on me.

“How can I keep you from getting distracted by other women if I don't keep you happy?” she'd asked me once twenty-one years ago.

She embraced that philosophy. I had friends whose wives had shut off access to their bodies. They were miserable. Some cheated. Some were cheated on. Their marriages fell apart while mine kept on strong because we pleased each other.

I returned to my wife the pleasure she gave me.

“Damn,” I muttered, glancing upstairs. It was hard not picturing my daughter sucking on my cock in my wife's place. To feel Kat's mouth bobbing up and down my cock.

I closed my eyes, surrendering into the pleasure of the blowjob. My wife's hot mouth slid up and down my cock. Gentle hands massaged my balls. I shuddered. My wife sucked hard. My dick throbbed as the pressure built and built at the tip of my cock.

And if it were my daughter sucking my dick...

My dick throbbed in Sierra's mouth. My heart pounded as the excitement built and built. This couldn't be happening. My wife couldn't be serious. This had to be some strange fantasy of hers. It was a hot one. A naughty one.

My daughter sucking my dick...

My wife pumped one hand up and down the base of my cock. Her head twisted, turned. She rubbed the sensitive tip of my dick against the inside of her cheek, the roof of her mouth. Her tongue swirled and twisted around the spongy crown.

This was an incredible delight. The pressure swelled. I groaned, leaning back into the counter. The edge bit into my skin. My balls tightened. I couldn't take much more of this. It was too hot imagining what could happen.

My daughter...

“Shit!” I gasped and erupted.

My dick spurted. Hot jizz exploded into my wife's mouth. The pleasure rushed through me as I imagined cumming in Kat's mouth. The thrill of incestuous passion built and built. My balls unloaded my spunk.

My wife moaned as she swallowed it down. I groaned, the pleasure hammering my mind. It erupted from my cock over and over. My head grew dizzy. This incredible pleasure surged through me. It was the best. It was incredible.

“Shit!” I gasped. My dick twitched and throbbed.

My cum fired into her hungry mouth. I flooded her with my passion. She gulped it down. She sucked out the last of the drops, her hand pistoning up and down the base of my cock. She milked out every drop of my cum.

“Damn, that was good,” I groaned. “What has gotten into you, Sierra?”

She popped her mouth off my dick. “Mmm, I just want you to give our daughter some confidence. Teach her to blow you. That's it. Nothing else.” She leaned closer to me. “Is it really incest if you're not having sex?”

“A blowjob is sex,” I panted.

“Not according to a certain, former president.” She licked my ear. “She needs this. She'll have such confidence, and you're the only person I trust with this.”

My heart thundered in my chest. “This is insane.”

“And yet you love it.” She squeezed my cock. “You came hard. You explode so fast. You are turned on by it. By how naughty it is to teach your daughter how to blow a cock. Mmm, yes, yes, it made you erupt. Don't deny it.”

“I can't,” I panted, “but... It still doesn't feel right. What if I hurt her?

“You wouldn't.” She smiled at me. My wife looked like an angel, her face surrounded by her blonde hair. “You would never hurt our daughter. You never hurt me.”

“Not physically,” I said. “But what about emotionally. I mean... She's a virgin, right? That's why she wants to learn how to give one.”

“Trust me.” She cupped my cheeks, her blue eyes boring into mine. “You'll get to have some naughty fun, and our daughter is going to learn a valuable life lesson. Just one blowjob to give her a taste?”

“One?” I groaned.

“Well, we can talk about her getting a second lesson if she needs it.”



“It'll be okay,” Mom said, stroking me. She had a big smile on her face. Her blonde hair framed it. “I've talked to your father. He'll be gentle.”

“You're really okay with this, Mom?” I asked, shocked. “I mean, Daddy and I are going to...”

“Have a wonderful daddy/daughter bonding moment.” She rubbed her hands up and down my arms. “It's a blowjob, honey. It's not like you're going to give him your virginity. It's not really incest.”

“Still...” My pussy clenched. I couldn't believe this was happening. How did it get to this? And so fast. I was just talking to her this morning about it, and now she was heading out for the afternoon to give Daddy me some privacy. “Maybe this is a bad idea.”

“Do you want to please your man and keep him happy?” Mom asked. “This is how you learn to do it. You practice.”

“But...” I licked my lips. “I don't have a guy I want to keep happy.”

“Yet.” She smiled, delight shining in her eyes. “But you will. You will find that guy, and this is your chance to get a head start. I didn't know how to give a blowjob at all. Not really. When I met your father, I was hopeless.”

“And you're still together,” I muttered.

“True. But now you'll have the chance to be proficient. You'll make him happy. You'll see.” She rubbed my arms. They were left bare by the pink negligee I wore. It was a naughty nightgown my mother bought me for my birthday a few months ago.

I had been so embarrassed when she slipped it to me ahead of my party, whispering, “Open this when you're alone.”

“And don't even pretend you're not interested,” she continued. “You want this. I know you do, and that's okay. It's fine to be into a guy. You're going to have so much fun with him. You're going to have such a good time. You'll make your daddy happy.”

“I will?” I asked, this hot rush rippling through me.

Mom winked at me. “Okay. Now, you get up there, suck his cock, and have fun. I'll be home in a few hours, and I will want to hear all about your blowjob lesson.” She flashed me a smile. “As excited as your father is, you'll probably get two or even three chances to practice.”

“Okay,” I said, my heart pounding. “He's really excited?”

“Yep.” Mom kissed me on the cheek. “Okay, the movie's going to start. You two have fun. I can't wait to find out how well your blowjob lesson went.”

Mom whirled around, the skirt of her sundress flaring. Her large purse swung off her shoulder. She threw open the front door and then she was gone. The door closed with a loud thud that made my heart explode in my chest.

I glanced upstairs. This was really happening.

“It's just a blowjob,” I muttered. I flexed my fingers. “That's it. Nothing special. Just going to suck Daddy's cock.”

This wicked, wanton heat rippled out of my satin panties. They molded to my pussy. I shuddered, breathing in the scent of my bath soap and shampoo. I licked my lips, feeling the waxy coating of my ruby lipstick. I was as ready as I ever would be.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter as I headed for the stairs. My nipples poked against the semi-transparent top of my negligee. My small breasts quivered. Every step brought me closer and closer to Daddy.

I reached the second floor and glanced to my right. The master bedroom was open. The portal into my parents' room. I shuddered. It was dimly lit by sunlight bleeding through closed curtains. I could feel the intimacy it represented.

“Just a blowjob,” I muttered as I headed down the hall.

I passed my bedroom door shut tight. I could dart in there and hide. I could wait until Mom came home and I told her I chickened out. That I didn't have it in me to learn how to give a blowjob. I shuddered. This was so wicked. I couldn't believe I was doing this. That I would do something this kinky with my dad.

It was insane.

I was insane to want to do this with my daddy. He was my flesh and blood. He created me in Mom's womb. My heart pounded in my chest. My entire body trembled. The heat raced through me as I swallowed.

I stepped into the bedroom.

“Kat,” Daddy said, his voice a deep rumble.

I glanced to my right and found him stepping out of the master bathroom. He wore a gray bathrobe. It was belted about his brawny body. He was a construction worker. A foreman now, but he still looked strong and tough. He was a tall man with short, black hair and the same green eyes as me. His tanned arms folded across his chest. The muscles rippled in him. He was so strong. I shuddered before him.

“So...” I said, squirming. I licked my lips. “Um...”

“Want a glass of wine?” he asked. “I know I could use one to help me relax.”

I nodded. I didn't drink much, but right now, I needed something. He turned around and there was a bottle on the nightstand and two glasses. He popped the cork and poured two large glasses of red. He handed me one.

“Your mother's idea,” he said. “I guess this all is.”

I nodded as I sipped at my wine. The dry taste of the fruity yet sour drink filled my mouth. I had no idea if it was good or not, but the warmth it spread through my veins, different from the warmth rising out of my pussy, hit me.

I needed more.

I took a long drink, tilting my head back. I groaned at the flavor of the wine passing over my teeth. It was incredible to enjoy. I trembled as it settled into my belly. It sent this heady rush through me. I whimpered, my head shook from side to side. My hair danced over my negligee.

I felt his eyes glancing at me. I remembered how transparent it was. He was seeing the shape of my breasts as he drank his wine. The small, firm outline of my tits. I shuddered, the heat swelling between my thighs.

I finished my wine.

I lowered it and said, “I'm ready.”

“You sure,” he asked, setting his emptied glass behind him on the nightstand. His voice was deep and rumbling. “You can always leave.”

“No,” I said. I took a step towards him. My hands shook as I reached out to the belt of his robe. “I'm ready, Daddy. I want to... to blow your cock.” I wanted to say, “Love your cock.” I wanted to do so much more than to suck on him.

But that would be incest. Cheating on mom.

I opened his robe. I shuddered as the robe slipped off his shoulder. He was hard muscles beneath. Strong and powerful. He had a tattoo of a black star over his heart with a snake bursting out of it and slithering down his chest. I'd seen him shirtless before, but today took my breath away and...

My eyes fell on his hard cock.

I swallowed as this hot rush swelled out of my pussy. I stared at his dick. It throbbed before him, thick and hard. He was huge. A long shaft topped by a pink crown. I groaned at this amazing sight of his dick. His black pubic hair curled around the base of it and covered his heavy balls.

My heart beat faster.

“Daddy,” I groaned as his dick twitched. It had a tremble. A bead of precum gathered at the tip. “You're...? Are you...? For me?”

“Yeah,” he said. He cupped my face. “You're gorgeous, Kat.”

I rubbed my cheek into his palm almost purring in delight. This wicked impulse surged through me. My tongue flicked across my lips. I wanted to please this man. To worship him. Giving him a blowjob wasn't an act of degradation like I once thought. It was an act of love.

I wanted to make him happy, so I was glad to do this for my daddy.

I sank to my knees before him, my small breasts quivering. My pussy soaked my panties. The poor satin struggled to contain the flood. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. I shuddered as I stared at him. My tongue flicked across my lips. This would be incredible. I would blow him. I would suck on him hard and he would cum down my throat.

It would be such a wicked thrill to enjoy.

I grabbed his cock and asked, “So... I just pop you into my mouth?”

“Start by licking it,” he said. “Caress it. Stroke the cock.”

“Okay,” I said, breathy. This incestuous rush shot through me. My cunt ached. “I'm going to stroke you, Daddy.”

“Yeah,” he groaned. “Me. Damn.”

I pumped my hand up and down his cock, feeling it. His dick was hard and spongy at the same time. I could feel his core engorged by his blood, turning his soft tissue turgid. It was fascinating. The outer layer of skin slid over it. The tip was different, flaring like a helmet, the pink tissue wrinkled. When I brushed it, Daddy groaned.

Was that the most sensitive part?

I leaned in and took my first lick, almost flinching against the taste of his precum leaking out of the slit. I gathered it up, the drop melting across my tongue. It was lightly salted. That was about it. I shuddered and then took another lick.

A third.

Daddy groaned as my tongue darted around the tip of his cock. I stared up into his green eyes, seeing them grow more intense. I was giving him pleasure. His dick throbbed in my stroking hand. I could feel his heartbeat pulsing up the shaft.

“So just like this?” I asked and swirled my tongue around his cock.

“Yeah, that's good,” he said.

I licked at the shaft next, right beneath his tip. The skin there was pinker, too. It had a rougher texture compared to his shaft. My tongue dragged up, crossing the flaring rim of his cock's helmet and crossing over the tip.

“The edge,” he said. “That's a sensitive spot on a guy.”

“Ooh,” I said and licked it again.

My tongue danced over his cock. I fluttered my tongue against him. I teased him, my heart beating faster and faster. This wicked, wanton heat surged through me. My hips wiggled from side to side. My heart pounded in my chest. The pleasure was incredible. My twat melted, soaking my panties. The wonderful satin clung to my flesh, my bush getting soaked. I wiggled back and forth as I pleased my daddy.

He made such deep growls as my tongue fluttered up and down. I crossed that ridge over and over. His chest rose and fell. The muscles in his arms rippled as he clenched and relaxed his fists. He was so strong.

“When do I start sucking?” I asked.

“When you feel that the man's ready for it,” he said. “But mind your teeth. You can lightly graze a cock or give it a gentle bight, but don't be rough. That tip is sensitive. It's like your clit.”

“Daddy,” I groaned in embarrassment.

“You like playing with your clit, don't you?” he asked, a big grin sliding over his face.

I nodded, cheeks blazing. This was so bewildering and so exciting all at the same time. My cunt clenched while my heart pounded in my chest. I swallowed and stared at the tip of my daddy's cock. The incestuous urge to just please him surged through me.

I opened my mouth as wide as possible as I brought his cock to my lips. I slid them over it, keeping my teeth back. He shuddered as the tip popped into my mouth. My lips sealed around the shaft while my tongue caressed his crown again.

“Yes,” he growled. “That's good. Caress your tongue around the cock like that while you suck.”

I did that next.

The suction hollowed my cheeks. I shuddered as his dick throbbed between my lips. I sucked again and again. It was such a wicked thing to do. My pussy was on fire. I gripped his dick, stroking the base. My other hand grabbed his thigh for support.

“Yes, yes, like that,” he groaned. “Damn, Kat, that's good. You're going to be a natural at this. You'll make some guy happy.”

I wanted to make my daddy happy.

I sucked hard and whimpered my excitement. Throaty groans rippled out of me as I squirmed on my knees. My nipples throbbed against my negligee. They ached and throbbed. The silk caressed my skin, driving me wild.

“That moaning's good, too,” Daddy said. “That's called a hummer. Make the guy feel good.”

Delight surged in me. I wanted to make him feel the best. I sucked hard and moaned louder. He groaned, his fists clenching. A sheen of sweat glistened across his muscular chest. He was such a brawny man.

“Now move your head,” he panted. “Slid your lips up and down as you suck.”

It was strange to do. I felt a little awkward as I bobbed my head forward then pulled it back. I worked my lips up and down his cock. More and more of his precum spilled out while his cock rubbed across my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

It was fun. A line of drool ran out of the corner of my mouth as I fell into a bobbing rhythm. I whimpered and moaned around his cock, getting into this moment. It was incredible. My tongue caressed him. Teased him.

“Damn!” he muttered. “That's good, Kat. Shit, I love it.”

I loved it, too. My entire body burned as I loved Daddy. My tongue danced over his cock. I teased him. I loved him. My heart pounded. The heat surged through me. My cunt clenched. I wanted to touch my twat.

I wanted him to touch my twat. My daddy.

“You're doing great,” he said. “Damn, you're going to be as good as your mother.”

I sucked harder. My tongue danced around his class. I moaned. I gave him everything he'd taught me. I loved my daddy's dick with all my hunger. His face twisted with rapture. Then he grabbed a fistful of my fiery hair.

“Kat!” he groaned. “I'm going to cum.”

I sucked hard. I wanted that. With a loud grunt, he erupted into my mouth.

The hot cum splashed against the roof of my mouth and spilled everywhere. I shuddered, the salty flavor bursting to life across my taste buds. It was a stronger delight than his precum. I groaned as a second and third blast followed, my cheeks hollowing.

I remembered what Mommy said and swallowed. I gulped down my daddy's incestuous cum with hunger. I swallowed it as fast as I could. It warmed my belly and left me dizzy. I shuddered, my pussy clenching.

“Kat!” he growled with such passion. “Damn, Kat, that's amazing!”

It was amazing. I sucked out the last of his cum. I felt it spilling over my tongue as I played with the tip of his cock. I swallowed it, my body on fire. I stared up at him. My eyes met his green depths. They burned with such passion that overwhelmed me.

For a moment, this silence descended on us. We both felt it. The passion in the air.

He still held me by the hair. I didn't fight him as he pulled my mouth from his cock. I gasped as he hauled me to my feet and then pressed me down on the bed. I didn't fight him. I submitted to him, yearning for this incestuous union.

Daddy's hands slid up my thighs. He pushed up the short hem of my negligee. He exposed my panties. I gasped as he ripped them down my thighs. In a flash, they were flying through the air, my pussy exposed. Daddy pressed my legs apart.

“Kat!” he growled with such hunger. “My beautiful daughter.”

“Daddy, yes!” I squealed. I could feel the outer folds of my virginal pussy parting, my pink depths and hymen exposed to his gaze.

His head darted down. He pressed his face into my incestuous vulva. My fiery curls pressed into his face. I gasped at the feel of his stubble, that shadow clinging to his strong jawline. His tongue flicked out.

Daddy licked my pussy.

“Oh, yes, yes, Daddy!” I moaned as his tongue parted my folds.

He licked up my slit, brushing over my hymen and ending at my clitoris. He caressed that naughty bud. I gasped, pleasure sparking over me. This incredible delight surged through me. It was electric. My entire body jolted with delight.

My eyes squeezed shut as Daddy feasted on me. He licked with such hunger. He showed me why Mommy was so eager to blow him. If he ate her pussy like this, if he gave her this much pleasure, she would do anything for him.

I would do anything for him.

“Oh, Daddy, Daddy!” I moaned.

“You taste so sweet,” he growled, his hands shoving beneath my rump. He gripped both my butt-cheeks and pulled me tight against his face.

I whimpered as his rough whiskers rubbed into my sensitive folds and my clit. Sparks burst through me. My orgasms swelled so fast. Daddy's tongue danced over my folds. He teased me. Drove me wild.

I groaned and shuddered. I humped against him, the heat building and building inside of me, inflamed by his every lick. His tongue knew just where to touch me. Tease me. His fingers dug into my rump.

Kat!” he growled. “My sweet Kat! Damn!”

“Daddy!” I gasped, my body heaving. My small breasts jiggled in my negligee. The silky kissed my nipples. I whimpered, wanting to show Daddy everything.

I grabbed the hem and half sat up long enough to rip the negligee up my body. I collapsed onto my back, pulling it over my head. My small breasts came into sight, quivering as I tossed my nightie away. I trembled, Daddy licking me the whole time.

“Yes, yes, Daddy! I'm going to cum! Oh, Daddy, this is incredible!”

“You taste incredible,” he panted. His green eyes stared up my body as his lips nuzzled up to my clit.

He sucked on it.

Pleasure shuddered through me. Every muscle in my body contracted. Did he feel this when I sucked on his cock? It was incredible. Far, far better than touching myself. I whimpered, my orgasm building faster and faster.

My toes curled. My thighs wrapped around Daddy's face. I pinned him to my pussy. I ground against him, working my hot flesh against his hungry mouth. He licked my clit in fast circles. Teased me. He drove me wild. I whimpered, my heart thundering.

Daddy kept sucking me.

My pussy clenched.

“Oh, my god, yes, Daddy!” I howled as I came.

My pussy convulsed. I felt this ache deep in me that needed scratching as the pleasure rushed out of me. My cream flooded out of my twat, bathing Daddy's hungry mouth. He licked it up while I bucked on my parents' marriage bed.

“Oh, yes, yes, Daddy!” I moaned. “I want you! I want you to be my first time, Daddy!”

Those words echoed through the room. As my orgasm continued rippling through me, Daddy lifted his head. He stared up my body. My cream dropped from his chin shadowed by his stubble. He licked his lips.

“Please, please, Daddy!” I moaned. “I want you to make me into a woman! I need it. I love you, Daddy!”

“I love you, Kat,” he croaked, his face twisted with passion.

I grabbed his cock and pulled him forward. His knees sank onto the bed. I shuddered, my daddy's cock throbbing in my hand. I could feel how frantic his heartbeat was as I pulled him closer and closer to me.

“Daddy,” I whimpered, staring up at him. “Please, please, Daddy. I want you in me. Filling me.”

“Yes,” he groaned as I rubbed his cock into my twat.

Hot trembles raced through me as his cock pressed against my hot folds. I rubbed him up and down. My heart thundered in my chest. I worked him up and down, loving the feel of him against my virgin pussy.

Against my hymen.

“I know you won't hurt me, Daddy,” I said, staring up into his eyes. “I love you so much, Daddy.”

“Kat,” he groaned, bracing his weight on his muscular arms. His chest loomed over me. My free hand traced his tattoo. “You sure.”

I nodded.

“Damn,” he groaned and thrust.

I gasped as his cock pressed against my hymen. It stretched and stretched, my pussy buzzing from my orgasm. There was a sharp flare of pain as it popped, then it was washed away by the incestuous thrill of Daddy's cock penetrating me.

My pussy, trembling from my climax, rejoiced to be filled with his cock. More and more of his dicks slid into my deflowered depths. My cunt clenched around him as he went deeper and deeper into my twat.

“Daddy!” I moaned.

“Kat!” he said in awe as he bottomed out in me. “My sweet Kitty Kat. I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I moaned and threw my arms around his neck.

I pulled him down. His weight settled atop me. He was so strong. My nipples rubbed against his muscular chest. The incestuous bliss rippled through me. We shouldn't be doing this, but we were. It was incredible.

I whimpered as his cock throbbed and twitched inside of me. I shifted my hips, stirring him around inside of me. My cunt clenched around him. I groaned, my thighs locking about his waist. It felt so right for him to be in me. Like I was made for him.

I was. He created me in Mommy's womb.

He kissed me with lips stained in my sweet cream. I kissed him with hunger, our tongues dancing and dueling. My pussy clenched around his dick. When he drew back, I groaned into our kiss. My pussy clung to his shaft, drinking in the heat of him. The feel of him. It was wondrous. Incredible.

He slammed back into me. His cock rammed into me hard and fast. He filled me to the hilt. It was such a thrill. An amazing passion. I groaned and shuddered. My cunt squeezed around him, my hips dancing from side to side.

My clit throbbed against his pubic bone.

My daddy gave me such rapture every time he thrust into me. He drove his big dick into my depths again and again. I trembled beneath him, my small breasts rubbing into his muscular chest. My nipples ached and throbbed.

He growled into the kiss.

His tongue invaded my mouth.

I shuddered as we shared everything. Our bodies were entwined, working in incestuous harmony. My pussy clenched around him, increasing my pleasure. My bliss grew and grew, my orgasm building faster and faster.

I whimpered into the kiss. My fingernails scratched down his back. The bed creaked, sounding louder than it did from my bedroom. I was in it. I made those moans I heard bleeding through the walls. I shuddered, savoring this passion.

I broke the kiss and cried, “Daddy! Daddy, you made me into a woman!”

“Yes!” he growled. “Damn, Kat, you're so tight!”

I beamed up at him, his green eyes so brilliant.

Sex was amazing. I savored making love to my daddy. Our bodies moved together. His cock plundered my pussy, massaging the silky walls. The friction built and built my orgasm. Every time he drove his cock into me, he brought me closer and closer to that eruption.

I loved it. Craved it. I wanted it bursting out of me.

I shuddered as his dick plunged faster and faster. He reamed into my cunt. He filled me to the hilt over and over. It was an incredible delight to experience. My cunt shuddered and reveled in the passion. Daddy's cock filled me up again and again. I groaned, my heart thundering in my chest. This was wicked.

It was delicious.

His dick filled me over and over. This wonderful passion. He reamed me. Rammed into me. I groaned as I nibbled on his chin. I loved the feel of his rough, manly whiskers against me. Daddy's dick slammed so deep in me.

“Oh, Daddy, I'm going to cum!”

“Don't hold back,” he growled. “Embrace it. Savor it.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped as he thrust so hard into me, his balls pumping into me.

He slammed deep into me. My pussy clamped down on him, increasing the friction. I was greedy for that sensation. It fed my growing orgasm. My back ached, rubbing my breasts into his muscular chest as it happened.

I came.

Daddy rammed back into me as my pussy went wild about his cock. I squealed in wordless delight as the incestuous orgasm exploded inside of me. The waves of rapture surged out of my body and swept through my mind.

They drowned me.

“Daddy! Daddy!” I moaned.

“Kat!” he panted, his thrusts growing harder. He slammed into my convulsing depths. “Damn.”

“Cum in me!” I gasped, caught up in the incestuous pleasure surging through me.

“I shouldn't,” he grunted, plowing hard, his cock plundering my spasming pussy.

“Yes, yes, you can!” I moaned. I wanted to feel like a woman.

My thighs locked around his waist as he slammed into me over and over. His thrusts kept my pussy alive. His face twisted with pleasure. His balls smacked into me. They were heavy with his cum. I wanted it in me.

“Please, please, Daddy!”

My daddy snarled. He buried to the hilt in me. His cock twitched. Hot cum spurted into me. I felt his incestuous seed splashing into my pussy. I came again. This orgasm bucked my entire body. I spasmed beneath his weight.

Pleasure slammed into my mind. My thoughts reeled from the wicked pleasure. My pussy milked my daddy's cum out of his balls. He spurted over and over while I trembled through my amazing rapture. I held Daddy tight.

“Kat!” he groaned. “Oh, damn, Kat, we shouldn't have done that.”

“Yes, yes, we should have,” I whimpered as his cum pooled in me, my pleasure peaking in me.

“Your mother is going to kill us!”

My eyes widened. I was only supposed to give him a blowjob or two. Not... not... “Oh, no,” I whimpered. Despite the sudden surge of guilt and panic, I still buzzed from the rapture Daddy gave me. I wouldn't regret it, but... “What do we do, Daddy?”

I didn't want to hurt Mom, but how could I ever give this up? Daddy was amazing.

“Huh, Daddy?” I whimpered, clinging to him.

To be continued...


2020-09-02 13:23:55
Very hot. I was edging and stroking while reading the story. Can’t wait to read future adventures!


2020-08-28 09:54:45
Damn, this was amazing. Hot as hell. I can't wait for the next part.


2020-08-25 18:08:55
Great super hot had me stroking my hard five inch dick I love incest.

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