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Two young couples, a secluded lake, warm sunshine. Time for some fun
The next Saturday I was at Kelly's house early to help pack the car. In addition to my bag Kelly and her Mom had enough luggage for a month. Plus there were coolers with food and drinks. I got everything packed in the luggage area then hopped in the back seat. Mrs. Rogan was driving, Kelly got in back next to me. Mrs. Rogan looked in the rear view mirror at Kelly snuggled up next to me, "Behave back there!" Then she smiled at us. "You should have fun this week. My sister Carol says Cami's boyfriend Josh is a nice guy. Oh, and Ryan, you can call me Rose. Mrs Rogan makes me feel soooo old."

"Ok. Rose" Kelly said the drive was almost two hours. As we got on the way Kelly filled me in on her cousin Cami and her Aunt. Whispering to me that her Mom is 40 and Carol 38.

"What's with all the whispering back there? Secrets?" Then Rose turned up the radio so we could have some privacy.

"Cami is about a year and a half older than me. We've had fun together over the years, but she acts like she's so much older. I guess she developed sooner and had boyfriends and stuff."

While talking to me Kelly had been running her fingernail up and down my thigh. Back and forth, from knee to upper thigh. With my leg bent on the seat she could go pretty far before hitting my shorts. Up and down. Up and down. Then one time the back of her hand hit the end of my penis that had stretched a bit in my underwear.

"Oh, sorry", she whispered.

"It's ok."

Then Kelly leaned in close to my ear and in her quietest voice, "I'd like to be sucking that cock. MMM"

Oh fuck. Now I was fully erect. Kelly giggled. "Sorry I'm a cock tease. It'll be worth it once we get there."

Fingernails. My thigh. Still an hour to go. Kelly dozed off, her hand resting on my leg. Her head on my shoulder. I asked Mrs, Rogan, Rose, about the cabin.

"Oh it's rustic, but nice. My father bought it years ago as a getaway and when he passed it was left to my sister and me. We've kept it up and upgraded a few things, but still it's not exactly all the comforts of home. It's a bit secluded, there's a lake for swimming not too far away. We've been using it less recently since it's just four females now. But with both girls having big strong boyfriends we thought we'd feel safe enough."

"Sounds great. I'm looking forward to getting away from the city and the heat." I was looking at Rose. I could see where Kelly got her looks. Similar light skin, reddish hair, quick smile. Out by their pool I'd noted she was still in pretty good shape for what I now knew was 40. Sure 40 seemed OLD to me at the time, but an attractive woman is still an attractive woman. I settled back for the last part of the ride. It was now mostly winding roads so Rose was concentrating more on her driving. Meanwhile, Kelly had stirred a bit and was again stroking my leg. I saw her eyes open and glance at her mother. Then satisfied that she was preoccupied with the road, Kelly began sliding her hand higher and higher up my leg. I too looked quickly into the rear view mirror as Kelly's hand reached my semi-hard penis. I tried not to move as she was now lightly scratching with her nails. Only my underwear between her hand and my hardening cock. Then gently sliding her hand along my cock she whispered to me, her mouth right to my ear,

"I'm going to kiss you, and lick you, and suck you, and fuck you." I was doing my best to breathe steadily. To not moan. To not take her face in my hands and kiss her passionately. I glanced at the mirror again. Still watching the road. A deep breath. Kelly's hand stroking my cock. "Just wait, Ry, the best week ever." And with that she sat up. We were nearly to the cabin. My cock was straining at my shorts. Kelly gave me a peck on the cheek and a squeeze of my cock as we pulled into the long drive leading to the cabin.

"Hey kids, looks like they're already here. I'll go say hello. Ryan, please unload our stuff, Kelly you help him. Thanks."

I delayed a minute rearranging coolers and luggage on the floor to allow my cock time to relax. Kelly grabbed a bag and ran inside to say hello. As I walked in holding a large cooler and hoping my cock wasn't still obvious in my shorts I saw Rose in the kitchen area having a conversation with her sister. They didn't seem angry but they were a bit serious.

"Aunt Carol, here's my guy Ryan!" Kelly came over and held me by the arm.

"Oh Kelly, your Mom told me you had a nice boyfriend, but she didn't mention he's so handsome."

"Thanks Aunt Carol, yeah he's cute."

"Hi Aunt Carol. Nice to meet you."

"Just Carol please, both of you. We're not up here to be formal."

"OK, let me go bring in all the stuff from the car."

I took a look around on my way out. The cabin was rustic, all wood. There was a large family area and kitchen downstairs and what looked to be a bedroom and bathroom in back. Then a loft area with some chairs and tables and what appeared to be a couple more rooms. I made a couple more trips and was outside getting the last of it when Kelly came out.

"Is everything ok? They looked a little intense."

"Oh just sister stuff. My Mom tries to be the big sister, but Aunt Carol always gets her way. Seems this was about the sleeping arrangements. I was carrying my bag upstairs. They didn't think I could hear but we've learned over the years that you can hear everything downstairs from the loft. Mom and Carol will share the large downstairs bedroom, but Carol said Cami told her she wants to share one of the upstairs with Josh. So, that means either we're together or you get the sofa. Mom said it's not fair that you get a sofa for a week."

"I guess I'd manage. I'm just a guest."

"No, you're MY guest. Anyway Carol casually said, let them share. Those two hotties must be intimate by now. Mom says, I don't know, maybe not. I know Kelly's not on the pill. So then when I came down Mom called me aside."


"She explained to me. Said it was up to me. So yes, we're sharing a room together. With EVERYthing that means." And one of her beaming smiles.

"Sounds perfect Kel. Wow, better than I imagined. Hey where's your cousin?"

"Carol said they went for a walk, probably to the lake. Let's get the rest of this inside and go find them."

We brought in the rest of the bags. Carol said she and Rose would put the food away and told us to change and go find Cami and Josh. Kelly and I carried our bags, mostly hers, upstairs. We found the empty room. It had two twin beds a dresser and a door into a shared bathroom.

"First, let's push these beds together", Kelly suggested. We did that as quietly as possible. Then Kelly said, "time to change."

I hesitated, not knowing how this was all going to go. I soon got my answer. Kelly lifted her shirt over her head and slid down her shorts. I was gazing at her in her bra and panties,

"Hey, you too "hottie".

As I slid down my shorts and removed my t-shirt, Kelly unclasped her bra and tossed it on the bed. There was now a tent in my boxers as I looked at her two perfect breasts, sitting high on her chest. She then slid down her underwear and stood in all her glory waiting for me. I needed a moment. This was the first time I'd seen her completely nude all at once. She gave a spin to show off her firm runner's ass.

"Now you stud."

"Oh, yeah, ok, I was distracted."

I lifted my boxers over my hard cock and let them fall. Standing a few feet from Kelly, my cock pointing to her.

"As much as I like what I see, give me the full tour", she said while making a spinning motion with her hand. I turned and she complimented my ass, then stepped towards me. "I teased you all the way here and now we have some privacy, let's take care of this before we get dressed."

Kelly grasped my cock, stroking it, then sinking to her knees. My knees almost buckled when she looked up at me with her hazel eyes and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. Pulling off she held it up and licked the length underneath, she tickled the opening with her tongue and licked around the glans. Never taking her eyes off me she slid a good bit of my cock into her mouth and teased it with her tongue. She'd become so much better at this in just a few weeks. She'd learned what really excited me and how to make my cock even harder. Kelly fondled my balls and began bobbing her head on my cock, causing her pony tail to flip back and forth. She seemed to be enjoying this as much as I was. Holding my cock about halfway in she used her free hands on my balls, then gripping my ass. Now backing off she stroked my cock and flicked her tongue under the head. Feeling me tense Kelly squeezed my ball easily and began sucking hard up and down. I put my hand on her shoulder, which had become our sign that I was about to come. I left it to Kelly as to where I'd cum. A couple times she'd pulled back and let me go on her face or breasts. Usually, she hungrily devoured my cum, the warning letting her get ready to swallow all I could provide. Kelly held me tight in her lips. Put pressure on my balls. I knew what she wanted. I grasped her head between my hands, not thrusting but holding her in place as I let loose with a load that had been building the whole drive. Gush after gush flooded her mouth. She swallowed, swallowed again. I fought all urges to force my cock deeper, just holding in place as I gave Kel all my cum. When finished, I sighed, relaxed. Kelly sucked a bit more as I softened in her mouth. Then I pulled her up to me. I held her, enjoying her nudity.

"This is going to be a great week." I think we said it at the same time.

We changed into bathing suits and went for a walk to find Cami and Josh. As we came to the dock by the lake we found them. Josh leaning back against a post, Cami on her knees with Josh's cock buried in her throat, his hand against the back of her head holding it in place.

I whispered, "Shit, I guess we should let them finish."

Kelly replied, "Hell no, this is too good, wait a moment." Cami had come up for air but Josh quickly encouraged her back onto his cock. She began bobbing her head seeming to have no problem taking the full length each time. I was impressed. Then as she again stopped with his cock in her throat, Kelly burst noisily from the trees.

"Hey guys, good to see you, woops. A bad time?" Cami sat up quickly. Josh seemed more disappointed than concerned or embarrassed, his hard cock sticking up in the breeze.

"Funny Kel, now poor Josh will have blue balls."

Kelly said, "Who's stopping you?" Josh agreed. I just took in the scene. Cami was in a tiny two piece suit. She was shapely but softer than Kelly. Smaller breasts, a nice generous ass, dark hair hanging at her shoulders. Josh had an athletic build, his hard cock, I was happy to note, maybe not as big as mine. A minor thing, but hey.

"Oh sure Kel, you want us putting on a show, so you can learn something."

Kelly held me around the waist, "Ryan already filled my mouth before we came out here." Damn, were these two always competitive? But Cami seemed to have lost the spirit and Josh sadly watched his cock go limp. Cami got up to give Kelly a hug and then turned to me. So this is Ryan who I've heard so much about. Nice catch Kel. You finally snagged a grown up. She smiled and gave me a hug, I could feel her breasts press against my chest. Cami completed the introductions, "And this is my guy, Josh. Josh come say hello." Josh got up from the deck and despite his efforts at nonchalance was a bit awkward as he walked over nude to join us. I suppose he was showing us how cool he was with his body. I waved, I wasn't sure where his hand might have been. Kel, stepped to him, stopped, then shrugged and gave him a hug, making an effort to avoid his cock. "So now you've all met. Who's up for some skinny dipping? Josh is already undressed for the occasion."

Kelly looked at me. I didn't know if she was ok being naked in front of Josh or just giving me the option of backing out. I shrugged. It seemed like it was going to be an eventful week, so may as well get comfortable.

"OK Cami, Ry and I are in." With that Kelly reached back and untied her top. As it fell away I glanced at Josh to see him admiring Kelly's full breasts. Definitely a size or so larger than Cami's. Cami gave a whoop and was nude in seconds. She had pert upturned B cups and a completely shaved pussy. I slid down my shorts and let Cami get a look at my cock. I tried not to stare so that I didn't quickly get a hardon. It's tough being casual like this. Kelly removed the rest of her suit and Cami noted that she kept a bit of red hair above her pussy.

"Nice Kel, you guys running track really have you in great shape. Now into the water. Don't worry Ryan, the cold will keep you from getting hard, haha." Cami turned and stepped to the end of the dock, then jumped in. I got a good look at her hips flaring out and her full ass. Josh quickly followed, then Kelly turned to me,

"Don't feel obligated to do everything if you don't want. Cami can be a bit wilder. And now she has her experienced older guy.."

"No worries. Let's have fun." Then I picked up Kelly and carried her to the edge of the deck. I tossed her in and then followed. We splashed around then swam out to a platform about twenty yards from shore. We climbed up on the platform and relaxed in the sun. At first Josh and I were self conscious about our cold shriveled dicks. The girls, especially Kelly, were showing hard nipples.

"Wow Kel", Cami teased, "you could put an eye out with one of those." We laughed and Kelly resisted the urge to cover up. The warm sun and hot bodies soon had Josh and me recovering. At Cami's urging Kelly told how we knew each other from track, then a cleaned up version of our bet.

"Wait, you just made a bet so you could see him in his underwear?"

"Have you seen how skin tight compression shorts are?", Kelly offered.

"And that's all you did? You rubbed his leg? Nothing else? Come on out with it. Kelllllll?"

"Well we were on a public jogging path. But um, yeah I let him see my tits. And I may have rubbed his dick."

"You jerked him off in public and let your tits hang out? My cuz is growing up. You're not so goody goody."

"It was RIGHT there in front of me!" That brought a round of laughs.

Then Cami asked the big question, "So, have you guys?"

"That's a bit personal, Cam. Ryan and I don't know each other that long."

"Oh please, Josh fucks me any chance he gets. And who knows what goes on at college. He has needs and I take care of them all I can. Ha, on the way up here he said a perfect week would be him fucking me, you and both our Moms."

Kelly wagged her finger at Josh, "Nope, there's only one man getting this girl. But my Mom could probably use some." She smiled to show there was no offense at the comment, then followed that by holding my semi-hard cock in her hand. Not to be out done Cami began stroking Josh. Josh and I looked at each other. Hey, if the cousins being competitive meant more for us, why complain. We were both soon hard, Cami, still owing Josh from earlier, began licking the length of his cock. Not to seem like a shy good girl Kelly began sucking on the tip of mine. I turned my face to the sun. It was warm, we were all nude out in the fresh air, my girlfriend was sucking my cock. I looked over at Josh who gave me a thumbs up. Kelly was vigorously sucking on my cock, I looked at Cami who once again had buried Josh in her throat. She looked our way and sat up.

"C'mon Kel, can't get it all in? You've got to be able to get your man in your throat." Kelly looked up at me. Oh god how hot is that.

"You're doing great Kel, it feels amazing. It's not a competition." Since I'd cum before walking to the lake I was able to enjoy Kelly's efforts. Josh was now getting deepthroated for the second time in a half hour without having cum the first time. He suddenly grunted and grabbed Cami's head holding her on his cock as he released his pent up load.

"Oh fuck, that so good Cami. You suck my cock like no other. Damn." When she'd swallowed it all Cami sat up and leaned against Josh while watching her cousin. Then on hands and knees Cami moved over alongside us. I was surprised when I suddenly felt a third hand on my body. Kelly had one hand on my ball sack and one at the base of my cock. Then Cami added her hand on my lower stomach.

"I like the shaved look Ryan. Definitely hot." She rubbed my stomach, then added her hand to Kelly's on my cock. "Care to share Kel?"

Kelly came up for air, my cock glistening with her saliva. She been working hard on me, but I still wasn't really close. But no way was she not going to get her boyfriend off with her more experienced cousin watching. She looked at her cousin unsure what to do. I was looking at the two of them wondering where this was going. Maybe wanting to learn, or just to not seem "immature" with her more worldly cousin, Kelly tilted my cock to her cousin.

"First of all Kel, relax your throat. Test your gag reflex. It's something you get used to." Cami took control of my cock leaned down and took my full length. I could feel myself in her throat. She was teasing and stimulating my cock with her mouth, lips, tongue, her throat swallowing to give added sensations. Fuck, I'd never felt anything like this. She then pulled her head fully off me. "See Kel, it can go right in. Try it." In the mean time Josh, not to be left out, had crawled over behind Cami. With her leaning over me her ass was in the air. He got right up behind Cami, held her wide hips and thrust his cock right into her pussy.

"OOh, damn Josh", she laughed, "no warning!" She didn't seem to mind as Josh began fucking her hard as she licked my cock again then turned it back over to Kelly. Kelly began trying to get more of me into her mouth. She was able to easily get another inch or so in, then paused as it reached her throat. Then she tried going further and with just a bit of a pause, realized she could do it. She began letting me slide in and out of her throat. This felt incredible. Cami was getting her pussy banged hard right next to us as Kelly learned she could deepthroat me.

"Oh shit Kel, that feels amazing." She came up for air.

"I had no idea I could do that. Want to try, um, fucking my face. Just not too hard." She then got my cock deep in her mouth. I held her head with two hands and began lifting my hips to send my cock all the way in, then backed away and repeated. Alternately I pushed her head down on my cock then lifted her off. We continued this then I tapped her shoulder. She began long deep strokes with her mouth waiting until she found the right tension. Then she leaned back and pointed my cock at Cami. My first spurt hit her squarely in the face. Then Kelly took one on her face, a third on her tits before sucking me back into her mouth and letting me finish.

"Oh shit another surprise!" Then "Ooooh" as Josh send his second load of the afternoon into Cami's pussy. I noted that they weren't using condoms. Josh sat back and expressed his pleasure. Cami used a finger to collect my cum from her face then put it in her mouth to taste me. "MMM, yummy. I like cum." Then looking at Kelly's tits she leaned in and licked my cum from them, sucking one nipple for effect. "I can see we're all going to have a great time."

We swam for a bit to wash off then headed back to the dock. No one seemed inclined to put their suits on. Kelly sat back against me, I casually let my hands roam over her body. Granted she had just blown me in front of the others but was she ready for me to grope her publicly? I cupped her breast, she leaned her head back and looked up at me. In a low voice, "You don't have to show off, but you can do whatever you like." So I lightly caressed her breast, rubbed my other hand over her stomach.

Cami looked at us. She was holding Josh's cock again. "So you two just like, do blow jobs and masturbate?"

"If you must know, Ryan's got a talented tongue."

"Hmm, Josh doesn't really like eating pussy." With that she gave his cock a hard squeeze. Finally a win for us, I thought to myself.

"Why not Josh", I decided to push our advantage. "Nothing better than setting Kelly off like a rocket with my head between her thighs. And she tastes great." I added a nipple pinch to that. "I just have to be careful she doesn't wake the neighbors."

"Damn, kiddo, so you're a loud cummer?" Cami inquired.

"Very." We both responded.

"So how about a demonstration? Maybe Josh can learn something."

"I don't know Cami, I don't want to put Ryan on the spot and I'm not sure I can just spread them in public."

"Oh come on, you blew him before and no one's out here but us and it'll be sooooo hot."

Kelly turned and kissed me. "Would you?"

"For you Kel, anything. Like this is a chore." I lifted her and laid her back on as towel. She spread her legs and let us see her. I guess it seemed that this was just between us few. Or she needed to show her cousin that she was now also sexually active. Or she was horny and needed me to please her. We'd only done this a few times. In the car to offset the earlier blowjob. Once I lifted her to the side of the pool, shifted her suit aside and gave her my best effort. I don't know that I was particularly great at it, but Kelly seemed to enjoy and encourage my efforts. I put down a towel to protect my bare cock from the warm decking and got down between Kel's legs. Her mostly bare mound and puffy lips called to me. I licked the length of her slit, then with a bit more pressure separated her lips with my tongue. Kelly laid back letting the sun bathe her skin, her head back and mouth open as I licked the length of her slit. I flicked her bud and sucked on it gently then worked my way down to her tight pussy opening. I pressed into her opening with my tongue, her virgin pussy sensitive to my probing, arching her back and pressing herself to me. Her body aching for sex, begging for me. Kel had told me she uses a vibrator on her clit but hadn't penetrated herself. That was for me. For the moment I pressed my face against her and thrust my tongue into her. After teasing her opening I licked up to her clit tasting her juices along the way. Kelly began to moan, her breath ragged, short sharp, sounds. I began sucking and licking her clit, my face tight against her pussy enjoying her smell, her taste.

"See Josh, look how he gets right in there. Fuck that looks hot." Cami began rubbing her pussy, turned on by the passion at her feet. Josh held and fondled her tits. Still Cami seemed jealous of her cousin's pending orgasm. I continued working on Kelly's pussy, she started rocking her hips into me, then held my head in place as her orgasm took her, "oh, oh, uh, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, oh my god, oh FUCK." Holding me in place, fucking up against my face, screaming for the world to hear. The coming down, "ooooooo. oh fuck, damn damn damn."

"God damn girl you are LOUD."

"Oh Cam, you have no idea. That might be the first time I didn't need to hold back. I fucking love that. Shit it felt good. Come up here Ryan. I leaned over Kel and she pulled my face to her, ignoring her sticky juices, kissing me deeply in thanks. This position brought my now hard cock right against her wet pussy. Oh how I'd have liked to slip it right in. We were both so ready. I backed away satisfied that I'd given Kel what she wanted. Also liking how we'd shown off to the other couple hanging with us. Cami almost seemed jealous. Kelly was getting something she wasn't. In answer she mounted Josh facing us, riding him in such a way to stimulate herself and get off before Josh again filled her pussy. We finally washed up, reluctantly dressed and headed back to the cabin. When we got there Rose and Carol were sitting on the deck with glasses of wine. They looked at our flush bodies and gave knowing looks. Carol said to Rose, "I told you, the arrangements won't be a problem. Your daughter is grown up. At least he seems like a good kid."

They offered us a glass. Rose said, "A few drinks within limits are ok this week."

We sat and talked awhile. Then had dinner. Afterwards everyone got comfortable with a glass of wine and we sat around the large living. We got a fire going in the stone fireplace and talked about plans for the summer, then the next year. We endured some teasing and personal questions from the Moms. Most of those drawing eye rolls from their daughters. A bit later Rose and Carol got ready for bed and just the four of us sat around the sofas.

Cami, who couldn't let things go finally asked, "So are you two both, you know...."

"Virgins?", I said, maybe to Kelly's surprise. "Yes, Cami, I'm a virgin. And Kelly is a virgin. Satisfied?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to piss you off."

"No, that's ok I didn't mean to be snippy."

"And by the end of the week we won't be.", Kerry added with a smile.

"As loud as you are we might not get any sleep!" The laughs broke the tension.

"Hey, I'm up for some more, if you want to go upstairs", piped in Josh.

"Oh, you have something else you need to be working on. I'm jealous of my cousin." Josh tried not to make a face, but I caught him. We then settled in to cuddling and kissing. There didn't seem to be a reason any more to be shy. Since their Moms had been in the room Kelly and Cami were wearing pjs. Josh and I were in t-shirts and shorts. That didn't keep hands from wandering. Finally, after having my hard cock poking her for awhile Kelly bit my ear and whispered. "Want to? Tonight?"

I turned to her, "Yes definitely."

Kelly sat up. "OK it's been a long day. We're going up."

Cami, "Uh huh. And?"

Kelly, "Let you know tomorrow." I followed her upstairs watching her ass and imagining what was to come. Once we'd closed the door we quickly got undressed and got in bed. I looked at Kelly a moment, then hopped out of bed, my cock bouncing in front of me. "Almost forgot." I dug in my bag and produced the condoms. I rejoined Kelly and get back to kissing and nibbling and licking and touching.

"I'm ready Ryan." I sat up and leaned back. Taking a package from the box, I unwrapped the condom and rolled it onto my firm cock. Now properly dressed I leaned over Kelly, feeling her breasts against my chest, her lips on mine. She reached between us, lining up my cock with her pussy, rubbing the head on her for added lubrication, then placing me at her opening. "Go ahead, easy. When you hit something, push. I think it'll hurt a little but go ahead. It'll get better."

I took in her info leaned against her, shifted a little and began my first time. My cock slipping in. And in further, then resistance. I pulled back a touch and pushed through. Kelly gasped. Grimaced. "Hold on Ryan." A deep breath. "OK, easy." I took my time. As much as I wanted, needed, to let loose and thrust into Kelly I held back feeling her incredibly tight pussy holding me tightly, having to stretch to accommodate me.

"Oh Ryan. You feel so big inside me. I need to relax. I'm a little sore, keep going, but easy."

Kelly's tight grip on me, and the excitement of the moment, and pure physical lust had me ready to go pretty quickly.

"I'm going to cum, Kel. Just a couple more pushes. You're so, tight."

"Go ahead Ryan."

I pushed once more, held myself inside and filled the condom. I held myself to Kelly then reluctantly withdrew to be safe. There was fluid from Kelly, a little blood. I carefully removed the condom and disposed of it then rejoined Kelly and held her.

"Sorry it wasn't comfortable for you. And you didn't cum too."

"It's ok Ryan. I've heard first time isn't the best. But giving myself to you was special. We'll do it more and it'll be better. Promise." I held her to me. She put a leg over me and fell asleep naked hugging me. I lay there reveling in the fact that she was holding me naked. And I wasn't a virgin. And I'd lost it to the hottest girl I knew. And she wanted more. From the other room I heard the sound of vigorous sex. Josh must be giving it good to Cami. Everyone seemed to be getting what they need.


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Great chapter, you keep me wanting more. Your writing is getting better was well. Keep up the good work.

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