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Grace and Anna are two fun loving girls of the early 20th century who can't resist a lithesome young man or a wealthy older one. Soon they have dropped their frocks and are capering like young Venuses rising from the sea. Love and lust offer temptations at every hand. What's a girl of the Edwardian age to do? Find out in the Adventures of Grace and Anna.
Rare Lascivious English Classic. this is a book written by an English gentleman of considerable wit, command of language, and an imagination of Rabelaisian order. Erotic as are the tales, they are far from being filthy, while a plot of thrilling interest runs throughout the work, binding all the stories together.. The Adventures of Grace and Anna is subtitled 'The thrilling experiences of two girls looking for love and lust.' Two fun-loving girls of 1910s discover love and lust among the idle rich and the well-proportioned poor in this insightful excursion into the erotic mores and morals of an earlier era.

In part 1 you have read that the author meets a girl named Anna and he Invites her in his car for a ride. In car he kissed her and boldly squeezed and manipulated her breasts and erect nipples. Then he moulded and caressed her bare and electric thighs and felt the bare lips of her sex and the crinkly pubic hair.

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At this she lay forward on my chest, her arms about my neck, and seeing that her resistance was over, I divided the hot moist lips of her cleft, and seeking out the touchstone of her nature, by gentle and successive rubs soon had it standing and hard as if to battle an invader.

I now removed my hand for an instant, and tearing open the front of my pants, allowed my stone-hard sockaldodger to spring forth. I seized her hand and guided it to the throbbing shaft and was gratified to feel her grasp it in a firm embrace and begin to rub it slowly up and down its engorged and burning length.

The sudden magnetic touch of her tender and delicate hand on the seat of my sensations, the twining of the white, soft fingers about my shaft of love, my arrow of desire, together with the sweet, melting softness of her clinging lips, together with the soft compression of her thinly-clad body, strained tightly against my own, all conspired to send the blood leaping through my veins like molten fire, and in an access of passion I drew her roughly to me and plunged my finger, which was at the mouth of her sex, deeply up into her person almost to the second joint-which action caused her to give a little cry of pain and hurriedly draw away from me and seat herself on the far side of the car.

Her hand had dropped like a coal of fire my throbbing rod, and as I saw tears rush to her eyes, I knew that I had made a mistake, and cursing myself inwardly, quickly began apologising and begging her pardon, telling her that she had affected me too much, of my fiery nature, etc., and in a moment or two she was again snuggled to my side and my truncheon was again clasped in the soft, magnetic whiteness of her tendril-like fingers.

This time I did not do as before, but contented myself by kissing and caressing her, gently insinuating my hand again under her skirt and regaining the ground I had lost.

For some moments I contented myself with delicately moulding and squeezing her bubbies and then parting the moist lips of her little quivering slit and titillating her standing clitoris, but feeling as if the sweet compressions of her hand might cause me to spend all over her, I gently disengaged it, and pulled her astraddle my lap and pushed her dress up about her waist.

She now allowed me to do my will and, placing the head of my enlarged member against the lips of her slit, I caused her slowly to settle down upon it, and held her firmly in my arms while we began the delicious weaving dance of lust.

‘Oh, oh, oh, ah-h-h!’ she breathed, ‘that is so, s-s-o-o-o n-i-c-e! Oh, oh, oh.’ She slowly wove about on my penetrating needle. Oh, how lovely; oh, oh, oh, ah, I’m going… O-h-h-h!’ And she rained down upon the head of my tempestuous rod a torrent of her vital juices.

I felt myself about to melt, and wishing to pierce her deeper, I lifted her in my arms, and placing her upon her back on the cushions of the car, with a few deep and thrilling drives, I let go my charge and felt it bubble and boil in great soul-stirring spurts within her tender and clinging vagina!

We lay for a moment in this close embrace, enjoying the sweet aftermath of a pleasant conjunction, and then taking a handkerchief, I placed it about my rod and slowly drew out of her, causing her to clasp tightly to me as if to hold me there.

I allowed the handkerchief to remain between her thighs, and drying myself I replaced my staff and pulling down her dress gathered her again in my arms and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

She seemed all aflutter, her pulses beating like mad, and her hand nervously went to the front of my pants, and undoing the buttons she again had my limp Cock in her embrace and she rapidly waggled it to and fro impatiently, giving little cries of irritation at its softness and kissing me frantically as if, through the contact of her lips, she wished to stimulate it to renewed hardness.

I soon grew stiff, and rolling her once more back on the seat, I again plunged it within her, and with little gurgles and cries of joy she began a mad writhing of her loins, which, together with the slow jouncing of the car, served to draw forth from me a second charge of my dew, which spurted and shot from the head of my prong in tempestuous jets to be greedily swallowed by her voracious womb as though she was jealous of losing even a drop of that fluid that is so all-powerful in its effects on the feminine frame!

By this time we were almost to her house, and repairing our apparel, we sat close in each other’s arms. Joseph, bringing the car to a stop, awaited further orders.

‘When will I see you again?’ I asked her. ‘You are indeed a nice little girl, Anna, and I must see more of you. Will you allow me the pleasure of seeing you tomorrow night?’

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