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Peter's secret sexual desire is awakened and fully realized after a terrible accident involving his mother and sister?

With that out of the way enjoy:


Peter has always had a fantasy of seeing women and girls on fire, only when he went through puberty did it become a full-blown sexual fantasy. When he was entering puberty his fantasy was just beginning to turn sexual.

He and his sister Jessica who is one year younger than him would always play, but around this time he would get her to pretend that she was being burned at the stake by him, or that she was somehow catching on fire and fake scream. He would get her to pretend her butt was on fire and shake her hips back and forth, all of which would turn Peter on, alot. Jessica on the other hand had no idea that he was doing this to get turned on, she just thought they were having fun.

But that was the past and Peter was 19 now, and Jessica was 18. They weren't really the party type since their family was religious, which meant they were both still virgins. They lived together with their mother, who was 36 but still had a fairly young body, she was also a brunette, just like her kids. Their father had died when Peter was very little in a car accident, so it was just the three of them. They were able to do well for themselves because of a large life insurance policy they had from their father. Because of this they lived out on the lake side in a nice small house and their mother, who never had to work a day of her life again so she was always home.

It was a typical summer break afternoon and Peter was watching porn as usual. He didn't quite have a porn addiction, but over the past few years he's taken a liking to it, just like everyone else his age. Although he enjoyed porn, it didn't quite do it for him. After all his sexual fantasies were shall we say more exotic. There was no real porn about girls burning alive. He just had to use his imagination, of which his mother and sister were often a part of. Over the past few years he was starting to look at his mother in a sexual way. Especially after a bathroom incident 4 years ago.

He was taking a shower when he heard the door open and saw a blurry figure walk by the shower curtains. "It's ok Peter it's just me, I have to quickly pee before I go" he heard his mother say. Although the house was nice, it was still small and thus had only one bathroom. His mother was getting ready to head out for dinner with some of her friends and was nicely dressed.

Peter was curious and caught a glimpse of his mother by slightly moving the curtain. The way the bathroom was layed out the toilet was against a wall and faced away from the shower. He could see her from behind take off her pants and underwear, and saw her bare butt come down on the toilet seat. This immediately turned him on, especially when this was followed by the sound of her pee hitting the toilet. He waited awhile for her to leave and when thought she was gone came out of the shower. He was still very hard from what he had seen, and walked to the mirror to see how big his member had gotten. "PETER!!!!" he heard his mother say sternly.  He turned around and time froze. There was his mother still sitting on the toilet. Her legs were slightly spread, enough for Peter to see her neatly trimmed pubic hair and vagina. Peter was so turned on by this and had no control of what was about to happen. His hips and lower body convulsed and he shot his load involuntarily, which landed on his mother's knees and thighs. 

They stared at each other for what seemed like 5 minutes but was more like 15 seconds. He then quickly grabbed a towel to cover himself and ran to his bedroom. He was remembering this as he was watching porn. Although this memory did far more for him than the porn he was watching. He remembered how afterward his mother tried to comfort him telling him that it wasn't his fault and that it's normal for guys at your age. After this he always imagined her on fire, just like he did with his sister in his sexual fantasies. 


Lately Peter has wanted to get "closer" to his sister. He's tried several things already, like spying on her when she's changing or when she goes to the bathroom. So this time he thought he'd start by messing around. After they finished watching a movie Peter suggested they play truth or dare, Jessica agreed and said they should do it in her room, exiting Peter. They went in her room, closed the door, and both sat on the ground cross-legged just like old times.

"You go first, truth or dare?" she said. "Truth" Peter said.

"Do you ever watch porn?".

Peter was very surprised by this question. "Uhmm, sometimes" he said "Ok your turn, truth or dare?".

"Truth" she said.

"Have you ever smoked pot?"

"Uhmm, dare" she said all embarrassed. 

"Take off your underwear" he said. She was still wearing her nightgown which came down a few inches below her hips, so it was possible for her to do this without exposing herself. She shyly pulled them down.

"Truth or dare" she said.

"Dare" he said.

"Take off your pants" she said.

He pulled them down and smiled as his erection was clearly visible through his underwear.

"Truth or dare" he said.

"Dare" she said while giving a half smile.

"Close your eyes" he said.

Jessica did so with a slight hesitation and suspicion. Peter took his hand and stuck it between her legs, and rubbed against her bald vagina. She immediately opened her eyes, "WHAT THE FUCK!!??" she yelled. She swiftly got up and kicked Peter in the balls.

In horrible pain Peter quickly got up and stumbled into his bedroom. "Fuck that bitch!" he groaned as he rolled around on his bed with his hands around his balls. Their mother was in the bathroom, and since it had an incredibly loud fan, she couldn't hear anything. You could literally scream at the top of your lungs and the person inside wouldn't notice. Peter went down into the kitchen and put bread in the toaster, hoping that food would help ease his anger and pain. As he put them in and went back upstairs he carelessly knocked over some newspapers that fell on top over the toaster. As he was about to enter his bedroom he was approached by Jessica. "Hey I'm really sorry for what happened back there, I shouldn't have let it get that far" she said. Peter just ignored her and closed his bedroom door. She then rushed off to her room to change into normal clothes and angrily shut her door.

He was laying on his bed picturing her on fire in one of his sexual fantasies. Partly out of anger towards her. While this was going on, down stairs in the kitchen, the news paper that landed on top of the toaster was now catching on fire. Because the kitchen was primarily made out of wood, it quickly followed. Soon the entire bottom floor was on fire which no one upstairs noticed because they didn't have fire alarms and all the windows were open fanning out smoke and fanning in outside air allowing the fire to spread quickly. The stairs that led upstairs were now completely on fire and part of the upstairs hallway was too, especially right in front of Jessica's bedroom door. She saw smoke come out from underneath her door and opened it. Peter heard a scream and immediately went to look. Jessica had run through some flames to get away from her bedroom. "THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!" she screamed in Peter's face. "Yeah no shit" he said. She all of a sudden screamed and jumped around, her jeans had caught on fire. She immediately pulled them off with Peter's help. She had slight burns by her feet and lower calves. 

Peter and Jessica burst into the bathroom. Their mother was sitting on the toilet with her underwear down to her ankles, she immediately closed her legs so she wouldn't expose her genitals to her kids, she wasn't gonna let that happen again. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!" she yelled "Can't you guys see I'm trying to do my business?!". "THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!" Peter and Jessica yelled simultaneously. "WHAT!!??" their mother yelled. She immediately stood up and kicked her underwear off her feet, she didn't care about the fact that she was now completely bottomless in front of her kids. She ran to the hallway to see what was going on. She ran back to them, "Ok we'll have to jump out the bathroom window,  but first have either of you gotten burned?" she said. "I have" Jessica said. Their mother looked at it, pulled her over to the sink, lifted her burned leg over the counter, and started to run water over it. As she was tending to Jessica's wound, Peter couldn't help but look at his mother's butt and vagina as they were fully exposed, he all of a sudden looked out the window they were supposed to jump out of and saw large flames right outside, that entire side of the house was already on fire.

"Uhmm, we've got a problem" Peter said. His mother rushed over and saw it, "Oh fuck" she said. Jessica saw it too and started freaking out, "oh God we're all going to burn alive" she whined. "No we're not, we're all going to make it out of here just fine. We'll have to use the ladder in my bedroom that leads to the attic and use the window hatch." she said. Soon the bathroom wall began to catch on fire from outside. They looked at the hallway and saw that there was a large wall of flames keeping them from their mother's room. "Ok we'll have to take some towels and run through the fire to get to my room" she said, while at the same time trying to comfort Jessica who was sobbing. She reached for some towels but only found one, "FUCK!!!" she said. "Ok Peter, you take Jessica and rap yourselves in it and run through. As soon as you're through, throw it back to me". Peter took the towel and nodded. The fire behind them in the bathroom was getting intense and they had to stand out in the hallway, where the fire was bad enough to start exposing the ceiling's structure right above them. He wrapped himself and Jessica in it and with one smooth jump/run went through the flames. Once they made it to the other side Peter took the towel and threw it to his mother.

As the towel was airborne it got caught on one of the now exposed ceiling pipes right above their mother. She quickly tried to grab it, but because the house's structure was weakened she pulled down an entire section of the ceiling and floor above. This trapped her where she was. "OH FUCK" she yelled. She was was completely trapped by rubble and surrounded by flames, she was trapped in the corner with maybe a square meter of room. Peter and Jessica both saw this, "Noooooooo!!!! Mom!!!!!!" she screamed. "Peter take her and go!!" she said as the flames inched closer to her "Please, I don't want this to be the last memory you have of me".

Peter tried to drag Jessica away by her waste but she wouldn't comply, "Do you really want to see this happen to her?" he said. The flames got closer and closer to the mother's feet, she backed away as much as she could until she pressed her naked butt against the hot corner wall. "OUCH!!!!" she yelped as she pulled her red butt away from the intensely hot wall and covered her butt cheeks with her hands. Her butt cheeks were slightly reddened and blistered, a small taste of what was to come. She looked at her children in a way that communicated help me, but she knew it was no use. She began to moan as the heat was becoming unbearable. The flames finally touched her toes and began surrounding and climbing her feet, "AAHH FUCK!!" she screamed. Peter was aroused at first when he saw his mother bottomless in the bathroom, but was able to subdue it because of the emergency. But watching his bottomless mother slowly catch on fire? That's something he couldn't help but get hard over. "What the fuck, seriously now, while my mother is burning alive?!" he thought to himself. "MOM NOOOOOO!!!! WHYYYYYYY!!!!!" Jessica cried in Peter's shoulder.

Her feet were now completely on fire, and the flames were now beginning to settle on her calves and knees. She kept rapidly stomping her feet to try and stop the pain. "HELP ME I'M ON FIRE!!!! their mother screamed as the flames reached her thighs. She kept jumping around in that small space and shaking her flaming legs. The fire spread to the top of her thighs and near her butt cheeks, getting close to her most sensitive part. She knew what was about to happen, her kids looking knew what was about to happen. Then it happened, her already hot and red vagina lips, and pubic hair started to catch on fire, and within a few seconds her entire crotch in all it's glory was aflame. She went hysterical, screaming and jumping, and shaking her hips. "OH GOD IT BURNS!!! IT BUUUUUURRRRRRRNNNNSSS!!!!!!" she screamed in a higher pitch.

A few seconds after her genitals caught on fire she also lost control of her bladder, and peed everywhere. Because she started peeing after her crotch caught on fire, the left over urine temporarily protected her inner vaginal folds and more importantly her clit from the fire. But this protection only lasted for a second, and as soon as it evaporated her loose inner vaginal folds were burning and so was her clit. The second the fire reached her clit she experienced the worst pain humanly possible. "OH GOD THE PAIN!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!!! HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!" she loudly moaned.

Peter couldn't help but stick his hand in his pants and masturbate while watching it, which he felt terrible for. Jessica was crying in his shoulders, she saw that her mother's crotch was on fire and felt extreme sympathy, knowing how sensitive her own vagina was she could only imagine the pain her mother was experiencing. After about 7 seconds after her vagina caught on fire she took both her hands and tried to cup it to stop the pain. "HELP MEEEE!!!!! I'M BURNING!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Because started jumping up and down while cupping her flaming crotch, it looked like she was desperately holding up her piss. This obviously did nothing except burn her hands. She then tried to slap her vagina to put it out and eventually was hitting it. While she was dealing with the flames in the front, the fire on her vagina was expanding between her legs to the back, going up her butt crack, and burning her anus. At the same time the fire from the back of her legs were now going up her butt cheeks. She quickly stopped focusing on her crotch and started slapping her butt trying to keep the flames from spreading. "AH FUCK!!!! HELP!!!! MY ASSHOLE!!!!! OH GOD IT HURTS SO MUCH!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" their mother screamed in what seemed like a weakening voice.

She wildly shook her butt as both it and her genitals were burning. Soon after her hips and waistline were aflame, it completely protected her modesty and made it look like she was wearing a flaming pair of underwear. This caused her to release her last bit of urine, it's stream slightly visible through the fire. The flames were now a mere inch away from the bottom of her shirt. The flames at her vagina burned the bottom her stomach and shirt, while behind her the flames completely covered her butt, reached and burned the back of her shirt which was resting at the top of her butt.

The shirt quickly caught on fire, and in no time was burnings her breasts, she tried to shake her chest causing her boobs to jiggle. Her sensitive nipples were melting under the burning shirt. She tried to let out a scream but nothing came, she couldn't anymore. She was now completely on fire with the exception of her face and hair. She looked over to get one last look at her children and then saw that Peter was masturbating. She was disgusted by this, and then let out one last scream/moan knowing her son was a pervert, immediately after her chin and hair began to catch on fire. She then fell straight on her butt and against the wall, then died.

Although Peter felt terrible for what he did while his mother burned, his arousal in no way disappeared. The fire in the hallway was getting intensely hot, especially for Jessica who was only wearing a tank top and underwear, they had to leave. They ran into their mother's bedroom and used the ceiling hatch to get to the attic. Once they were up there they had to quickly dodge the flames to get to the roof window since half the attic was already on fire. As they were making their way past the flames a flame shot out and scorched Jessica leg. "AAAHHH!!!" she yelped. This immediately turned Peter on again. "Oh common, can't I be normal??" he thought to himself. "Are you ok?" he asked her. "I think so" she replied. 

They got to the roof window and luckily there was a fire escape ladder hanging that they could pull out to climb onto the roof, it was designed for a situation just like this. It was also necessary because the roof window was two and a half meters off the ground. It took Peter 15 seconds to get it out, and once he did they had to seriously hurry because the flames were literally closer than arm's reach. Peter went first to make sure he could help his sister up. But when he stepped on the last step the ladder disconnected but Peter already had the majority of his weight out on the roof and was fine. "Oh shit, Peter hurry!!" she yelled in a panicked voice as she held up the ladder for Peter to reattach since she couldn't reach it herself. Peter had to hurry as the flames were literally a few inches from her legs.

Since the fire was so close to Jessica the heat was beginning to hurt causing her to moan. "PETER HURRY!!!" she yelled as Peter extended his hand to grab the ladder. "PETER COMMON HURRY OR I'LL BURN JUST LIKE MOM!!!" she yelled. Peter was so incredibly turned on by her moaning and how she said she'll burn like their mom, he was considering doing nothing and watch her burn alive. "No I have to be strong, what the fuck is happening to me?" he thought. Then he remembered that his balls still hurt because she punched them. He then pulled up the ladder, and did nothing. "Peter what are you doing??!! Put the ladder backAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! OH GOD!!! IT HURTS!!! HELP ME!!!!" Jessica screamed. Peter looked down through the window and sure enough, the fire had reached her feet and was going up the bottom of her legs and knees, seeing this prompted him to start masturbating again. He knew no one was ever going to know anyway. She jumped up and down and stomped her legs to stop the fire from spreading. 

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! PETER HELP MEEEE!!!!! DON'T LET ME BURN!!!! PLEASE!!!!" she screamed. The fire was now riding up her thighs, and the heat was now getting closer to her crotch. The flames were now at the top of her legs, and soon after her underwear caught on fire. Because her tank top was just above her bellybutton the fire didn't get to it when her underwear went up in flames. The flames scorched her butt cheeks and vagina, causing her to wildly shake her hips in agony. With one swift motion she ripped off her underwear and immediately cupped her lady parts with her hands. She just experienced quick taste of what it feels like to have her crotch on fire, so she did everything to avoid it. She remembered how her mother's screams dramatically increased in both volume and pitch when her crotch caught on fire, and Jessica only imagined what kind of hell that must be.

"I CAN'T LET MY PUSSY BURN!!! OH GOD I CAN'T LET IT BURN!!!" she mumbled in her misery. As she was cupping her vagina the fire from her thighs were burning her hands and she continually had to slap her upper thighs and the surrounding area. The pain in her legs went numb, because of this she temporarily stopped screaming and was moaning and crying instead. Watching this almost made Peter cum, but he slowed down so he could watch the rest. But because Jessica was only shielding her genitals, nothing was protecting her butt. The fire started tickling the bottom of her butt cheeks and slowly making their way up. She yelped and quickly tried to pat out her butt with both her hands. She was temporarily able to stave of the flames from her butt, but this left her crotch open. All of a sudden a large flame scorched her vagina, "AAAAOOHH!!!" she screamed as she immediately went back to cupping her crotch.

She quickly realized that there was no saving both her butt and vagina, she could only protect one. She obviously choose her genitals, and could do nothing but wince, scream, and moan as her rear end began to catch on fire. The flames caught onto the bottom of her butt cheeks again and slowly burned their way up. As the fire was burning her cheeks it also went right between them and burned her anus. "AAAAAHHHHH!!!! OH GOD!!!! IT'S SO HOT!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!!" she screamed in fresh new agony as she was wildly shaking her butt, just like she did when playing when they were young. She looked up at Peter hoping to still be saved, to be pulled up and have water poured over her behind. "PETER PLEASE SAVE MEEEEE!!!! I'M ON FIRE!!! AAAHHH!!!! OH GOD THE PAIN!!!! PLEASEEEEEE!!!!" she yelled. It's because of this last bit of hope that she was so desperate to save her crotch. She did it because knew that her vagina in flames would hurt much more than her butt, but mostly because she still wanted to have sex one day.

Peter agreed in his thoughts, he could totally pull her out and save her if he really wanted to. But he just smiled at her and kept masturbating. He also noticed that she was sacrificing her butt for her vagina. He almost laughed at this, because he knew both would be burning in no time, and he was right. Her butt cheeks were now fully alight dispute her desperate attempt at stopping it by shaking her butt, and the flames were now burning her hips and wrapping around. Her anus was completely on fire, it's flames were now working it's way down to her vagina between her legs. Jessica was still cupping her crotch, but her hands were being burned from the flames by her anus and the flames from her front legs and hips, she knew she was loosing the battle.

Her hands were really getting burned by the fire and she could only protect her crotch for so long, "OH GOD, I HAVE TO HOLD IT AND I CAN'T, BUT I CAN'T LET MY PRIVATES BURN!!!" she moaned to herself. She was able to cup her parts for a few more seconds, than was forced to let go. "OH NO!!!!" she moaned to herself as she braced for the pain about to come. As soon as she let go a few small flames started to lick at her sensitive part burning her outer lips, but not fully engulfing it yet. "AAAHHH!!!! OOOHHH!!! FUCK MY PUSSY'S GONNA BURN JUST LIKE MOM'S" she loudly moaned. However she was only partly correct, her pain would be worse because her mother had a nice bush of pubic hair which helped her vagina catch on fire faster and kill the nerves down there faster aswell. But Jessica's vagina was shaved bald, meaning it would take nearly twice as long. "OOOOHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!! PETER PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE!!!!! THE FIRE'S SOOOO HOT!!!" she screamed as the fire fully covered her outer vagina lips, which took an excruciating 10 seconds after she stopped cupping it. She started shaking her hips again in response to the Hell that was taking place between her legs, almost making Peter cum.

Since Jessica was still a virgin the fire took longer to penetrate into her tight vagina than her mother's who was much looser. The flames penetrated her Hymen and went deep inside her, but the real agony came when it burned her clit. "OOOOOHHHHH!!!! JUST LET ME DIE!!! KILL MEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" she screamed at the top of her longs as she uselessly closed her legs involuntarily. It would take another 20 seconds for the nerves in her crotch to die out. Her scream was so loud it even caught Peter off guard and caused him to hear a beep for several seconds.

The fire made it's way over her stomach and lower back, and eventually engulfed her tank top. Her defeated moaning turned right back to screams as her hair and her breasts caught on fire through the tank top. The flames sizzled her extremely sensitive nipples.

As the flames made it to her shoulders and neck she was back down to moaning, and fell to her knees looking up at Peter. She thought she's been burning for an hour, but it was actually around a minute and a half. She let out one last moan, this caused Peter to let go of his load which was so powerful it flew in through the window and landed right on Jessica's face. She was schocked but too weak to make a noise. The flames covered her face, she fell on the floor, and died.

Peter knew he had to get out of there fast. He clipped the ladder on the drainage trough and safely made it to the ground and ran. As he was running away and the post-nut clarity was beginning to settle in, he was worried that he'd feel guilty about letting his sister burn to death. 

After several hours the fire department finally had the blaze under control. As Peter sat on the edge of the ambulance and was checked for injury, he was answering the sheriff's questions about what happened. He told him everything except ofcourse the part about letting his sister burn. 

Several days later after all the investigating was said and done, he was on a plane across the country. He was going to live with his aunt Jossy and his cousins. On the plane he finally realized what was bothering him, it wasn't that he gladly watched two women burn alive, it was because they were his mother and sister. He was disgusted by this and vowed never again to enjoy watching someone burn who was related to him. He seriously wanted to burn people who were incestuous.

After he was picked up by his aunt Jossy and cousins they had a long drive to their house. Peter was sitting in the back with his two cousins, Emily who was 21 and Anna was 18. They were both eyeing him with lust.

To be continued.....
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