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Life long friends start to get adventurous with each other
My neighborhood was full of kids my age when I first moved in and we would hang out all of the time. My best friend Kevin lived a block away and the rest of our friends all lived in the houses in between. It was usually a gang of 6, Miguel, John, Demetri, Sarah, Kevin and I. Sarah was a year older than all of us but loved to play sports and had been hanging out with us since we were young all the way until we were in our late highschool years . For years we always did the same stuff, played soccer, basketball, hide and seek, ding dong ditch etc. John’s place was usually to the place to be because his Dad was in an ER doctor and was barely around. His mom also worked long hours at her finance job and even when she was home she would stay in her room or office and let us do as we wanted.

Sarah was a beautiful girl with long black hair, brown eyes and great body from always playing sports. She was always more of a tom boy however. She never minded getting dirty and sweaty with the rest of us and could beat us all in a burping contest. Throughout the years she began to develop more and more and so did all of our crushes on her. But no one ever spoke of it, but it was pretty obvious to tell we all wanted her.

One summer, John’s parents went out of town for the weekend and left him in charge so we all planned a sleep over. Sarah was able to come but she had to bring her younger sister. She was only a year younger than us but was too prissy to ever play with us.

The night started off a little slow just ordering pizza and watching scary movies. And then John got the idea to look for his Dad’s liquor. His dad must have known we’d get the idea because we couldn’t find the liquor anywhere!

After looking all over the kitchen we headed to the master bedroom. John insisted we put everything back where we found it and to be discrete. I was digging through a drawer in the back of their closet when I stumbled on a collection of porn DVDs!

“I guess your dad has a thing for school girls!”

John’s face went bright red when he saw the DVDs. Everyone laughed and I started passing them around for everyone to see. I knew for a fact that Kevin and I had both watched porn before because we talked about it. But by looking at Sarah’s face I could tell it was first time seeing anything like it.

“Where’s the DVD player at?!” Demetri asked.

“Wait! You guys want to watch them?!” Sarah yelled with a nervous look on her face.

“Yeah! Haven’t you ever seen one before? It’ll be funny come on!” I encouraged her.

“What about my sister?”

“Its okay she’s only one year younger than us and we are all old enough come on!” Demetri cried.

“I want to watch this one!” Hannah yelled while holding up a video of a blonde girl with tits in a soccer uniform. Everyone was pleasantly surprised and John loaded it up.

You could feel the nervous excitement in the room. We all sat on the floor staring intently.

The video started out with a girl and guy having a really poorly acted conversation behind the bleachers. Everyone was cracking up even Sarah. A few minutes later the girl was on her knees deep throating the guy in the back of the bleachers. She was being extremely filthy and saying things like “I love the way your cock feels deep down my throat daddy!”

No one blinked and you could feel the sexual tension escalate 100 levels. The girl now had her top off and was letting the guy fuck her mouth.

“Does this feel good for you guys?” Hannah asked.

None of us had gotten a blow job before so no one really knew what to say. Until Demetri blurted out “It sure looks like it! I’d love to find out!”

A couple minutes later the guy blew his load all over the girls face and she licked up as much as she could.

“Whoa! I didn’t really that much cum came out!” This time it was Sarah commenting. She was curled up by the couch with her knees tucked into the giant over sized shirt she was wearing, with a look of curiosity in her face now.

The next scene didn’t take long to set up, a sexy gym teacher in booty shorts and sports bra seduced one of her students and he was eating her out on her desk.

“I don’t think this would feel good at all.” Hannah said. She was laying on her stomach with her hands holding her head up as she eagerly kicked her legs back and forth.

“I don’t know Hannah this lady seems to be having the time of her life!” Miguel said. “Want me to find out?”

“Hey! That’s my sister! Leave her alone!” Sarah cried.

“What? She seemed curious! Aren’t you?” Miguel cried back.

“Kind of..but she’s my little sister. I’ve never even seen a penis before..”

“Ohh my god!! Look Sarah!!! His thingy is all hard!” Hannah shouted while pointing at my cock. “And so is his! And his!” She pointed at all of us.

“Tell you what ladies, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Miguel shouted.

Hannah looked over at Sarah and whispered in her ear. They talked among themselves for a second and then Sarah said, “Fine! BUT we want to see all of yours and we are only confident in showing you our underwear”

After a few minutes of negotiating back forth we managed on agreeing on showing all of our dicks if Sarah got completely naked and Hannah showed us her tits and underwear.

Demetri, Miguel, John, Kevin and I stood up in front of the girls, looked at each other and pulled our shorts down. Our cocks bounced in the air all different shape and sizes. The girls were shocked and couldn’t stop staring they crawled back and forth from one to the other and looked at them in a lot of detail.

We all asked for our end of the deal. Kevin started pulling his shorts up but Sarah insisted we keep them out. No one objected as soon as Hannah and Sarah took their tops off.

Surprisingly Hannah had the bigger pair between the two, they must have been CC but Sarah’s weren’t far behind and both were extremely perky to the point they defied gravity. Both had adorable pink nipples that were now hard as diamonds in excitement.

We encouraged them to keep going and they hesitantly did. Hannah showed off her cute thong with pizza slices on Sarah skipped her underwear all together and showed us her neatly shaved landing strip. Our eyes practically popped out of our heads and my cock was harder than I had ever seen it before.

Everyone just stood there admiring each other for a few minutes. Before Kevin broke the silence and said “Sarah you need to show us your pussy we can’t get a good look if you just stand there.”

Sarah objected but we all persisted she sit on the couch and spread her legs, it was only fair. She eventually gave in and did it. Her vagina opened up like a flower and you could see how wet it was from all the excitement. She held the pose for a few seconds and then said we had enough. We all groaned.

The porno was now showing a girl fingering herself in the locker room. We all shouted at Sarah to copy what she was doing. Sarah must have been horny because she actually complied.

We all stared as she slowly shoved a finger in her tight pussy. She let out a soft moan and closed her eyes. She started moving it and out and picking up the pace. Her breath was getting shallower and faster. She put a second finger in, we could see her struggle to get it in but eventually it just slipped right in. Her free hand started to wonder and she began groping her tits.

Hannah must have been jealous of all the attention her sister was getting because she took her underwear off and sat down next to her sister. Sarah was too far gone to care.

I started stroking my cock now as watch both of these girls get off in front of me. The other guys followed and the girls were now staring at us with a look of excitement as they played with them selves.

Demetri was the next one to break the silence, “I want to touch your tits. I’ll let you touch mine if I can touch yours?”

Hannah didn’t hesitate long and said “Deal!” She walked right over to Demetri and gave his cock and good squeeze. Demetri returned the favor and started feeling up her tits. Kevin was standing right next Demetri and decided to get in on the action. Hannah didn’t object and encouraged him by grabbing his cock too.

Sarah looked at Miguel, Kevin and I and eventually followed her sisters lead. Taking turns grabbing each of our cocks.

The girls were really getting into it now and started stroking our cocks like the girl did in the video. They were liking it and took turns stroking each of ours.

While we were busy playing with each other the porno was in full swing in the back ground now and coincidentally enough. A scene was playing were two cheerleaders were having sex with the entire football team.

Hannah noticed and said “Look Sarah we should try this! I want to make the boys spray white stuff like the girl did earlier.” Sarah followed her sister’s lead again and got on her knees. We now formed a circle around them and the slowly started licking and playing with our cocks. Hannah went straight for the deep throat but quickly chocked halfway down my cock. She gagged and almost threw up. We all thought this was going to be the end but she went back for it again and made it a little further.

Sarah tried the same but actually managed to devour Kevin’s cock with little effort. She then moved on to the next one until she deep throated us like a champ. Her sister cheered her on and helped her get the last inch of my cock when she got around to me. I couldn’t handle it anymore and came deep in her throat. Sarah was surprised and pulled my cock out letting the last couple loads land on her chin and tits.

Hannah was ecstatic! Encouraged by her sisters success she started sucking Demetri’s cock hard and fast and a few seconds later she got her reward too. Now even more eager than before Sarah and Hannah started working Miguel and John’s cocks. Hannah didn’t want to leave Kevin out of the fun so she started cramming his cock in her mouth at same time as Johns. John couldn't hold it anymore and came all over her tits.

Hannah and Sarah were now competing to see who could make their guy cum faster. They kept looking over their shoulders to see how they were doing. Sarah ended up winning after deep throating Miguel like the women in the video. Kevin wasn't far behind as Hannah started slapping her tongue with his dick.

The girls were now drenched in our cum. It was in their hair and dripping from their faces. It was beautiful mess.

Hannah loved every second of it, nothing could wipe the smirk off her face. Sarah’s expression was a little harder to figure out but you could tell she enjoyed it too.
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