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In this part, Jacky takes her powers and her new body for her spin with Salman Khan and as usual, this is a fantasy and these events never happened in real life.
The next day, both of them woke up after a mega fuck fest between Jacqueline and her grandfather. His grandfather with a sleepy tone “Jacky, you’re up baby?”. “Yes daddy, I am going to freshen up. You can join me if you want to daddy”. “Nah I want to sleep for some more time, I’ll meet you later.” “Okay daddy!”. She was still wearing that same yellow short dress from the song in the movie Saaho but that dress wasn’t tight as it was earlier anymore but still was looking very sexy on her and her heels were back to 3 inches (meaning she was still a bit horny) from her ultra-sexy 12 inches.

When Jacky went to the bathroom and saw herself in the bathroom, she saw some changes in her appearance, first starting from her face. Her hair looked like she just came out of a hair salon, her makeup was still on point despite feeling so sweaty after a 5 hr sex marathon, her cheek bones were a bit higher than normal, no facial hair under nose line, more prominent jaw-line, perfect kissable lips, her skin tone got two shades higher and her face was literally glowing and nobody could tell that she had such a hardcore sex. When she removed her dress, she was amazed with what the second session of sex did to her. Although she was back to her former height but her whole body got many changes. That includes her desired changes, along with changes like bigger and the roundest tits which just looks impossible to exist, her arm and shoulder muscles bulging out and her back being more chiseled. Her midriff was back to the way she wanted with a hint of 6 pack abs, but her legs became so sexy and strong that she doesn’t need to do much of posing to flex her big calves and her glutes. She climbed under the shower and started cleaning herself and while doing that, she accidentally splashed some water on her clit, and she gasped. “Oh my! My clit is so sensitive now! I think I’ll come with a few licks if I really need to get off.”

After 20 minutes and 3 orgasms later, she came out of the shower and after drying herself, she looked herself into the mirror and noticed that she looked like she already has light touch-up on her face which looked perfect on herself. She changed to sweatshirt and sweatpants and came out of the bathroom barefoot and since the heels she wore yesterday permanently stretched her feet and her calves and due to that, she couldn’t put her feet flat on the ground.

Her grandfather also woke up till then and every-time whenever Jacky sees her, she gasps every-time with awe since her grandfather looks like a hulking beast with the biggest muscles in the world. “Daddy, what else you can do with your body because of the injection which you took?” “Physically when I am in normal state, I can lift 3000 kgs maximum, can run at 100 kmph, can jump 10 m in length and can crush an apple like its nothing with 1 hand without any warm-up. If I warm myself up, then it’s a different story. And I think you’ve seen what I can do if I am sexually charged which is rare to begin with, but you made me roar last night like nothing has ever done”. With that, Jacky blushed a bit. “But I have this particularly special formula which I am still working on which actually is temporary but can give that person a 100x boost in their abilities. So, let’s say if I injected myself last night when I was all fully charged, I would’ve literally destroyed you fully in pieces with only one push. I know that sounds scary but if you were able to take that, then you would’ve been able to make me cum for maybe hours.” That gave Jacky chills. “But babe, I don’t understand one thing. I felt and saw your body changing, can you explain me that?”

Jacky thought for it for a second then came up with her explanation. “Actually daddy, I bought these pills and this serum.” She took it out of the purse. “The pills actually make a girl’s pussy tighter and hotter along with plump pussy lips and bigger mouth lips and it also serves as a birth control.” “The serum makes a girl have whatever body she has in her mind at that second for an hour. In my case, I wanted to have a body of an amateur body builder with well-defined legs and good arms.” She blushed again. “The serum also makes a girl incredibly horny which was a much-needed thing since your cock became humongous daddy! And without that, I wouldn’t be able to take it let alone enjoy it and my god the pleasure you gave me was out of this world!”

Grandfather – “Hmm, so you were fully prepared for yesterday, huh?”

Jacky – “Yes daddy, to be honest I was thinking that the amount of hotness I got, you wouldn’t even stand 5 minutes in my ‘oh so tight’ pussy. But I was wrong and now I am in love with you daddy. Fuck the money! I just always want to be with you as your wife or as your hottest cum fucking slut. I’ll always take care of you, whenever you have some pent-up energy, or you just want to bang me at any moment.” With that she came near him and straddled on his lap and whispered, “I’ll spread my legs for you daddy!”

Grandfather – “Oh Jacky!”

With that they started to make out passionately and it was getting hotter and hotter each second. After 10 minutes, Jacky got a call that she needs to be at the set of the song “Jumme ki Raat” in 2 hours so she said to him. “Daddy, your wife needs to go to work now, I’ll see you at night daddy.”

She left his home and reached the set on time which was unusual for her since she has a reputation of reaching the set way later than the reporting time. She was still wearing her loose sweats which didn’t reveal her new body that much. She was fortunate to see that her footwear is going to be heels but they weren’t that tall. She insisted to have higher heels but the dance routine she was going to do, she was recommended to have these 1 inch of height as the max height. She was worried how she is going to look in the dress, which is chosen for her, will it even fit after her body went through an overhaul. When she came out while wearing the dress, everyone who was in her van was shocked after seeing here in that. She looked like pure potent sex on legs! At that very moment, every man got a boner and every woman started getting wet and she didn’t even do anything sexy!

Jacky with a relief and a small giggle – “Well it fits like a charm now!”

When she came out of her vanity van and just like before, everyone for a second got zoned out and started getting sexually active and the biggest reason for that was her sculpted legs which looked really sexy. Salman Khan, the main actor was also got flushed when he saw her in her glory without her black overcoat which she will be wearing for half of the song.

Salman in his mind – “What the fuck happened to Jacky?! She became a live wet dream! I thought Katrina is sexy but oh my god!”

As the shoot went on, Salman’s boner was getting out of control and he had the biggest boner any woman has ever given to him “on first glance” basis. So, he went to a bathroom and took a piece of rope and tied his 8-inch cock around his thigh which was considered as a big cock for an average human being. When it was time for Jacky’s solo dance, her sexy dance moves were giving everyone a hard time. Especially to Salman since his cock was hurting him now with the continuous hard-on. There was a part of the song where Jacky is lying on top of Salman and during that, she felt her hard-on and in front of camera, she was knowingly pushing here big ass on his hard-on to tease him. Once the shoot was over and everyone was packing up, Salman went to Jacky once everyone left her Vanity Van.

Salman – “Jacky? You there?”

Jacky – “Hey! What happened? I thought you’re going home.”

He had to come up with something since he can’t be straight forward to her to have sex with her.

Salman – “Yeah, I was about to take off, but I thought I should meet you to discuss tomorrow’s shoot.”

Jacky knew that where this is going but still, she can be wrong that’s why she was playing cool with him. Afterall, she wanted to see what her new body can do to a big natural stud like him.

Jacky – “Yeah sure!”

Salman – “Umm since our song’s shoot isn’t over, I thought we should like do some practice of the dance moves for tomorrow.”

That was the best thing he can come up with so that he can make her feel his raging hard-on.

Jacky – “Alright! So, where do you want to start from?”

So, they started to “practice” their next shoot and during that he grinded his dick on her ass for a moment and she said while facing away from him “Hmm, is that a banana in your pocket or someone is really happy to see me?” Salman blushed a bit and he apologized immediately but Jacky had no mood for that, and she turned around to see him.

Jacky – “Oh it’s okay! Don’t worry, it happens sometimes.”

While saying that, she grabbed his cock from outside his pants and started to squeeze it nice and hard and while doing that, she went close to him and said “You know, I always wanted to see what kind of tool this big brute have” and by that she gave a big squeeze where she used just a bit of her strength which made Salman moan with pleasure which shot directly up his brain. “I know like others; you want to fuck me. But for that privilege, what are you going to do for me?”

Salman was having a bit of trouble in thinking since Jacqueline was squeezing his cock continuously. If she isn’t careful enough, she can make him cum right here in his pants. After a long thought, he came up with this idea.

Salman – “I have many contacts in this industry and what I can do for you is that I can recommend your name to all of the directors, producers and casting directors your name and you will get even more films to be casted in. So, tell me, what do you say?”

With a quick thought, she said “Alright, if it went even better than expected than I may give you a bonus fuck or two whenever you want, alright?”

After hearing that, his cock throbbed inside his pants. “Oh, I can feel your little buddy likes this idea! So, less talking more action!” With that, she pulled Salman for a hard and passionate kiss and during that kiss, she put her fingers inside his hairs and started to make out passionately. Jacky’s body transformation also made her nerve endings more sensitive, and her libido has also been increased quite a lot. But during intense moments, she can control herself to not get sexually charged. Hence she have almost full control over her body now.

After a few minutes, Jacky started to moan in Salman’s mouth, and she started to remove his shirt and started kissing his pecks and abs. Once she reached to his pants, he started to unbuckle them and took them off. He thought that Jacky will get shocked with the length of his cock, but it was the opposite.

Jacky – “Ooh, that’s a nice cock! Let me untie it for you.”

Once untied, she took his cock in her mouth like a fucking pornstar and in an instant she started to make his cock throb in her mouth. She started doing so many incredible tricks which he didn’t even thought were possible, making him groan in continuous pleasure which he never felt before and within minutes, he was about to cum. She sensed that and pulled his cock out of her mouth and said.

Jacky – “Do you trust me babe?

Salman – “Absolutely Jacky, I…oh!”

And with that she gripped his throbbing cock from the base with her index finger and her thumb and squeezed it as tight as she could and with her new strength, that was really hard which made Salman groan in pain but his urge to cum was lowered in an instant. That made her grin like a cute kid.

Salman – “Ohh Jacky! Where the fuck did you learn all this?!”

Jacky – “Just enjoy babe, don’t ask anything.”

With that she went back to sucking his cock and did that same thing 2 more times which made his cockhead all blue with pressure. After 10 minutes, she stopped sucking and went away to change her shoes to her favorite heels which she always kept with her. Those were black 7-inch fuck me heels with ankle strap to keep her feet in place and those were needed because of the height difference between both of them. After wearing those. She came back and struck a sexy pose by sticking her round ass out where her calves were bulging out a lot which made Salman’s cock start throbbing even more and he started dripping precum when and you can see from her short skirt how wet she was. She was practically gushing with her fluids.

Jacky – “Aww, are you happy to see my body babe?”

After saying that, she started making sexy poses while flexing her calves which was looking even more prominent on her body. Salman was in awe when he saw that and was looking at her like he hasn’t got his meal for days. After looking at his expression, Jacky got an idea.

Jacky – “Let’s make a bet, I know you want me really bad and I can also see that you’re on the verge on cumming.” She started getting closer. Her body was glistering with sweat because of today’s hot shoot (In one way or other). “I will let you fuck me as hard as you want to, but you can’t cum for the next 10 minutes. If you did then you’ll owe me 1 crore rupees and if you got successful, then I’ll give you 1 crore. Deal babe?” With that she grabbed his cock and give a soft tug which made him groan again and gave a sexy smile. She knew what was coming and she knows that saying that he won’t survive for 10 minutes put a big dent on his ego. With that, he growled like a bull and picked her up and despite her having so much muscle, she was still really light, and he threw her on the couch on her back.

Salman – “UGH! IT’S A FUCKING BET NOW!! I’ll MAKE YOU REGRET YOU FUCKING WHORE!!” And he mounted his cock inside her, and her pussy was the softest and the tightest pussy in the world along with her juices made it even easier for him to put his dick inside her. He had to use all his willpower to not to cum inside her and she didn’t even used any of her pussy muscles to make it even tighter.

Jacky – “Aaah babe! Yes! Fuck me stud! Fuck me hard! Treat me like a whore! Just don’t aaahh fucking stop!!”

And with that encouragement, he started to nail her down. She thought that she won’t enjoy sex with small dicks anymore, but she was wrong. Seeing and feeling that 8-inch cock made her even more horny. She wrapped her legs around his waist and started meeting his thrusts making the perfect rhythm. The more physical contact there was, the more heated they got. 2 minutes were in and there was a little thicker layer of sweat on Jacky’s body, but Salman was fully drenched in sweat and looked like he just had a very intense workout session. Salman was surprised on his stamina, but he ignored that and picked her up and put her on her feet for standing doggy. He took her in front of a full body mirror and started to nail her again and grabbed her big tits as handles and the sight was truly behold. Surprisingly the harder and faster he fucked, the closer Jacky was getting to cum!

Jacky – “Ohh babe! It feels fucking good! Just fuck me babe! Give me everything you got! Ah! Ahh! Aahh! Oh fuck babe! Squeeze my tits! Squeeze them hard! Fuck your whore like you always wanted!”


Jacky – “Oooh my asshole! Put your fat fingers in my asshole stud! If you keep doing that, I might fucking cum on your cock oh!!”

Salman started to finger fuck her ass while he was pumping his cock with more aggression than ever before while he put his other hand under her tits. Then he triggered her g-spot and Jacky went berserk.


While he kept on ramming her g-spot, she started to make her pussy tighter and tighter with her glutes and internal vaginal muscles making it really hard for him to not cum. She even crossed her legs to make the entry of her pussy to be even tighter.

Jacky – “Oh I know you are about to have your biggest orgasm in your life, I can feel those balls full of your cum slapping on my clit when you fuck me hard babe! I want to cum as well and..” her pitch started to get higher “..the way you are fucking me, I…” she started to pant faster “…won’t..” even higher pitch “..oh fuck...last…any longer babe!” She started to meet his thrusts. “So, I want you…” she moved her face to face him and whispered with a grunt, “…TO CUM INSIDE ME BABE!” That did the trick and he opened his floodgates of cum.

Salman roared, picked her up, slammed deep and started to cum inside her while Jacky herself was screaming like a banshee and shaking uncontrollably because her orgasm was so raw and powerful that it was 10 times powerful than her most intense one before her transformation. And both kept on cumming for 5 minutes straight. Both of them, exhausted, then crashed on the couch and rested there for a while. Jacky was on top of Salman.

Jacky – “Oh my stud. You didn’t even lasted for 5 minutes babe, I won the bet!”

Salman – “You are pure sex on legs babe, nobody can last for more than 5 minutes with you.”

And just like that, both of them went asleep.
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