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During my visit to London for studies where we had an Old Ancestral Home, I stumbled on a family treasure. Apart from other things I also found a hump of books, dairies and notes in the treasure which contained classic, Age old, Erotic books, Novels, and Magazines probably collected by my Ancestors. They are all timeless and precious. They are a must read for all erotica lovers. I am sharing them on this site. Enjoy,
The friend in Paris is Harry. Harry Hargrove, photographer. Young, beautiful women come to Harry’s studio to have their portrait taken, but while there, one thing leads to another, and randy Harry’s life becomes one big Parisian orgy. Before internet porn, before porn videos, before porn movies, people lusting for raunchy, X-rated entertainment read pornographic books and magazines. Victorian and Edwardian England had its own adult entertainment industry – countless erotic novels were put out by shady publishers, some books were printed by the authors themselves, and most of the writers were anonymous. Many of these 19th-century books are surprisingly kinky, and some of them may be quite offensive to modern-day readers – in more ways than one. The anonymously written ”Letters from a Friend in Paris” was first published in 1874. This novel is a great example of Victorian erotica.



After the scene last described I passed a very restless night, in which I studiously avoided any sort of pressure on my unruly organ. Next morning I was in a sad state of burning desire. I sat before the fire, finishing the picture of Tom for Louisa and then she came, looking more beautiful than ever, with a certain languid air, which made me suppose that she too had passed a restless night after our exciting work yesterday morning and my detailed de***********ions of the delights the sexes could give each other.

When she had laid aside her bonnet and shawl, I clasped her in my arms, and gave her a most loving and long embrace, which she warmly returned. I pushed my tongue into her sweet mouth, and said, ‘Oh, return me the favour.’

She darted her dear little tongue in immediately, and I sucked it deliciously, pressing her loving bosom with one hand, while the other wandered over the wide expanse of her glorious and marble-like buttocks, pressing my body against hers, so that she could feel the stiff projection that was throbbing in my trousers. She smiled as I handed her to her seat, and I could see that her eyes glanced down to my unruly member, bulging out as if he would burst the bonds of cloth that confined him.

I begged her to sit with her feet on the fender, and to lift her dress up on her lap, so that I could see their beautiful shape, while I shaded off and finished Tom’s photograph.

These preliminaries had put her completely at her ease, and while I continued at work on the picture I led her on to fuller confessions than she had made the day before. I found, as I more than half-suspected, that her nunnery practice had been carried very far, especially in the pleasures of friction with other girls. She confessed that my conversation and de***********ions of the previous day had occupied herself and two bedroom companions nearly all night, hence the languid air I had observed.

I was curious to hear how she had luxuriously improved upon the de***********ions and sketches I had given her.

Of her two bedroom companions, one was Marguerite, a fine-grown, voluptuous, large-breasted, comely girl of se*****en, of very hot passions. The other, Emma, was a delicate little fair-haired beauty of nearly si***en, well-developed for her age. These three bedfellows had taught each other all they knew or could invent, and that had been carried very far. I soon found that, in fact, the sly puss who the day before had put on such an air of ignorance and surprise, was, in reality, a great deal more knowing than I gave her credit for. She confessed, however, that it was such a pleasure to hear a man descanting on the subject that, although bashfulness withheld her confidence at that moment, she felt how delightful it would be to tell me everything and have no concealments between us.

I thanked the dear girl for her confiding trust in me, which she should never regret. She then described how they had practised last night a new idea I had given her. After they were all undressed and quite naked, she had laid Marguerite on her back, then kneeling on the bed straddled her and, bringing her lovely aperture right before her face, she pressed the stiff, rosy button of Marguerite’s nipple into the opening as much as she could, twisting her body deliciously on the hard, swelling bosom, while Emma rubbed Louisa’s clitoris with one hand, and with the other frigged herself, reclining on the bed so as to introduce the forefinger of each hand into their arseholes, increasing their enjoyments in what was to them a noble manner, so that they spent more deliciously than ever.

They had repeated this, each to the other, until, quite exhausted, they sank to sleep. It must have been great fun could one but have seen them.

In telling me all this Louisa had often to beat about the bush for expressions to explain their actions and their means of carrying them out. I then showed her the photograph of Tom’s beautiful erection, which perfectly enchanted her, as it was the first time she had really seen the representation of a standing prick. It made her eyes glitter and her face flush.

‘Oh! What a wonderful thing it is-what do you call it?’

So I told her it was a prick intended to go into her cunt, which was the name we gave the lovely opening between her legs. I went on to teach her to use all the simplest, plainest words for such matters, as we did as boys at school.

It was quite charming to hear this elegant, beautiful and accomplished girl talk hesitatingly about Tom’s legs, thighs, buttocks, arsehole, balls, prick, and talk without reserve of her own breasts, cunt, bottom and clitoris, as well as of fucking and frigging, and gamahuching.

‘Then,’ she said, ‘when Tom fucks me, he will put this long thing into my-cunt-do you call it? But it seems so big, I fear it must hurt me. Even my dear companion Marguerite has sometimes hurt me when she has attempted to get more than one finger in when… frigging me, as you call it.’

I told her there would be no great difficulty if she had already had a finger thrust up as far as it would go, and that the exquisite delight that followed would more than compensate for the pain of entrance.

Of course, I told her how her photograph had excited Tom, and I also confessed to the lover’s part I had taken on the occasion.

‘Oh! My dear fellow!’ she said. ‘You dear sweet fellow! How I should like to have done it for him-that is to say, if we really, really must not be together as if we were married.’

‘My dear Louisa,’ I replied, ‘there is but one objection, but that is fatal to your wish; you would be certain to have a child, and would be utterly ruined. But next month, during the university vacation, you will be able to meet here, and you shall then have every pleasure but that.’

‘Oh! I know what you mean, frigging and sucking, you call it. I will frig and suck him, and he shall frig and suck me, if he likes. Frig… frig-such a pretty word.’

You can hardly imagine how nearly wild all this drove me, but wanting to get her more freely exposed to my view than heretofore, I said,

‘Come, my dear girl, and before the day is gone, let me photograph you in another position.’

She consented at once. So I placed her on her hands and knees, with her bottom to the light, and then raised her clothes and chemise, and laid them on the small of her back, so as to expose her person from the waist. I made her bend down on a sofa cushion, project herself out and separate her knees well. Considering the grace and elegance of her lady-like figure I was thunderstruck at the smallness of her waist, the large development of her hips and the magnificence of her buttocks.

My goodness! What a glorious arse she had! Such immense, white, dimpled cheeks, smooth as ivory and as hard, projecting apart a little, and separated by a shadowy valley opened by her position so as to show her sweet little pink arsehole. A downy coronet of soft, dark hair was around it and even crept up the hollow of the valley towards her back in graceful tiny curls, while below commenced the real hair of her cunt, thick, bushy, glossy and curling, covering the sides of her lips and even part of her thighs, and spreading in most luxuriant profusion up to her navel.

Just exert your imagination, and fancy the most beautiful, elegant and educated lady you know, and put her down in this position. Her loins deeply retiring, her arse doubly presenting its great curves, supported on wonderfully developed thighs, and then the beautiful legs and exquisitely small feet. In the middle of the picture a lovely recess-a temple of the God of Love-its moist pink inside, the delightful clitoris (betraying by its stiff projection the state of excitement the dear creature was under) and in this position, above it, the impenetrable-looking rosy dimple of her arsehole.

Heavens! How I was excited-I could not photograph her. I stammered something about love, and felt faint and sick. She sprang up to me in a fright.

‘Oh!’ I said. ‘Don’t be alarmed, my sweet love, I am only absolutely paralysed by the sight of your unparalleled and overpowering beauties. I cannot-I cannot…’

But she understood quite well what I meant and said,

‘Harry, my own dear friend, you must let me do all for you that you did for Tom. I insist upon making a return for all your kindness to him as well as to me. Come, show me your prick at once, my dear fellow.’

While she spoke her tapered fingers were busy unbuttoning me, and in an instant my wildly throbbing prick stood up in her hand. I had sunk previously on the sofa, and lay reclining in a favourable position for developing a complete view of its whole length. You remember what mine was like, old fellow, when we were at school and college. It has developed more since then; it is now not too long, but long and large enough, very well-proportioned-altogether a fair handful. Louisa was astounded both at its size and stiffness.

‘Gracious! That could never get into a woman’s-what do you call it? — cunt, I think, you told me?’

‘Oh, yes, it could,’ said I, ‘but we must do something of less risk to you.’

‘Oh yes,’ she said, ‘I will do as you want-as if to Tom.’

And in her delight at seeing it, she fondled and squeezed it. This was too much for my already over-excited state. So I said:

‘Oh! My love, cease for a moment, let us disembarrass ourselves of some of our inconvenient clothes, and then I will show you how we can best avail ourselves of your charming proposition so that you, too, my sweet love, may enjoy it at the same time.’

She immediately complied, and took off all but her stays and chemise, while I reduced myself to my shirt. She was not at all afraid of a little tumbling with me, any more than with her two school companions, but first she made me take off my shirt that she might gaze her fill on this, her first view of a naked man. Of course, my prick and its appendages came in for her greatest attention and curiosity, but I was far too excited to defer matters, and told her she should fully indulge her curiosity after I had assuaged my bursting excitement. Accordingly I laid myself down on the rug before the fire, with a cushion under my head. I then made her turn her back to my face and kneel down across me, stooping forward so as to bring her beautiful cunt down upon my mouth while she, bending her head, could suck and frig my prick. She was au fait in a moment. So, throwing her chemise over her back, I had her glorious arse and arsehole immediately before my eyes, and my tongue instantly darted upon her clitoris, which was already standing stiffly and projecting quite an inch from the pouting lips of her delicious cunt, now wet with an incipient spend. I greedily licked it up, and sucked and rubbed her clitoris with my tongue. The twitchings and convulsive movements of her body showed how exquisitely I was exciting her. From time to time I thrust my tongue as far as it would go up her cunt, and sometimes changed it to her arsehole, which seemed to afford her more pleasure than even in her cunt. I soon felt she was approaching the blissful consummation. I thrust my forefinger up her cunt-I found no difficulty, as her school companions had already broken the hymen-and, when well-moistened, I thrust it up her arsehole. Adding its rapid movements to the agility of my tongue on her clitoris, I brought on the longed-for crisis, for which the nimble movements of her bottom, and the convulsive throbbings of her arsehole on my finger had prepared me. She covered my mouth and face with her delicious spunk as she sank the whole weight of her glorious arse down upon me. I followed her sweet delirium a moment later, for dear Louisa had been equally busy on her part although, naturally, with less skill in a manipulation so new to her. However she did uncommonly well, indeed all I could desire, even to following the example I set her by thrusting a finger up my bottom and frigging away while sucking my prick, and tickling its roots and squeezing the balls with the other hand. So that almost as soon as she poured down such a profusion of spunk upon me, I deluged her mouth with my over-gorged reservoirs of semen, which she greedily swallowed.

She lay entranced for some time, then, raising herself up, she turned round and lay down on my belly, kissing and fondling me in the most loving and engaging manner, and hoping that she had given me as much delight as she had felt herself, although she thought it hardly possible that anything could equal the ecstasies she had so exquisitely enjoyed.

She then turned down by my side, and began anew her inspection of my person, first regarding my prick, now reduced to a mere shadow of its former state. She was greatly surprised for, though softer when it left her mouth, it was then of considerable volume.

I explained to her the nature of the change and of the happy adaptation of the end to the means; for what should we have done had he been always in a state of erection? Fortunately, he could be induced very easily to recover his former state, as she would quickly find if she continued to caress him in the way she was then doing.

‘Well,’ she said, ‘I must first admire your manly and beautiful form.’ She regarded my brawny chest, all thickly covered with black hair descending over my belly until it joins that surrounding the prick, plucking the curls with her slender fingers.

‘Oh! How much more beautiful this is than the bosom of a woman,’ said she. ‘I greatly admire my buxom companion at school-her bosom, for a woman, is wonderfully fine-but what is it to the beauty of this? And look at this pretty hair covering your beautiful belly until it joins that of my dear friend there (giving it a pat and a gentle squeeze). But come, turn round and let me see the charms of the other side. Well, I declare, you are hair all over: arms, shoulders, thighs and legs, and here is a great bunch on each side of your buttocks. Open your legs, sir, there, the whole division is filled, and you have far more on your — what shall I call it-arsehole than I have. Oh! How manly and beautiful all this is, and what pleasure it gives to feel and embrace it all over.’

And she passionately kissed the cheeks of my arse and even pressed her sweet lips against my arsehole. Then, begging me to stand up, she turned me round and round, with loudly expressed delight and admiration.

I now said, ‘Well, you have had your fill, without stint, of looking at my perfectly naked body. You must now indulge me with the same by taking off these jealous stays and chemise.’

‘That is only fair,’ she said, and at once stripped to the skin.

Ye Gods! What a heavenly form! Now I could gaze enraptured on its every perfection. She was absolutely perfect in figure, and developed every beauty that ever distinguished the finest statues plus the rich flesh and blood, and the most glorious incarnation, such as neither Titian nor Correggio could equal. Then the lovely contrast of the darkest brown hair and the whitest skin. Her shoulders in their noble width, her glorious breasts standing well apart and as firm as rocks, with their delicate pink nipples inviting a kiss; her beautifully rounded arms, her small waist, and the extraordinary fine swell of her hips and buttocks, of which I have already written but, which seen in an erect position, seemed still more beautiful. I ran my kisses all over her body, and could have worshipped her. Of course, she had observed that all this was rapidly producing a ‘resurrection of the flesh’ and stopped me that she might more closely watch the change, which had so much novel delight for her. It was soon as great in its glory as ever, and all the dalliance and toying we had both indulged in had equally excited her-indeed, more so, for before I could put her in the new position I desired, she clasped her arm round my waist and, sighing, sunk her head on my bosom and, while squeezing hard at my standing prick, she pushed her body close up to mine and spent profusely. I immediately laid her down on her back on the rug, and, opening out her legs, glued my lips to her deliciously wet cunt and licked all her spunk up, thrusting my middle finger well up her cunt, upon which it continued to throb convulsively, as she was still in the throes of her seething ecstasy.

When the trance was over, she drew me to her bosom and our lips joined in a long kiss of satisfied desire. A little frigging and fondling soon put her in the humour for further sport. I now turned upon her and, getting my head between her thighs, I began to gamahuche her more satisfactorily, while she took my prick in her mouth and handled my balls, bottom and arsehole. I soon produced upon her a renewal of the crisis, while reserving myself for a later discharge. Wetting the middle finger of my right hand in her moist cunt, I put it up her delicious arsehole, while gently insinuating the middle finger of my left hand up her cunt. When, by the convulsive twistings of her bum and similar pressures of her thighs round my neck, I felt that the erotic crisis was at hand, I thrust both fingers backwards and forwards rapidly, and she went off with a scream of delight, and sank senseless for a few minutes. This momentary quiet enabled me to delay my own discharge for another effort in her favour.

Oh! How beautiful it was to see this pleasure-throbbing cunt, as the profuse discharge ebbed out and ran down faster than I could lick it up and ravenously swallow it. I never tasted more delicious spunk, nor smelt a cunt with a purer aroma than the richly-adorned one over which I gloated.

She soon recovered all her energies, which appeared to be stimulated rather than appeased by the three discharges she had already enjoyed. So at it we went, and again soon brought on the grand consummation, which this time was simultaneous. She lay for some time too entranced to move. Alas, as it was getting late, we had to cease the sweet encounter. I aided dear Louisa to dress, and with many an embrace, and many a resolution shortly to renew our past delights, and with a promise to say nothing to Tom, we parted.

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