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During my visit to London for studies where we had an Old Ancestral Home, I stumbled on a family treasure. Apart from other things I also found a hump of books, dairies, and notes in the treasure which contained classic, Age-old, Erotic books, Novels, and Magazines probably collected by my Ancestors. They are all timeless and precious. They are a must-read for all erotica lovers. I am sharing them on this site. Enjoy,

A gap in the correspondence occurs here; Louisa has returned and Tom and she are meeting at Harry’s studio

I closed my last letter with an intimation that we turned in for a delicious night. It was so in fact. My darling Louisa, like all her sex who have committed infidelity to us, seemed to grow doubly loving and endearing in her caresses. I don’t think we ever enjoyed a more delicious or lengthened fuck than we had after our first endearing embraces.

Louisa excelled herself in the salacious lubricity of her serpentlike movements. There was a greater suppleness of body and an intertwining of our limbs in closer conjunction than we had ever before experienced.

We seemed to quite grow to each other and, when the last grand crisis came, our very souls seemed to exhale, and we sank closely embraced in a death-like languor of perfectly satisfied lust; without a movement, we both fell into a long and deep sleep, which our previous double encounter had well earned.

I awoke late in the morning, still soaking in that most exquisite and delicious cunt, which had retained me in the grasp of its velvety folds with unfailing tenacity.

My prick was, as usual in the morning, already in a state of vigorous stiffness, and I gradually awakened my beloved mistress with the gentle titillations of a slow movement. She opened her lovely eyes, and turned them in all their force of love and lust, to press her lips to mine. Our tongues were not idle; our hands wandered over all our mutual beauties. The torch of love fired our souls; our bodies united in action to extinguish Cupid’s flames.

On recovering our senses, we rose for a few necessary minutes and then rushed once more into each other’s longing and loving arms, again to dash on love’s furious course and die again in all the agonies of satisfied desire. Once more, but this time in her delicious arsehole, did I quench the raging lust she so easily excited.

We had a most delicious arse-fuck, quite as much enjoyed by Louisa as by myself. Then rising, we purified ourselves, dressed, and sat down to a reinvigorating breakfast, with appetites worthy of the plates set before us. After this, we arranged that she should come to me on both the following days and also on the third an hour before Tom’s arrival so that we might renew the sweet combats of love which were so dear to us both. She left me, and the light seemed to depart from my studio.

I have grown to love that dear girl beyond any love I have ever felt before, and it is only the certainty that I shall continue to enjoy her quite as freely as I do now that reconciles me to let Tom have her.

Tom came to me in the evening and raved about his beloved Louisa. The after-thoughts of the joys she had yielded him, and the exquisite beauties of her form and figure, had seemed to him since to surpass the reality, and now his whole soul was absorbed in the idea of again enjoying such exquisite delights.

I was glad to see that all his old affection for that dear girl had returned in increased force so that we might be able to mould him to our will in every way. He was very anxious to shorten the interval, but I told him it was too late to do that, and that since only two days more were to intervene he must put up with it.

When he was leaving me, I told him I was going out for the whole of the two following days, so that it would be useless his calling up to see me. This was a precaution in case he should come when my charming Louisa was with me. Not that Tom would have greatly objected to finding me in possession (for he would have cut in himself), but I did not wish to be interrupted in the sole possession of that enchanting creature, to whom I was getting more and more attached.

The angelic girl did not fail to be with me on the following day. She came without any corset, drawers, or other encumbrances, so that we stripped in a trice and, rushing into each other’s arms, closely entwined our naked bodies until the junction was complete, indulging in every salacious enjoyment that the most libidinous lubricity could suggest. Nor did we cease until exhausted powers on my side forced me to desist, but twice, after I could no more, I satisfied the still raging lust of my beloved mistress by a double gamahuche, in which I did not spare her delicious arsehole.

We parted to meet again the next day, again to dash on passion’s furious course, but this time Louisa insisted on beginning with a mutual gamahuche, as she declared it was quite an age since she had had the pleasure of sucking my prick until she had extracted the delicious cream, of which she longed for a mouthful.

She had often sucked it up to standing when it had become somewhat lazy in coming to the scratch, but in general, had been too eager to get it into her cunt as soon as she had thus re-invigorated it. However, now she soon extracted all it could give, and greedily swallowed the rush of spunk I poured into her mouth. I followed suit in licking up the dear, delicious overflow of her own spendings.

We continued caressing and sucking our generative organs until we had achieved the desired effect (I must say twice in her case to my once) and then we commenced as on the day before, stimulating ourselves by every erotic device to surpass, if possible, the rapturous joys of yesterday’s encounter.

The following day Tom was to be with us. Louisa came two hours early, and again did I five times renew the combat in Cupid’s arena, pouring libations of sperm into her mouth, cunt, and arsehole, each coup seeming more exquisite than the last. In this way, I was able to bear much more philosophically leaving her in Tom’s possession. I coolly smoked my pipe and, I believe, even dozed off during the two hours that Tom was satisfying his raging lust. I had even to go to them to let them know it was time for Louisa to leave.

I found them in the very midst of a most active fuck and unobserved by them, saw their glorious bodies in all the fury of lust most vigorously sacrificing to Priapus. Their very souls were in their work, and I could see by the unrestrained movements of her body that Louisa not only seconded him but was really in excessive enjoyment herself, her animal passions being apparently as much excited as if I myself were fucking her.

This somewhat grated on my feelings, and I believe I showed it in a kind of unpleasant tone of voice with which, when they had run their course, for I was not cruel enough to interrupt it, I bade them get up and let Louisa go home.

The dear girl spoke to me the next day about it. She had, with all a woman’s instinct, exactly guessed my feelings. She threw herself into my arms, and weeping, said,

‘Forgive me, my darling Harry, I love but you in my inmost heart, but my passions are strong. Tom is not only very handsome, but his power of pleasing a woman in love’s combat is great, and I cannot resist the influence it gives him over my passions. Nay, my dear Harry, as I am confessing, I fear if I had neither of you, I would take up with whatever I could find, for I am so constituted I feel I cannot live without fucking. Even our delicious play before Tom’s arrival only served to whet my appetite for more. I had already found how delicious it was to repossess you after Tom had fucked me on the last occasion, and I must confess our previous fucking yesterday made me enjoy Tom more than I ever expected. I am now convinced that the greatest erotic pleasure a lustful woman can receive is to have a second man fuck her as soon as she has exhausted the first one. Yesterday, I would have given the world to have rushed from Tom’s arms, after the last really delicious fuck, into yours, and had your more powerful and beloved prick again into me. You must forgive me, my darling Harry, but the more I am fucked the lewder I get, and I must confess that sometimes I think I should like to have a third, and even a fourth man to fuck me, one after another. I long to be married to Tom, that we may soon have what you promised me, the society of your friend Charlie to join in orgies with Tom and you. I sometimes picture how delicious it would be to suck your delicious prick and extract its sweets while lying on your friend Charlie’s prick and leaving my bottom-hole to Tom, who never ceases imploring me to let him have it. Forgive me, my love, that I thus at once open out my inmost feelings to you. It may hurt at this moment a little of your amour propre, but on reflection, you will see it is much better for us both to fully understand each other’s innermost mind. We shall doubly enjoy in the end every desire that the wildest lust can suggest. You won’t love your Louisa less, I am sure, my dear Harry, for thus unreservedly laying open her heart to you. I feel you will look on it in its proper light, and love and enjoy me all the more for my candid confession.’

She was right-a certain pressure at the heart showed that the first few words that conveyed her meaning somewhat grated on my feelings, but as she more fully explained her ideas, I began to see how natural they were, and how proper to so deliciously lustful a creature as she was. Also, I saw what proof of her love and esteem for me was this very confession she was making.

When she had finished, I owned how rightly she had guessed my yesterday’s feelings-how her kind confession had caused, at first, a somewhat similar sensation, but that now I was a convert to her every sentiment; that my life should in future be spent in lending myself to forward her every caprice, and helping in the indulgence of her most salacious lust, which, in fact, was the very cause of the exquisite raptures she had such delicious power of conferring on those fortunate enough to be allowed possession of her superb charms.

‘Oh! My beloved Harry, now I know you fully understand me. We shall doubly enjoy every whim and caprice my lust and longing can conceive or execute.’

It will readily be imagined that after the establishment of such mutual confidence, our scene of lust was of the wildest. The dear girl, when I was stripped naked, flung herself on my body and kissed and nibbled me from head to foot in the most salacious and exciting way. She sucked my bottom-hole, licked my balls, and, nearly maddening me with lust, seized at last my prick in her mouth just in time to receive the first libation, which she continued to suck out until not a drop would come.

I was not idle myself with either mouth or hands. I had nibbled at her nipples, most exciting to her, I had bitten her glorious arse until it had actually bled and I had, like her, shoved my tongue up her arsehole, and then received her delicious spend in my mouth, when I saw, by the convulsive wriggling of her loins, that the ecstatic moment was at hand.

This was but the prelude to the utmost excess in every other indulgence. I excelled every former effort, and at last, sank senseless and powerless for more. Never, never before did that dear girl show such excess of lust, or power of satisfying it.




1. During my visit to London for studies where we had an Old Ancestral Home, I stumbled on a family treasure. Apart from other things I also found a hump of books, diaries, and notes in the treasure which contained classic, Age-old, Erotic books, Novels, and Magazines probably collected by my Ancestors. They are all timeless and precious. They are a must-read for all erotica lovers.

2. The Original Authors of these Stories/Letters or Articles are long dead or Anonymous.

3. Out of the aforesaid collection, presenting an amazing account which was first published 1874, of a sexually omnivorous photographer on the prowl in Paris (probably the first such book).

4. The letters were written by a friend, Mr. Harry from Paris. Harry Hargrove, photographer. Young, beautiful women come to Harry's studio to have their portrait taken, but while there, one thing leads to another, and randy Harry's life becomes one big Parisian orgy. Before internet porn, before porn videos, before porn movies, people lusting for raunchy, X-rated entertainment read pornographic books and magazines. Victorian and Edwardian England had its own adult entertainment industry -- countless erotic novels were put out by shady publishers, some books were printed by the authors themselves, and most of the writers were anonymous. Many of these 19th-century books are surprisingly kinky, and some of them may be quite offensive to modern-day readers -- in more ways than one. The anonymously written "Letters from a Friend in Paris" was first published in 1874. This novel in the form of letters is a great example of classic Victorian erotica.
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