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This story is a fantastical work of fiction. Or is it?
Like millions of people around the world, I lost my job when quarantine hit several months ago. Technically, I was "furloughed", but we all knew what that probably meant. I had no job and not much to do. For months it was just online classes, lots of weed, trying my best to become a "normal" person who has hobbies and exercises regularly (or, you know, any sort of productive activity), and no sex. My last sexual activity, other than masturbating, was a toothy, disappointing blowjob from a Tinder date three months ago.

When the government's bonus unemployment money dried up back in July, I at first reassured myself more would come in. But eventually I had to face reality and start looking for work. Success came in the form of a call from a local restaurant I'd worked at a couple years ago and who knew me. They offered me a position at the front, sending out orders, dealing with customers and other menial, but not unpleasant tasks.

One of my favorite parts of working a job like this has always been (I hope) subtly ogling the more attractive clientele. This place was in a town with multiple big colleges, so there was no shortage of incredibly hot women. On the day of this story, I encountered just such a girl.

With precautions in place due to the pandemic, our setup had changed. No customers came into the restaurant, except for one at a time to use the restroom. Everyone else made their orders online or on the phone, and picked up right at the doorway.

It was probably about 1 PM and the lunch rush was winding down. Me and my buddy I was working with that day were chugging ice water and doing a little cleaning and restocking when a pair of customers came up to the front — a young girl, who I guessed was around 20, and an older woman who I took to be her mother.

As I said, we get a lot of hot girls coming by to get food or coffee and sit on our patio, but this one literally made me do a double take. She was short, maybe 5' 5", with pale, creamy skin and a supple frame that was mostly hidden by her white sundress. What wasn't hidden by the dress were her breasts. While the rest of the dress hung loosely around her body, it was tight where her breasts bulged out, begging to be palmed and squeezed and ripped free from their cotton prison. She had dark brown hair that hung in cascading curls over the sides of her tits, drawing the eye down to her cleavage. Far too much cleavage for a lunch out in public with your mother, if you ask me, but I wasn't complaining.

Obviously, she was wearing a mask, but I liked what I could see of her face. Large, chocolate-brown eyes with well manicured eyelashes and perfect "Instagram" eyebrows. I loved a girl with nice eyebrows.

They came up and placed their order in person. Usually an annoyance for me, but I was too distracted and instantly smitten to care. The older woman did all the talking, but I exchanged a few glances with her daughter, smiling under my mask in hopes my eyes would reflect it.

As I sent them off and told them to wait for their name to be called, I watched the sway of this girl's body move under her dress, barely catching the outline of some underwear through the semi-sheer cloth. Red, maybe pink.

They got their food and drinks, handed off by my colleague to my disappointment, and sat eating their meal for a while until about 15 minutes later, when the girl in the white dress came up by herself while I had my back turned.

"Hi," I heard, and spun around to face her. Her voice was soft and high pitched and very feminine, like a talking doll. For an instant I let my gaze drop to admire her cleavage. I snapped my eyes back up to hers before she could notice. "Sorry, I know we already ordered but I forgot something. Could I have an iced coffee?"

"No problem, just give me one second." I tried to keep to the same "customer-service" tone I usually did, even though I was dying to flirt with her.

I rung her up, and as I poured her coffee, a stream of dirty thoughts ran through my head. Your tits are incredible. Can I touch them? Or maybe just jerk off and cum onto them? It wouldn't stain your dress, really. Thoughts I probably wouldn't have had at all if not for my quarantine dry spell. But now they were so intense I had to remind myself not to blurt them out.

When I came back to reality, her coffee was overflowing and my eyes were again locked onto her breasts, studying every visible inch of milky soft skin. My cock was three-quarters hard at least, stiffening against the fabric of my jeans. I felt a cool bead of precum forming at the tip of it. Just from staring at her tits for a few seconds!

"Shit," I muttered, tipping back the coffee pitcher and wiping off her cup. I heard a soft giggle, and looked up at her face. She was watching me closely. I knew she had caught me this time.

I handed off her coffee along with a straw. "Sorry about that. Here you go." What little of my face wasn't hidden by my mask must have been blushing furiously, because my skin burned with embarassment. "No worries!" she said, giving a tiny squeak of a giggle again. Before she turned around she met my eyes again, and they swept slowly down to my feet and back up my body, in a way that seemed not-so-innocent to me, before turning away to return to her mother-daughter lunch.

"Dude, good one," my work buddy said from behind me. "Fuck you," I replied with a grin. I cleaned up the rest of the spilled coffee and shook my head, cursing my awkwardness around women. More specifically, hot-as-fuck college girls whose amazing cleavage is a foot away.

I glanced at the pair eating outside, pretty close to our door which was propped wide open for the summer. They ate slowly, the girl mostly looking at her phone and giving delayed replies to her mother. She caught me looking a couple more times, this time just at her eyes thankfully, and after the third she stared back at me, raising her eyebrows slightly and tilting her head. I had no idea what that was supposed to mean, but she hadn't shaken her head and averted her eyes in disgust at least.

I had just started to get over my obsession when there she was, back at the front counter, bouncing lightly on her heels and looking straight at me. I continued what I was doing, hoping my buddy would help her this time, not wanting to further my embarassment. But he was absent, and after a few seconds I heard "Hello?" in that same sexy, feminine voice. She sounded a little airheaded, if I'm being honest, but that happens to be very attractive to me. "Could I use the bathroom pleeeeeaaase?" she said it in a lilting fake-whiny voice. I was hard again.

"Sure thing." I let her inside, and extended my arm indicating directions. Our bathroom is in sort of a weird spot. It's hidden away past the front desk, through the dining room, past a storage closet and then along a small side hall next to the dishwashing area. Making sure customers find it is something I always do, but this time I relished in process.

I made a bad joke about the "Employees Must Wash Hands" sign that we (and every restaurant) had hanging above the sink, and she gave another girly laugh. "Thank you so much!" she said, briefly placing a delicate hand on my bare arm, and disappeared inside. My skin tingled and burned where her hand had touched it.

As I was walking away to recover the front counter, I heard the door unlock and her voice from behind me once more. "Excuse me?" Her head was poking out, long curls of dark hair falling to the side. "I'm sorry to keep bothering you, but could you help me with something?"

"Sure, what is it?" I glanced back towards the front. We had a bunch of orders stacking up, and I'd need to get back soon.

"In here." She jerked her head inside the bathroom. "I just need help real quick if you don't mind."

Slightly confused, I pulled off my apron (we aren't supposed to wear them inside the bathrooms at all) and hung it up, then went inside, looking around for whatever might be wrong. An empty paper towel roll, a leaking sink, whatever, but there was nothing amiss.

She closed the door and locked it suddenly behind me, then turned to face me. Big eyes locked on mine. "I'm really sorry to take up your time, sir." Her voice wavered a little, as though she had been working up to saying that. She walked over to the sink, underneath the warm light of the fixtures above. She turned away from me to the mirror, and met my gaze through it. I heard the clatter of dishes and pans just outside the door. Her purse was hanging on one of the door hooks, and I saw a hint of red cloth sticking out. "But I was wondering if you could do something about this?"

My lovely brunette customer reached back to gather the folds of her sundress and pulled it back towards her waist in one smooth motion, and my heart stopped beating for a second or two. Her milky-white, round bubble butt was bared completely for me, and as she leaned further over the counter, her tight little asshole and innie pussy was on full display. She was clean shaven as far as I could see.

This girl, almost ten years my junior, this perfect pale goddess was exposing her ass completely to me. Where had her panties gone? Then I glanced again, tearing my eyes away from her goods, at her hanging purse, and pulled the red fabric a little bit, confirming it was a lacy pair of underwear. Was this a dream? Was I actually standing at the counter still, drooling onto my apron while a guy tried to order a bagel in front of me?

My cock was hard. Harder than it had ever been. I knew that I had no idea of what an erection truly was, not really, in fact, until this moment. This stranger wiggled her ass a little bit, and as I stood transfixed, I realized several seconds had passed. "Well?" she said. Her voice no longer sounded innocent to me. It was sultry and naughty and so fucking sexy. "Can you help me out, or should I ask someone else?" Her voice was still muffled through the fabric of her mask. Her shaved pussy and asshole in full view for me, but she decided not to reveal her face.

A second later my legs found the will to move, and I walked slowly up to her. She gave a low sigh, happy that I was showing some response, and wiggled her perfect round ass from side to side again.

As I approached her, I already had to undo my belt, as my cock was straining painfully against my pants. "Fuck..." I said softly, almost a whisper, the word drawn out. My goddess laughed and turned her neck to look me in the eyes.

"Well, yeah, that's what I was hoping," she said, her voice dripping with naughty intent.

Resisting the urge to drop my pants right then and put myself inside her, I instead sank to my knees. The bathroom tile was hard and uncomfortable, but I didn't care. I grasped her soft cheeks, one in each hand, squeezing, groping, stretching, spreading. Her pussy lips spread apart then came back together, strands of stickiness catching each time between them. I smelled the musk of her sweet young snatch and inhaled deeply. From above I heard her give a soft moan as she clutched the sides of the sink.

She had a perfect little light brown asshole. Completely free of hair, tight as can be, so clean you could eat it. So I did.

My little brunette slut gave a startled intake of breath as my tongue found her asshole. "Oh my god!" she gasped, then giggled and squeaked with pleasure. I figured she would like that kind of thing. I took her ass hard, a white globe of flesh in each hand, and pulled it into my face. My tongue swirled around her asshole, licking up and down, around it, probing inside just a little bit. I love eating ass, and this girl had one to die for.

As I anally tongue-fucked her, I heard voices of the kitchen staff and the faint hum of the loudspeaker blaring music at the front. I was knocked out of my sexual trance for a moment. At first I had wanted to take my time, savor this probably-once-in-a-lifetime experience, fully enjoy this young little woman's body. But realistically, I could only be missing for so long, and she from her mother, before people started to ask questions.

"Why are you stopppppppinnngg?" she said when I paused for a moment, thrusting her ass back towards me, desperate for me to continue. Her tone sounded whiny to me, and she was being too loud, so I gave her juicy ass cheek a hard, open-handed slap. She let out a high pitched noise, half crying out in pain, half moaning like a slut in pleasure. The sound echoed to the high ceiling of the bathroom, and a pink handprint immediately appearead aginst the creamy whiteness of her ass. "Too loud, got it?" I said in a low, deep growl. She gave me puppy eyes in the mirror and nodded. I was enjoying having my way with this girl.

I pushed her further up against the sink and firmly gripped the back of her sweet pale thighs, spreading them wider, giving an even better view and access to her pussy, which was shining with moisture, her little innie lips probably the only thing keeping her wetness from dripping onto the floor. I moved down there, wanting to at least get a taste, and licked her snatch fully top to bottom, then went back to find her clit. My tongue licked poked and rubbed at her clit, and she had to clap a hand to her mouth to keep from making too much noise.

As I licked this stranger's sweet little pussy, her juices started flowing a little more. The moisture gathered along her lips, some of it lapped up by my tongue, the rest smearing all over my face as I buried my tongue as far as possible inside her. She was squirming, clutching the sides of the sink, her head down, panting as I ate her out. "Yes, yes, please, more, don't stop..." she moaned, thrusting her pussy against my face with each word. The handle to the bathroom door rattled lightly, then again, someone trying to get in. They gave a light knock. "Hello?" Probably another customer let in. I hoped my coworker would redirect them to the bathroom at the restaurant right next to ours, citing plumbing problems, or something. Anything. I couldn't stop now.

Mercifully, no one else came to the door. I devoured her wet hole for another minute or so before her breaths began to get more and more rapid, her legs squirming, one of her hands reaching down to grab a clothed tit and squeezing it, hard. "Please, please, yes, that, more of that," I maintained exactly what I was doing, flicking my tongue firmly over her clit at a constant rhythm. When I knew she was close to cumming, I moved my tongue towards the bottom of her snatch, pushing inside, tasting all of her. I was holding the soft skin of her thigh in one hand, and with the other I reached up and pressed my thumb into her, wetting it, using her pussy-juice as lube. Her clit was a swollen pink bud by this point, obvious to the eye, and my thumb found it easily. I rubbed in circles over it, my tongue still working the rest of her, and she began to shudder, gasping for air, whispering "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck". I glanced up and saw her still-masked face in the mirror, eyes rolling back in her head. She came while I was still rubbing and licking her pussy, and every part of her twitched for a moment.

My cock, obviously, was still steel-hard, and now a dark spot of precum had formed where it poked against my pants. Her exclamation when I brought her to orgasm was the first bit of profanity I'd heard from this girl, and I felt my cock throbbing with want, with need, to be inside her. I knew I wouldn't last long, and that was good, considering the circumstances, but I had to have her.

I stood up, my knees absently hurting, steadying myself against the wall, and undid the zipper to my jeans. The sound made the stranger I'd just made cum with my tongue look up. She was still reeling from her orgasm, but let out a quiet moan when she saw what I was doing. She repositioned herself against the sink and thrust her ass out again at me, swaying it invitingly.

A second later my cock was free from the confines of my pants and underwear, rock hard, veins bulging, pointing straight at her pussy. Clear, shiny precum oozed out of the tip. I gripped both ass cheeks and began to line myself up, then paused for a second. "Birth control?" I asked. She gave a fervent nod. Good enough for me, in that state.

I ran two fingers through the slickness of her pussy. "Mmm," she purred, but I withdrew them soon later. I used the sticky sweet juice on my cock, spreading it all over, lubing myself up. One hand gripping her ass, I used the other to guide myself into her waiting lips. No resistance whatsoever. Over a few seconds, I slid myself all the way inside her, felt the muscles of her tight pussy expanding and gripping my length.

She gave a loud, loud moan. Nothing subtle about it. "Ahhhhhh" she cried out. I withdrew, watching strands of precum dangle from the tip of my cock to her hole, then sank myself back in. After that, I just started plowing her, driving myself inside her again and again, her pussy getting more used to my cock. She whimpered with each thrust. "Fuckkkk meee, yes, yes, fuck me, use me" she panted out as I fucked her, watching my swollen cock disappear inside her warm depths over and over.

She did that for the rest of our fuck, filthy, disgusting phrases spilling from her (what I once thought was) innocent little mouth. Her pussy was ecstasy to me, a hot, wet, inviting hole, and she wanted me to fuck it so badly. The first sex I had had in months, and the best I'd ever had, as well.

At one point I realized I hadn't seen her tits yet. I reached up and seized a handful of her dark brown hair by the roots, gently but firmly, and brought her up so she was level with me. She gasped and gave a sultry giggle. My cock still fully buried inside of her, her round ass pressing against me, I snaked my hand around and grabbed the V of her sundress, found the soft fabric of her bra, and gave a hard tug. I heard some fabric ripping, and her gorgeous tits spilled out. They were big, C cups I guessed, and as perfectly creamy white and blemishless as the rest of her young body. She had cute pink nipples topping each of her heavy breasts.

I began fucking her again, long, slow, deliberate thrusts. Really making her feel every inch of me inside her. I took one of her tits in my hand, squeezing and rolling her erect nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Between that and the hard, slow pounding I was giving her pussy, she seemed to go crazy, panting, eyes closed in ecstasy, moaning "Unh, unh, unh, unh" each time I went balls deep.

Now I had only been inside of her for maybe 2 minutes, but I felt my orgasm rising fast, my cock surging with pleasure, singularly focused on filling this slut up with my cum. I pushed her forward more, roughly grasping her tit, my other hand on her waist, and started fucking her harder than ever, my cock pistoning out of her sweet pussy as fast as I could. Her face was pressed up against the bathroom mirror, breath fogging it up, mussing up her hair, as I rooted into her.

Before I could even fully enjoy the naughtiness of that image, I was about to cum. Normally, I'm not a pull-out guy. I love more than anything to cum inside of a girl, filling her, making her mine. But this was a complete stranger, and the only proof I had of her being on birth control was her word.

I pulled out of her as my climax rose, her pink hole gaping slightly open at the absence of my cock, and let go of her tit, stroking myself. One, two, three, four, five ropes of my thick cum shot out over her. They hit her back, up by her neck, between her ass cheeks and one directly onto her asshole. I moaned and panted with pleasure, and so did she as she felt my cum coat her and start dripping down her back and between her legs, her swollen pink pussy stained by the milky whiteness of it.

I admired the sight of her in that state for a few moments, holding the sink for support, breathing ragged breaths against the mirror, each punctuated by a tiny girlish moan. My cum was running over her asshole, down her pussy and dripping onto the floor now, a little of it running down the inside of each of her thighs. I whipped out my phone, unlocked it, and took a bunch of pictures in rapid succession. Close ups of her breathless red face, shots from in between her legs, and full wide angles of the entire sluttiness of her situation. She saw what I was doing, and gave a sultry laugh. Approval. I spun her around and got a few more shots of her gorgeous tits, cursing myself that I didn't find a way to get cum on them too.

I was still in a sexual state of mind, but releasing my cum had brought back my common sense. We'd been in here for at least ten minutes, and that was too long. I yanked up my jeans, tucking my sticky, still hard cock inside my underwear. I fastened my zipper and belt, and grabbed a paper towel to wipe the sweat from my forehead, then smoothed my hair down, checking it in the mirror.

I looked then at my strange new fuckbuddy. She was running her hands over her body, rubbing the cum all around and into her skin. I wanted to give her a long, deep kiss, but her mask was still on. I still didn't even know what her face looked like, nor she mine. So I took her by the waist, kneeled down again and gave her pussy a last few licks, sucking, breathing her moisture in, wanting her taste to last on my tongue as long as possible. I finished by planting a kiss right on her clit. She moaned approvingly and ran a hand through my hair.

I didn't want to leave the bathroom, didn't want to leave this den of sexual heaven, but I had to get back. I took a last glance at this girl, a mental snapshot necessary despite my many actual pictures, and left her there.

There was no one standing outside the door, thankfully. No alarm bells had gone off, no nervous mother wondering why her daughter had been in the bathroom so long. I made my way back up to the front, which was startlingly quiet. The lunch orders had all gone out, and the front area was empty except for my buddy, who was leaning over a clipboard, counting cans of soda in the fridge.

A minute later, she emerged from the back, her sundress restored (mostly) to its normal state, clutching her purse and walking slowly. She met my eye for only a moment, said "Thank you! Have a nice day!". "You as well," I said, my eyes traveling quickly to the V of her dress, where the fabric had been pulled and rolled to hide the small rip.

I let her out, her dark locks of hair bouncing lightly behind her, and she rejoined her mother, who had thrown away all their foodwrappers and was standing with her handbag on her arm. She looked up at her daughter, frowning slightly, then gestured for them to go.

As I watched them depart, my cock still aching pleasurably, I saw a single trail of cum making its way down her leg, past the hem of her dress, shining lewdly.


2020-09-12 15:51:57
Excellent story. Easy to read and vivid de***********ion of the sexual action. I was as hard as he was while reading this. Hope you post more stories soon.

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