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Devon meets Willow, the strange new girl at his high school. His life is changed forever.
Ever since we've lived in town there was one house way down the end of Montague Street that we avoided. Of course kids told stories about it being haunted. It was an old Victorian house, not exactly a mansion, but two stories and an attic. When I'd ride my bike in the area if I stopped at the corner of Elm and Montague I could just see it in the distance. There were no other houses near it and we never really saw any traffic down there. I asked my parents and they claimed there were two older women, sisters, who lived in the house. Kids would dare each other to go down there, but most didn't have the nerve.

Then early last summer there was some activity. Trucks going up and down the street. But I never saw anyone. I didn't think much of it until school started. I was now a junior in high school. My name is Devon, most call me Dev. I'm about the most average kid in our school. 5-8, skinny, brown hair, brown eyes. I just blend into the scenery. I didn't have trouble with anyone; I had enough friends. I was hopeless with girls. Maybe because I didn't play sports, or maybe I was just too average.

A few days after school started word was going around about the weird new girl. "She's a freak." "So odd." "Not sure what her style is supposed to be." "Creepy." I hadn't noticed her until Friday. I saw someone I didn't recognize walking towards me in the hall. I stood aside as she went by. Long straight black hair, no make-up, staring straight ahead. A loose shirt hanging from narrow shoulders, faded jeans. I watched her go by. She didn't seem creepy or freaky. Maybe a little weird in that she didn't interact with anyone. She wasn't ugly or anything. Just kind of plain. Average.

The next time I saw her she was by the lockers. A few girls were giving her a hard time. Mocking her typically plain clothes, her lack of style, or at least a style they approved of. I minded my business, but as I went by someone called her an ugly creep. Without thinking I turned.

"Why don't you leave her alone? Just because she's not in your clique."

This surprised them. Quiet, average Dev was speaking up. "Hey Dev, do you liiiike her. She's plain enough for ya." This was Melody, queen of the popular girls. I wasn't about to get into it with her. It would put me on the popular kid shit list and really I just wanted to get through my days and get back home to my online life.

"No Mel, well I mean I don't even know her, or even her name, but why be mean? Some people just want to be left alone."

Melody stepped aside and let the new girl go on her way down the hall. Head down, ignoring the world.

"Happy now Dev?"

"Yeah, just it's not like she's bothering you." Then I left the group making my way to my next class hoping I wasn't causing myself trouble. It's not that I'm particularly brave or make a habit of getting involved.

It was Friday again, must be a scheduling thing, but I was in the same hall and new girl was coming my way. Same look, same determined effort to avoid everyone. This time she stopped when she got to me. She didn't look directly at me. Looking down, holding her books in front of her.


"You're welcome."

"My name is Willow." Then before I could say anything else she walked on. I looked after her. Her jeans seemed loose on her, held tight at her waist with a black belt.

Over the next couple of weeks I'd see her here and there at school. I'd say hello, she'd reply, but keep any conversation to a minimum.

At least now she knew my name, and that we were both in junior year but apparently in different curriculum as we had no classes together. Finally on a Tuesday I was leaving later than usual, after staying to do some work in the library. I noticed Willow ahead of me walking the direction I needed to go. I jogged to catch up. I was curious.

"Hi Willow, mind if I walk with you?"

"No, ok. I'm just walking home."

I tried to think of something to say. But asking how school was going seemed pointless, it was a chore for her. The weather? Think Dev, think. As I walked quietly, unsure what to say, Willow stopped and turned to me. This was the first time she'd actually looked right at me.

"Why did you do it?"

"Do what?"

"Stop those girls. Stick up for me. Most people ignore me, or call me names."

"Um, I don't know." I shrugged. "You weren't bothering anyone. You don't deserve to be picked on." I was looking right at Willow now. Was she plain? Or just not all made up like the popular girls? Her dark eyes seemed to draw me in. Then she gave me kind of a crooked smile. The first bit of emotion from her.

"That was a nice thing to do. Thanks." Then she turned and continued our walk. I tried bringing up topics, things she liked to do, video games maybe? No, she wasn't allowed to play on the internet. Hmm, I was running out of topics. Then we came to the corner of Elm and Montague. I still had a few blocks to go. Willow stopped.

"I live down here."

"Where? You mean the big house?"

"Yes, we moved in this summer. My aunts lived there but one died and the other moved to a home. So my mother moved my older brother and me into the house." This was the longest string of words she'd said to me. But I was dumbstruck. She lived in the haunted house? I had dozens of questions, most of which I couldn't ask.

"Interesting", was all I managed.

"Yeah, another reason I'm the weird girl. I suppose now you'll avoid me too?"

"No, no you're ok. We're just a couple of regular kids trying to get by."

"You can come visit someday."

"Oh, uh, OK. Yeah that would be cool."

"I have to go, they'll be waiting for me." Then she kissed me. Right on the lips. Then without another word she turned and walked down Montague Street. I stood anchored to the spot. What had just happened? She kissed me. I didn't get many kisses from girls. Was that thanks for sticking up for her? Something more? Did she LIKE me? I had no way of knowing. But I was intrigued.

The next time I saw Willow at school I thought she was going to walk past me. But she paused, gave me a tight lipped smile. Then went on down the hall, same walk, straight, books held in front, black hair hanging halfway down her back. I found myself thinking about her. Daydreaming at school. At home. She hadn't exactly made it into my fantasies. Those private moments involved the internet and bodies I could see. I knew nothing about Willow's, with her loose shirts, baggie jeans, long straight hair. But I did think about her. I tried to get a good image of her face. Somewhat pale, but not ghostly. Straight nose. Nothing unusual. Regular mouth. She hadn't done more than give a closed mouth smile, so no idea about teeth. But those dark dark eyes. Like deep pools you could dive into. I convinced myself that she was, nice looking. And she'd kissed me.

Later that day I saw her by her locker. She seemed to be waiting. For me? I stopped. Said hello.

"Hi Devon. If you stay a little after school we could walk home together."

"Sure, yeah. I can do some homework or something. Meet you in front?"

"OK." A smile. A brief parting of her lips as they turned up at the ends. Just a hint of white straight teeth. And a dimple on her right cheek. "You better get to class."

"Oh yeah. Right. See ya later." I was lost for the rest of the afternoon. So much to absorb. To digest. To consider. Forget homework. I was sitting outside our school from the end of my last class until I saw Willow coming through the door. I joined her and tried making conversation. I asked if maybe she'd like to get pizza or something one day on the way home? Or go walk around the mall?

"I'll have to check at home. We have schedules and rules. I'm expected to do, certain things."

"Oh yeah, I have chores too. I understand." She just glanced over at me. We walked in silence for a bit. She was maybe a little different, but then I wasn't exactly mister cool. When we got to the corner of Elm and Montague I asked if she'd like me to walk her down to her house.

"OK, if you want. It's kind of deserted most of the way."

We turned down her street. There were no homes up near Elm. Really nothing much along the street. At the end I could see her house. As we got closer I got my best look at the house since Billy Carson dared me to ride my bike down there a couple years ago. It was old. Very old. But it seemed clean. Curtains in the windows.

"OK, see you at school." Again she turned to me. I wondered. Yes. She leaned forward, we were nearly the same height, and kissed me. Kissed me right on the mouth. And held it there. I didn't know what to do. Put my arms around her? Open my mouth? Too early to french kiss? Then she broke the kiss as the front door opened. She took a deep breath. Smiled. A real smile. Nice teeth. We looked to the front door. A middle aged woman stood there. Tall, thin. Obviously Willow's mother.

"Hello Mom. This is my friend Devon."

"Hello Devon. Now come on in Willow. Your brother's waiting."

"Hello Mrs. um"

"Reed", Willow offered.

"Mrs. Reed. Nice to meet you."

"You too, now come on in Willow." I looked at Willow, at her mother, then turned to make my way up Montague. As always, a short while with Willow left me with as many new questions as answers. Her name is Willow Reed. That's. Interesting. Her mother seemed a little strange, but maybe I shouldn't be judging people since I didn't like people judging Willow. 'your brother's waiting'. I realized I was back at Elm. I hadn't even notice the walk back up the street alone.

Friday I asked Willow if I could visit over the weekend. I was curious about her home. What did that house look like inside? And her mother. And brother. So much about her I didn't understand.

"I'll ask my mother. Come by the corner of Elm about noon tomorrow. I'll be there and let you know. I hope you can." Saturday couldn't come soon enough. Even my Friday night masturbation seemed a chore to get done so Saturday would arrive. I was on the corner of Elm and Montague at 11:45, just in case. I paced back and forth across the street. Then suddenly she was there. How did I miss her coming up the street. I walked over quickly to join her. Hopeful.

"Mom says we can sit out on the back porch. I have a lot to tell you."

"OK great." I tentatively, went to take her hand. She was dressed as usual, loose shirt and worn jeans. She was always clean but her clothes almost looked like hand me downs. She took my hand. We walked down Montague.

"Devon. I know people think I'm weird..."

"No, you're.."

"Please, just listen. Well, my family is kind of weird. Not like most families. I need to ask you a question."

"What? OK." She turned and looked at me. I looked into those eyes. She kissed me. She opened her mouth and offered her tongue. I reciprocated. I closed my eyes and got lost in Willow. I put my hands on her sides at her hips. She held my arms. Kissed the breath from me. Then she stepped back, just a half step. We were still so close. She looked at me with those dark pools.

"Devon. Will you have sex with me?"

You could have knocked me over with one finger. My knees almost buckled. My mouth hung open. I could not speak.

"Am I too ugly?" She took my hand, placed it on her breast. That broke me from my stupor. Wow, those loose shirts and books had been hiding real, honest to goodness breasts. My fingers closed over the mound sitting high on her chest. I was no expert but I'd seen enough porn to know these weren't small. I shook my head.

"NO, not ugly at all! I just, I, I didn't expect."

"Well will you?" Fuck, this only happened in porn and fantasy stories. How could I be so lucky?

"Uh yeah. Why wouldn't I?"

"Well. It's my family. Let me tell you, then answer." We'd begun walking again. And honestly I had a hardon. Was this really happening?

"I've been doing it awhile. My father at first. My mother said it was ok and women should have a man. Then my older brother. When my father passed, I was responsible for John. Mother says I'm plain and I should be happy to do it."

I stopped walking. "That sounds horrible. They make you?"

"Not really make. It's just the way it is."

"So why now? Why me?"

"If you do this for me. I've talked to my mother. If I prove that I can attract a man. If there's someone who wants me. I'll be free from my, obligations."

"So you just want sex with me to avoid sex with your brother?"

"No, no. I mean I'm sure I could have found any man to just fuck me. But that wouldn't have worked. I mean, it's not so awful with John, so just anyone could have been worse. But you were kind to me. My life isn't that bad. I have my painting and I like to be alone in my studio at home. So if you don't want...."

I pulled Willow to me, hugged her. Held her tight. Wow, what a story. So much to process. I think this part of it was new for her, she slowly put her arms across my back. Then lightly hugged me back. I looked at her. "OK, it's not like any of the girls at school are asking me. And I have a feeling you're hiding more under those loose clothes than anyone imagines. And I find you intriguing. And attractive. I'm not sure if it's more cute, or pretty."

She blushed. "I know about the sex part, but all this small talk and hand holding and flattery is different."

"That's ok Willow, I don't know much about any of it. I'm an English major so I can throw around some words I guess."

We continued walking. When we reached the house Willow took my hand and led me up to the front door. She opened it and here I was in the house on Montague Street for the first time. It seemed even larger inside than from the street. Willow's mother joined us and looked me over.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." She stood there holding my hand. I casually moved just a little closer to her. She really didn't understand the usual clues.

"I guess he'll do. You know the deal." Then she walked away.

"The deal?"

"I'll explain. But first, can I show you my studio?" She led me to the back of the house. At the end of the hall she opened a door to a large room well lit from the afternoon sun. Arranged around the room were canvases, some partially finished, other with various somewhat abstracts drawings. Some were color, others charcoal. One was what had to be a self portrait. An oddly angled rendering of a young woman falling down a hole. Or a dark pool.

"These are amazing Willow. I'm no expert, but these are art. Do you take classes at school?"

"Not really. I tried at my previous school, but they seemed like they were boxing me in."

I looked from picture to picture. There was a theme I was getting from many of them, but I couldn't put a finger on it? Escape? No. I heard a rustling behind me. I turned to see Willow with her shirt now off. Oh wow. She reached back and released her bra. I stood mesmerized. Her dark hair hung over her shoulder on the left covering most of that breast, but the other was uncovered. Like a large orange sitting on her chest, tilting upward with a small pink nipple perched on the end. While I was staring at her chest, Willow had loosened her belt, her jeans falling to the floor. Plain white panties now visible. Her pale skin just several shades darker. She bent to slide down her underwear then stood, nude, a patch of dark hair between her legs. As beautiful in my eyes as any drawing in the room.

"Are you just going to stare? This is my private room. No one is allowed in here." I stepped towards her. "Do I look ok?"

"Ok is an understatement. The ones who call you ugly or weird or creepy are blind." I stepped closer, reached out with my hand, touched her shoulder. Almost to see if she was real. I cupped her breast, stroked it lightly, touched her pale nipple. Let my hand go down, around, held her to me. Kissed her. "Willow, you have an amazing body. You hide it from the world, but it's beautiful. I, I heard your story, but you really want to. With me?"

"Why wouldn't I. You're nice looking. You don't put on a fake attitude. You're kind to me." I realized then what she needed. She was getting physical sex and her family treated her ok, but she needed someone to really care for her. I held her, and stroked her hair, caressed her back. She lifted my shirt over my head, touched my summer tan. My thin chest and skinny arms. I really carried no extra weight and not a whole lot of muscle either.

"I'd like to paint you someday. You're interesting. Not the body builder jock type or classic Greek hero. We kissed again and she worked on my belt. Unsnapped my jeans, slid down the zipper, then slid down the jeans. I kicked off my sneakers, then the jeans, standing before willow in gray boxer briefs. She stood against me and felt my cock, now fully hard in my underwear. I thought she might have giggled. Oh fuck was it too small? I wondered, with all the porn I've seen.

"Is something wrong? Is it..."

"No, no, sorry, it's... You're a lot bigger than my brother." A wave of relief washed over me. It might have even grown a little more. Willow dropped to her knees and pulled down my shorts, my hard cock pointing out then curving upward at the end. "Wow." Was all she said as she inspected it, watched it bounce up when she pulled it down. Touched my ball sack hanging below. "I'd like to paint this someday too." I stood still. Proud I guess. All my concerns alleviated. Willow stood, still holding my stiff cock. She kissed me. "I'm never naked this long with a man before they're, you know, fucking me. Can we just play a bit first?"

"Willow, we can do whatever you like." She arranged some drop cloths on the floor, then led me down beside her.

"Please kiss me all over. Be gentle and kind. Say nice things to me." These were instructions I could easily follow. So I kissed her, gently. And spoke to her, kindly. The only struggle was being a horny teen with the keys to the vault. I made myself go slow. From her lips, down her neck, kissing nibbling, whispering in her ear. Telling her how lucky I was that a beautiful woman wanted me. Telling her I didn't know where to kiss next because every part of her was inviting. Kissing her shoulders, between her breasts, around, under and over. Then circling her nipple with my tongue, kissing and sucking her nipple, then repeating on the other breast. Then her side, her belly, the shapely hips that had been hidden under those loose jeans, across and around her navel. Then down, to her bush. As dark as the hair on her head, kissing on her mound, then down to her slit, her inner lips just poking through. Then down one leg and up the other. Finally she called me to her, face to face. We kissed, mouths open, tongues entwined, with urgency. Coming up for air I told her how I could find no imperfections. How I could and would gladly spend hours kissing her body. All the while touching her but avoiding the obvious sensual parts, letting her know that her hips, her stomach, her shoulders all attracted me. Then she cried.

"What's the matter?"

"Is this what love is?"

"Oh. I, I don't know. I've never been in love. I love my family, but that's different. It's kindness. It's caring. It can be love, but that takes time."

"Oh Devon, I can't do this to you."

"What, do what?"

"The agreement with my mother."

"I don't understand."

"If I find a man who will have me. Plain ol' me. Then my brother will move out, find his own place. And I won't have to anymore."

"So that's good, right?"

"Yes but if he leaves then my mother. Well she'd be alone. So the agreement is whoever I find needs to have sex with her too. Sometimes."

"Wait. If we have sex then I need to also, your mother?" Willow shook her head. I sat up. My cock was now unsure. Could I? Would I?

"My family has been having incest and strange relationships for generations. That's why we avoid people. And most don't finish school. But I insisted. I'm not sure my father would have let me, but mother gave in. I think it was the painting that convinced her.

"So if we have a relationship. How often?"

Willow looked down. "She's not that old and her sister's younger."


"She visits every other month."

"So both of them."

She shook her head. Looked down. Sniffled. "Would I be worth it?"

"Not to make light of your situation but most guys, you offer them three women and they're signing right up. But how do you feel?"

"I've never had a boyfriend. Would you, like walk with me at school and meet me for lunch?"

"Willow, I'd be honored. First day back I will hold your hand proudly. I want you to dress just like you normally do."


"To show that I'm with the Willow they all mock. Then I'm taking you shopping and you can buy whatever clothes you like. You'll blow their fucking minds."

"You don't have to buy me things. I have plenty of money. Inheritance. Only my Mom wouldn't let me buy new stuff."

I took Willow's face in my hand. "Tell her it's part of the deal." Then I whispered in her ear, "And tell her I have a bigger dick."

Then she laughed. And laughed. And it was a beautiful sight and a wonderful sound. She reached for my now soft cock. She stroked it twice then leaned down and took me into her mouth. The feeling of her soft lips on my hardening penis sent shivers down my spine. Those dark dark eyes looked up at me. With her teeth just barely holding the tip she asked, "Ready?"

I could barely say, "Uh huh." Willow threw a leg over me and quickly mounted my cock. She braced herself either side of my head and began steadily rolling her hips shifting my cock in and out. I watched as her tits rocked up and back before my eyes and felt her pussy squeeze and release my cock with every roll of her hips. She may have been forced, coerced, into being experienced, but I wasn't. A few more times and I quietly squeaked, "I can't much longer." She smiled and began bouncing on my cock, then feeling me tense she sat on me and let me cum. I don't know if I'd ever cum that much, my toes curled and I gripped the drop cloth and tried to empty my whole body into Willow. When I finally relaxed she casually sat on my softening cock letting my semen drip out around it. Still astride me she knelt either side of my hips and looked down at me all dark hair and dark eyes and pale breasts and pink nipples all just a bit flush from her efforts. She used one fingernail to draw lines on my chest. Up and down and around she went.

"I forgot, didn't think, that you would, you know. You felt big inside me. I liked that a lot."

"Sorry but I'm not. Well I've only done it a couple times. And you're so hot. I couldn't."

She took her nail from my chest and put the finger over my lips. "Ssh. We can do it lots and lots. As long as there's all the other stuff like real lovers." I pulled her down so she was resting on me. As she leaned forward my wet cock fell out. She giggled.

"I'd forgotten it could be so much fun." She laughed again and I touched her dimple. Rubbed noses, kissed. Held her tight. We cleaned ourselves on a cloth, then she had me sit on a stool. I felt a little self-conscious. Nude, my soft cock lying on my leg. Turning myself this way and that as Willow looked for the right angle.

"Hold it there Dev." Was that the first time she called me Dev? "There's an amazing picture here if I can get it just right. Male nudes can be a problem. You've got parts sticking out."

"Women have breasts sticking out."

She turned and held her hands under her two well-formed breasts, "But these are art themselves." She laughed. I didn't disagree. "OK, I'm just getting ideas. I'll think about it. Can we get you a haircut?"

"Why what's wrong?"

"As I look at the angles of your face, with the right cut, there's a handsome man there. You just let it grow over."

"New clothes for you, haircut for me."

"Deal. Now how about some more of that big thing you have sticking out." Willow turned and from behind I could see nicely formed she was, her hips flaring out, her butt rounded and firm. She got down on her knees. "This one's for you. Get behind me and give me that big cock." I jumped from the stool and knelt behind Willow. I took a moment to caress her butt cheeks, to slide my hand down and between, to find her opening, to tease her and rub her clit. Only when I heard her hum, then I got up close and slid my hard cock into her. From this angle I was able to hold her hips and rock into her, thrusting my cock deeper than before, touching the far walls of her vagina. Making her grunt as I filled her. Her muscles gripping and releasing me. Short quick thrusts, then long slow, pulling almost all the way out then all the way in. Then getting in close I gave her relentless short thrusts as I reached around and found her clit. Rubbing vigorously to keep with my short hard thrusts. "ooooooooooooooooooo" and I could feel her cumming on my cock, "ooooooooooo" arching her back. "Uh, nice." Then back to pumping my cock into her until finally I held her and gave her my cum again. Breathing heavily from my exertions, I held Willow in place as I emptied myself. Then I sat back. She turned and kissed me hard.

"I said it was for you and you still thought enough to give me something. Something very nice. I don't get that often."

"Times have changed. Orgasms for Willow is my motto."

"I like that one!" Now let's get dressed. We can have some lemonade on the back porch. Just remember, the rest of the family may be here. We dressed. Then went out to the porch. Despite all the things said about the house over the years it didn't look bad. Old sure. Out of style, definitely. We sat together sipping lemonade like some old time photo. Willow's mother came out to join us. She sniffed the air.

"I suppose you two have already been at it?"

"Yes Mother. And yes to your second question."

"Worth my time?"

"If you must know, the best and biggest I've had." Mrs. Reed looked at me like I was the last scrawny chicken in the shop.

"Really." Now I'm not the bravest or toughest guy out there, but I'd had enough. I'd go along with the plan, but there would be some changes. I stood up and reused my earlier line.

"Mrs. Reed, times have changed. I agreed to your rules in this house. But your daughter and I are now dating. I won't have you treating her poorly. She'll be buying new clothes. Whatever SHE likes. We will spend time here, but also out with others our age. She's not your maid, or anyone's plaything. She'll do what she wants with whomever she wants. I will be honored if that person is me. Agreed?"

She looked at Willow, "Well I see you've found yourself a smart boy with big ideas." Then at me, "Agreed. I guess she's your plaything now."

"Wrong. Willow is no one's plaything. She beautiful, smart and very talented." Mrs. Reed look from me to Willow and back. Nodded her head and left us. I sat back down.

Willow took my arm, wrapped hers around and held my hand. "I can't believe you told her like that. You're like my hero."

"Even better, I'm your boyfriend." Then we sipped lemonade.

Monday at school was interesting. I met Willow at the corner and we walked hand in hand to school. Heads turned, comments were made. I walked her to her locker. Some of the other girls hanging around giggled, pointed. Something about the two dorks congregating. If dating Willow made me a dork I was all in. In my classes even guys who were my friends asked me how come I was with the weird girl. "Dude she's so weird looking." "What's with the baggy clothes?" "Did you kiss her? She never smiles, does she have teeth?" And on it went. I mainly just told them to shove it. You have to know her, she's a nice girl.

We met up after school and walked home. At the corner she asked, "Do you want to come over and you know, fuck?"

"Yes I do, but please don't feel obligated. This is the new Willow. Personally I'd have sex with you all day and night until it fell off. But it's not your job. Fuck me because you like to and want to. There, that's my speech."

She looked at me hands on hips. "Ok, come to my house and fuck me, boyfriend." So we did. Today I was on top with Willow's legs on my shoulders, driving deep into her. When I'd again flooded her pussy she had me sit on the stool again and began light tracings on paper with charcoal. It didn't amount to much, but she was satisfied. A start. Then she gave me a blow job before sending me on my way. I walked home feeling light as a feather. The only thing in the back of my brain was next Saturday. Oh well. Maybe doing Mrs. Reed wouldn't be so bad. She looked to be in decent shape.

After school on Tuesday we did go shopping. Willow got measured and tried on a few pair of jeans to find ones that flattered her figure. Also some blouses cut to show off her boobs just a bit. New underwear I didn't get to see and small earrings. Then we hit the salons. First she told the stylist exactly how to cut my hair, showing him a sketching she'd made. Then she went across

the way and came out with a whole new look. She wasn't all done up. That's not Willow. But just a bit of color on her lips a touch on her cheeks. And most surprising of all, her hair cut shoulder length in some style I don't know the name of and probably from an original sketch too. She had her hair tucked over her left ear as she met me.

"Oh. my. god. You look so freaking amazing. You're you but somehow all new. How's my hair?"

"He did a good job. Missed what I had just a tad, but good. You're a handsome guy. Do I look good enough to walk with in the mall?"

"Hell yeah." So we walked and talked and looked in stores. When we passed a bathing suit store with end of summer sales I ask if she needed anything. "People are still having pool parties while it's warm."

"I've never been to a pool party. My suit is kind of frumpy."

"Frumpy won't do for you. This one IS my treat." We went in and she picked a couple of items to try. Not too skimpy, but bright and fun. She called me to the dressing room. Stepping out just a bit.

"How's this?"

"Perfect Willow. It shows your shape without having everything hanging out." Since the other fit just as well we got both. Then stopped for some perfectly awful mall food before going home. "So this won't be a problem at home?"

"No. My brother ignored me this week. Mom made a couple of comments but she's coming around. We're the Reeds, nothing is typical. Mom said my brother would be leaving in a week or so. It's not like he can't afford his own place. Maybe he can start his own life.

Are you still ok with...?"

"Yeah I guess so."

The next day. Well, things changed. First at the locker. "Holy shit is that Willow?" "Who knew?" "Nice hair. That's cute, what do you call that style?" And on it went. In my class my buddy Rick leaned over, "No wonder you haven't been online this week. Who knew Willow was so fucking hot? What a rack too!"

"Easy there Rick, that's my girlfriend you're talking about." I got a few other slaps on the back in the coming days. We also got an invite to hang out at the pool at a friend's apartment that weekend. After school we hung out in Willow's studio. She modeled the underwear she'd bought. The secrets of bras and underwear and thongs were revealed to a previously oblivious young man. But when they came off I was ready. Willow had many sexual secrets and we continued to explore new positions and possibilities. This particular day she had me sit on a chair, lubed up my cock with her mouth then put it between her breasts, holding them together as she slid them up and down my cock. As my cock would rise to the top she'd either dribble more spit on it or reach down and flick her tongue on the top. This was a previously unknown joy and I happily coated her tits with cum as my reward. Willow then licked my cum from her tits, smiling all the time.

"OK, now you've had your fun and my pussy isn't full of you so, get down on your knees and have at it. You need to learn how to properly lick pussy."

Well she was right. I hadn't tried that before, but I was a willing student. I positioned myself between her legs and studied her bush and the secrets it hid. I'd kissed around there before, but I hadn't gone all in.

"Don't worry about the hair Dev. I'm going to shave most of it before the pool party. Next time it'll be a lot smoother. I dove in with gusto, lapping at her pussy, licking the lips, up and down her slit and finding her clit to tease and taste. "That's it Dev. You've got the spot, stay on it. Oh that's good. Keep going, Keep going." I fingered her pussy, rubbed my hand on her lips and her clit, making it up as I went along and using her encouragement to tell me what to do. "Oh yes Dev, Dev, Deeeeeeeeev, don't stop." I didn't. She came, "oh god Dev, oh god Dev, Dev, oooooooo." When she was done she kissed me not minding her taste on my face. "Please tell me you liked doing that. Some guys don't. Please."

"Ha, that was fucking awesome. Right up there with sex and blow jobs. Oh and titty fucks, that was cool too." She kissed me some more. A lot more. Looked at me.

"You're fucking awesome." Then I did more posing before going home. The rest of the week was more of the same. I brought Willow home to show my parents that I had a real living girlfriend. My mother was charmed by her manners, Dad gave me a jab on the arm. I think he was pleasantly surprised. When did his gamer teenager come up for air and find such a girl?

When Saturday came I dressed nice and walked over to Montague Street. I knocked at the door and was greeted by Mrs. Reed. I didn't see Willow in the hall and wondered if she'd be home. Mrs. Reed took me by the hand and led me upstairs. We turned right, into a large bedroom. She closed the door behind me.

"When we're here you'll call me Gwen."

"OK. Gwen. So how does this go?"

"What do you mean? You get undressed, I get undressed then we get in the bed. I'm sure by NOW, you know what to do next." I began stripping off my clothes. She still gave me that look concerning a scrawny chicken. Then my pants. She waited. Then my underwear. I stood there nude. My dick hanging, waiting.

"I suppose she's right. It is bigger. And here I took you for a four incher, kid."

Gwen began to undress. She also wore loose fitting clothes that hid a good figure for her age. Sure her tits sagged a bit but they were a nice size. She slid her pants down. Then her underwear, revealing her own still black bush.

"So what do you think? Can you get it up for an old lady?" I guess being a teen is all that was needed. My cock began to grow and harden and lift. I walked to the bed.

"Hold it Devon. No need. As much as I wouldn't mind a ride on that pecker of yours I wanted to test you. Until the last couple days I still figured we'd have our times here. Lord knows I can use it. But I see the change in Willow. Like she's burst fully formed from a shell. And I give you loads of credit for that. You saw what others didn't. And you're a man of honor, and you stood up for her, even to me." She sat on the bed and cried. I'd have gone to her but my cock was still hard.

Sobbing, "Maybe this breaks this family's fucking cursed ways. We've been doing this forever, back to when those two old women lived here. When they were Willow's age even. Generations of incestual coupling. Young women giving themselves to the family. It stops now."

I stood there looking at her, not knowing what to say. "I, I promise not to tell anything about this. To anyone. Mostly for Willow's sake. But also for you. For letting her free."

"Thank you. Go ahead. Go to her. She's in her studio."

"Gwen, um Mrs. Reed, have you seen her drawings and paintings?"

"No, no one's allowed in. It's her deal."

"I'll talk to Willow. I think she'll give you a tour. She's brilliant. But not right now. I have something to take care of."

She looked at me. Almost a hint of a smile. Waved me on. "Men."

I walked down to Willow's studio. I walked in, still nude. She looked at me with a question in her eyes.

"No." Then I explained. Then I convinced her to give her mother a tour of her work. Then I made love to Willow. And showed her kindness. And gentleness. And gave her a good stiff cock too. When we'd finished she had me sit on the stool. She looked at me, made some more lines on her paper. Looked at it, at me. Satisfied she turned it towards me. It was me, but not. Also not a Greek hero, or a musclebound Adonis. It was a regular guy, but the way the light hit the paper the background almost made me seem I had wings. Almost an angel or something similar. One thing maybe a little off, I think the cock was just a little too big.

"Perfect," I said. Then we made love again.


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This is a great story and I love your style of writing. Haven't read anything else of yours before and have just seen what else you have written. Looks like I've some catching up to do!


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girls dating


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I was referring to naughtydragon's post of 09-12-2020 01:12:22


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Wow NCfan, that was a great story. I liked Naughtydragon's comment above. The mother's action moved the story from good to great.

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