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I didn't have enough characters for Chapter 20 , so I reprinted

Chapter 19 and ended the story on Chapter 20.

Everyone was gone by nine o’clock that evening and Kate was on cloud nine after the reconciliation with her mother and her apology. I was relieved as well, the thought of always being at odds with your wife’s mother was something I was not looking forward to. Kate and Jackie were on the sofa talking as I finished putting away the excess food we had left from the party.

“Hey Tim, would you open a bottle of merlot for Jackie and I ?”, Kate asked.

“Sure.”, I replied, opening the wine fridge.

I opened the bottle and grabbed two wine glasses putting everything on a tray. I brought the tray to the living room and set it down on the ottoman then returned to the kitchen to get a glass of tea. I returned and sat down next to Kate.

“You don’t like wine ?”, Jackie asked.

“He doesn’t drink at all Jackie…. Well rarely.”, she stated, squeezing my hand.

“Well if I can’t get you wasted how am I going to be able to take advantage of you ?”, Jackie sighed.

“Intriguing question, Jackie. I have no idea.”, I replied, smiling.

“Well, I have to know how good in bed you are before you can marry my bestie. Her last experience was not stellar to say the least.” Jackie giggled.

“Jackieeee.”, Kate giggled.

“Well, it’s true. The last thing you need is another dud in bed.”, Jackie argued.

“Tim is not a dud…. Trust me.”, Kate answered.

“Compared to what ? You have only Brandon to compare him to……. Fuck, my little brother would be better than Brandon.”, Jackie laughed.

“Well, since it’s your first night together and you both have so much to figure out , I’ll leave you two alone. I’m going to go take a shower and watch television until I fall asleep.”, I laughed.

I got up and headed to the master bedroom to give Kate some alone time with her best friend. Jackie was a bit out there, but Kate had warned me and so far it was all in good fun. I not sure when Kate came to bed, but it had to be late. I was up early Christmas morning and made a pot of coffee around six thirty in the morning. I was sitting at the island drinking a cup of coffee when Jackie came out of the hallway and into the kitchen. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and pink panties. The t-shirt barely covered the waistband of the panties. One thing for sure, Jackie was not shy.

“Where’s the coffee mugs ?”, she asked, yawning.

“The cabinet right in front of you.”, I replied, pointing.

She leaned up causing the t-shirt to ride up giving me a wonderful view of her ass. Jackie was put together well and was not afraid to flaunt it. She poured herself a cup of coffee then turned and leaned against the counter facing me.

“Kate still sleeping ?”, she asked.

“Yes, I’m usually the first one up. I usually start breakfast, but Kate wanted to cook this morning.”, I replied.

We talked for a few minutes before Kate walked in and went to the coffee pot. Kate was wearing a white t-shirt as well with panties underneath but at least she shirt covered her ass. The fact that Jackie was just standing there talking to me in her underwear didn’t seem to concern Kate at all.

We had Christmas Day lunch at Ben and Sheila’s house. We returned home about six thirty that afternoon and I locked up. Everyone took showers and we were all in the living room on the sofa where Kate and Jackie were talking.

“Tim, do you have heaters in the pool ?”, Jackie asked.

“Yes, they are on now but if you want to swim I have to turn them up.”, I offered.

“How about tomorrow. ?”, she replied.

“Sure, I will go turn them up now. By tomorrow evening it will be fine.”, I answered, heading to the back yard.

I turned up the heaters to seventy five degrees and turned them on to manual not allowing them to cut off. It took close to twenty four hours to raise the temperature of the pool by five degrees or more. I went back inside and went to bed leaving the girls up talking once again. I had Kate with me every day, but Jackie was only going to be here for a few days. I wanted to give them their alone time.

I got up early the day after Christmas and made breakfast for everyone. Kate and Jackie had mentioned they were going shopping and I needed to clean the pool. After making breakfast, I went outside and started on the pool. About an hour later, Kate stuck her head out of the door and told me she was up. I went back inside and talked to the two of them as they ate. They got dressed and headed for the mall as I went outside and started on the pool again. When I was done, I ran to the grocery and bought several steaks to put on the grill for later.

I was just unpacking the groceries when Kate and Jackie came back in from shopping. They both plopped down on the sofa leaning back against the cushions.

“Tough day shopping huh ?”, I laughed.

“Fuck yea….”, Jackie giggled.

“The pool should be ready about five o’clock only two more degrees to go.”, I instructed.

“Sounds great.”, Jackie responded.

I moved about the house doing odd things just trying to keep busy leaving the girls alone. However, I did notice this time they were paying more attention to me than usual. Finally, on my last pool check at four thirty the temperature was perfect. I notified the girls and they scrambled to the bedrooms to get ready. I went inside and grabbed a half dozen towels and several robes and laid them out by the chaise loungers. I was in the kitchen as the girls passed me heading outside. Kate had on one of her black lace bikinis that she had worn several times. Jackie however, had on a tight red bikini that hugged her every curve.

“Tim, go change.”, Kate shouted.

I honestly was not going to get in the pool at all but since Kate had asked, I went to change. I also did not want to give Jackie the impression that I was avoiding her because I was always leaving them together and wandering off. I walked back outside and took off my t-shirt walking toward the entry steps of the pool.

“Kate, this boy here is some of fine.”, Jackie stated.

“Yes, he is.”, Kate agreed, whistling at me.

“You two are out of control.”, I laughed.

“You have no idea how out of control we can get.”, Jackie giggled.

“I’ve heard…..”, I replied, calmly.

“Kate, you told him ?”, Jackie asked amazed.

“I…..uh….well, I may…..”, Kate started.

“I know you both love to eat pussy. I know you love to fuck each other.”, I calmly replied.

“Oh yea…… what else do you know ?”, Jackie asked, swimming towards me.

“What else do I need to know ?”, I laughed.

Jackie swam right up next to me and grabbed on to the ledge of the pool for balance. Kate was swimming in our direction only several feet away.

“So are you taking care of Kate in the bedroom ?”, Jackie asked.

“I’m sure Kate has already told you that I am.”, I replied.

“I think Kate might be exaggerating a bit in that department.”, Jackie laughed.

“Can’t say really…… but I know Kate to be truthfully honest.”, I replied.

“Trust me Jackie….. I am not exaggerating.”, Kate laughed.

“So, if Kate says it’s ok you want to prove it to me ?”, Jackie asked, suddenly serious.

“I don’t know….. I mean how do I know you’re as good as Kate says.”, I replied, looking her dead in the eye.

In that instance, I knew that I had weathered the storm and perhaps one upped Jackie in her quest to attempt to embarrass me. She swallowed hard and looked over at Kate nervously then back at me.

“Well, I guess that I would have to prove that as well.”, Jackie said, softly.

Kate came up to me and wrapped her arms around me kissing me on the cheek. You could really see the transformation of Kate’s body with the bathing suit on. She had changed so much in eight months it was incredible.

“So you want me to start cooking the steaks, baby ?”, I asked.

“I guess so…,. You hungry Jackie ?”, Kate asked.

“Yes, I guess so….”, Jackie answered.

I got out of the pool, put one of the robes on and went back inside. I grabbed three steaks from the refrigerator and put them on a plate and returned to the pool area. I took the cover off the grill, opened it and turned the propane bottle valve on. I lit the grill and several minutes later put the steaks on to cook. Jackie and Kate were swimming in the pool and had moved to the waterfall area. They were involved in a serious conversation from what I could see. I know Jackie is Kate’s best friend but sometimes she could be exhausting.

I finished cooking the steaks and we still had mashed potatoes from the Christmas Eve party, so I heated them up in the microwave and warmed up some corn and crab soup. I set the table and yelled out to the back that dinner was ready. The girls came in and ran to the bedroom to change into dry clothes. Just as they were returning, I did the same.

That night, Kate and I went to bed at the same time which was the first time since Jackie had arrived. Kate was laying in my arms with her head on my chest. She had been quiet for most of the night.

“Tim, you do know Jackie is dying to fuck you…. And me as well.”, Kate said, softly.

“Well, it’s obvious she wants you….. not a secret there.”, I laughed.

“She wants us both….at the same time.”, Kate responded.

“Kate, you do not have to include me….. I do not mind you having sex with Jackie. I know you two love each other….. I am fine with it.”, I answered.

Kate raised her head and looked strangely at me with a whimsical look on her beautiful face. She ran her hand over my chest and up to my cheek which she stroked softly.

“You don’t find Jackie attractive ?”, Kate asked, in a serious tone.

“I didn’t say that Kate. I said, do not feel like I have to be there if you want to fuck her.”, I calmly proposed again.

“What if I want to fuck the both of you ?”, Kate replied, her eyes sparkling.

“If that’s what you really want then call her in here.”, I replied, looking Kate dead in the eyes.

“You’re serious ?”, Kate asked, smiling.

“If that’s what you want.”, I replied.

“Be right back.”, Kate responded, getting up and going across the hall to Jackie’s room.

I am not sure why I was so open to allow Jackie into our bed only days after asking Kate to marry me. However, I did understand how quickly your life could change after Michelle’s death. Kate was a very sexual person probably more so than anyone I had ever been with. Knowing that Kate and Jackie had already been intimate did not bother me at all.

Kate returned about five minutes later and took her t-shirt off throwing it to the end of the bed. She then slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. She pulled the sheet back and slid in the bed next to me.

“Jackie will be here in a few.”, Kate whispered, smiling.

Kate reached down and pulled my shorts down my leg and tossed them to the floor. She wrapped her left hand around my cock and been to stroke me up and down. I was already getting hard when we heard Jackie’s voice at the doorway.

“What are you doing ?”, Jackie asked, softly.

“Jerking him off.”, Kate giggled.

Jackie stepped in the room and came around the bed to my right. She pulled her t-shirt off exposing two well shaped firm breast. She pulled her panties down, stepping out of them showing off a smooth shaved pussy.

Kate pulled the covers off the both of us exposing my rock, hard dick to her friend. Jackie climbed in the bed next to me and placed her hand on my right thigh rubbing me gently.

“Tim, feel Jackie’s pussy.”, Kate instructed.

I reached down as Jackie slightly opened her legs over her smooth shaved mound until I touched the top of her wet pussy. Jackie closed her eyes and tilted her head back as I touched her.

“She’s wet huh ?”, Kate whispered.

“Yes, she is.”, I replied.

I reached down a little further and eased one finger slowly inside of Jackie. She leaned over towards me and placed her lips on mine. She softly kissed me for several seconds before I felt the tip of her soft tongue on my upper lip. I opened my mouth and she pushed her tongue inside exploring my mouth.

We kissed for close to a half minute before Jackie pulled away. Kate was staring at me with a huge smile on her face.

“I want you to eat my best friend’s pussy.”, Kate demanded.

I got up and Jackie laid down where I had just been. I moved down the bed and positioned myself between her thighs and laid down. Jackie was completely shaved and had thick dark lips framing her light pink insides. I leaned forward and slowly licked Jackie’s pussy in an upwards motion. She moaned slightly as my tongue parted her thick lips.

Kate leaned over her friend and pressed her lips against hers. Soon I saw Kate’s mouth open as she accepted her friend’s hungry tongue. I pushed my tongue inside of Jackie’s pussy as Kate reached down and found her clit. Kate began to slowly rub Jackie’s clit in circles as I fucked Jackie with my tongue.

Kate broke her kiss with Jackie and sat up next to me watching me eat out her best friend. Jackie’s hands were clutching my head as she squirmed under my tongue. I softly began to flick Jackie’s clit with the end of my tongue as Kate softly rubbed my back with her left hand.

“Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum…..”, Jackie moaned.

“It’s ok, let it go.”, Kate urged.

Jackie’s body tensed up and she held my face against her wet pussy as she trembled under me. She had a very long and intense orgasm finally pushing my head away from her opening.

“Oh fuck, wait….give me a minute……”, she begged.

I sat up and moved forward getting between Jackie’s legs. I reached down and grabbed my hard dick and placed the head against her wet pussy. I slowly eased inside of her until I was almost all the way in. I began to slowly move in and out of her as Kate laid down next to her. Kate was rubbing her clit slowly as she watched the facial expressions of her best friend.

Jackie had recovered and was now slowly moving with me as I moved inside of her. Kate leaned over and once again kissed Jackie on the lips. After about a minute or so, the combination of Kate’s mouth and my hard dick thrusting inside of her, Jackie was hurtling towards another orgasm. Kate pulled her mouth away and looked down at Jackie whose face was flushed.

“You like my boyfriend’s dick inside you ?”, Kate asked.

“Oh fuck yea……”, Jackie moaned.

I leaned forward a little more making sure my cock was rubbing hard against her clit on ever movement. It only took about twenty seconds before Jackie lost control again.

“Oh fuck…. I’m cumming. “, she screamed.

I began to fuck her as hard as I could my balls slapping against her ass as she creamed all over my dick. Several seconds later, I eased up and slowly moved in and out of her as she came down off her orgasm. I pulled out of Jackie and laid down on my back between her and Kate. I reached over and pulled Kate on top of me. Kate reached down and quickly put me inside of her bottoming out at once.

“I was wondering when you were going to make me cum ?”, Kate giggled, moving back and forth on me.

“I was being cordial to the house guest.”, I replied.

“You’re not done being cordial to the house guest either.”, Jackie laughed, rolling over looking down at me.

“Hey now, no hogging. I get a turn.” Kate laughed.

Jackie leaned over and put her lips against mine pushing her tongue into my mouth immediately. Kate began to move a little faster on my cock grinding herself against me. Now I had no idea how many times Jackie could cum, but I knew Kate could go all night. One night, Kate got off six or seven times in a four hour period.

It was only minutes later that Kate leaned forward and kissed Jackie passionately. Not long after, Kate exploded in a violent orgasm her mouth still on Jackie’s. Kate shuddered above me as she pushed down on me as hard as she could. After a minute or so, Kate fell to her back on my right side. Jackie immediately crawled over my body going down on Kate’s wet pussy.

Watching a woman give oral sex to another woman is amazing. I had seen it once or twice on a porn site but witnessing it with two women who truly loved each other was different. Jackie was soft and affectionate her small hands stroking Kate’s body up and down. I slid over towards Kate and raised up on one elbow looking down on her.

“Feels good huh ?’’, I asked, smiling.

“Oh fuck yea……. Jackie could always make me cum like crazy.”, she replied.

I leaned over and kissed Kate softly and she responded immediately. She placed one hand on the back of my head and eased her tongue into my mouth. As I had stated, Kate could kiss the lips off anyone. Somehow her kiss made you feel so loved and wanted. Almost like whether you wanted to kiss or not, she wanted to kiss you.

Probably close to three minutes later, Kate pulled her mouth from mine and opened her eyes looking up at me. I had seen that look so many times before, she was going to cum again. Jackie’s talented mouth had sent her over the edge once more.

“Jackie, you’re gonna make me cum.”, she said, softly.

“Cum in my mouth, Kate.”, Jackie urged, going back down on Kate.

Kate reached down with her hands and took Jackie’s hands and they intertwined fingers. Kate was moving slowly against Jackie’s mouth, her face and upper chest crimson red and flushed. Seconds later, Kate arched her back and let go cumming hard in her best friend’s mouth. Jackie’s face was covered in Kate’s orgasm as she continued to lick and suck on Kate’s pussy.

I got up from the bed and went into the kitchen to get several bottles of water. By the time I returned to the bedroom, Kate was between Jackie’s legs licking her wet pussy. I know it had been a while since they had seen each other but these two were really going at it.

I laid down next to them and watched my wife to be, eat out the pussy of her best friend. Jackie leaned her head towards me with a huge smile on her face.

“I’m not sure which one of you eats pussy better.”, Jackie giggled.

Several minutes later, Jackie had another orgasm under Kate’s mouth. It was short but intense once again she needed time to recover pushing Kate’s mouth away. They both opened a bottle of water and took a drink replacing them on the night stand.

“Would you mind if I suck your boyfriend’s dick ?”, Jackie asked.

“Please do.”, Kate giggled.

Jackie moved down the bed and took my semi-erect dick in her hand. She began running her tongue all over the head and the shaft. She had me fully erect in minutes and was soon bobbing her mouth up and down on my shaft. Kate moved over next to me with a smile on her face.

“Does my friend suck good dick.”, she asked.

“Not bad.”, I replied.

Jackie immediately stop and pulled her mouth off of my cock. She had a strange look on her face that became a huge smile seconds later.

“I’ll show you not bad, motherfucker.”, Jackie laughed.

She put my dick back in her wet mouth and started to move up and down on my shaft sucking hard. She was gently rubbing my balls in the palm of her hand. Kate was memorized as she watched her friend suck on her fiancé’s dick. Kate was slowly rubbing her pussy as she was making eye contact with Jackie.

After several minutes, I was past the point of no returned as I warned Jackie, I was about to cum. Jackie stopped on for a second pulling my cock out of her mouth.

“Cum in my mouth.”, she demanded.

She put me back in her mouth and started to suck me as hard as I had ever been sucked. She had her hand around the base of my cock pumping me up and down into her hungry mouth. I felt my balls tighten and the cum race up my shaft.

“Fuck Jackie…”, I cried out.

I erupted inside of Jackie’s mouth with the first few spurts completely filling her up. The gushing was with so much force she could not swallow it all. The cum was oozing out of her mouth to her lips then running down my shaft. Jackie sucked me dry then used her tongue on my shaft licking up the excess cum she had let fall from her mouth.

I’m not sure how many orgasms were experienced that night, but I finally fell asleep after three in the morning. I woke up at nine thirty the next day and found Kate still sound asleep. I eased out of bed and walked out of the room noticing that Jackie was still sleeping in the room across the hall as well. I walked down the hallway to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. I had just poured my first cup and was standing at the counter when Jackie walked in wearing only a t-shirt. She walked up to me and wrapped her arms around me pressing her lips to mine. She opened her mouth and pushed her tongue inside of mine. We kissed for several seconds before she pulled away.

She walked over and poured herself a cup of coffee then went to the island and sat on one of the barstools. Several minutes later Kate walked in and poured a cup of coffee as well. Kate then came over and kissed me like she did every morning. Since Jackie was still going to be here for seven days, I had no idea how this arrangement was supposed to work. I decided to just keep quiet and let it play out in whatever fashion it did.

I knew the girls where going shopping again, so I took a quick shower and put a t-shirt and shorts on then going into my office. I turned on the computer and went through emails answering several. Several minutes later, Kate and Jackie popped their heads in the door to the office.

“What are you doing baby, watching porn and jerking off.”, Kate giggled.

“You know it baby.”, I replied without looking up.

“We’ll be back in a few hours.”, she promised, blowing me a kiss.

I played around the in office for a few hours then went into the kitchen and fixed a sandwich. I was on the sofa eating and watching television when Kate and Jackie returned from the shopping trip. They walked into the living room setting down several large bags and both plopped on the sofa.

“Hey baby, Jackie and I were talking on the way back.”, Kate admitted.

“That could be dangerous.”, I laughed.

“Hey now.”, Jackie said, fake frowning.

“No seriously…… we decided that after last night we need some rules. So…. What we came up with is this. As long as Jackie is here, anyone can fuck anyone at any time. You can fuck just her, she can fuck me or we all fuck together. Does that sound good to you ?”, Kate asked.

“That’s a lot of fucking.”, I laughed.

Both girls roared into laughter with Kate becoming uncontrollable. She had tears running down her face she was laughing so hard.

“Whatever you girls decide is fine with me.”, I finally answered.

I knew that Kate and Jackie would want to sleep together a few times without me being around. That did not bother me at all, nor was I jealous. What might bother me is Jackie approaching me to have sex without Kate present. I was not sure how I felt about that. After all, until a few days ago I never had been around Jackie at all. Technically, she was a complete stranger even now.

That night, Kate and Jackie slept together in the second bedroom giving me the entire bed to stretch out in which was nice. The next day, I went to the grocery and dropped off some shirts at the dry cleaner. I came back home around twelve thirty and saw that the BMW was gone. I opened the door and walked into the kitchen setting several bags on the counter. Jackie was laying on the sofa watching television.

“Hey, let me help you.”, she insisted jumping up.

Jackie followed me outside and help me unload the SUV bringing the remainder of the bags into the kitchen. I started putting everything away as Jackie sat on the bar stool.

“I’m glad you and Kate found each other.”, Jackie said, smiling.

“So am I. Kate has brought me back to life.”, I commented.

“Brandon was such an asshole. That motherfucker pisses me off so much.”, she replied.

“I only had one run in with him and it was brief.”, I explained.

“He caught Kate and I kissing one night. He fucking flipped out calling us several names in the process.”, Jackie admitted.

“Brandon is ancient history, Jackie. Don’t let him bother you anymore.”, I laughed.

I finished putting away all the groceries, poured a glass of tea then went and sat on the sofa. Jackie went into the back bedroom for a few minutes then returned having removed her shorts. She had just a shirt and panties on as she walked up in front of me.

“Wanna fuck ?”, she giggled.

This was the exact scenario I had been afraid of. I was not sure how I felt about sleeping with Jackie without Kate present. Jackie was using her right hand to rub her pussy through her silk panties. I could see a wet spot already forming on the crotch of her panties.

“You don’t want to wait for Kate ?”, I asked, hoping for a reprieve.

“Oh, we will all fuck later, but right now I just want a hard dick.”, she whispered.

I was caught no matter how I chose to play this out. If I fuck Jackie right now even though I had permission could it affect my relationship with Kate ? If I turn Jackie down would Kate think that in some way, I was only doing this for her and did not really condone it. I chose the former option.

“Well, I think I can arrange a hard dick.”, I replied, pulling my shorts down my legs.

Jackie slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. She walked forward two steps then straddled my upper thighs sitting down in my lap facing me. She leaned over and put her mouth on mine kissing me somewhat different than the previous night in the bed. She kiss was softer and passionate, more emotion involved. I reached down between her legs and ran my fingers down her wet pussy. She pulled her mouth back from mine and looked deep into my eyes.

“Oh second thought, I don’t want you to fuck me. I want you to make love to me.”, she said, standing up and reaching for my hand.

I stood up taking Jackie’s hand in mine and followed her to the master bedroom. She pulled the comforter off the bed and turned the sheet down. She slid in and I got in right behind her leaning over her. I bent down and kissed her only this time the way she wanted to be kissed. Jackie reached down and took my cock into her small hand softly moving her fingers across it. Within minutes she had me rock hard begging for more attention. She pushed me over on my back and quickly got on top of me. She leaned forward and took my cock and inserted it into her warm wet opening. She then sat down on me completely taking me deep inside of her. She began to move very slowly back and forth on me looking down into my eyes.

“God, you feel so good inside me.”, Jackie whispered.

Having a dialogue with Jackie in bed at this point could be catastrophic at this point. I did not want to lead her on and make any comment that would make her believe I had any strong feelings for her. That was reserved for Kate and Kate alone. Jackie leaned slightly forward and extended her tongue softly running the end of her tongue across my lips.

“You’re so wet, Jackie.”, I replied.

“I’ve never been this wet before……. I’m so fucking horny.”, she giggled.

For the next five or maybe ten minutes, Jackie moved slowly above me kissing me. We touched each other gently and just enjoyed the feeling of each other’s body. Jackie’s eyes were completely glazed over and she was oblivious to anything around her except for the dick that was inside her.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum.”, Jackie whispered in my ear.

“Go ahead, Jackie.,”, I replied.

Just at that time, I noticed a slight movement to my left. Jackie had her eyes closed as she sat up slightly grinding her hard clit against my dick. I looked over to see Kate standing in the doorway leaning against the frame. She had one hand in her jeans rubbing her clit rapidly and the other squeezing her breast through her shirt. She quickly put one finger over her lips to tell me please be quiet. Kate was close to getting off as well.

I looked back up at Jackie who was ever so close to an orgasm. Her face and upper chest were beet red with the blood that was pooling in her upper body. I knew it would not take much for Jackie to orgasm.

“Jackie, cum all over my dick….. I want to feel you cum on me.”, I begged.

That was all it took as Jackie stiffened her back and began trembling on my thighs. Jackie’s orgasm was intense from the beginning and extremely wet. I looked over at Kate who was now bent over convulsing in orgasm watching the look on her best friend’s face who was cumming as well. Kate looked beautiful with her hand buried deep inside of her jeans her entire body balanced on just one finger.

Jackie leaned forward her upper body resting on my chest as she tried to catch her breath. Kate buttoned her jeans and walked over to the bed sitting down next to us. Jackie felt the mattress move and turned her head to the right smiling when she saw Kate.

“Sure looks like you two are having fun.”, Kate giggled.

“Kate, your boyfriend can really get me off.”, Jackie admitted.

“Yep, he has that effect on me as well.”, Kate replied.

Jackie sat back up and put her hands on my chest for support. She began to slowly move on me again all the while watching Kate’s face. Jackie knew that Kate was turned on by watching us fuck. What Jackie did not know was that Kate just had an orgasm five minutes ok.

“Rub your pussy for me.”, Jackie asked Kate.

“Uh, I can do that, but I just got off a few minutes ago watching the two of you.”, Kate giggled.

“Where the fuck were you.”, Jackie asked, still moving on me slowly.

“Standing right there by the door.”, Kate replied.

“I don’t believe you.”, Jackie giggled.

Kate got up slowly and removed her boots, tossing them to the floor. She peeled her jeans and panties off then climbed back in the bed slipping a finger inside her pussy.

“Get down here and eat the cum from my pussy if you don’t believe me.”, Kate suggested.”

Jackie lifted herself off my hard dick and got between Kate’s legs and began to lick her pussy enthusiastically. I reached down and began to stroke my cock up and down watching Jackie attack Kate’s wet pussy.

“You did cum bitch……. I have tasted your cum so many times.”, Jackie giggled, resuming tonguing her best friend.

“Why don’t you fuck Jackie while she eats me out.”, Kate suggested.

“Mmmm Hmmmm……”, Jackie mumbled.

I got up from the bed and went to the footboard getting back on the mattress. I moved behind Jackie then grabbed her hips lifting her to her knees. I reached down and put the head of my hard cock inside of her. She moaned in pleasure as I pushed into her finally bottoming out on the cheeks of her ass.

As I looked deep into Kate’s eyes, I began to move inside of Jackie’s soaked pussy easily. I grabbed her hips tightly and began to fuck her with long thrusts. Jackie’s tongue already had Kate reeling and watching me plow Jackie’s pussy added to the sensation.

“Fuck that ass, Tim….. Fuck that ass.”, Kate demanded.

Without thinking I increased my pace until all you heard was the suction sound of Jackie’s wet pussy sucking on my shaft. Jackie was having a hard time keeping her mouth on Kate’s pussy as I pumped her wet opening rapidly. Jackie lifted her mouth from Kate’s opening announcing that another orgasm was approaching. I was too far gone at this point, holding on to Jackie’s hip and releasing the first spurt of cum into her hungry pussy.

“Oh, fuck……”, I cried out.

I blasted wad and wad of hot cum inside of Jackie which seconds later put her over the edge, her entire body convulsing on my hard dick.

“Mother fucker, oh my god…. Fuck me baby…… fuck me.”, Jackie whined.

Since I had pulled out of Jackie and sat back, Kate grabbed Jackie’s face and guided it back to her wet pussy. Jackie eagerly licked her pussy as Kate motioned for me to join her beside the bed. I got up and walked to the side of the bed where Kate was sitting not sure what she was after. She quickly reached out and grabbed my cock guiding it into her warm mouth. I was already starting to soften but her tongue felt good as she licked and sucked on my shriveling cock.

Seconds later, Kate pulled my cock from her body and grabbed Jackie’s head with the other hand holding it against her pussy.

“Oh my god….”, Kate moaned, cumming in Jackie’s mouth.

Laying in bed that night, I had to admit that having Jackie around was nice but in a way, I missed Kate. I guess I had been getting used to having Kate all to myself, but I knew this was temporary. The week flew by fast and on Saturday, Kate and I were kissing Jackie goodbye to get back on the plane.


Once alone, Kate and I fell back into our normal routine of work, gym time and alone time. In the beginning our living arrangement consisted of me paying for everything. If something did happen, I did not want money to come between us. But after several years together as a couple the finances became very lax. About that time Kate bought her a Mercedes Benz CLS 450 fully loaded.

I don’t think Robin Woods ever forgave me for not getting back together with her after Michelle had died. She became really hard to see and talk to on a daily basis at work. I finally had to break all contact with her and her family, it just wasn’t worth it. Several years later, she married an attorney from another firm and resigned at Butler, Land and Reyes. I saw her only once more on the day I buried Kate. She had a different look in her eyes and when she was leaving kissed me softly on the lips, reminding me of the Robin I knew so very long ago.

There were times that I felt Kate looking at me perhaps wondering what I was thinking. She never brought it up, but she knew I thought about Michelle quite frequently. We were engaged for several years before we finally set the wedding day. Pops and Maw Maw were elated when we got married, I actually think they wanted to be invited on our honeymoon.

Kate and I had a beautiful wedding with close to three hundred guests. We took a two week honeymoon in Savasi Island Resort in Fiji which was incredible. We returned and went back to work where Kate became one hell of a lawyer.

We tried for about a year to have a child but somehow it just never happened. We chose not to seek medical help because we did not want to know if either of us had a problem. We thought about adopting but somehow never went through with it. As the years passed, we finally figured we were too old to handle a new born child, especially with our careers.

My relationship with Kate’s family turned out to be more than I could ever imagine. Ben and Sheila treated me like the son they never had. In their later years, both Maw Maw and Pops spent weeks at a time living with us. We went out to eat, took them to shows and whatever else they wanted to do.

Maw Maw died of a stroke several years later and it really took the wind out of Pops’ sails. He eventually moved in with Kate and I living with us for close to two years before he passed away. Losing Pops was tough on me, he had become the father I never had.

Kate grew to be my wife, lover and best friend who I loved dearly. But somehow, through all of it I could not get Michelle out of my head or my heart. Kate and I rarely talked about it, but I am sure she knew. To her credit, she was never jealous or upset with me. Kate and I never had a serious disagreement and lived a wonderful life for decades until Kate died of a sudden heart attack at sixty-eight years of age.

The day I buried Kate, I quit on life. I was tired, worn out and heartbroken for the second time in my life. I had no desire to move forward and never returned to work. It didn’t take long for me to mentally shut my body and mind down.

Several weeks later, as I lay in ICU at the same hospital that Michelle had died decades earlier, I was at peace. When I buried Kate, the last reason I had for living was gone. I went home and got in the bed. I had no reason to get out of the house and weeks later, I collapsed on the floor. Security found me that night, they had been doing regular checks on me. I was brought to the emergency room and placed in ICU right away.

The doctors confirmed I had no physical ailments to speak of and that I could not just lay in bed and grieve myself to death. The nurses were constantly trying to get me up and walk around. What my doctor did not know was that I was not grieving but simply tired both mentally and physically. I had lived a great life and was loved by two beautiful and remarkable women who I wanted to see again.

I was not by any means a very religious person, but I felt I would be with Kate and Michelle once more. I’m not sure how I knew but that Friday night when the nurse checked on me at ten, I knew I would not see her again.

I’m not sure if I had a dream before I died that night but the last thing that ran through my head before I took that last breath was a vision of Kate and Michelle kissing each other.

Hope you enjoyed it,


As usual, I cannot express my gratitude enough for all of the wonderful comments that readers have left. Writing has been very therapeutic for me and I apologize for the grammatical errors.

I have two new stories being developed now and look forward to publishing a few chapters soon. Hope all of you are well in this unusual time we live in. For one of the stories I have in development

Take care and please be safe.


2020-12-24 11:10:09
I've read all that is here. What an amazing author you are. I hope to see many more of your stories, x-rated or not. WOW.


2020-12-19 15:27:49
Great story. All that I have read have been good. I have to reread them every once in a while.


2020-11-17 15:54:51
Waiting for the next story


2020-11-09 10:57:41
Great story. I'm glad you still had him thinking of Michelle. What I saw in the story is she was his true love. They just clicked in a better way than anyone else.

Third time I have read this and the other 2 stories.
Absolutely a great artist.


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I loved the story. Looking forward for the next one.

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