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Unusual situation brings great sex
She is my banker. The Stagecoach Bank. We met a few months ago. Era helped me set up the ability to send money to friends overseas. During three brief visits at the bank she told me she was from the Philippines and met an older American man who brought her here 6 years ago. They married. She became a citizen. And she was happy. She still had family and friends in the Philippines.

Her new email asked if I was alright. And stated that she had not seen me in the bank for more than a month. I thought about it. I replied with an email, to her bank. If you have a private email, please send here.

The next day, I had two emails. One from Era from her bank email said she did not have a private email for bank customers. I replied to that email, “sorry, we will keep this professional.” I did not want her to get into trouble. The other email was from Era’s private email. I responded, saying I did not want to cause her trouble, “I hope this is OK”.

Immediately she sent back. “I am at work, on my phone, and on hangouts.” I added her, and we started chatting. I said please be careful, I didn’t want to cause trouble. She text back, “no worries, she would be careful, she was very happy to chat this way.” I told her I was online and ask how life was treating her. She said her husband health had gotten worst. She had to get some home healthcare for him. And that she was lonely. She said she would text more as she could. Era want to know if we could meet after she was off work. I said probably yes.

Another text later. “Mike I am off at 4, my address is . . . . I hope you can come over” At 3:45 I text her I would be there at 4:15. She responded, “you made my day!”

I knocked on the front door at 4:15. Era greeted me at the door invited me in and gave me a big hug. Other than a hand shake, it was out first physical contact. She was still wearing her business clothes from work. About 5’ 1’’, maybe 100 lbs, her business clothes hid most of her. She took me over to her husband. He was lying on the front room couch with a blanket over him. His nurse nearby. Era asked, Shelly the nurse to follow her into the kitchen. Jack, Era’s husband said, “I am very happy Era has you as a friend, she needs someone. Please be good to her.” “I will, Jack,” I responded. “Mike, she needs more than a lover, she needs a friend, a wise and smart man.” “I understand.” I was surprised, but happy to have his acceptance.

Era called to me. She wanted to show me the rest of the house. There were two small bedrooms downstairs. Jack’s was one of them. Shelly could use the other if she stayed the night. Shelly was young, mid 20’s, a nice looking Asian woman, and a full nurse.

Era took me upstairs. There was a sitting room, a master suite, and two more bedrooms and bath. Era asked me to allow her to freshen up. I said sure, but if you would like to shower, I would love to wash your hair and body. I would love that Mike.

We got naked and stepped into a big shower. There were dual heads and a bench. And the bench was heated. Era looked good. Her hair was just passed her shoulders. Her breasts were a nice round B+/C with pronounced nipples. Her body had a little extra here and there. And a very nice-looking shaved pussy. I moved to the bench and sat. Reaching for her, we kissed long and passionately. “Mike, thanks so much for being here, I really need you.”

“I want you to know Era, I need you too. I told you how it is at my home.”

“We need each other.”

We kissed again. Our hands were exploring each other. My mouth moved from hers to her neck, then to her breast. Era’s moaning increased. Here hands went to my shoulders, and she climb onto my lap straddling me. With my mouth still sucking her nipple, she lowered herself onto my hard cock. I could feel myself slowly going inside her. I leaned back and arched up to give her more cock to ride. My hands moved down and round her ass. I helped her rise and fall on me. It didn’t take long for her pussy to gush and for her body to shake in orgasm. “Oh Mike,” she said with breathless passion.

We kissed again as she kept riding me. Her movements becoming more pronounced. “God, I need this Mike,” and she came again.

I looked at her and said, “let me wash your hair baby.” “You are too good to be true, Mike.” She climbed off of my lap and I took the shampoo and gently washed her hair. With her Dove soap I washed her body. With my hand at first gently washing her pussy, then with a little bit more pressure, I inserted two fingers and she had another orgasm. I turned her to wash her butt and she wanted more. Spreading her legs for me. I entered her from behind and fucked her long and hard giving her two more orgasms


I looked her wet look, and helped her dry off, as she helped me. Era wanted me in her bed. Soon we were naked under the sheet and hugging. She pushed me to lie on my back, so she could climb on top. Looking at me she said, “Mike, I cannot get enough of your cock, it has been too long.” “I am here for you Era, please use me,” I responded. She guided my still hard cock between her pussy lips. I could feel her pussy growing juicer as it slid deeper into her. She lowered her body to me, and we kissed.

“Era”, a female voice said. It was Shelly just outside the bedroom. Era called back to her as she pulled the sheet over us. “Shelly, we are here please come in.” Shelly entered the master bedroom and was immediately embarrassed. “I am sorry, I thought you asked me to come in.” “Shelly, it is ok, you know me, Mike and I have nothing to hide from you, we are family.” “Thank you, Era, I just want to let you know Jack is in his bed, in his room, should be asleep soon, and I was going to go.” “Shelly can you stay? Mike, has to go soon, and I do not want to be alone tonight.” Shelly was now looking fully at us in bed under the covers and moving closer. “Yes, I can stay, you know I love to be here with you Era.” Era sat up and reached for Shelly exposing her nakedness and mine too. “Shelly, Era now holding her hand, please get into bed with us, Mike is wonderful, and I am sure he can make you very happy.” Era slid off me, offering my wet hard cock to her husband’s nurse and her friend. Shelly was naked quickly and climbing on top where Era had just been. In seconds she guided my cock inside her. Shelly movements started wildly. “Oh Mike, thanks, I need your cock, I need to cum!” By then, I had a nipple in my mouth and a finger on her clit. Her orgasm was tremendous. And she was not done. She kept riding and gushing. Until she collapsed on top of me out of breath.

Era said to her, “Shelly, my lover hasn’t cum yet, I bet he would love our mouths on his manhood.” It did not take long to shoot ropes of cum on both their faces. Then they licked and kissed my cum from each other.

I got up, showered quickly, then told Era (who was still in bed with Shelly playing) I would text her in a few minutes and drove home.
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