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I become part of the family
In the morning, a Sunday, my wife was up and going to church. I sent a text to Era. “What are you doing?” In response, she said she and Shelly were still in bed, watching TV.” I asked if I could come over in about 30 mins after wife had gone to church. Sure, was Era’s text, please hurry, we are waiting for you.

I was over there in 30 mins, went thru the backdoor as I was told it would be unlocked. Heard Jack’s TV on in his room as I went up the stairs. I was greeted by two naked women inviting me into their bed. Within a minute I was naked and being mounted by Shelly. Like the night before she was wild in riding my cock. The difference was I had one nipple in my mouth and Era had her other nipple in her mouth. Shelly’s orgasm was not far off. And like the night before she kept going, riding me for a second and third orgasm.

She collapses on top of me. Era gently helped her to lie on her back to rest. As Era mounted my hard cum covered cock, Shelly was telling me thank you, and that she needed to make breakfast for Jack. Era’s moans with her first orgasm were mixed with the sounds of Shelly in the shower. I wanted to lick her pussy, so I gently moved her to her back on the bed and slowly kissed parts of the body as I moved to her sweet mound between those short legs. She giggled as my mouth found her waiting honey pot. I began my slow long licks from her ass to her clit, tasting her juices from her orgasm. Era’s moaning increased. “God Mike, I love this!”, it’s the best way to awake on a Sunday morning.” The spread of her legs got wider and her knees were up, as I continue to lick. My tongue felt her clit harden with the excitement of her mind racing to her next orgasm. I put my mouth fully on her clit and sucked until her body shook.

Shelly came out of the bath saying, “Can I have some of that later after breakfast?” Era, breathlessly said, “Sure lover, Mike would love too.” As Shelly dressed, Era asked me to stop, she just wanted to be held and kissed. I did as she asked. We watched TV.

We were called downstairs when Shelly had breakfast ready. Jack was sitting at the table feeling better. Era gave him a kiss and hug as I sat next to him. “Mike, it is really good to see you here with us.” “Thanks Jack, you, Era, and Shelly have made me feel like family.” “You are sir!” He said. Under the table one of my legs got a squeeze by Era, and other by Shelly, who was standing near me placing my plate of food down.

“Jack, I hope you don’t mind me asking.” “Anything sir.” “Thanks, I believe Era has told you about my situation.” “Yes.” “My wife and I decided as her health got worse, to get a Living Trust done.” “Really, how does that differ from a Will? “A trust says the surviving spouse lots of money.” “Really, maybe I need a new lawyer too.” We all laughed. I would learn later Jack and Era called my lawyer friend and got a living trust done. I would be told much later I was in it – my house mortgage being paid off.

After we finished our food, I helped Jack to the front room, while the girls cleaned up the kitchen. We talked some more. Then I was called to come upstairs.

Shelly was naked again, legs spread wide, wanting her pussy licked like I had done Era’s. I did my duty, causing h

er orgasm after orgasm until she begged me to stop. Era watched and sucked on her nipples while I was licking and sucking her clit. Shortly after I headed home.

Later in the day Shelly sent me a long text. With Era’s knowledge they suggested me contact a woman, Lita, who was a nurse specializing in diabetic patients. Era, said don’t worry about the cost, they had talked to Lita. That night, after my wife was asleep, I made the call. Lita said with my permission she would talk to my wife’s doctors and would come by about 9:30am. She told me not to worry, she would convince my wife.

The next day Lita was at our home on time. Lita was from Indonesia and stunningly beautiful. She told me she wanted to talk to my wife alone. After 30 minutes Lita left. I asked, she was going to the lab to run blood tests. In an hour she was back, there was a conference call with doctors and Lita had my wife on a new plan for her health care.

By 4 in the afternoon Shelly came over to make dinner for all of us. After eating, Shelly took my wife shopping, which left Lita home with me. “Mike, it is time we fucked.” She was naked in front of me. Her hair was down, long to the middle of her back, jet black, and her body made me breathless. Great tits, nice round small butt, and a face that could cause a man to beg. “Undo them,” she said as she pulled on my pants. They were off and so were my boxers. Lita is on her knees, between my legs, “Can you concentrate Mike with the TV on? I turned if off. Her mouth was doing a fine job of getting me very hard. Although her look took care of most of that.

I pulled her up to me. She lowered herself on my stiff member. “Oh my god, Era and Shelly told me how good your cock is.” Lita’s hands were on my shoulders, and she was leaning back with her hair flowing with each movement. She was riding me slowly, deliberately, I could see the pleasure in her face. I was being used and I loved to watch. She stopped, and I could feel her juices covering my cock, drowning my cock. Her first orgasm was exactly what she wanted. More lube for less friction. Now she moved faster, and faster. She was wild.

Her second, third, and fourth orgasms came quickly, one after the other. Then she stopped. I moved her to lie on the couch and I place my mouth on her juicy pussy. My licking and sucking caused loud moaning and another orgasm in a short time. Then another. Lita was acting like she had not been fucked in a long time. She rolled over and put her ass up for me to take. I buried my cock deep into her and pounded her pussy until she came again and collapsed. We showered together, fucked in the shower, and were in the living room when they returned from shopping. Lita was up to help. My wife was tired and went to her room and bed. Lita came out, I told her I would be with Era.
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