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Her birthday is tomorrow, but today she got the lesson of a lifetime.
She was about as tall as my hips when she first ran around my bedroom shouting that her birthday was tomorrow and she couldn’t wait to see what I got her for a present. Unfortunately, her hyperactivity caused her to crash squarely into the front of me, creating a huge discomfort to my testicles. As I bent over in shock and pain, she started crying and mumbling how sorry she was.

“It’s okay Sis, I was just surprised and a bit winded.”

“Did I damage your thingy that is sticking out?”

“No and there’s nothing sticking out”.

Apparently, she saw the start of an erection and I immediately sat down with my hands covering my lap.

“Your thingy got bigger after I ran into you”.

“Drop it Sis; you’re not old enough to be talking about it, and stop calling it a thingy”.

“What’s it called?”

“It’s called a Penis”.

“Is your Penis swollen because I hurt it?”

“Yes, now please go back to your room and stop talking about it”.

An hour later it was dinner time and when I went down to eat, no one was around and nothing was put out to eat. I began searching the house and heard voices coming from the basement.

“John, this isn’t right. She shouldn’t be watching this because she is far too young”.

“She asked and it’s up to us to teach her”.

I crept quietly to the open door leading to the basement, and there on the carpeted floor of the rec room was my little sister, laying on her stomach with her face propped up on her hands and elbows. Just out of sight, there were slurping noises and moaning sounds. I quietly took a couple of steps, fearful that they may squeak and alert my parents that I was watching and listening. After the second step, my cock began twitching and growing to full hardness, because I now had a clear view of what was causing the noises.

“John, are you sure this is the right thing to do?”

“Look we can’t stop now, so just keep licking and sucking”.

I watched intently as my mom took dad’s 4-inch cock deep into her mouth, and had his balls resting on her chin. As she began bobbing her head up and down, I watched my little sister squirming on the floor, seemingly grinding her pussy into the carpet.

“Watch closely sweetie, because you are about to see what happens when a girl pleasures a guy’s Penis. I am about to ejaculate my sperm into Mom’s mouth for her to swallow”.

“Can I get closer to see better?”

“Yes, you can even help if you want”.

“What do I do to help Daddy?”

“Take your hands and hold my balls that are bouncing off mommy’s chin. That will help me ejaculate faster”.

My cock was going crazy watching this scene unfold, and when it became obvious that my sister’s hands weren’t helping much, and my Dad asked her to suck on his balls, I thought I would blow my load.

“That’s right sweetie, just suck on my balls, and help me ejaculate in mommy’s mouth”.

He thrusted faster and I watched Mom’s cheeks expand as Dad’s cum filled her mouth. When she couldn’t hold it all, some cum dribbled down his cock and onto my sister’s lips. As she stuck out her tongue to have a taste, she was shocked when Dad pulled his cock out of mom’s mouth and forced it into her mouth.

“Suck the rest of daddy’s sperm sweetie and it will help you to grow up faster”.

I had to get upstairs and jerk off because my balls were tight and I needed to blow my load. As I turned to step back up the stairs, I saw my Mom look up at me and wink. I flew up the stairs and closed my door, and debated whether to jerk off or wait to see what my Mom’s wink meant.

“Dinner is ready; come and get it”.

I guess an hour had gone by because when I got downstairs, the table was set and food placed out.

My Mom looked at me and then at my crotch, and then she winked at me again. We all began eating and when my sister dropped her fork, Mom said she would get it. As my mom crawled under the table, I felt a hand on my lap, and my cock grew as she gripped it through my pants.

“Honey, where did you drop the fork? I’m not seeing it.”

I felt the top of my track pants being pulled and next thing I felt a hand on my throbbing cock. My Dad was stuffing his face, oblivious of what was happening under the table. When I felt a tongue and lips on my cock head, my cum shot out like a cannon. I watched my sister and Dad and neither of them seemed to have a clue that Mom just swallowed my sperm. Mom got it all swallowed, picked up my sister’s fork and resurfaced.

After helping to clean up after dinner, I headed upstairs to try and understand what had happened. I stretched out on my bed, closed my eyes, and envisioned my ejaculation into my Mom’s mouth. My cock was fully erect and just as I was preparing to jerk off, my Mom and Sister opened my door and came in.

“Don’t worry, your Dad is snoring on the couch, with his belly full of food. I wanted to talk to you about something”.

My sister climbed up on my bed and immediately went for my cock with her little hands.

“What are you doing? You can’t touch people like that”.

“Mom said I could since it’s my birthday tomorrow”.

Mom decided to help and pulled down my track pants exposing my huge erection for both of them to see.

“It’s much bigger than Daddy’s Penis. Will it fit in my mouth?”

This all seemed like a dream and I thought my imagination had got the best of me, until I felt that little tongue swirl around my cock head. My Mom was caressing my balls, and soon had them both in her mouth, sucking and licking them. My Sister had managed to get a couple of inches into her mouth, and that left six inches still exposed. Mom’s hand took care of the six inches and began jerking me off, as she continued sucking my balls. My ejaculation was huge and almost blew my sister’s mouth off my cock head. She sucked and licked and swallowed as much as she could. The rest dribbled down on Mom’s lips.

What a sight before me. My Sister and my Mom, both with cum covered lips and both smiling with contented looks on their faces.

“Happy Birthday Sis.”

“I’ll have my present tomorrow so we can see how much of that big cock you can get inside me. Mom said she’d help”.

To be continued….
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