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As a very active Sub I have a lot of needs from my Doms and below is the only time I was with not only 4 of them at once, but also had a new experience that pushed me to a new limit as to how far I would go to please a Dom.
Hi, I’m Brandy. I’m 28 yo Bi Sub, 5”4”, 115 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, 32C breasts with permanently erect nipples (have been my whole life), and a shaved pussy. I’ve been a Sub most my life although I didn’t know it for quite a while. I do prefer men, but I am now a very well trained obedient Sub and will do whatever I’m told to by a Dom or Femdom. If you’ve read my some of my other posts about my journey finding out who I am and what my needs are, I hope you enjoyed it; if not let me repeat a little of the intro. My OBGYN once asked me how often I liked to have sex and I told her at least 2 hours a day. She seemed to have misunderstood and asked how many days a week and when I said every day she paused, wrote something in my chart and told me I was “oversexed”. I asked if that was a problem and she said only if it interferes with your life. I almost laughed as it is my favorite part of my life and told her it wasn’t a problem. She didn’t ask any more questions, but I suspect she realized that explained the various marks and bruises in private areas of my body.

I have several Doms I see often and even now two Femdoms that I visit infrequently. But I like variety and my sexual appetite is almost insatiable so I need to see different people for different experiences. I am upfront with them and my Doms all know about the others. Everything in my life was fine until one of my Doms contracted COVID-19, so I had to quarantine for 10 days and get tested regularly; well guess what even though I have no symptoms I tested positive which means now I have to remain in quarantine until I have 3 negative tests on three separate days. This is a serious problem ! I’ve tried phone, video, etc. but none of it works for me; I have to be with someone. So I thought I’d write down some of my experiences of being a Sub and share them in case someone is interested.

I met one Dom right after I graduated college that was exceptionally strict. Another Fem Sub that I knew told me about him and said he was too strict for her, but she thought he would be a good fit for me. She was definitely right about that. He trained me very well, including training me to cum only on command which let me tell you was not a course I’d recommend to anyone not able to handle a lot of punishment over a long period of time. But that’s not what the following story is about, it’s about the time I mentioned above where I enjoyed four of my Doms all at the same time (spoiler alert : I found out my sexual desires are so insatiable I wore them out and they had to bring in “reinforcements”). Every Dom has asked me what my safe word is and I always reply I don’t need one, which was true until I temporarily regretted it in the story below. However, it did take place after I was trained to cum on command and all four of the Doms in this story knew that about me. Note that any names are made up but the story is true.

This story is fairly recent and took place about 2 years ago. I woke up one Saturday and realized I’d been having a very vivid sex dream, my pussy was very wet and I was in need of a Dom to help me with my needs. I showered, ***********ed a sexy matching pair of bra and panties; then got dressed with jeans and a low cut top before heading out of the house. I knew a Dom who would most likely be home and went directly to his house. The door was unlocked, so I just walked in and found the owner of the house sitting in a chair playing an interactive video game with three of my other Doms who were sitting on the couch. I thought “jackpot”, everyone I needed all in one place ! But they only looked up briefly to see who came in and each just said “Hi Brandy”; then went back to playing their video game. I walked over to where they were and stood there obediently for a long time, longing for them to play with me instead of that game but knowing my place was to wait patiently until they were ready to acknowledge me. Laughing and trash talking one another they just kept playing their video game and ignored me.

After what seemed like forever, I started to realize I needed to do something to make myself more interesting than the game. So I started to sway a little like I was dancing and did a very slow strip tease, carefully removing one piece of clothing at a time while dancing slowly. When I was down to just wearing my panties I first pulled them up so they slid between the lips of my pussy; then I slid them off, pressed them against my face and inhaled deeply before dropping them to the floor. Eventually I was standing there naked right next to the TV, still swaying my body. I ran my hands down my body, across my nipples, stopping at my pussy and then did it in reverse rubbing from my pussy to my breasts. I don’t know whether I finally managed to catch their interest or their game was over but one Dom said “hey guys, I think Brandy needs some attention” and they all laughed. But it had worked and that was all that counted for me. They all stood up and the owner of the house came over to where I was standing, picked me up and carried me downstairs to the basement while the others followed.

I knew the basement well, it was set up as a home gym but also where we “played” when I came over because it was an attached row house and this was the only place the neighbors couldn’t hear loud noises even to the point of a scream. The Dom carrying me sat me on the weightlifting bench then went over to a large trunk that contained all the tools and toys that I loved so much. He handed to the Dom standing next to him a pair of silver nipple clamps that were attached to one another by a silver chain. That Dom came over to where I was sitting and carefully attached them to my erect nipples. He pulled down, up and then out on the chain just hard enough that he could see I was clenching my teeth from the sensual pain it sent through my body. The owner Dom took an e-stim set from the trunk and walked over to me. There were 5 e-stim pads and he attached two to the sides of each of my nipples, two to each side of my waist. Then told me to spread my legs which I did obediently, he spread my pussy lips and pulled back the skin of the top of my pussy exposing my clit and attached the last pad to the very edge just above my clit.

Another Dom had taken some ropes from the trunk. First he bound my wrists together and then told me to kneel in front of the bench leaning on my forearms. While I knelt down he rolled a barbell with weights attached until it was pressing against the back of my ankles and told me to spread my legs wide. I obediently spread my legs wide for him and he tied my ankles to the barbell on the other side of the plates. I slid forward a little to try to get more comfortable and wound up pressing my clit and e-stim pad against the edge of the bench. The Dom who had attached the e-stim pads turned them on setting them on a low pulse. My pussy was already moist, but now it was starting to get really wet. While still set on pulse the Dom with controls turned the power all the way to high and said “Brandy, cum !”. It took less than 2 seconds and I came with my hips uncontrollably thrusting my clit against the edge of the bench, moaning loudly. He quickly turned the power back to low and set the e-stim to wave, saying “just testing, she still works properly” drawing a laugh from the other Doms. They seemed pleased with this which made me very happy, but I was also eager for them to fuck me.

I didn’t have to wait long as one Dom sat naked in front of me and positioned his cock under my mouth, I obediently took his cock in my hands which were bound together at the wrists, opened my mouth and guided his cock inside. I sucked on his cock and moved my head up and down on it gently squeezing the base of the shaft and his scrotum with my hands. My pussy was really wet when I felt the tip of a Dom’s cock press against it and slowly slide inside; my clit was still hard and someone had turned up the power of the e-stim a bit which made me moan loudly. I tried to focus on the cock in my mouth, but that coupled with the Dom fucking me slowly and the e-stim made it impossible for me to concentrate. I sucked hard as I felt the potential for an orgasm building deep inside me. The Dom in front of me grabbed my head and held it as he came in my mouth; I kept squeezing him with my hands each time I felt the cum leave his cock until he stopped and I slid his cock out of my mouth. I savored the taste of his cum for a moment and then swallowed all of it; I squeezed the shaft of his cock and managed to milk a few more drops out which I eagerly licked up with the tip of my tongue. The Dom behind me was fucking me faster now and although I couldn’t move my legs I could move my hips back and forth to meet his pace. Each time he thrust forward it pushed my clit against the bench hard which coupled with the wonderful taste of cum in my mouth brought that orgasm that had been building deep inside me much closer. If I hadn’t been trained so that I could only cum on command I probably would have cum twice more by now, so I knew the next one was going to be intense. The Dom behind me was fucking my really fast and hard now when someone turned up the power on the e-stim to high sending waves of painful electric ecstasy throughout my whole body. The Dom behind me moaned loudly and thrust forward deep inside my pussy and someone else said “cum Brandy”. Instantly as I felt the cock inside me throbbing and filling my pussy with cum and I came at the same time screaming out as I felt my hips spasm uncontrollably and my whole body shaking.

Someone turned the power on the e-stim back down as the Dom behind me slid his cock out of my pussy; I was breathless and basking in the feeling of that intense orgasm. The Dom that just fucked me said “that e-stim is really powerful; I could feel it in my dick all the way inside her body. Brandy do you really enjoy that much pain ?” and I softly replied “yes Sir I do, thank you”. He asked “so how many times do you want to cum ?” and I replied “as many times as it pleases you Sir”. I heard them talking briefly then two of them carried over this large rack with a cross beam on top and slid it so the legs of the rack went under the barbell my ankles where bound to. Two Doms stood me up and held my hands straight over my head while a third Dom slipped a hook hanging from the cross beam of the rack under the ropes. They stood back for a moment looking at me; I loved the feeling of helplessness hanging there not being able to resist in any way. The Dom who originally asked me about how many times I wanted to cum said “well, let’s see if she really can please us all as she says”. I didn’t understand what he meant.

One Dom stood in front of me and slid his cock into my pussy then started to fuck me. Another Dom spread my butt cheeks from behind and pushed his cock slowly into my ass; I moaned loudly with the intense pleasure this gave me. The chain that was attached to the nipple clamps was heavy and was pulling my erect nipples down just hard enough that it caused pleasurable pain. Each of them was fucking me but not in unison, so my body was being pushed back and forth sandwiched between them. The guy in front of me was fucking me fast and hard; he said “cum Brandy” then thrust forward deep inside me and as he did a third Dom working the e-stim control turned the power to max. I came uncontrollably my body arching back and forth between them as I felt the cock in my pussy pulsing filling me with cum. I felt the power on the e-stim turn down and my body relaxed. As soon as he was done another Dom took his place and slid his cock in my pussy, but just as he started to fuck me the Dom behind me said “cum Brandy”, the e-stim power went back to high as my body thrashed back and forth while I felt cum shooting inside my ass from the throbbing cock of the Dom behind me. The e-stim was turned down again as the guy in front of me continued to fuck my pussy. They kept doing this over and over taking turns, sometimes one at a time and sometimes two at a time. Each time they were about to cum they would command me to cum; and the e-stim was turned up just as I would cum again together with whoever had given the command. I lost count of how many times they fucked me and commanded me to cum, was it twelve, fifteen, I really didn’t know. What I did know was that I was breathing really hard and despite my swollen pussy and sore ass was in complete ecstasy.

They all stopped and had turned the e-stim down to low. I looked at the clock and realized they had been fucking me for almost 3 hours now and that all of them must have cum 3 or 4 times each. They unhooked my wrists from the crossbar and I fell to my knees with my arms aching from pulling at those ropes so hard for so long. I lay down on the bench and one of the Doms handed me a bottle of Gatorade saying “drink this, you need it”. I said “thank you Sir” and guzzled the whole thing quickly; I wasn’t considering that I had been sweating for hours now. Another Dom came over and asked “OK Brandy, do you want to cum any more”, and I replied “yes, please”. That seemed to surprise him; it seemed they thought they had fucked me so hard I would have had enough. I heard them talking quietly and then they seemed to be agreeing about what they would do next. I had answered incorrectly, I should have said “if it pleases you Sir”, but now his Sub was asking for more so he was going to give it to me. However it appeared none of them had the ability to fuck me again, so I assumed it was time for more toys to come out of the trunk but I was only partially right; they actually had more plans than I could have imagined. The Dom who owned the house left the room while another Dom came over to me then removed the nipple clamps and e-stim pads. I was already kneeling in front of the bench and he told me to lie down face first on it which I obediently did. He tied a rope underneath the bench and then ran it between the ropes binding my wrists pulling it tight so I was again fully tied and helpless. I was breathing hard in anticipation of what would come next; my whole body was electrified from the e-stim voltage having run through me for so long every one of my nerve endings tingled.

I lay there kneeling in front of the bench for what seemed like a long time; I could feel copious amounts of cum dripping from my pussy and ass down my legs onto the floor. One of the Doms took a choke collar and gag ball out of the trunk; then proceeded to gag my mouth and attach the collar tightly around my throat. One of the other Doms came over and I could see he had a whip in his hand. He whipped my butt and thighs until they were bright red; then he said ”Brandy cum” and my hips thrust forward repeatedly smacking my clit against the edge of the bench while the Dom whipped my back. I loved the way the sting of the whip felt exquisitely painful as I came, moaning loudly. Then another Dom shoved vibrators into my ass and pussy, while the Dom with the whip hit my ass until I started moaning again. As soon as I started moaning one of the Doms said “Brandy cum” and I could feel my pussy and ass tighten on the vibrators inside me; I moaned loudly as I came again. Then they stopped, removed the vibrators and stood back.

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and a jingling sound. I turned my head to look and saw the owner of the house step into the basement with a jar of peanut butter in one hand and the ends of two leashes in the other; on the leashes he had his twin dogs which were beautiful harlequin Great Danes named Duke and Prince. He handed Prince’s leash to one of the other Doms then he walked Duke over to me and unhooked the leash; immediately Duke instinctively stuck his cold nose between my legs to sniff me which made me jump. His owner took some peanut butter and rubbed it between my legs over my pussy up to my ass and Duke started lapping it up eagerly. Duke’s rough tongue licking my clit, pussy and ass made me moan; as soon as I started to moan a Dom commanded me to cum. I came hard crying out as Duke didn’t pause at all still licking me fast with that big rough tongue. The gag ball in my mouth was making me drool and the choke collar was forcing me to breathe faster.

Duke had finished all the peanut butter and now was just licking the sweat off my body. Duke’s owner said “up Duke” and I could feel Duke’s paws land on either side of me near my armpits with what felt like his hard cock pressing against my butt. Duke’s owner said “good Dog”; then proceeded to slide what was Duke’s hard cock inside my pussy. I gasped this was not at all something I was prepared for and now is the time I wished I had a safe word, but I was torn between being beyond my limits which I didn’t know until now existed and wanting to please my Dom so I just froze and said nothing. Duke proceeded to fuck my pussy fast and hard as a dog would; I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. His cock was big and very long; despite not liking the idea that a dog was fucking me I couldn’t help myself when my pussy juices started to flow again and I was moaning as I moved my hips rapidly to meet Duke’s pace. One of the Doms said “cum Brandy” and my body started to shake while I came hard thinking of myself as Duke’s b**ch. Duke was relentless, he didn’t miss a beat even as I was cumming he kept fucking me fast and hard. Once my orgasm subsided I fell back in rhythm with Duke and I felt like an animal because I was fucking him as hard as he was me. Duke picked up the pace slightly and was thrusting deep into my pussy while I moaned loudly, but then with one deep thrust a large swollen area at the base of Duke’s cock which I later found is called a knot went inside my pussy which made me cry out wildly. I was drooling profusely now and panting very fast. When Duke started grunting his owner said “cum Brandy” and I came hard crying out like the animal I’d become, as I did I felt one last thrust from Duke as he came deep inside me pushing his cock as deep as possible each time he ejaculated.

When Duke was done with me, he tried to slide his cock out of my pussy but it was in there so tightly he couldn’t get it out; his owner came over and pushed on my ass while pulling on Duke and finally Duke’s cock pulled out of my pussy. Duke got down and walked away leaving me there with his cum dripping out of my pussy. A Dom removed the ball gag, nipple clamps and choke collar. Duke’s owner asked me again “do you still want to cum some more” and this time I replied properly saying “only if it pleases you Sir”. He removed the ropes that were binding my wrists and ankles; then tossed the ones that were on my wrists aside telling me to turn over and lie down facing up. I obediently lay down on my back with my pussy at the edge of the bench; he then spread my legs wide again and tied my ankles back to the barbell. He spread peanut butter between my legs again; then brought Prince over and removed his leash. Immediately Prince started licking me hard with that rough tongue making me moan. The Dom said “cum Brandy” and my back quickly arched up and down as I came moaning loudly; Prince never stopped licking with that huge rough tongue until all of the peanut butter was gone. The Dom raised me up until I was leaning on my forearms and said “Brandy, tell Prince what you want”. Although I couldn’t believe it I realized I really did want Prince; in fact I wanted him to fuck me very much. I looked Prince in his sweet eyes saying “Prince, please fuck me and make me your b**ch”. I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth ! The Dom let go of Prince’s collar, I lay back down flat against the bench again; then said “up Prince” and Prince jumped with his two front legs landing on either side of me on the bench with his hard cock pointed down pressing against my pussy.

I reached up and held the sides of Prince’s chest firmly as the Dom slid Prince’s cock into my pussy. Prince wasted no time and began to fuck me fast and hard, pinning my lower body against the bench. I was totally aroused now looking up at this magnificent beast fucking me; and lost all thought about anything or anyone in the room except Prince and me. I stroked his silky hair as I moaned over and over I whispered “fuck me Prince, fuck me hard”. I was panting just like Prince when a Dom came over close to me and said directly into my ear “cum Brandy”; I felt my hips repeatedly push upward toward Prince as I cried out cumming hard. Prince never stopped fucking me fast and hard as I orgasmed. I wanted Prince so badly I never wanted him to stop, I wrapped my arms as far around him as I could and pulled him closer. When I pulled Prince that large swollen area at the base of his cock which I found out is called a knot pushed into my pussy which made me howl like a dog; instinctively Prince and Duke both briefly howled back. That knot was very large and stretched my pussy to the max exposing my hard throbbing clit which was now pressed hard against Prince’s body so every time he moved it sent jolts of intense pleasure through my body. Prince was fucking me so hard now it was making my whole body rock back and forth; I held on to him as tightly as I could feeling his hot breath from above me and I was moaning loudly. He started to slow down and I said “please don’t stop” several times begging him to keep fucking me, I wanted this to go on forever.

I then saw why Prince had slowed down, the bench was slippery with my sweat and one of his paws was sliding off. I reached over with both hands and grabbed his lower leg which made Prince growl at me and that made me even more aroused than I thought possible. I pulled his leg back so that it was pressed against the side of my body and Prince then resumed fucking me fast and hard as he had been. After a while Prince started to grunt and a Dom stood next to me and said “cum Brandy”. I grabbed Prince’s lower back, the combination of all of the sensations I was feeling all blended together, my eyes rolled back in their sockets, my whole body started thrashing pushing hard against Prince’s body convulsing over and over while I screamed in ecstasy. As if I wasn’t already cumming hard enough I felt Prince’s cock deep inside me pulsing while he filled me with cum which made me cum even harder and longer digging my fingers into Prince’s powerful muscles. Just like Duke, when Prince was done he tried to get his cock out of my pussy but couldn’t and needed the help of his owner to pull us apart. Once Prince’s cock was out of me, he walked over to sit next to his twin brother. All I could do was lie there basking in the exquisite feeling of ecstasy as the combination of massive amounts of Duke’s and Prince’s cum dripped from my pussy. Eventually I opened my eyes and the rest of the room came back into focus. The Doms were all standing there against the wall opposite me having watched the whole show I had just put on for them.

One of the Doms said “I need a beer” and the others agreed. They were losing interest in me and I needed to know so I asked “did I please your Sirs ?”. They all laughed and one replied “Brandy, you were a good girl and yes we are pleased” which made me so happy. They untied the ropes that were binding my ankles then helped me to stand up. I was a bit wobbly but was able to stand on my own. The owner of the house said “don’t move” and went upstairs. When he came back down he tossed my clothes that I had left upstairs to me and said “put these on, I don’t want you messing up my whole house”. I looked down and realized that a combination of cum, my juices and sweat were streaming down my legs and pooling around my feet. I used my shirt to wipe as much off my legs and pussy as possible then dressed quickly. He then tossed me a towel and said “and also clean up the mess you already made down here”. I obediently wiped up the floor and wiped down the bench; there was too much for just one towel but I did the best I could.

They had packed all of the items that were removed from the trunk in a bag to be cleaned, and had already gone back upstairs by the time I finished cleaning up. I went upstairs finding they were all dressed sitting in the living room drinking beer. One Dom asked me if I wanted a beer and I really didn’t but accepted it anyway so as not to chance displeasing him. My pants were wet inside and a stain was starting to form on the outside; I really needed to get home so I could shower and change clothes. I finished my beer quickly then walked up to each one of them individually, kissed them on the cheek and said “thank you Sir”. I then went over to where Duke and Prince were lying down and kissed each one of them saying “thank you Duke” and “thank you Prince; they each licked me back and wagged their tails. After I had thanked them all, I walked over to the door and someone said “bye Brandy, come back soon” and I promised I would. As I walked home I kept thinking about everything that had happened that day, and in fact I would be thinking about that day for a long time to come; wondering if I really didn’t have any limits to what I would do to fulfill my needs to both please a Dom and feel pleasure myself.


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