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My GF has a yeast infection, and with quarantine in force, that means she's always home so I can't even jerk off! Luckily I found a very helpful and cute clerk at the grocery story who is totally into 'hands-on' customer service.
Almost a whole week has past since this stupid quarantine went into place, and there are no more dirty dishes, the laundry that normally sits in piles is all washed and folded away, and even the floors have been vacuumed. I hadn’t seen my apartment this clean since I first moved in. Even then, it was mostly because my girlfriend couldn’t sit still and wouldn’t just let me chill out in front of the TV all day every day. We also haven’t had so much sex since we first started dating last year. Pretty much every chore was interrupted by stray touching, then kissing, then ravenous fucking our brains out at least once or twice each day. It was really what I think heaven must feel like, even if I did have to strangle my cock with condoms each time.

Then yesterday she rebuffed my advances and explained that she wasn't feeling that good, down below. At first she thought it was just sore from being overused, but then the next day she had a request.

“Babe, you need to go out shopping today,” she informed me as she made me breakfast.

“Really? I’m sure whatever it is we can wait until this quarantine is over,” I sighed. I wasn’t scared of going out, but I didn’t want to risk it if I didn’t have to.

“Well, I think I have a year infection so I need you to pick up some monistat. And besides that we only have one condom left, so if you want any more of this and time soon...” she smiled at me, flipping up her skirt to show me her lovely shaved cunt once more to make her point.

“Shit,” I grumbled knowing I'd have to hold off on vagina sex already for the next week anyways, so I conceded. “Alright. Make me a list of anything else you need me to get.”

“Already done,” she giggled cutely and pulled out a piece of paper from behind her back. Of course she already knew I couldn’t refuse her, or her feminine charms. I took the paper and put on some actual jeans instead of just my sweat pants, then kissed her as I went out the door.

The streets were creepily empty, like there had been a zombie invasion or something, but there were a few rare people out and about like me. Some wore those surgical masks to stay safe, and everyone stayed well away from everyone else.

The grocery store was about the only place that still seemed moderately busy. It was almost normal, though as soon as I walked in I could see how several of the shelves were strangely bare of many items on my list. Canned pasta and meat, mac & cheese, every type of bread, almost every type of frozen meal, and every single roll of toilet paper were all completely gone. Lots of other things were low, or had a terrible ***********ion, but I made due on most of the list just fine.

"Shit," I groaned looking at the empty shelf where the black Magnum Trojans usually were. There were lots of other condoms, but the Magnums were there only ones that were loose enough to let me cum in them.

"Something wrong?" a young lady wearing the store apron asked. I wanted to say no, but if there was a chance I had to ask. I looked at her name tag, then tried to act casual.

"Yeah, Karen, umm…" I swallowed my pride and just put myself out there, "are there any more Magnums, maybe out back or something?"

"I can go check," she offered. "Follow me," she indicated, and I simply walked after her towards a pair of swinging doors out to the back employees area. I stopped there to wait for her for a few minutes, but she came back with something else in her hands..

"Sorry, all sold out I guess," she said with a small shrug, then offered up a different blue package. "These are the next largest we still have in stock."

"Yeah, that's what I figured. Damn hoarders because of the damn fear-mongering news media. It's fine, as it won't really matter anyways," I sighed and held up the box of monistat I was also buying. "Not going to need them for a week or so. I'll try back then." I was about to turn to leave when she put her hand on my arm. Normally that wouldn't have surprised me, but with this whole virus craze and social distancing proclamations, it did.

"We… have a very good return policy," she suddenly insisted, handing me the package again. "Why don't you go into the restroom out back and try one on, and if they don't fit I'll just void it out as a return. You've got nothing to lose." I took the package more out of surprise as she wasn't going to take no for an answer, then held the swinging door open for me to follow her into the back room. I was too embarrassed at that point to refuse so followed her to a small door that simply said restroom, the signage clearly indicating it was unisex, and went in.

I locked the door behind me, set down my plastic shopping basket on the floor, and sat down on the toilet to contemplate that I was actually going to 'try on' a condom like I would a pair of pants in the employee's bathroom of a grocery store. It was kind of crazy, but then again the whole world was kind of crazy now anyways, so why the hell not? I took off my pants and was just taking off the underwear when there was a click and the door opened, freaking me out as Karen entered the small room with me quickly putting my hands in front of my crotch to cover myself.

"What the hell!" I almost shouted, but it came out as a whisper because of my shock that someone would just invade my personal space like this.

"Sorry," she apologized, then re-locked the door behind her. "I've never… done anything like this before, but you just…" she seemed a strange combination of embarrassed and bold at the same time. "I just figured we could help each other out," she said with a hesitant smile.

"Oh, really?" I asked, kind of sarcastically, but she didn't seem to pick up on it.

"I mean, you're not going to get any action for a week with your girlfriend," she explained totally seriously, but there was something strange going on in her head. I could see it in her eyes. It was even stranger than everything else that has already gone on. "And my boyfriend flew home to Japan last week. And I've been so worried about him, and you seemed so confident, and I…" She was starting to lose it, her eyes welling up with tears at finally admitting to all the stress going on in her life, and she was breaking down.

Before I could stop myself I took her in my arms and just held her in my embrace, fully forgetting that I was naked from the waist down, hugging a girl who was a complete stranger just ten minutes ago, violating pretty much everything they were telling you not to do on every single news show out there. I let her cry on my shoulder for a minute, just holding her because I knew she needed it, clearly having no one to confide in or touch with this whole quarantine mess. I wasn't that worried for myself or my girlfriend since there were no cases of the virus anywhere close to us yet, but we had spent the last week holed up in my apartment, not even going outside until today. Meanwhile Karen had to work this whole time, alone and afraid for her boyfriend living in a much more affected area. I could totally understand how she'd be a good bit crazy with what she was going through.

It sounded like she had recovered from her cry, and was doing better, so I eased up on my embrace, not sure what to do next, but she took care of that by kissing me hard on the lips. I kept my mouth shut, not really worried about the virus, or that I was cheating on my girlfriend, but that this felt like I was taking advantage of her, and I didn't want that kind of trouble.

"Wait, wait, wait," I demanded as I pushed her away from me, then held her at arm's length while I tried to figure out what to say and do in this bizarre situation.

"You don't want to?" she added, and I could tell that she was about to cry again. Chicks, always so emotional. Probably thought she wasn't good enough, or pretty enough, or something. I had to say something, and quickly.

"It's just," I bit my lower lip thinking of what to say, trying to give her the reason to back away from this cliff with dignity. "I understand that you've been under a lot of pressure, keeping up a brave face with this whole deal, but you don't have to do... this. We can just both walk away if you want. I'm not going to..."

"Will you just please shut up and fuck me already?" she asked bluntly and twisted out of my grasp. "I really need to feel some cock in me right now," then she reached behind her skirt and unsnapped the buttons and it fell to the cold tile floor of the restroom. She still has in her blouse and he work v apron which covered her top and waist, but then she turned around, bending over to put one hand on the sink, and the other pulled the crotch of her panties aside to reveal her pretty pink twat. "Please, I just… really need it. Please?"

Have you ever had a girl actually beg you to fuck her? I mean, maybe you've had B&D playtime with a lover, so there could be some playful begging, or you got your girl really hot with foreplay and she begged you to stop teasing her and put it in already. I'd had some experiences like that before, but nothing like this. This was a girl asking me to fuck her as a public service, for her mental sanity. I couldn't refuse her at this point, and my painfully hard dick knew it too and betrayed my own guilty eagerness to get the chance to go spelunking in a new sex cave.

"Alright, let me just…" I opened up the box of condoms, taking one out and gritting my teeth as I tore open the little foil square and rolled the tight white latex seal over my excited Johnson. Fuck it was tight. Not the worst I'd ever worn, but it was no Magnum. "Okay then," I gritted my teeth and lined up behind her ass and pushed my way inside. Without the feeling of me dick,I couldn't tell if she was really wet enough, but there was lubrication in the condom, so I made due and with only a little late bit of work was able to w edge myself up inside her.

"Fuck, you’re so much bigger..." Karen groaned once I was fully up inside her. I didn't get the feeling she was saying it to me, just mumbling it to herself, but the whole room was just tile, porcelain, and the mirror in front of her, reflecting back her words like a microphone as well as her pretty little face, her eyes clamped shut tightly. I wasn't sure if I should wait to let her get adjusted to my girth, but she started rocking her ass back to fuck herself on my shaft, so I just grabbed he hips and joined the party as best I could.

After only a few minutes I could tell that as hot as this whole situation was, despite her cute little bubble butt bouncing in front of me, and the sexy little whimpers of pleasure she made as we fucked, there was no way I could get off with this tight of a condom. It was essentially a chastity cage wrapped around my cock, strangling all the fun out of it for me. Though it did act like a cock ring, making me swell up nice and huge for her to really get the best I could offer her. I felt her start to shake after a solid ten minutes of pounding, and upped my speed and pressure to try and hurry her along. She never opened her eyes the whole time I was inside her, and as pretty as her little ass in my hands was, cunt stretched open wide with my big fat cock spearing up inside her, the face she made as she came, contorted with forbidden desires finally behind released was what really turned me on.

I felt her convulse and pushed in one last time, keeping myself buried in her spasming quim as I held her up from collapsing to the floor until her orgasm had fully run its course.

"Are you okay," I asked once she seemed to stand on her own again.

"Y... yes," she muttered, and I pulled out, the condom now lathered in her sticky girl cum as I painfully pulled at the tight rubber band near my base and pulled it back off of my stained meat. "You didn't cum?" she asked disappointedly.

"As I said, these ones are too small," I sighed with pleasure at finally having the damned thing off so my swollen member could breathe free again. I tried to make a joke out of it, "Guess you'll just have to use that return policy, I…"

She surprised me again by simply dropping to her knees and taking my cockhead right into her pretty little mouth. Fuck, I hadn't expected her to do that! I'd be lying if I said I hadn't enjoyed our fuck at all. I enjoyed it immensely, and was super ready to cum, just couldn't because of the tight band that had been cutting off my circulation. But with it gone, and her pleasure out of the way, clearly going out of her way to please me now, it didn't take more than a few minutes to finish me off.

Again I looked at her cute face, lips stretched around my naked schlong, then I pulled in her head, digging my fingers into her tightly clipped up hair, forcing myself right down her gullet as I came. I would have never forced myself on my girlfriend like this, much less not telling her I was about to cum, but Karen clearly wanted to help me out the way I'd helped her, so I figured if she really didn't want to go all the way she'd have let me know somehow, it tried to pull away, but she didn't, even though I heard her gagging as I unloaded a full two days of fresh sperm down her throat. Fuck that felt so good!

She did pull away before I had completely finished, and I could see it was because my jizz had hot her so hard it was oozing out of her nose. She gagged and spat more of it out onto the floor, and I jerked off the last bit into the back of her head like a total jerk. I sat down on the toilet to catch my breath, not really believing I had been so callus and nasty to this girl who was just trying to return the favor of a good orgasm, but before I could form the words for an apology she looked up at me with a strange smile that disarmed my thought process. Her eyes were puffy and swollen from crying as she retched up sputum and cum, her lips and jaw shimmering with it, yet she looked… happy?

She didn't say anything, just turned and stood, then began washing her face in the sink while I got dressed again. I handed her skirt to her, and she thanked me, quickly putting it back on as if everything about this hook-up had been perfectly normal. Then finally looked at me again. "I just want to say thank you for this. I really needed that."

"Umm, sure. No problem," I awkwardly responded. "You're going to take care of this, right?" I asked, pointing at the opened box of condoms.

"Yes," she answered, picking up the box and holding it up. "Clearly too small. The customer is always right," she smiled chipperly.

"Okay then, I should check out and get back home to my girlfriend," I stated clearly, trying to drive home the point that I was already in a relationship and that this hadn't been anything serious between us.

"Right. Good. You do that," she confirmed, but then just stood there looking at me for another moment.

"The door," I pointed behind her, and she broke from her thoughts.

"Oh, right!" she giggled and opened the door. "But first, you should wash your hands," she said, giving me a sly grin. "Got to stay safe these days," then disappeared out the door.

I wasn't sure if she was serious or joking with me, considering all the lines we just crossed, but just in case I did wash my hands before going out the door. Karen was nowhere to be seen, so I left the back room, returning alone to the store, walked to a self-checkout aisle and left for home with my goods, a little dazed by the wild events.

To be continued....

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