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hello this is my firs time ever writing a story , i hope you like it and thank you for taking time to read it
Hello, I would like to tell you my story, but first I have to introduce myself. My name is

Mandy, I'm a 18 year old white girl and a senior in my school and very good at basketball. I

made all state last year, and already have colleges looking at me. I am very small and quick,

standing 5’4 and weighting 98 pounds, athletic body, I have brown hair with some blonde streaks

that I always wear in a pony tail, I have a boyfriend and yes we have had sex, I love him very


But my story begins over this last summer, I heard about a one on one street basketball for

money at the local park near my school. People would come from all around to play. So I started

playing ball for money and made a lot of it, first beating all of the local women and then I started

playing against the boys, not the 6’6 guys, but more one on one with other point guards, I don't

miss, and I’m too small and quick for them, I took a lot of money from the local players

One friday night I went to the court and found it empty, except for one player, smaller black

man around 5’10, he was just sitting on the free throw line wearing a hoodie, instead of talking to

him I just shot on the other court by myself, waiting for my next mark, but soon he approached

me. ”Care to play a few games? “ he asked. He had a nice smile and was handsome with kind

eyes. Yes I found him very attractive, but when playing ball I’m focused, I agree to just play. “5

dollars a game to 11”, I said while pretending not to notice him as I just kept shooting. “ Ok that

sounds good, you can take it out ” he said smiling at me.

I stripped out of my warm ups and hit the court in my shorts and jersey, he checked the ball

and I quickly made a lay up. “ I’m Steve by the way” he stuck out his hand to shake mine, but I

just nodded. “Mandy”, I replied. He looked older but it didn't matter, this was my court, the

game was over quickly 11 to 5. “damn girl you're good” he stated. “ How about another game,

say double or nothing?” he said, smiling at me. Soon I was up 100 dollars. I was unstoppable,

after each game he would just smile and tell me nice game, but after a few more games he

stopped and looked at me and said “Ok Mandy let's play one more, but let's make this

interesting” as he pulled out 500 dollars, making my eyes light up. I knew he was hustling me

now, but it was so tempting. Biting my lip I wanted to say no, but my competitive nature made

me waver.

“If you can score more than 4 points in a game to 11 you win, but if i win”, he looked me up

and down. “ hmm say , you give me head “. He smilingly said to me.

“ So if you win I have to suck your dick, but if I score more than 4 points I win and no blowjob?”

I watched him nod. Those odds were too good to pass up, even if I lost. I've given my boyfriend

head before, 3 minutes and done. I knew I was good at giving a blow job, cause he always told

me how good I could do that.

“Ok but on one condition “ I replied to him “ 2 points for 3 pointers ”

He bit his lip and thought about it then came back with “ ok 2’s for 3 for you only, mine will

count as one, but if I win you let me have sex with you too” Steve said with a innocent grin

“Done “ was my reply before even thinking it through, I took off my tank top to play in my

sports bra, to help me cool off a little. Steve handed me the ball after checking it and swish, my

first shot for 2 quick points, I took it out again and knew I couldn't press my luck on another.

Steve guarded me tight all the way to the basket, that's when I felt it for the first time. His dick

was rubbing my hip, I've played many guys on this court, they have guarded me and I've never

felt that before. Trying to get my mind back to focus I went for the shot just to have him block it

Steve backed away to clear then started forward, I guarded him close, not giving any ground, but

then I could feel my nipples poking hard against my sports bra, the sneaky bastard was using his

guard arm to brush my breast. Losing my temper I went for the steal, he left me reaching for air.

The game was over before I knew it 11 to 2. I stood there in shock as he extended his hand, “nice

game Mandy” he said, I shaked his hand as my mind raced, what did I get myself into? popped

up in my mind. Steve walked over to the bench and grabbed two water bottles and threw one to


I walked over to sit with him on the bench, “You're really good “, I told him, smirking he replied

“I should be, if I’m going to be named All American”. My jaw dropped open. “ your Steve

Baker, you led the nation in points last year” I was floored, how could I not recognize him?

“Yes that's me “ he smiled as he got up, “We can talk more later” he said as he walked over to

the court lights but only turned half of them off. He turned and said ,“well a Bet is a bet”

I don't know if it was my pride,or that I was fangirling but as he walked up to me I was full of

excitement, to my shock he bent down softly and kissed me, then reached down and pulled me in

his arms, my head was swimming, without thinking, my mouth open to let his tongue explore

mine. We kissed passionately, when he pulled away I started to my knees, pulling his shorts with

me as I lowered down, I helped him out of them, that's when I could see it in the lights that were

left on.

My boyfriends dick is big, around 5 inches when hard but very small when it soft , we measured

it once, but Steve’s dick was huge while limp, holding it, I stamer ,”umm, I dont think Im going

to be able to do anything with it when it gets hard”. Steve looked down smiling “It's ok, trust

me, I'm a show not a grow '' he replied. I was in complete amazement as I held it in my hand, it

looked like golden brown chocolate the way the lights reflected off of it, I felt it thicken as I

stroked it. I kissed the tip of it and ran my tongue over the head. All I kept questioning was, am

I going to be able to fit that in my mouth ?. I opened my mouth to take as much as I could, the

salty taste and sweaty musk was in my mouth, the taste strangely was appealing to me.

I felt myself being turned on by this as I sucked his cock in my mouth while stroking his shaft

with my hand. My boyfriend would have cum by now, but Steve just told me how good it felt

and acted like he wasn't even close. I pulled away to ask “ Is this ok ? I'm sorry I’ve never been

with someone with a cock this big”. Steve smiled and helped me to my feet, “ lay down on the

bench and hang your head over the edge”, he told me. I followed his command and laid there as

he bent my legs, placing my feet on the bench, with a gentle push he opened my legs, “keep

your feet there” he said in a loving voice as he returned up by my head. “ lick me” he said as he

lowered his balls to my face, the smell of sweat was stronger than ever but my mind was in a

whirlwind, he had moved my shorts aside, his finger was gently rubbing the contours of my

pussy lips, electricity shock through my body, making me desire the taste of his skin,

Soon I found the head of his cock against my lips, as I started to suck on him he stopped me, “ let

me help you, ok?, lay your head back and open wide but don't suck just relax your mouth and

breathe through your nose” he instructed. Without sucking on him his cock went farther in my

mouth, a strange sense of pride returned again as I felt his cock at the back of my throat, “breathe

slowly and relax “ I heard him say as his cock surprisingly passed into my throat, he let out a

long moan as I felt his finger for the first time move my panties aside, I was on sensory overload

with this gorgeous black mans cock in my throat. My hips raised to meet his fingers.

I could feel my pussy lips being spread apart as he enter me with just a teasing finger tip, I tried

to moan but his cock filled my throat completely,

Then from out of nowhere I felt it, his hot semen coating my throat. I tried to gasp but his cock

stopped that action. But as he backed out of my mouth I found myself upset for not being able to

bring him to climax without his help. Steve leaned down and started kissing me passionately.

God this man could kiss, I thought to myself, but with him cuming, I avoided having sex with

him, cause my boyfriend had taught me that after climaxing men are done for awhile.

Steve helped me up as he kept kissing me as he slid my shorts and panties down in one move , I

felt weak kneed as he ran his fingers in and out of my pussy, Steve guided my hand to his

cock,which was rock hard again. My eyes opened wide as I felt it again, how was I able to

swallow that. No answers for the question were found as he had me straddle the bench, he

walked behind me and pushed me forward to grab the bench.

I felt the head of his cock brush the hair at the opening of my pussy, as he ran his hand up and

down my back, “ are you enjoying this mandy?” he asked, it felt like someone else answering

with a moan, I arched as he raked his finger nails down my back, standing behind me, Steve

used his foot to nug my feet apart farther, then pushed my chest to the bench while pulling my

hips back a little farther. I never felt so exposed like this, everything was laid open for him. My

ass cheeks were showing everything they normally hide and to my surprise my pussy lips slowly

unsealed themselfs, like someone opening their arms for a hug. Steve moved behind me, I could

feel the head of his cock rubbing up and down the opening of my pussy, “ bend your knees some

'' he told me in a loving but controlling voice. As I bent my knees in this strange doggy style

position causing my pussy to open up, I could feel the muscles of my legs stretching my interior

vagina walls, moans escaped my lips as I felt the head of his cock entering my pussy. Slowly

Steve pulled my hips back onto his cock, gasping. I felt like I might tear but he stopped to let me

stretch and adjust to his size, moving slowly he backed out of my pussy then would enter me

again, stopping every time to grind his cock inside of me. I've never felt so wet in my life as he

backed all the way out and my wetness trailed out of me and fell on the bench. Steve continued

the same pattern a few more minutes, then I discover why woman love fucking black men. Steve

pushed his cock all the way in, electricity shot through my body as he hit the closed door of my

cervix. I felt my pussy walls stretching out wide. “Oh god” I cried out as he reached the back of

my pussy, slowly grinding the head of his cock against my cervix.” You like that mandy?” he

asked , I found myself unable to answer, as he backed his cock, then slide it all the way in,

I arching my back harder each time he hit my cervix, I couldn't tell anymore if it hurt or I loved

it. Slowly he increased the speed of the forward thrust but always backed out slowly. I felt like a

rag doll as he pounded away on me, to my surprise my pussy was sloppy loose and taking him in

completely with no more pain when he hit my cervix, I giggled to myself that he must have

dented it.

“Mandy, I'd better stop before I cum , I don't want to take the chance of knocking you up” he

told me as he backed out of my pussy. Looking back it on it now I made the best decision in my

life when I turned my head and told him “Its ok I have a I. U. D. you don't have to stop”, with

those words, I gave him the keys to my body and he drove it hard, Steve slammed his cock in me

so hard that it took my breath away for a second, something in me that i didn't know was

possible, a feeling of me having to pee appeared from nowhere, with every pulse of his cock in

me it grew stronger, but I couldn't say anything cause I was in heaven with this beautiful man, I

couldn't stand the thought of him pulling out of me. When me and my boyfriend make love, he is

usually done by now, but this is different, its wild, almost animalistic,

This was fucking and I loved it, but ever time he thrusted into me, I had to fight to stop myself

from pissing, but then it happened.”Im cuming”, steve moans out, thrusting deeper than ever

inside of me, I couldnt stop it, I pissed all over him but it was different, my stomach muscle

clench down and medium stream of piss squirted out of me. I collapsed to the bench ,legs

shaking that I could not stop, muscle spasms in my stomach made it hard to move, Steve

withdrew his cock from my pussy as he did some of his cum followed him out. I've never felt

this feeling before of so much cum flowing out of me. The next feeling I had still shocks me

today, I felt empty, my pussy longed to be full again, I let out a soft moan of disappointment

when he completely exited me. Steve helped turn me over and rolled up his hoodie for me to use

as a pillow for my head. I laid there trying to catch my breath and slow my racing heart, when

Steve lowered onto me and began kissing me, he tasted so good. I felt him enter me again, I

welcomed him back inside of me and this time there was no pain or stretching of my insides, his

cock in my mind was home. Cum from him and my own rolled out of me as he ground down into

me, I don't know if he spoke, even if he did I was incapable of forming words just moan and

gasping for breath, I don't know how long it was before he came, all I knew was I didn’t want

him to stop, but soon he rested upon me, both of us not saying a word just rhythmic breathing.

Steve spoke first “I'm so glad our schools scout talked me into coming down to check you out “

I shot up from the bench, “You mean State U is seriously looking at me and you came to check

me out and fuck me” I was excited and pissed at the same time. “Just to scout but when I saw

you I just couldn't help myself, girl you are the most beautiful wild flower I’ve ever seen, your

skill, honestly for a time I thought I was going to lose my money “ he smiles and I melted. You

have the whole package, your shots are dead on,you're quick and small. It's so hard to guard you,

I looked down at my pussy “Well I used to be small ” I commented. The comment was me partly

being a smartass and the other worried that I would be worn out like the boys at school say the

slutty girls are. “Am I going to have to ask guys the size of their dicks now so it fits me right.

“Fuck! My boyfriend is going to know , the next time we have sex and he wont be able to feel

anything” I said to myself out loud as I buried my face in my hand.

Steve giggled a little and placed a concerned hand on my shoulder “ Trust me, the size will be

back to normal by morning, you have no reason to be worried ” he said with a smile that this

time I felt all the way to my clit. Without even thinking I reached up and started kissing him.

Steve stood up, like a loving parent helped me dress, I couldn't believe this man could be real.

All I could do was watch and smile, that was until I stood up. I couldn't believe a females vagina

had that many muscles, I could feel ever one of them, Steve helped me get my footing and

walked me to the court entrance, “ I'm going to head back and tell the recruiters that they are nuts

not to give you a full ride “ Steve's voice was full of excitement “ you are good enough right now

to be second seat on the men's team “ I stood there no words could be found to reply just shock

from what he had just spoken. “ Hand me your phone and I'll give you my number and we can

text, plus I was thinking“ he stopped as I handed him my phone “ there is a four on four charity

streetball game happening in three weeks, me and a couple of my teammates are going to play

and I would love it if your was are fourth member of our team”

Later that night as i laid in bed all I kept thinking about was what had happen, recruiters, the four

on four game, and then the muscle spasms hit and omg the sex, and the walk home. Why had no

one ever told me that guys cum that much, it was all clumped in my pubic hair, semen ran out of

me all the way home. The next day was something that no man will ever understand, I jog every

morning, I have been sore before from practice, but I swear Steve bruised my cervix. After the

first mile and moving just the wrong way and a sharp pain would strike, the thought of his cock

would pop in my head, or somewhere some of his semen would leak out from somewhere and

I'm all horny again, so my jog was 6 miles of painful arousal. When I finished my jog, with his

cock on my mind for the last two, I undressed for my shower in the bathroom, my pubic hair was

covered in my wetness and the last remains of his seed, I decided it was time to clean that mess

up. Some of my friends had told me that shaving the pubic hair makes keeping clean a lot easier

so I decided it was time to see if they were right. Taking a shower was always my first choice but

I figured soaking in the tub would be the best for me of maybe help with muscle pain and


Shaving your pussy is not something you ask your mother how to do so my first time became a

learning experience. The top mound was easy but then I started asking myself , do I shave in the

folds and how far back ? so there I was sitting on the edge of the tub, one leg bent up and spread

wide as I'm pulling my pussy lips to shave on each side and remove all the hair. But then how far

back do i go? So I grabbed my phone and took my first pussy selfie, looking to see how far back

I should go. The hair around my ass was very fine so any farther back shaving was not needed.

Looking at the pic of my shaved vagina was kind of a turn on for me, I liked the way it looked,

hairless and real smooth, even though I was still sore, rubbing the outside felt magical. By

shaving I could feel everything, the slightest touch sent pleasure through my body. But this

morning was not the time to explore. I needed to wash off and share the exciting news about the

recruiters with my mom and dad. I return to rinsing off, then a thought entered my brain, I could

lay down and let the water from the tub faucet rinse out whatever semen was still inside of me ,

unknown to me at the time, I discovered why women take baths and would be the final piece of

my sexual awakening, laying on my back, legs spread wide and letting the water massage and

caress my pussy was the beginning of many orgasms in my life.

A few days after the sexual re-positioning of the inside of my pussy, everything was back to

normal, sex with my boy friend was still the same but I did start becoming more aggressive about

what I wanted and making love to him felt completely new and exciting, but sometimes when we

made love I would start thinking of Steve fucking me, which would make me come every time.

After doing some research on the internet I discovered I was squirting and not pissing, which

was the starting crack in pandora's box for me , because now I could cum and squirt depending

on my mood. I never told anyone about what happened, I didn't hear anything from steve and the

whole experience started to feel like a wet dream, but then the text came that would change











The weekend of the tournament came so fast, I told my parents that I was staying at my best

friends house then going to a teen dance pool party the next night, so everything was covered.

Still the night with Steve always came back into my mind, so much so that I found myself going

on porn sites to watch interracial porn to see if there was anything I could learn, it all was very

hot until I found a gang bang one. How could any girl let herself be used like that, four guys just

having sex with her and doing what they want, my heart went out to her and it was sad that men

treat woman like that. But Steve was different, soon I find myself thinking of that night again

and wondering if it meant anything to him

When saturday morning arrived I was happy dancing all the way to our meeting place, and there

he was, he greeted me with a kiss and we rode to the tournament, Steve introduce me to his

teammates as there secret weapon, don't think I’ve ever blushed so much in my life, but they was

all very nice and happy to meet me. All day we played and we crushed every team, I was too

small and quick for them to cover me in there zone defense, after it was all said and done I was

top points maker of the tournament, with the side bets we each cleared 1000 dollars, I was on

cloud nine, Steve teammates treated me like one of their own, that day was the greatest day of

my life I thought. After the game Steve took me back to his place and let me change for the big

after game party. When I emerged from the bedroom Steve's eyes lit up, he slowly took me all in,

starting from the black stilettos, thigh high stocking with purple bows, purple flannel pattern

mini skirt, see through fishnet top, that revealed my black push up bra, and for the first time in

my life I was wearing my hair in pigtails, I finished off the look with purple matte lipstick and

the smokey grey eyeshadow look. A wide smile on Steve’s face is all I needed to know, I nailed


The after party dance was so much fun, we danced and laughed about everything, Steve's

teammates were awesome to dance with and after the party we all headed back to his place.

Steve, me and four of his friends, all came back to his house where we sat around talking

basketball and the beat down we put on those other teams. Steve stood up and asked if I would

do the honor of dancing with him for a song, smiling. I agreed. The music was some slow groove

beat. Steve pulled me in close as we grounded against each other, that's when i felt it again, his

cock in his pants, my clit somehow sent a message to my brain, a replaying memory of our night

together having sex, I bit my lip as the image played, Steve knew it too, from the lust in his eyes.

As we danced I lost all awareness of anyone around, Steve pulled me in tight and kissed me

passionately, my knees grew weak as I melted into his arms. Steve whispered in my ear about

trusting him, at which I nodded, he pulled me back into our endless kiss as I felt him lift my skirt

to hook my panties and slide them down my legs, My body took over from my mind as I helped

pull them all the way off. Steve smiled as I felt one of his teammates join in behind us and

started to grind into me from behind

Steve's lips stayed locked against mine as I felt hands go up going to my top, hands rubbing my

ass, my body betrayed me as I eagerly helped someone remove my shirt. I don't know when my

bra came off or my skirt, but I was dancing with all of them, eyes closed and my arms raised

high as hungry mouths fed from my nipples, cupping hands all over my breast, someone was

rubbing my pussy and ass. I opened my eyes to see Steve not with us but standing back and

watching, completely naked stroking his beautiful chocolate cock, I wanted him in my mouth

again, I needed to feel him inside of me. Steve pulled me close to him as he sat down on the

couch, suddenly I felt my body being lifted, Steve's teammates had laid me down back first on to

his coffee table, before I could say anything I felt someone open my legs and a tongue started

licking me, I looked around trying to figure out what I was suppose to do, my hand was guided

to a cock, then the same for the other one, I couldn’t think straight with everything going on at

once, someones cock was resting on my cheek and I turned to engulf it into my mouth, loud

moaning filled my ears as I closed my eyes to feel this moment and not see it ,which sent me

over the edge. My first of many orgasms came from the man eating my pussy, I arched up high

from the orgasm, which allowed my throat to open for the man in my mouth. He didn't stay long

there as he moved from me, he was soon replaced by another. I felt fingers opening my pussy

and the head of a cock sliding in, gently he worked entering me, he was big and muscle memory

must have kicked in cause I adjusted quickly to his size. Loud moaning filled the room, as

another man replaced the one in my mouth, but then something strange happen as they all

stopped and backed away as Steve came to me, he helped me up, my legs felt like jello, I had

came many many time, but not one of the men had and that's when it complete gobsmacked me.

The girl in the gang bang video is now me and they are not using her, she was using them, they

were there for her pleasure not theirs.

Steve laid on the bed and helped me climb on top of him, Reaching down I guided his cock

inside of me as we kiss, I wanted to feel it deep inside of me again, I sat up to help him bottom

out, something took over my body as I didnt rock on his member but I ground my hips into him,

the next orgasm had me trembling unable to sit up on him as I fell into his arms. I layed on top of

him panting as he continued to thrust into me, like a skipping record all I kept saying was “OH

GOD OH GOD” as Steve poundeed up inside of me. A strange and excited feeling appear from

nowhere as I felt someone touching my ass, just barely dipping the tip of his finger into my

opening, I was shocked how good it felt, then something was added to allow his finger to slide

inside of my ass easier, so kind of lube , this new sensation added to my soon approaching

orgasm. I started thrusting back onto Steve's cock, I felt one of Steve's friends cock rubbing my

ass with little up and down motion with the head of his cock. Why did that feel so good? I

wonder to myself as the orgasm came quicker, breathing heavier. I rode him with everything I

had when the orgasm hit in waves this time. I pushed back down hard,bearing down with my

cervix to push the orgasm thru my system when I felt someone's cock slide into my ass, bearing

down and pushing out must have opened my ass up cause there wasn't much pain, but I could

feel everything stretching out again, Steve and his friend slowed there pace to came together in

rhythm, slow thrust and small movement , moaning again filled the air, but this time I realized

the source of it had always been me, I was completely lost in the moment as they sped up, steve

asked me if i was ok, i kissed him passionately. Both men must have used some kind of silent

signal cause they both thrust hard and deep into me, I pushed my upper body up, arched my

back. My mouth was wide open in a silent scream as the pleasure shut my vocal cords down. As

I trying to make a sound, someones cock had enter my mouth, three cocks were inside of me and

I was in heaven my mind stopped working and my body just took over, this time the men didn't

hold back, Steve came first, then slided out of me then moved out from underneath, leaving me

on all fours with my ass being fucked, next the man in his mouth started shaking and i know he

was close and I opened my throat and let him slide deep into my mouth, I felt it before he cried

out , the new sensation of warmth, in my throat that slowly moved down my passageway. Slowly

he pulled out of my mouth so I could catch my breath, which was fast quick panting,

I could see the men around me stroking themselves, watching me being pounded by this man

doggy style, then I said something to match what my body needed, I turn back to the man in my

ass, I spoke to him not begging but and order “ FUCK MY ASS, HARDER” my sexual desire

had taking over and there was nothing I could do but stand aside in my mind, and enjoy the

moment, he pulled out and rolled me over to my back, then raised my legs to rest on his

shoulder,then returned his cock back into my ass. Different men knelt around me and came all

over me, my face, my tits, anywhere they could, but after each one came, I would greet their

spent cock with my mouth as they brought them to me, I don't remember the taste, it was just that

I had to have it, the last to finish was the man in my ass, as he pulled out. All the energy I had

just turned off as my legs dropped I layed there motionless, just panting at first then breathing as

I rubbed my face and body to feel and spread my beautiful gift these men had given me. I wasn't

alone, they all were laying around me massaging my body and loving me like I was their queen.

After we all laid there for a while two of his friends hugged and kissed me goodbye, leaving me,

Steve and two of his friends, they had gone to get something to drink in the kitchen but I could

hear them talking,

“ Steve you was right, that girl is the best player I've ever seen, she’s better than that fuck up

they got down state last year” one of Steve teammates stated to them. I laid there nude in Steve's

bed listening to them, but I needed a shower. The bathroom was huge, a walk in shower with tile

everywhere, after a few minutes of fumbling with nobs I was able to turn the shower on. Two

shower heads rained water all over me like a summer shower not with hard streams of water, I

didn't know they made shower heads like that. Closing my eyes tilting my head back I let the

water run down my body, the moment was broken when someone said my name, I opened my

eyes to see Steve's two friends entering the shower with me. Excitement rushed through my body

as they walked up to me and started kissing and touching me, I was covered with shower gel and

they helped wash me, I returned the favor the best that I could, but I was having trouble

concentrating, I think I only washed one spot on them. My whole body was alive again as the

one facing me, bent his knees down and lowered his level, then guided his cock right back up

into my pussy, he thrusted into me a few times then straighten his legs, this new angle put more

pressure on my clit, causing my folds to push up while pushing the back wall of my pussy

downwards. Again my pussy was being stretched, maybe even reposition by the way his cock

moved inside of me, the man behind me slid his cock in my ass, I don't know if it was pain or

pleasure at this point there was no difference, but all I know is all three of us came, and it was

magical. After we all had showered off I returned to collect my clothes, when I saw Steve lying

on his bed stroking his cock, “ God you have a beautiful voice when you cum “ he told me, my

face warmed with the rush of blood as he extended his hand to me. My senses was heighten and

for the first time I could smell sex, the whole room smelled of it. That aroma was pure arousal

for me, I was almost too Steve's bed when his friends stopped me and took a silk scarf to cover

my eyes with it ,then helped me to the bed.

In complete darkness i heard steve in my ear,”Turn over Mandy”, once again I was one all fours,

steve pushed my chest to the bed and pushed forward on my ass cheeks ,exposing me more than

the first time we had sex. Steve easily entered and thrusted deep into me and pulled out just as

quick, but this time he pulled completely out of me. Before I could udder one protest he slammed

back into me, causing a long moan from somewhere deep in my animalistic soul. Unable to see

anything, all my senses were concentrated on what his cock was doing to me. I could feel

moisture from me splashing all over my ass and down my legs, in my mind I thought it might

look like someone stomping in a water puddles, but I'm sure it was just in my imagination. Steve

let out a loud moan as I felt the warmth bath my insides, I came as soon as I felt Steve seed in


Steve pulled out and in this position it felt like my enter walls was following him out, one of

Steve's friends was next ,this one was a grinder, he thrusted deep and ground down into me, then

he would back out and thrust down and grind into me again. I felt him start to shake as he

unloaded into me. As I laid there with my ass in the air, male and female cum seeping out of

me. Steve came and laid next to me, he untied the blindfold,pulled me close and held me in his

arms till I fell asleep completely spent. The next morning he drove me home, we kept in touch

But never hooked up again. That year we won state and I got my full ride to college, Steve got

drafted, so my first year at college, Steve was playing pro ball

That summer, I had lost the bet to Steve on the court and we had sex for the first time, a night I

will never forget. That night started me down a road i could have never found if i hadn't been

cocky but i learn something that night I learned that i have my many hoop dreams in my life


2020-09-15 21:34:39
Nice one Mandy ,lucky guys fir sure

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