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Jeffry and Billy 5 (mf, mmf, incest, dom/sub, transvestite, young)

Summary – Billy and Becky abuse poor Susie.

Previous Chapter Summary – Billy and Jeffry are caught by Billy's older sister!

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. Also, the author does not condone unprotected sex in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't fuck with other people's lives!

Billy slid his long, hard cock in and out of his sister’s hot, wet, pussy. Becky was bent over the kitchen counter, leaning on the sink. Billy had snuck up behind her and prodded her ass with his morning wood. Becky simply raised her t-shirt, dropped her panties and presented her ass to him.

“I said, ‘fuck me harder,’ Billy!” Becky pleaded.

“Beg me for it, sis…,” Billy grinned. He watched his sister’s ass trying to slam against his slow, steady thrusts.

“Fuck you, ass-hole!” Becky replied. Then, needing to get her tight pussy slammed just how she liked it, she uttered a timid, “Please, fuck me harder, Billy. You know I like it hard…”

“Say ‘pretty-please…,’” he teased. He loved to tease his cock-loving, slutty, sister.

“Oh, fuck! All-right, then dick-head!” Becky said, exasperated. “Pretty-please, OK? Now fuck me damn-it!”

“Tell me how much you love my fat cock, sis…”

“Shit, Billy! Enough already! You know I love your fat cock! I’ve never had such a thick pole up my cunt before. Now fuck me HARD, or I’m going over to Jason’s house and get fucked how I like it!”

Billy grinned and began to fuck her more forcefully, per her request, sawing his thick cock in and out of her sloppy, wet hole, slamming his balls into her slit.

“Yes!” Becky groaned. “Finally!” She began grinding her ass back against him with each thrust.

“SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!” His naked flesh smacked her firmly, making her ass and full tits bounce with each thrust. Becky gripped the kitchen counter tighter and began to slam her ass back with her brother’s thrusts, driving his thick cock deeper into her wet cunt.

Brother and sister fucked in the kitchen, groaning and yelling their passions out loud in the empty house.

“Fuck me, Billy! Fuck my pussy harder!”

“Take my cock, Beck, you slut! Take all of my fucking cock!” He pounded her as hard as he could, grunting forcefully with each thrust. “Unngh, unngh, unngh!” His sister loved to get fucked hard, and he liked fucking hard. He was determined to bruise her cunt and make remember this fuck for a long time. It turned him on to think of her remembering his hard cock each time she felt her poor, abused, pussy. He received the same satisfaction from abusing Jeffry, his little sissy friend, too.

Becky moaned uncontrollably, feeling her cunt filled and her clit being smacked, over and over. She had never been fucked so hard! Her pussy was tingling, her ass checks were throbbing! Finally, it sent her over the edge. “Fuck me, Billy! I’m cumming! I’m creaming all over your fucking cock! Ohhh! Yeeeesssss-esss-esss!” Her orgasm engulfed her. Each hard thrust made it ripple over her, again and again.

Billy gripped her tighter and pounded her spasming cunt. He slammed his hips into her, driving his thick cock as deep as he could, while forcefully pulling her young body back against him. He used his arm muscles and hips, trying to fuck her unconscious. He pounded her until his groin became sore. Becky muttered gibberish as she enjoyed the one of the best orgasm of her life.

“Fu-fu-fu-fuck me!” she yelled. “Fu-fuck meeeee! Fuuuuuckkk m-m-m-meeeeee Biiiii-iiii-lllllly!

Aaaaaaaiiiiii!” she screamed as another orgasm gripped her, then another one! Her legs grew weak. She didn’t know if she could take much more.

Billy continued to fuck his orgasming sister. Driving his cock in and out as he felt her pussy spasm. Her cunt muscles squeezed him, milked him, and finally he felt the cum being pulled up from his balls. He filled her cunt with his warm, thick, sperm. Blast after blast filled her pussy with each hard thrust. Becky rode her orgasm to the very end, until Billy finally slowed his gyrations. Dripping with sweat and exhausted, Billy finally grunted, “Ahhh,” and pulled his thick, slimy rod out of his sister’s dripping pussy.

“Now, that is how to start a fucking day!” Billy said. He then looked thoughtful and added, “What was that, three times since yesterday, or four?”

Becky slumped against the sink, catching her breath. “Ahhhh, who cares? As long as you fuck me like this every day!”

“Hmm, let’s see,” Billy said, counting on his fingers. “After Jeffry left yesterday, we fucked once in the living room and once in the shower before mom and dad got home,” he said. “Then, once more when you snuck into my room last night, and just now, after mom and dad left for work…, so that makes four, unless you count the time I fucked your titties.”

“Nah, I’m only counting the times we came. If you had shot your wad all over my face, we could have counted it,” said Becky.

“Hmm, maybe later…?” He jacked his slimy cock thinking about blowing a load on his slutty sister’s face.

“Hey, sis, come here and clean my cock for me. I have cum and pussy juice all over it.” He waved his still firm cock at his sister.

“Fuck you, ass-hole,” Becky said. “Call your cum-loving friend over if you want that kind of shit.” At that moment, Becky felt the cum oozing from her cunt, and added, “I wish Jeffry was here right now to suck my cunt clean. Do you want to invite him over later, Billy.”

“Naw, let’s give his ass another day to heal. I ripped his faggy little shit-hole pretty good…”

“Wow, my brother being nice to his ‘little faggot’? That’s so unlike you, Billy.”

“Well, as long as I have your sweet pussy to keep me busy.” he said. He hugged his sister and groped her fat tits.

“Hmmph! Well, maybe tomorrow then. Mom and dad want the house cleaned again, and I’m sure Jeffry will do it for us. Besides, I want to see him take your fat cock up his asshole.” She thought a moment and said. “I better buy some more lube.”

“Hey sis,” Billy said, “If you are real nice to me, I’ll make ‘Slutty-Susie’ eat out your ass-hole…”

“No way! Jeffry ate your ass?”

“Licked, sucked and slurped my ass-hole just like he did to your pussy yesterday. Couldn’t get his tongue in deep enough!”

“How did you manage that?” Becky asked.

“Hell, he will do anything I tell him to,” answered Billy. “He shot his load fantasizing about fucking my ass, so I made him lick it off. He ate my ass-hole for a good ten minutes too, until I was ready to fuck him again, then you came in.”

“That fucking slut!” Becky exclaimed. “Ok, we are inviting Jeffry over tomorrow, for sure!” She clenched her asshole in anticipation.

“Ok, sis, it’s a date,” Billy agreed. “Hey, what are you doing later, Beck?”

“Probably going over to Jason’s house and fuck.” She saw Billy’s sad face. “Come on Billy, he is my boyfriend after all. Maybe I’ll blow you before I go, to tide you over until I get back, OK?”

“OK.” Billy said. He wondered if he could get a tit fuck too. He badly wanted to blow a load on his sister’s face, he felt it would be like marking his territory, especially before she went to see her boyfriend.

“Maybe Jason won’t want to fuck my sloppy cunt any more, after you’ve stretched it out,” Becky said.

“Think he’ll notice,” Billy asked, questioningly.

“Maybe,” she said, then she added, “I’m going to go to my room and work out. I’ll spend some extra time on my Kegel exercises. I have to keep my little pussy tight, after all.”

Billy watched his sister’s naked ass walking out the kitchen. She paused, feeling the cum leaking from her swollen pussy. She wiped her oozing, cum-filled, cunt with her panties and staggered into her room.

The next day, Billy and Becky called Jeffry. After Jeffry answered, they put him on the speaker-phone.

“Hi, this is Jeffry.”

“Hi Susie!” Becky and Billy yelled.

“Shhhh!” Jeffry hushed them. “My mom might hear you!”

“Sorry, faggot!” Billy yelled. Becky slammed her elbow into Billy’s ribs.

“We are sorry, Jeffry,” Becky said. “And, I’m sorry for my ass-hole brother too.”

“It’s alright,” Jeffry said, giving a sigh. He was used to Billy being a dick to him. “So, what do you guys want?”

“Well, Billy and I want to know if ‘Susie’ can come over to play with us today.”

“When you guys didn’t call yesterday, I figured you didn’t want her to come over any more.” Jeffry said dejectedly.

“No!” they both said, in unison.

“We want you come over, we really do!” said Becky.

“Actually, I thought you needed a break, Jeffry. I know you were a little sore...,” Billy said, “I mean, Susie was a little sore…, er…, back there…, so I thought I’d give her a break.”

“That’s the truth, Jeffry,” Becky added.”When he told me, I was amazed that my asshole brother could be that nice. Once in a while anyway…”

Billy flipped her off.

“Well, Ok, then,” Jeffry said, feeling wanted and desired, “Susie is doing much better today. We will be over in a little while.”

“OK!” said Becky.

“Bye!” said Billy, as he quickly hung up the phone.

“I can’t wait for him to eat my asshole, Billy,” said Becky, wiggling her ass, imagining a warm, wet tongue probing it.

“And, I can’t wait to fuck his tight ass again, sis!” said Billy.

“Yeah, I really want to see that,” said Becky.

“It will be a nice change of pace, after having nothing but your loose, sloppy, pussy all day!” Billy smirked.

“Fuck you, Billy, why are you such an ass-hole all the time?” yelled Becky.

She stormed out of the room. Billy knew she would come back for his thick, hard, cock.

Jeffry soon arrived and he and Becky went into her room to put on his feminine clothes and make-up. Becky helped him pick out his panties and bra; black lace this time. Becky also opened her closet door, reached in, and handed Jeffry another outfit.

“I’ve just about outgrown this, Jeffry. It was my favorite ‘come-fuck-me’ outfit. You can have it.” Becky handed him her little-black-party dress. It had bare shoulders, showed a lot of cleavage, and had a slit running up the side of the short hemline.

“Wow, thanks, Becky!”

“If you bend over just right, you will flash your panties or bare ass at whoever is behind you. And the slit on the side can show off quite a lot too.” Becky stared off into space, remembering the good times she had wearing it. “I gave Billy a lot of boners wearing that dress! I used to love to tease him until he had to hide his boner and go to his room to jack off!” They shared a girlish giggle together, imagining Billy trying to hide his massive boner and then jacking off furiously in his room while imagining himself fucking his own sister.

Jeffry quickly stripped and put on the black lace panties and bra, stuffing her cups with the set of false titties. He then wiggled into the tight, black dress.

“Hmm, I should get slutted-up too…” Becky thought, watching Jeffry transform into ‘Susie - the slutty schoolgirl.’ She stripped naked and shimmied into a tight skirt and blouse; with no bra or panties to get in the way.

Becky and Jeffry spent some time with Becky’s make-up kit, with Jeffry asking a lot of questions and getting more tips. Finally ‘Susie’ and Becky were ready. They walked into Billy’s room.

“Shit, Susie, you get sluttier and more fuck-able every day!” Billy said, ogling her.

Susie spun around for him and then bent over provocatively, showing off her lacy black panties.

“Oh, shit! That is Becky’s little black dress!” Billy exclaimed. “Do you know how many times I’ve jacked off thinking about fucking her in that dress?” Billy rubbed his crotch, feeling his dick swelling up.

“You look extra slutty today too, Becky!” Becky bent over and flashed her naked ass and pussy at her brother. She faced him, lifted her skirt, and slipped her hand between her legs to spread her cunt lips open for him. Billy stared at the pink wetness and felt his dick twitch.

“Come on, bitches, get busy on my cock!” Billy stepped out of his shorts and underwear, waving his chubby dick at the two girls.

“Billy, you’re a pig!” Becky said, dropping to her knees in front of her brother. She quickly gobbled his cock. Susie obediently got on her knees next to Becky and began to lick Billy’s heavy balls. Susie and Becky worked on Billy’s cock until it was rock hard. The girls smiled at each other, admiring their handiwork. Billy’s cock throbbed and bounced, glistening with their saliva.

“Which one of you wants my cock first?” Billy asked, gripping the base of his shaft and thrusting it up and down towards the girls.

“Do Susie first!” Becky said. “I want to watch. I can’t believe you can get that fat cock up her ass, Billy!” Becky quickly turned to Susie and added, “You don’t mind, do you Susie?”

Susie smiled demurely. “No, I don’t mind. I like to get fucked. It makes me feel like a real girl.” Susie blushed. “Just go slow, OK Billy? I’m still a little sore back there.”

“Absolutely!” Billy exclaimed, surreptitiously giving his sister a sly wink. She winked back, grinning. Billy watched Susie wiggle out of her panties and then start to take off the dress. “No! Leave the dress on!” Billy exclaimed. “I’ve always wanted to fuck my sister while she wore that dress. At least I can fuck another slut while she is wearing it!”

“Fuck you, Billy!” said Becky, letting go of Billy’s cock. She may be a slut, but she did not like being called one by her own brother.

Susie climbed up on the bed and quickly presented her ass to her lover, getting on all fours. Billy climbed up behind her. He flipped her short dress up over her bare butt, admiring the view.

“I’ll get the lube!” Becky said excitedly. She couldn’t wait to see how Susie’s little hole could take her brother’s monster cock.

Becky squeezed out some lube and fingered Susie ass hole. Susie pushed back against her intruding fingers as they slipped in. “Ohhh!” Susie moaned. “Lube me up good, Becky!” Becky squeezed out some more lube and then pushed her two fingers in and out of Susie’s ass-hole. “Mmmmmm,” Susie moaned. “That feels good!”

Becky felt the tightness of Susie’s ass gripping her fingers and still couldn’t comprehend the fact that her brother’s cock could fit inside of it. Becky plunged her fingers in and out and then rubbed the remaining fluid on her brother’s cock, making it slick. Wiping her greasy hands on Billy’s bedspread she said, “Now, fuck her, Billy!” she said, “Fuck her good!” Becky’s pussy was leaking; she was so excited to see Susie get her ass pounded.

“Yeah, fuck me, Billy,” Susie moaned. “Fuck your little ass-slut!” Susie wiggled her ass provocatively. She was glad she took the time to clean and stretch out her little boi-pussy before coming over.

Billy looked down at the slick asshole before him. He lined up his cock to Susie’s tight, little, hole. Becky leaned in close, fascinated. She watched as Billy’s fat cock-head made contact with Susie’s little bung.

“Oh, shit,” she whispered, “it will never fit!” She moaned and gave her breast a squeeze and then pinched her nipple, still moaning.

“Watch and learn, sis,” Billy said. He pushed his hips forward. Susie felt the pressure and tried to open her sphincter for him, pushing back against the fat shaft. Billy’s thick glans slowly spread Susie’s asshole open. Becky stared amazed as Susie’s little pucker got wider and wider with Billy’s cock head pushing into it relentlessly, spreading it wider and wider.

“Unngghh!” Susie moaned in sweet-pain as her tight hole received Billy’s cock. She pushed her ass back against the intruding shaft and gripped the bed sheets tightly in her small hands. “Ow, ow, ouch!” she panted as her hole stretched to its very limit. Then, her pain turned to pleasure as the pressure lessened. “Ahhhhhhh!” she sighed.

“Mmmmm!” Billy moaned, as he felt his cock-head finally slip inside the tight, warm, hole. He felt Susie’s ring squeeze his cock-head, capturing it tightly. He pumped his balls, thickening his cock against the pressure.

“Ohhh!” Becky said, rubbing her soaking, wet, pussy. She had a mini-orgasm when Billy’s flared cock head was finally fully engulfed by Susie’s ass hole. She would never forget the sight of Susie’s bung-hole wrapping around and then swallowing Billy’s cock.

Billy paused for a brief moment and then continued to push his long, fat, shaft into her. Susie gave one long moan as his cock filled up her bowels, “Ooooooohhhhhhhh…” She loved the full feeling of being stuffed with Billy’s cock. She relished inch after fat inch of his hard, thick, shaft sliding into her.

Becky watched as Billy’s cock slowly slid in until his heavy balls rested against her ass. “Holy shit! Where did it all go!” she exclaimed.

Becky watched mesmerized her brother began to slowly pull his shaft out of Susie’s ass. She watched inch after inch slide out, until she saw Billy’s thick, flared, cock-head once again appear, as if trying to escape. Billy quickly pushed it back in, widening Susie’s sphincter. Her ass ring gripped it tightly and Billy pushed it back in again. Becky watched as Susie’s hungry ass devoured the firm, thick, flesh.

“Oh fuck, am I so horny!” Becky said, and quickly unbuttoned her blouse, squeezing her naked titties. She slipped on hand under her skirt and began rubbing her naked, wet pussy. She got on her knees behind Billy and watched mesmerized, as her brother’s cock slid back in, then out, of Susie’s ass. Becky began rubbing her pussy harder and pressed her naked tits against her brothers back. She moaned into her brother’s ear. “Fuck her, Billy, fuck her ass-hole good!”

“Ah, Beck, if I blur my eyes just right, it is almost like I’m fucking you. Oh, the cum loads I’ve jacked off, thinking about fucking you in this dress! I would dream that you came home drunk and horny and you would see my hard cock and want to fuck me.

“If I had known what a cock you had, little brother, I would have fucked your nuts off a long time ago,” Becky said huskily into Billy’s ear.

“Tell me, sis,” Billy moaned, “Tell me how you would have fucked my nuts off!”

Becky pinched her clit. “If I’d had seen your cock, Billy, I would have said, ‘Oh little brother, what a big cock you have!’” Becky whispered. They both watched his cock slide in and out of Susie’s ass. Wearing Becky’s dress, both brother and sister were imagining they were fucking each other – at a time when they were both younger and more innocent.

“Did I make you horny when I flashed my panties at you, brother? I’m sorry; let me make it up to you. Fuck me, Billy, fuck me while I wear my little-black-I’m-getting-cock-tonight-dress!”

“Oh, you slut, Becky,” Billy breathed. “I’m going to fuck your tight little ass hard!” Billy began to fuck Susie harder, making her moan out loud.

“Ahh, Billy!” Susie groaned. “Take it easy back there! I told you my hole hasn’t healed all the way from the last time!” She began to grunt, “Ugh, ugh, ugh” with each thrust.

Brother and sister ignored her pleas. “Fuck me, Billy,” Becky cried, “Fuck me harder, I like to be fucked really, really, HARD!” She worked her clit and plunged her fingers into her wet fuck-hole. ‘Too, bad for Jeffry’, she thought, ‘The little queer is going to get a hard pounding.’ It was how Becky liked it, after all.

Billy began to slam his cock into Susie’s ass. Becky worked her clit harder, watching her brother’s huge cock pounding into Susie’s little ass hole. It was so dirty and so exciting! It was too much - she began to orgasm. “I’m cumming, Billy, I’m cumming. Fuck meeeee-eee!“ Her cunt rocked, her thighs quivered as she dug her fingers deep into her moist void. Pinching her clit and clamping her legs together, she fell sideways onto the bed, breathing heavily as her orgasm rocker her.

Billy felt the cum rising up in his balls, spurred on by his sister’s moans. He pulled his cock almost out of Susie’s ass and slammed it back in again, then again and again. He could feel Susie’s ass pulling the cum from his nuts forcefully up thru his shaft. He exploded in a glorious orgasm. “Take my cum, sis, take my fucking cum!” Rope after rope of sticky sperm blasted into Susie’s bowels. “Ugh…, ugh…, Ugh…,” Billy grunted as he came.

Susie moaned and also grunted; first from the hot cum load she felt exploding within her and then from the hard pounding her poor ass-hole was taking. Counting every thrust, she finally sighed in relief, knowing the abuse her sore boi-pussy was taking was almost at an end.

“Ahhh,” Billy moaned, giving Susie a few final thrusts and then pulled his fat, slimy, cock from Susie’s ass. He fell back upon the bed and lay next to his sister. Becky looked at her brother’s cock, streaked pink with blood, lube, and cum.

Susie felt sweet relief as her gaping hole was finally free from Billy’s red-hot poker. Although her sissy-clit was still hard and dripping pre-cum when she fell upon the bed.

They all panted heavily, catching their breaths.

“Well,” Billy said, “What do you want to do next?”

Susie moaned, wanting to rest.

“I think I want my asshole fucked now,” said Becky. She loved watching Susie get fucked, and even though Billy was rough with Susie, she knew Susie loved it, so she told herself. Becky really wanted to try ass-fucking too. After all, she loved to play with her ass-hole while she fucked herself with her dildo, and once she tried to fuck her ass with it, but it had hurt too much. She was ready to try again.

“All right!” Billy exclaimed. “Susie, get over here and suck my shitty cock until it is hard again!” He couldn’t wait to fuck his sister’s ass.

“Fuck off, Billy!” Becky said. “You are not shoving that monster up my ass. Not yet anyway, if EVER!” Becky sat up and looked at Susie. Becky knew she had to have something smaller in her ass to start with. She looked at Susie lying on the bed, her hard clitty dripping with pre-cum.

“Do you want to fuck my ass, Susie?” Becky asked.

“Can I Beck?” Susie asked, not believing what she was hearing, “Really?” This was very exciting for her!

“You betcha, bitch!” Becky said, smiling. “You can even pretend you are fucking Billy, if you want.”

“Aw, you sick fucks!” Billy exclaimed. “What did you have to say that for? Gross!” Billy turned left the room in disgust and went to wash his cock.

“Come on, Susie,” Becky said, getting up on all fours and slapping her ass. “Fuck my asshole like Billy fucked yours.” Becky added, “Just make sure you lube me up good and go easy on me!” She added, “At first, anyway.” Becky wondered if she would enjoy a hard pounding in her ass like the same way she loved getting her pussy fucked.

Susie positioned herself behind Becky shaking with pleasure. Her small cock was hard and dripping. “Spread your ass for me, Beck, I can’t see your hole.” Becky’s beautiful, wet cunt was visible to Susie, but her tight ass-hole was hidden by her ample, pale, cheeks.

“Ok, lover,” Becky said. She laid her head on the bed and reached behind, spreading herself with both hands. Her tight ass-hole was totally exposed.

Susie scooted forward and lubed up her fingers. She slid them in an around Becky’s bung- hole and then slipped a small finger inside.

“Ahh, it feels good already, Susie. Now fuck my ass!” Still holding her ass checks wide, she waited for Susie’s cock. Grinning evilly, she spoke in a deep, husky voice; “Fuck my ass, Jeffry! Fuck your Billy-boy-toy’s ass!” She wiggled and clenched her ass-hole.

Jeffry’s cock surged, hearing her words. Being brother and sister, her ass did resemble Billy’s. “Ohhh,” he moaned. “Billy…”

Becky smiled. If Billy could only see them now! “Do it, Jeffry!” She urged in Billy’s voice. “Take my virgin ass! Fuck, me with your big, sissy-cock, Jeffry!”

Jeffry put his hard cock against Becky asshole. The head of his cock slipped in. After all, his small cock was no bigger than the fat turds she squeezed out every day.

The two moaned in unison; “Ohhh…” Jeffry pushed some more and his cock began to slide into Becky’s tight ass-hole.

“Oh, Jeffry!” Becky moaned. “Your cock feels so good in my ass!” Becky loved the feeling of the small cock in her ass. It didn’t hurt at all and she loved the stretched, full feeling in her bowels. She humped her ass against Jeffry’s cock, encouraging him to fuck her.

“Now fuck me Jeffry, fuck my ass. You are making my fat cock is so hard! Pound me, Jeffry! Pound your Billy’s ass like I pounded yours!”

Jeffry began to fuck his fantasy, dreaming that it was Billy’s ass he was fucking. He knew he wouldn’t last long.

“Oh, baby! I love your cock up my faggot asshole, Jeffry.” Becky began to finger her juicy cunt, heating her and Jeffry’s passions with her slutty words. ”I can’t wait to suck your cock Jeffry. I want to suck you off and taste your sperm. Can I Jeffry? Can I suck your cock and eat your cum? Huh, please say you will let me? Please? Can I lick your fat balls? Can I eat your ass? Will you shoot your cum all over my slutty, faggot face, please Jeffry?”

“Uh,uh! Oh, Billy!” Jeffry couldn’t hold back and began to spew his boy juice into Becky’s ass. He had never had such an intense orgasm! He continued to fuck Billy in his imagination, shooting hot cum into his friend’s ass. Spurt after spurt filled Becky’s bowels. She felt the heat and slime in her ass.

“Uh, take my cum, Billy. Take my cum you FUCKING ASSHOLE!” Jeffry thrust a few more times, then slowed as his orgasm lessened. “Ahhh!” he moaned and then fell on top of Becky.

Becky let him lie there a while, listening to him breathing heavily in her ear. Then, “Jeffry! I mean Susie!” she said sharply, concerned that he was falling asleep on her. She still needed to cum. “Susie, get up, your cum is dripping down my crack!”

Susie quickly rolled off of Becky, and Becky quickly rolled over and spread her legs wide, showing off her ass cream-pie.

“Susie…” she sang. “I think you made a mess!” She reached down and spread her asshole open. “I think you need to clean this up!” It was time for Becky to get her ass eaten. She had known that if she let Jeffry put his cock in her ass, she could make him clean it, like Billy had done to him.

“You want me to eat my cum from your asshole, Becky?” he asked incredulously.

“Of course, slut.” Becky spread her cunt lips and hunched her ass. “Billy told me how good it felt when you ate his ass. I want to feel it too. Eat me, Susie, eat my asshole for me, sweetie!”

Susie looked at her glistening pussy and white, creamy asshole. She obediently crawled between Becky’s legs and began to lap at her ass, gathering the oozing cum on her tongue and tasting her ass-funk. She was learning to love the taste of cum and ass, mixed together; ‘white and brown, like a chocolate and vanilla swirled ice cream cone,’ she thought. She lapped at Becky’s shit hole, banging her tongue on her little rosebud.

“Ohhhh, yes, Susie, do it, lick my asshole! Now, push your tongue into me! I want to feel it deep inside of me!” Becky began to gently roll back and forth on the bed.

Susie did her best, but with Becky lying on her back, she could barely reach her tasty cream filled hole. “Becky, roll over, so I can get it all!” Susie said, a little frustrated. She knew there was more cum up her hole, and she was determined to get it.

“Here, I have a better idea!” Becky said. “Get on your back, Susie!”

Susie lay down and Becky swung her leg over Susie’s face and squatted down. Her cunt and ass were now only inches away. Susie watched as Becky’s asshole clenched. A gob of cum began to ooze out. Susie lapped it up and put her lips against the tight, brown hole and sucked. She was rewarded with huge gob of salty, funky sperm!

“Oh, yeah, faggot, now eat me!” Becky cried. “Get your fucking tongue up into my hole!”

Susie pressed her tongue against Becky’s brown ring and pushed. Her hole opened up and Susie wiggled her tongue deeply into her bowels, plunging and fucking her hole with her wiggling, slimy digit.

“Aw, fuck!” Becky moaned, “Oh it feels so good!” She began to press her ass into Susie’s face, grinding and riding her, smashing her nose against her dripping pussy and banging her clit repeatedly against it. Facing Susie’s feet, she watched as her faggot-clit became hard once more. She pushed down harder on Susie’s face, trying to get her tongue deeper into her asshole.

“Mfffhhh!” Susie cried. Her mouth and nose was being smothered by Becky’s ass. “I can’t breathe!” she said in panic. Her voice was muffled by Becky’s ass.

“Oh, quit being a sissy, Susie,” Becky said. She was way too horny and feeling way too good to let her stop now. She knew she had to be aggressive, like Billy, to get what she wanted. She had to put Jeffery in his place. “Get busy and eat my ass, slut. Start licking my cunt too or I’ll smack your pathetic dick right off your sissy-boy balls!” She reached down and gave Susie’s hard cock a firm slap, watching Susie flinch and seeing her tiny dick wave back and forth, sending two large drops of pre-cum flying. She laughed with glee.

“OK, OK!” she cried, “Please, don’t do that again, Beck!” Susie went back to sucking, licking and munching on Becky’s ass and steamy cunt, not wanting to get slapped again. Susie was surprised at how mean Becky was being to her. She had started off being so nice, sucking her cock, and letting her fuck her ass. Now, she was turning into another Billy!

In fact, Becky was learning from Billy. She saw how Billy simply demanded what he wanted and he got it. She knew how easily Jeffry could be controlled and manipulated. She had to admit that being mean to the little faggot eating out her ass was a real turn on. She had loved encouraging Billy to rape Susie’s ass, even knowing that it hurt him. She loved the feeling of power, it made her so horny!

Becky ground her ass on Susie’s face, even harder than before. “Eat it, faggot!” she said. “Eat me good.” Becky slid her ass up and down, giving Susie explicit instructions. “Stick your tongue up my ass. Yeah, oh yeah! Deeper. I said DEEPER!” Becky opened her ass to let Susie’s tongue plunge deep.”Now, my cunt! Eat my cunt! YES! YES! YES!”

Billy heard the noise and came in to investigate. He watched his sister smothering Susie with her ass. He grinned evilly. Susie was thrashing on the bed as Becky forced her cunt and ass onto her. Billy sat down in the chair to watch the action, pulling on his cock.

“Uh, I’m coming, I’m coming!” Becky moaned. “Lick my clit, cunt! Suck it faggot! Ahhh!” Becky’s cunt flooded, drenching Susie in her cream. She lapped and lapped the juices, all the while trying to catch her breath. She felt Becky’s pussy convulse as she came, pressing down on her face and once again cutting off her air. She sucked in thru her nose and mouth, snorting and inhaling pussy-juice and sending her into a coughing fit. Her coughs were muffled by Becky’s fat ass cheeks.

Becky continued to grind her cunt and clit on Susie’s nose, lips and face, drenching her with pussy juice. Her orgasm rolled over her until she felt the last tingles leave her thighs. “Ah, that was good!” Becky said. “You were right, Billy, there is nothing like getting your ass-hole eaten!”

Susie continued to cough and Becky finally rolled off of her. She smirked and winked at her brother. Susie caught her breath, gasping for air and shaking.

“Thanks, bitch, that was great!” Becky said. She blew Susie a kiss.

“My turn now,” said Billy. He was horny again from watching the action. He stood up waving his fat cock at Susie and Becky.

“Oh, no, Billy,” Becky said. “I’m resting, have your little faggot take care of you.” She lay down on the bed, giving a heavy sigh.

“You heard her, faggot! Get busy!”

“Please, Billy, just a minute, OK” she said, still coughing pussy juice and wiping her mouth.

“OK, I’ll give you three...,” he winked at his sister, “…, Seconds…, One…, Two…, Three! Now, suck my fucking cock, faggot!”

“Jeesh, you guys are mean!” Susie said. However, she immediately crawled over and began to suck at Billy’s cock. She could still taste traces of her ass on his cock. He must not have washed very well. Susie was not enjoying herself. Her ass was sore, her face was sore. She used to love sucking Billy’s gorgeous cock. Now, it seemed more like work, than fun.

“Make her eat your ass again, Billy!” Beck encouraged. “I want to watch!”

“Great idea, sis!” Billy said. He climbed on the bed, got on all fours and presented his as to Susie. “Eat, it, cunt!” he said.

Susie sighed. She slowly positioned herself and pressed her face into Billy’s ass. He had a strong smell today. She saw flecks of toilet paper orbiting his anus. She tried to wipe them off with her fingers.

“I said ‘eat it’, not play with it, faggot!” Billy screamed, thinking Jeffry was trying to play with his asshole.

Becky giggled.

Susie began to lick Billy’s hole, spitting out the little white bits she found. Soon he was clean and Susie began to push her slimy tongue up his ass.

“Oh, yeah,” Billy said. “I could let you eat my ass all day long!”

“Do it, Susie,” Becky encouraged. “Munch on that dirty ass-hole!” Becky began to toy with her pussy again.

“Push your tongue in deeper, faggot!” Billy said, pressing back against him. “Deeper!”

Susie tried as best she could, straining to make her aching tongue go deeper, opening her mouth wide and extending her slimy digit as much as she could.

“Here, I’ll help,” said Becky. She got behind Susie and put both hands on the back of Susie’s head. She firmly pressed her face into her brother’s ass. She held her there against her struggles.

Billy felt the pressure on his ass and starting laughing. A small fart escaped.

“Billy!” Becky screamed with laughter. “Did you just fart on him?” She held Susie in place as her struggles increased.

Billy strained and pushed out another fart. It was loud and smelly. Susie felt his ass-hole vibrating against her lips as the foul gas escaped.

Both Billy and Becky began to laugh hysterically. Becky couldn’t hold Susie still while she was laughing so hard, and Susie escaped, waving her hand to dissipate the odor.

“I’m sorry,” Billy said through his laughter. “I couldn’t hold it any longer!”

“Billy, that was gross!” Susie said.

“Aww, I’ll make it up to you,” he said. “Here, I’ll let you suck my cock again.” He sat down in the chair, waving his cock.

“I don’t want to,” Susie said.

“What did you say? I said SUCK MY COCK, faggot!” Billy was pissed off. “You don’t understand, Jeffry. If I say suck my dick, you start sucking it. Now get on your knees and start sucking my cock!” Billy didn’t feel it necessary to call Jeffry ‘Susie’ and longer. He was his personal faggot to use and abuse, however he wanted. And right now, he wanted his cock sucked.

Jeffry cowered for a moment, sniffed, and knelt down before Billy. He tentatively licked Billy’s cock a few times.

“That’s not how to suck a cock, Jeffry.” Becky said. “Are you going to let him get away with that, Billy?” Becky knew that would trigger a reaction from her brother. She wanted her brother to show the little faggot who was boss. She knew it would make her pussy juicy again.

“Hell no, I’m not,” said Billy. He stood up and began to slap his cock against Jeffry’s face. “Open up, cunt,” he ordered. Jeffry opened his mouth and Billy plunged his cock deeply into his throat. “Now, suck it, fag!” he said.

Jeffry, dressed up in Becky’s old clothes, his makeup smeared by Becky’s ass, looked a mess. He had done his best to please his friends, but now, he just wanted to go home. If he sucked Billy off, maybe he could leave, he thought. After all, both Becky and Billy will have been satisfied, for the moment, at least. He sucked on Billy’s cock until it was stiff and then he did his best to make him cum quickly.

“Hey, your little faggot is finally getting into it!” Beck exclaimed. She watched Jeffry bob his head up and down on her brother’s cock.

“That’s nothing, sis,” Billy said, “Watch this!” Billy suddenly grabbed Jeffry by the back of his head and plunged his cock deep into Jeffry’s throat. It caught Jeffry by surprise.

“Mmmmfff!” Jeffery cried, his mouth and throat suddenly full of hard, fat cock. He pulled away. “Billy, take it easy!” he exclaimed.

Billy impulsively slapped Jeffery’s face. “Don’t you take your faggot mouth away from my cock!” he said. ‘And,’ he thought, ‘This faggot had the nerve to diss me in front of my sister?’

Jeffry felt the sting on his face. Billy had always threatened him with violence, but never acted on it. His eyes began to tear up.

“Open up, bitch,” Billy said. He saw Jeffry hesitate. “DO IT!” he yelled.

Jeffry opened his mouth. Billy grabbed the back of Jeffry’s head and pushed his long, fat cock deep into Jeffry’s mouth-hole. Jeffry’s throat expanded to accept the hot intruder, and then he gasped for air when the hard shaft exited him. Billy plunged the full length of his cock into him again and again, and then began to skull-fuck him.

“Holy shit, Billy!” Becky exclaimed. “I’m getting hot watching you fuck his face. Do it, fuck him! Fuck the little asshole!” She sat up on the edge of the bed to get a better view of the intense fucking her brother was giving his disobedient cock-slut.

Billy, encouraged by his sister, began to use Jeffry’s throat as his personal pussy. It turned him on to be so aggressive and having his sister see how strong and powerful he was. His cock felt like a piece of steel going in and out of Jeffry’s throat. He pounded Jeffry’s mouth until his balls were slapping his chin and spit drooled from Jeffery’s abused lips. Billy finally felt the familiar tingling in his balls, and, as the cum surged up his shaft, he pulled Jeffery’s head to his groin, pumping his sperm deep into the faggot’s belly, denying him pleasure of tasting his cum. Billy remembered how Jeffery had denied him from spurting deep into his belly once before; he was not going to let it happen again. He kept his spurting cock deep inside of his toy, thrusting with short, hard strokes as he emptied his balls, ignoring Jeffry’s struggles. His balls rested against Jeffry’s chin as his cock swelled and spurted his juice down his throat.

Becky watched wide-eyed as her brother dominated Jeffry, and wondered if they were going too far. She watched Jeffry struggle to get away, his face getting red, while Billy continue to hold him tight. Jeffry reached up his arms to push away, then failing; he tried to pound his small fists against him, once, twice, three times. He suddenly went limp.

“Billy!” Becky cried. Billy had felt Jeffry relax, thinking he had only quit struggling against the inevitable, as he finished cumming down his throat. In reality, he had blocked Jeffry’s air supply for too long. He let go of his head and watched his cock slide out of Jeffry’s mouth as Jeffry fell to the floor, limp. His head hit the floor with a ‘thud’.

“Oh shit, Billy,” Becky exclaimed, “You killed him!” she screamed.

Billy prodded Jeffry with his foot. “Jeffry, wake up! Quit messing around, faggot!” He kicked him a little firmer and watched his head roll lifelessly on the floor.

“Quick, give him mouth-to-mouth!” Becky screamed.

Billy looked at Jeffry on the floor, spit and cum leaking from his mouth. “I’m not putting my lips on that!” he said, disgusted.

Becky jumped from the bed and quickly kneeled next to Jeffry. Remembering the CPR training she once had in health class, she straightened Jeffry’s windpipe by adjusting his head, then she put her ear to his mouth, listening for his breathing. But, her heart was pounding too loudly and her own labored breathes did not allow her hear anything. Determined, she pinched Jeffry’s nose and placed her wide opened mouth on Jeffry’s cum covered lips. She blew a deep breath down his windpipe. She pulled back and paused. To her surprise, Jeffry gave a jerk and began to gasp for air!

Jeffry began to cough, first covering his mouth as the spit and sperm began to fly. He then moved his hand to the painful lump on the side of his head. “Ohhh,” he moaned. He looked around with glazed eyes. “What happened…?” he asked groggily, slowly becoming aware of his surroundings.

“Are you OK, Jeffery?” Becky asked. “I think you passed out.”

“Yeah, I think the pleasure of sucking my dick made you faint,” Billy chortled. Becky scowled at him.

Jeffry looked up and saw Billy’s soft, wet cock, suddenly remembering what caused him to pass out.

“Fuck you, Billy,” he yelled, scrambling to get up and moving far away from his antagonist. His own anger surprised him. He looked at Becky and scowled. “And fuck you too, Becky, I’m going home!” He saw his black laced panties on the floor and grabbed them, wiping the cum and saliva from his face. He then started to leave the room but Billy put out an arm to block his exit. Fear came into Jeffry’s eyes as Billy took a step towards him, his right hand tightly balled into a fist.

Becky saw what was about to happen and yelled out; “Let him go, Billy,” Becky ordered. “We’ve done enough for today.” She added, “Sorry Jeffry…, sorry Susie.”

Billy stepped back and Jeffry bolted from the room. He quickly ran into Becky’s room stripping off his clothes but having the presence of mind to stuff her black dress, bra and panties into his bag. He quickly put on his clothes and tried to wipe off the smeared make-up from his face.

Billy yelled to him from the next room. “Come on Jeffry, Becky said we were sorry! Can’t you stay for awhile? We were hoping you could clean the house before our parents get home...”

“Ass-holes!” Jeffry yelled, just before the door slammed behind him. His head hurt, his throat hurt and his cum filled ass was burning. He cried as he walked home.

“He’ll be back,” Billy said, shaking his cock. “He won’t be able to stay away from this for long!”

“You are an asshole, Billy,” Becky stated.

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