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A teacher gives one of her students unlimited access to herself.
My name is Adrianna, although my students know me as Ms. Lauren. This is my first year in teaching out of college. I will admit, being a high school teacher does not pay well, but I love what I do. But what I love even more than my work is the students. There is something about this high school that makes every boy and girl hot, at least to me. If I were to get caught with any of them, I would lose my job and likely go to jail, but the risk makes it all the more sexy. It’s why I am facinated with public sex, getting caught is half the fun. I won’t have to take that risk tonight however. I have planned this night out so that no one will catch us.

Now, why do my students love me? It’s not merely that I am a young teacher in a school full of staff from the eighties, it is that I am actually somewhat cute. I would say that I am average looking, but put me in a tight gray shirt and skinny jeans and my curves stand out for all to see. My C cup tits stand at attention in the shirt, and my ass shakes against the fabric of my jeans. Perhaps my long blonde hair also plays a role. The point is, some of my students can’t get enough of me. I always know when they are looking. It gives my confidence during my lectures. I now get to show one of them a little bit more than he normally gets to see.

My phone buzzes and lights up, it’s Brian. “I’ll be there in ten minutes, hope you're ready,” his text reads.

I feel the butterflies in my stomach, “oh I’ll be ready,” I respond. It’s now time for me to start making my preparations. I step out from my classroom and into the hallway. I start walking down to the bathroom. I notice the cameras on the way, none of them are on. The school is trying their absolute best to keep that fact hidden. They said in one of their meetings that they had intended to upgrade security over the summer, but delays in other areas shot that idea down. Instead of delaying it one more year, they decided to upgrade it now, right in the middle of the school year. This is, of course, perfect for me and Brian. For two whole weeks, we may have the school all to ourselves. No one is here so long after school, except for me, and the cameras are down across the school. An area that is typically blanketed in coverage is completely empty, a more perfect opportunity to satisfy my risky desires could not be more apparent.

I’m getting ahead of myself, there is work to do before he arrives. I push the bathroom door open and step in. It is like most public school bathrooms. Tiles and bricks make up the floor and walls with the oddest shade of blue and eggshell white being the only things of note. And this bathroom also isn't unique in the fact that it is always dirty, no matter how many janitors set foot in it. I step into the last stall. I drop my jeans and panties down to my legs. I squat over the toilet and release my pee out of my shaved pussy. I moan slightly, I’m already turned on and my piss fetish isn’t helping. I’ve always had a thing for peeing. My dream tonight is that Brian will empty his bladder on me while we are in the middle of our love making, but I won’t hold my breath. I hear the last drops of pee hit the water and I reach for the toilet paper. I dry myself off and flush before pulling my pants back up and making for the sinks. I wash my hands and head back to my room. I wink at the security cameras, safe in the knowledge that there isn't anyone on the other side of the lens.

I make it back to my room and begin setting it up for a night of fun. My classroom has two small windows in it. I place sound deadening material over both of them and draw the curtains shut overtop of them. I do the same for the windows in my door. The walls are made of brick that is several inches thick, so I wasn't worried about that. That didn’t take as long as I thought it would, so I started preparing myself. I look at the mirror I have in my room. It’s tall and skinny, I can see my whole body with it. I strip down to just my bra and panties and admire my body in the mirror. My wide hips, my tits clamoring to be released from the bra, and my long, smooth legs. I drop my panties to the floor and let my bra fall down with them. I shaved my pussy yesterday, and it is still devoid of hair. My nipples stand erect. I’m already turned on, I’m ready for this.

I reach into my cabinet under my desk. This is the rack I’ll be strapping myself into. Basically, I am in the face down ass up position on top of a small pad. It’s leathery, but underneath it's the same material as a mattress, just a little more firm. I’ll be strapped in at my ankles, calfs, and knees on my legs. A metal bar reaches up at waist height, I will bend down over this. This allows for my neck to be bound directly to the pad, my arms will also be bound behind me, so strain won’t be put on my shoulders. I start to put it together. I get the pad out and put it in front of me, I attach the bars on the sides of it and place the one along the top to connect them. On this one, I place some more soft material to keep the cold metal off my skin. I kneel down in front of the bar and strap in my ankles and knees to the pad as well as the two straps over my calves. I feel the cold leather start to warm up as it makes contact with my skin. I kneel down over the bar and place my head on the pad. I pull the strap over my neck. I won’t be going anywhere. At this time, I blindfold myself, depriving myself of one of sense while I’m at it. I place my arms behind me. I move the straps to sit on top of my wrists and elbows. These are programmed to tighten electronically. I feel them tighten and I can’t move.

I struggle against my restraints. My pussy begins to get wet, the butterflies in my stomach have returned in force. I feel my cunt start to drip. I have a few more minutes before Brian gets here. I think about what he had to work with. When he walks in, he’ll see me bound in a face down ass up position and two backpacks full of goodies to use on me. Everything from lube, to vibrators and dildos, to even a fucking machine.

After several minutes I hear the door open and footsteps enter the tile of my room. The door slams shut and locks. I freeze, but smile.

“Is that you honey?” I say, trying to sound sexy.

The man at the door does not respond. The footsteps grow louder as he approaches me. I feel him standing over me, admiring my body and my predicament. “Are we not talking now,” I coax him.

“You left me speechless,” Brian said. With this, he places a hand on my ass. I breathe in sharply and stifle a moan. His hand moves all over my ass and his tumb brushes my asshole. He moves his hand down to my cunt, “you’re already wet Ms. Lauren,” he says.

“I’ve been waiting for you for so long,” I say. His finger now is moving up and down across my slit. I now can’t help myself, I let out a quiet moan. This only seems to encourage him. I feel warmth spreading through my body. It travels all over, through my arms and legs and up to my chest, where my nipples still stand erect. I hear him fishing through the box behind me. I hear a button press and the unmistakable sound of a vibrator turn on. He must have found one of my small vibrators.

“Let’s get you warmed up,” he says. I couldn’t agree with him more. He moves the vibrator to my cunt. I moan a little louder as I feel the sensation course through my lower body. He moves the vibrator further up until it is right on my clit. This is starting to be too much for me. I feel an orgasm start to build up inside of my pussy. He presses down harder on my clit and turns up the power. His other hand moves along my ass with ease. He eventually settles down on my asshole and begins to gently prod it with his index finger. This pushes me over the edge. I squeeze my fists shut and curl my toes as my first orgasm of the night grips my body and refuses to go away. I moan loudly and shake against the restraints. The warmth fills my body and I feel squirt shoot out of my cunt.

“Oh my god!” I scream. He finally turns off the power and my orgasm subsides slowly. The large waves of pleasure growing smaller and smaller, my senses returning to normal, the coldness of the room finding its way onto my skin. “That was hot,” I breathe heavily.

“It’s time for the real thing,” he says. I hear clothes hit the ground. He is getting naked. It’s about time, I’m ready for him to take me. He kneels down , his knees almost touching my feet. His hands continue to move all over my ass, sending jolts of warmth through me.

I feel the tip of his large cock at my lips. I draw in a sharp breath. My pussy is already so wet that he doesn't even need lube, instead he slides his tip along my slit, building my anticipation. He finally pushes forward and he enters my pussy. I moan as he slowly pushes himself all the way into me. His dick reaches far into my pussy, my walls grip his dick and refuse to let go. I feel his hips against me as his full length is now inside of me. He stays perfectly still for a few blissful seconds as I soak up this new sensation. He begins to pull back out. I moan again as he thrusts back in suddenly.

Now I can see his game. He is teasing me with his own dick. As if being tied up and vibrated wasn't bad enough he now had to tease me when the final act of his came. Despite my thoughts, I was not frustrated with him. I felt the rhythmic thrusts of his dick in my pussy and loved it. I began to sway back and forth with him, always forcing his cock deeper into my pussy. He leaned forward and began to fondle my tits. He grabbed a handful of both my tits and squeezed causing me to lurch forward with how rough he was. He pinched my nipples with his fingers, mixing my waves of pleasure with sudden jolts of pain. He continued his attack on my tits while he slowly sped up his thrusts. His hands were all over my tits, exploring every inch of skin they had to offer, and I was helpless to stop him. At last, he let go, but he was not done.

I felt his index finger move to my asshole. I didn’t believe it, he was actually going to finger my asshole. He moved his finger around in a circle by my entrance, only furthering the anticipation again, before I felt the tip of his finger enter me. I moaned loudly now as he pushed his finger deeper into my asshole. I felt every movement of his against my tight sphincter. Every joint and deformation in his skin rubbed against my insides. Soon, he was thrusting in and out with his finger too. My asshole now was being violated by him as well as my pussy. He was claiming his prize, and the prize was me. I felt a hand grip my hair. Surely he wouldn't do this as well? I was wrong. He yanked back on my hair, forcing my head up. I cried out, pain and pleasure now becoming one. I lost all control, I felt an orgasm coming on.

“I’m gonna cum,” he grunted. I was too far into my orgasm to respond to him. I felt my pussy clenching around his cock as my orgasm ripped through me. My body shook. I felt his cock twitching as he shot his seed deep into my cunt. My own squirt began to leak out, causing my own fluids to mix with his semen. He released my hair and my head fell to the floor as I cried out in pure ecstasy. His finger was the first to exit me, finally freeing my ass of his assault, followed by his dick. My pussy was raw and wet, and dripping squirt mixed with semen. I felt this fluid drip down my legs and stomach. Some of it made its way to my tits.

“That… was … great,” I said slowly through labored breaths.

“We aren't done yet,” he said.

He was right, we weren't even close to being done.

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