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This story will make more sense if you've read "The House on Montague Street", for obvious reasons.
The next day was the pool party. Willow was nervous.

"I've never been around a bunch of people my age, other than school. And there I'd always been an outsider. Now, well, I'm not sure how to act."

"It's no big deal if you stay with me. Everyone will chit chat and talked about dumb stuff. Smile, laugh, have fun. I may let slip that you're a great artist. That'll be something to talk about."

"I've never really talked to people about my art. It's been private."

"Maybe because you had a need to be private? Now you're interesting to people in a good way."

"And I've never hung around people with so little clothes. I may be awkward."

"I can see that but, be proud, have confidence. You'll look great."

The party was late Sunday afternoon. I was over at Willow's at noon. She tried on the two suits for me. Odd that she was concerned about others seeing her in a swim suit when she so casually stripped nude in front of me. I thought the teal suit would work, so she left that one on and looked at herself this way and that in a full length mirror.

"Is there anything you see you don't like, Willow?"

"I don't know. I don't want to seem conceited, but my boobs are good, my butt it nice, I have long legs."

"And a flat stomach, smooth back, perfect smile and a cute new hairstyle. Yep we're in agreement. Nothing for you to worry about.

"Still I'm kind of nervous."

"Ok then, let's relax you. Take the swim suit off and lay down on the drop cloth." I put a cushion down for her head. "This is an all for Willow massage."

Willow gave me that look. Like she was still surprised that I'd do things just for her. To make that clear, I left my clothes on. Starting at her neck, then shoulders I kneaded her muscles trying to release any tension she felt. When I moved down a little I'd pause to kiss the area I'd just massaged. This went slowly, down her back, massaging her shoulder blades, kissing her shoulder blades, kissing down her spine, massaging over her hips, then the fun of squeezing and massaging her butt, then more fun kissing both cheeks, many many times. Working my way down her legs, a giggle when I kissed the back of her knees. Then all the way, finally pressing firmly on the bottom of her feet. One then the other. It worked. She'd nearly dozed off.

Low, barely audible, "That was incredible."

"My pleasure. Touching this body is the farthest thing from work." I lay alongside Willow, running my fingers up and down her spine, letting her rest. My fingers wandered, down her spine, following her hips, around her cheeks, lightly up the line between her cheeks.

"Can we just stay here like this forever?"

I nuzzled against her neck. "MM Hmm." Willow rolled on her side so she could look at me. She gazed at me with her dark eyes, looking into my soul.

"You mean it, don't you?"

"Yes, I do Willow."

"So, how do you like my shaving job?"

I looked down. Where her dark bush had been there was now a triangle of shorter black hair. Below was completely bare. I reached with my hand and felt the smooth skin, then I felt it some more, then I slid down to kiss it and taste it. Now Willow was on her back stretched out. I positioned myself between her legs which she threw up over my shoulders. I ran my tongue all around the new hairless pussy, seeing more easily now her parted lips, the inner lips peeking through. I tasted them too, my tongue picking up her growing excitement. Parting her, I dove in deeper, exploring, licking, inhaling her sweetness. Her need now obvious to me, coating my tongue, begging me for satisfaction. Licking upwards, finding her swollen clit, taking it between my teeth gently, then licking at it trapped between my lips, sucking, coaxing her to let herself go. To feed my need for her pleasure. Now her hips gyrate, bounce on the floor, pushing her wet pussy up to me, slapping the floor, her head back eyes closed, teeth gritting, "eeee, eeee, eeeeee, e, e, e" holding my face to her, humping her hips, needing me to, "oooooooooooooooo, AH". Then slumping back against the floor. I lap up any of her juices I can find then join her, pulling her to me at her vulnerable moment. She pulled my face to hers and looked at me. Satisfaction, gratitude. Her head on my shoulder. A few sobs.

"I, I'm still not used to this."

"Neither am I, was that ok?"

This brought a laugh and a slap. "You passed ok when you massaged my shoulders an hour ago."

We rested awhile then got dressed for the party. Willow offered her body to me, but as tempting as it was I needed her to realize that sometimes it could be all about her. Besides, I wanted her glowing from that when she met everyone.

The party was fun. I enjoyed watching Willow get positive attention from people. Girls asked about her hairstyle and were surprised when she said she had drawn what she wanted for the stylist. I told them she had instructed them how to cut mine too. The guys were clearly admiring Willow and her bathing suit. Then of course asking how I'd stumbled into this situation.

"Just lucky guys." I heard shrieks of glee from the girls, then several sets of eyes looking my way. It was a way this group of girls had not looked at me before. Later I asked Willow what that was all about.

"Melody asked if we were doing it. I said yes, every day, when you're not blowing my mind licking my pussy."

"Um, usually people are a little more discreet about personal stuff."

"Why, I'm proud of you. They missed out on their chances." I couldn't argue that logic. And moving from boring old regular Devon to Dev the lover didn't hurt my standing around town.

Later on one of the girls came over to Willow and said that she'd heard Willow was an artist. Willow shyly said yes.

"Could you do a group drawing? Show us how good you are?"

"Well," Willow paused, "I don't ever draw in public." The girl pouted as only teen girls can. Willow looked to me, thought a moment,

"I don't have my stuff here, put if I can have a pencil and large piece of paper I'll try."

The materials were provided and four girls gathered. Willow looked a little nervous, but once she got started her hand moved quickly and surely. I was the only one allowed to watch as she drew and I could see the girls coming to life on the paper. Willow skillfully made sure to capture their best features and each looked attractive and just a bit sexy. The only change she made was to Candi, the girl she'd spoken to earlier about her hair. In the drawing Candi had a new hairstyle that perfectly framed her round face. When done Willow asked me to reveal the drawing while she stood back afraid of the reaction. No worries though, the four girls squealed with delight. Candi studied the picture, turning her head.

"Oh my god. I have to get my hair cut like that. Look, see how nice I look. Thanks so much Willow. Can I keep it?"

Willow stepped forward. "If you really like it, I can take it home and make one for each of you. I see a few things I can do better with time." A chorus of yes, pleases followed. By the end of the night two or three girls had apologized for their earlier treatment at school. It was a new large step for Willow. We got home after 11 and sat outside her house for a few minutes reliving the evening.

"Thanks Dev. I don't know that I want to hang out with those girls, but being accepted is fun. I have a favor to ask."

"Anything Willow."

"I never learned to drive. I think you drive, right?" I nodded. "Will you take me out to see my Aunt Susan sometime this week? She's one of the sisters who used to live here."

"Of course, anytime. I'll borrow my Dad's car. He won't mind."

"How about Thursday? I may want to show my appreciation for today to you tomorrow, and the next day." I kissed her. She kissed back. This went on for a bit, then I made my way home. So much had happened. We were now accepted with the "cool" kids, though we'd never really be part of that group. Funny thing was I was now no doubt getting laid more than any of them. Willow and I couldn't get enough of each other.

Monday we fucked endlessly from the time we got to Willow's until I left three hours later. She showed me positions I didn't know existed and worked me to exhaustion. Willow was used to having sex regularly. Now that she liked doing it, she still wanted it often. I was the lucky recipient. Tuesday was different. She had me lie down nude. Then she produced a tube of lube and made her hands very slick. For the next long while she stroked my hard cock with her slick hands. I relaxed and watch as my nude girlfriend looked up at me, her breasts dangling over me as her hands slid up, and down, up, and down, up and around, a corkscrew motion, then down, then caressing my balls, then down to my butt and up and down. The head of my cock was swollen, purple, glistening. The vein on the outside of my cock throbbed. My balls contracted, and relaxed, my body tensed and relaxed. Then gripping tight at the base of my cock she stroked me with her other hand. Slick, up, around, my whole cock throbbed. Then two hands stroking, stroking. Willow looking at me, a sly smile, her tits swaying, her hair framing her face, rocking her body as she stroked me. Then, and only when she knew I could wait no longer she held me at the base, pointed my cock straight up and pumped. Fast. Faster. Gripping tight, then... Cum shot from my penis. Ropes flying into the air. Two feet? More? Then another, almost as far. And another. And she squeezed out some more. Short spurts coating her hand. My cock twitched. Sensitive. Willow kissed, just the tip, then lay on me, smearing my cum between us. Bathing us in my semen.

"You're so fucking hot Devon. Get that thing up again and fuck me."

"Oh god. After that I might need a moment." Willow now kept towels in her studio. She wiped us down and let me lay there as she stepped to an easel. She looked down at me. "What are you working on now."

"Stud reclining after sex. I may do a whole series. Stud pounding my pussy, Stud eating pussy for lunch." She laughed. I lay there resting. I still had work to do. Over the next couple of days we talked. Oh sure we fucked too, but we talked. Some about the house. It could be turned into something really nice. It needed work and I suggested I could do a lot of it over time, at least until next summer when I'd be free all day.

"Mom and I have talked about what to do. She's coming out of her Reed shell some herself. She actually asked if I'd mind if she met a man and dated. Yes, she said dated. I told her I couldn't be happier. But we've discussed the house. I think a slow process would be easier for her. She'd pay you of course."

I started to decline but then realized that was silly. They had the money. I would work hard. I wanted to save to buy a car. And I'd be close to Willow the whole time. It was perfect.

"This could work out. One project at a time. You'd need contractors of course for the big work. But I can do a lot of stuff inside. Some woodwork and painting."

"Ooh, all that work, you'd put on some muscles. I'm getting horny already."

"Willow, you're always horny. And I couldn't be happier for it."

Thursday we drove out to Alpine Lakes Senior Care. Willow's Aunt moved there when she could no longer handle the stairs at the large home on Montague Street. She also began needing regular nursing care. On the ride out Willow told me that her Aunt was 87, somewhat frail, but still pretty sharp mentally. We arrived to find a very thin woman sitting in a chair dozing. Willow went in first.

"Auntie Susan? Are you awake." The woman looked up, squinted her eyes and called Willow closer.

"Willow? Is that you. You do look different. Pretty."

"Thank you Auntie," she smiled. Then pulled me forward by the arm. "This is my boyfriend Devon."

"Devon. I've heard about you. Gwendolyne was here the other day. Little bit of a thing you are."

Willow mocked whispered, "Just his height, Auntie."

Aunt Susan wagged a finger at Willow, "Oh the Reed girls, always a bit naughty." She laughed an old person's cackle. Then she beckoned me with one finger. I walked over. Aunt Susan took my hand and held it between hers.

"Bless you boy. I've heard what you've done. Willow will be the best of us."

"Oh, well thank you, but she's the one who makes her decisions." Aunt Susan patted my hand knowingly.

"Auntie, I've brought you a present. Devon says I need to share my painting. This is for you." Willow presented a large watercolor. Not the dark colors or charcoals of much of her work but something bright, colorful flowers, splashes of color.

"Oh dear, that is splendid. I will have them hang it on the wall right there. Such talent. Maturity. I will show Dr. Finley.He's a bit of an art collector. He will be jealous."

"Oh Auntie, I'm sure it's not all that."

"You underestimate yourself. Listen to your boyfriend there. Share with the world." We chatted a little while, Willow wanted to kind of get permission from her Aunt to change the house. Susan thought it a "splendid" idea. As we were parting Aunt Susan looked at Willow. I glanced back and caught her saying to herself. "Such a blessing."

On the way home Willow thanked me multiple times for driving her. Then said she really wanted to learn. I said I'd teach her but I didn't know how often I could borrow my Dad's car.

"I'll buy one. Then you can teach me. And until I'm good enough you can drive us everywhere. And we'll park it in the dark on Montague street and I'll give you blow jobs in the car like teenagers do, but I've never done that." I had to laugh. It's like a fountain had been turned on and Willow had several years to catch up on. But hey, blow jobs.

"You can just buy a car?"

She looked a little embarrassed for maybe bragging. "Well, I have a trust fund. I don't get most of that until I'm older. But I get some every year and I hardly ever spent any. The trip to the mall was the most I ever spent at one time. It's mostly ordering painting supplies. Sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable."

"No, that's ok. It's good for you to enjoy life a bit. Since you'd be a new driver maybe start with a safe used car? Jeez now I sound like my Dad."

When we got to her street Willow asked me to pull over about halfway down. It was dark. Very dark when I shut off the head lights. "Time for something new." Willow reached over and began unbuckling my pants, then the zipper, then the briefs. Finally she'd fished my rising cock from my clothes. She looked at me and smiled. "More fun outside." She began bobbing her head on my cock easily taking me down, then slurping up and around. I reached over and held her hanging tits, feeling their weight, pinching her small nipples through her bra. Sucking up and down on the top half of my cock while stroking the bottom, she had me ready to blow in no time.

"Willow. Oh Willow. No mess in Dad's car."

"MM Hmm." She held me tight in her mouth as I came. She swallowed it all, no mess. Licking up any stray drops. "Tasty. Now you better get me home, hee hee."

By the end of the next week the pictures were done. Willow had the four new copies to bring to school. I looked at them. It was interesting. Each drawing was virtually the same, but somehow Willow had made each version slightly different. In each the girl receiving that copy somehow looked just the slightest bit better than the others. Like taking four photos of the same scene and everyone picking the one they look best in. They were still charcoal, but she had added just a touch of color here and there. Each girl would insist that they received the best version.

"You're a genius. I see what you've done. Also very nice of you. You could have given them horns and warts."

"They didn't know better. They're just kids too." As expected there were shouts of joy and even hugs and kisses. Nothing a teenage girl likes better than a picture of them looking nicer than their friends. Word got around and more kids wanted a picture done. Some offered to pay. Willow declined. She preferred to work on her more serious pieces. Interspersed with personal ones of my cock or ass she'd do quickly in our down time. Apparently the school art director saw one or two of the drawings and called Willow aside. She asked if Willow would show her more of her work. Willow explained that she painted and drew for herself mostly. Would Willow be interested in displaying some of her pieces at the school art show? She would get her spot and would be able to choose what to show. Willow wasn't sure about that.

"Why not? You have some great pieces here and time to work on more before the show." I tried several angles as we sat in her studio that day after school. "What else did Ms. Pearson say?"

"That there are college scholarships available to promising artists."

"There's a whole world out there Willow. You can see it, thrive in it. Imagine being at a school where everyone is artistic, imaginative. Oh sure the charcoal artists probably have a clique separate from the watercolor guys, but you can be free to create. Also be challenged."

"I challenge myself here."

"Painting my dick is no challenge. I wave it at you all the time. How about we get a large mirror and you paint yourself nude?"

"I don't think. What would I do with it."

"I'd take it. No, seriously. You want a challenge? You want to challenge? Draw yourself, nude. And submit it to the school exhibit."

"Would they allow it?"

They said, "Whatever you want. Your space."

"Hmm. Is that a dare?"

"No. I respect your right to decline."

"Before I get a spot Ms. Pearson needs to see some of my work. Will you come with me for support?"

"Of course."

Willow scheduled time with Ms. Pearson, ordered a portfolio for her drawings and carefully packed up everything. We got a ride to school that day and met after school with the art director. Ms. Pearson was duly impressed with the variety of work presented. Both of the darker variety and also those showing use of color.

"These are very fine work. Beyond high school level. You need some work on certain techniques as you are self taught, but I wouldn't let anyone change you. Now have you saved anything? Maybe something you wouldn't exhibit?"

"Well this one I like and Devon says it's his favorite." Willow pulled out the charcoal that I assumed was her falling into the dark pool.

"Oh my. Yes. I can feel emotion here. A sense of helplessness. Maybe hopelessness. Is this you?"

"It was. Until." Willow pulled out one more and tilted it so only Ms. Pearson could see.

"OH. Hmm, tilt it towards the light. Very interesting how the light makes it look like..." Then she paused. Looked at the picture. Then at me. Then at the picture. Then her eyebrows went up, her eye widened just a little. "Is this?"

"My savior. Yes." I put my head down. I knew what this picture was.

"You do the human body very well. I'm assuming it's realistic?"

"Yes, yes it is." I was now several shades past bright red.

"Um, yes, I don't think this one would be appropriate. Some people don't see art as just art."

"So nudes are not allowed?" Willow glanced at me.

"An artistic nude. Yes, we've had them before. Placed strategically so as not to offend the easily offended. But no, not something so obviously of a student. And well the male body is more problematical. For all the ancient reasons we still hide from. We gathered up Willow's materials. Thanked Ms. Pearson. Willow said she would give it all some thought. I noticed Ms. Pearson glance my way once or twice. Back at her studio Willow paced and paced.

"I feel like if I show my work then I'm exposing myself. To opinions and criticism and ridicule. I'm not sure I'm ready for that."

"If you submit yourself nude you'll really be exposing yourself." She stopped. Turned. Stared at me hands on hips. I think she was cross with me for the first time.

"I'm sorry Willow. I know this is more serious to you than I'm making it. That was a childish remark."

"No, you're right. I'm being childish." I was going to correct her on who I called childish, but it seemed I was off the hook. "Dev, come help me carry the big mirror from the living room." Once we'd gotten it down the hall and into the studio we set it against a wall. Then moved it to another wall. Willow considered the light. Then we carried a sofa into the room. Then put it at an angle. Willow stripped nude and reclined on the sofa. Then had me shift the mirror once, twice. It got more difficult with my naked girlfriend waving her arms, shaking her breasts. Finally satisfied with the furniture Willow sat and lay down, and reclined on an elbow, forward, back. Looking at herself from all angles. Then she called me over.

"Thanks Devon. I needed that push. She say me on the sofa, removed my pants and underwear, straddled me, holding the back of the sofa her breasts right in my face. She sat down on my cock. Then her ass did that wonderful rolling thing that has me touching her all over inside. Her breasts raised and lowered and smacked my face. I reached up to hold them steady long enough to suck on each nipple. Then I left them to their bouncing and caressed her ass while it worked over my cock. Willow tilted back my head and joined her mouth to mine. Her tongue finding mine and beginning their dance. She ground her pussy onto me, rubbing her clit on me, causing my cock to reach her deepest parts. I hit the spot and she moaned her orgasm into my mouth, grinding on me as her clit rubbed into me. I clamped my hands on her ass, holding Willow in place as I sent my hot cum into her waiting body. She held me around the neck while wringing every bit of my orgasm from me. Hugged me tight. Her head now laying against mine. Softly whispering into my ear. "mmm, mmmm, mmmm." Then something I hadn't expected. A sigh, "mmm yes, this is love." Did she just say she loved me? Did I deserve that? Maybe. I kissed her. Sniffed. OK, maybe a manly tear or two. And all this time her nude body rested on me, against me.

"Did you say you loved me?"

"Not in so many words, but yes Devon, I love you. I owe a lot to you, no matter whatever happens. Do you, do you feel the same?"

"I've known for awhile. I was afraid to say it. Maybe scare you off or something. I felt it inside, but saying it out loud, whew."

"So it's not just the great sex that keeps you around?"

"Oh god, the great and plentiful sex is a lure, but no. I enjoy watching you bloom. Taking steps outside your comfort zone, and dragging me right along with you. I mean today you actually showed a nude picture of me to a high school teacher. Wow. But it's an adventure together. That's the real lure. Great and bountiful sex is a nice bonus."

Willow lay across me stretching her nude body out, seemingly a hundred percent comfortable with herself and with me. I did my best not to cup one of those great breasts, or tickle her alluring pussy lips. We were having a serious moment. An important moment. I stared into those eyes. She looked at me and I knew that she knew I was telling the full honest truth. She knows everything about me. She nodded, smiled.

"OK then. Wow. A big moment. I've never been treated like you treat me." I watched her chest rise and fall. Her stomach move, her toes wiggle, semen pool then drip from her opening. She took my hand and held it. I just looked into her eyes.

"Now, please. Hold my breasts." She moved my hand to cup one. Smiled. "Men."


Sirens cut through my dreams, shaking me awake. I looked at the clock on my table. Almost 3 am. I was about to roll over when I heard more sirens, getting closer, then stopping. A glow outside my window caused me to jump from my bed and look. West from my house an orange halo over the trees. Shit. No. NO. Montague Street? I threw on a shirt, pulled on jeans and crammed my feet into my sneakers. It was cool out now at night as we were moving into autumn. Ignoring the temperature I ran to the end of my street, turned left onto Elm and sprinted. Cursing myself for not being more athletic, faster, more stamina. I turned, gasping for breath, onto Montague Street. A scene of horror was presented. Multiple fire, police and emergency vehicles blocked the road. The house at the end of Montague was in flames. The dry old house feeding the fire, sending ashes and sparks into the air. As I ran down the street towards the house, parts of the upper floor, the attic, came crashing down. A policeman grabbed my arm as I tried to go by.

"I need to..."

"You can't. Too dangerous. We've pulled back the fire crews."

"But the people."

"Sorry kid." I heard others calling to each other, then,

"Two bodies." A pause. Then a dejected, "No."

I collapsed to one knee. The officer put a hand on my shoulder. "Did you know them?" I just shook my head up and down. Then another voice.

"Confirmation, one male, 20's, one female, 40's" My head shot up, I stood suddenly, looking at the officer.

"There has to be another. Female my age. Dark hair, light skin. Probably in the back room downstairs. You have to look."

The policeman called over a fireman, "Rogers, did you guys confirm, no other bodies? Looking for a female, teens?"

"No, we definitely cleared the house before we had to get out."

"Then we have to look officer. She could be out back. Burned, hurt. Please, in the woods."

"Rogers, let's round up a search party, start behind the house. We're looking for the female, name of.." He looked at me.


"Name of Willow."

"I'm coming."

"No. OK, but go way around the house." We started off. I suggested looking first in the direction towards my house. The team spread out through the woods, the light from the fire casting an eerie glow. From off to my left I heard shouts.

"Found her. Bring blankets. Some burns, maybe injured."

"Oh fuck." I ran in their direction, stumbling through the undergrowth. I came upon a scene that would haunt me for months. Willow, unconscious, nude, paler than usual, her right arm at an awkward angle across her stomach.

"Is this the girl?"

"Yes, can you cover her?" A fireman put his heavy coat over Willow for warmth and modesty. A medical crew arrived with blankets. A stretcher. As they shifted Willow onto the stretcher, she gasped in pain. Her eyes opened, glassy, searching. She caught my gaze.

"John." Then she passed out. As the crew moved her away an officer held my arm.

"You won't be able to go with her. I'll find out where they're taking her. Who's John?"

I was distracted. Wanting only to follow along. To be with Willow. Again, "John? Are you John?"

"No, I'm Devon. I think she was saying John did this. Her brother John. He may be the male body you found. Now I need to get to the hospital."

"Yeah, I understand. Will you be available later for questions?"

"Sure. Anything. But I gotta go." I was led back around the house, still burning despite the water being poured onto it. As I got past the barricade I saw my father standing, watching.

"Devon, son, are you ok? Willow?"

"I'm ok. Willow's alive. Hurt. They're taking her to the hospital. Take me there please?"

"Sure of course, let's go." I'd confirmed where she was taken on the walk out. Our car was at the end of the street. We went directly to the hospital. Since we aren't family we had to wait a good long time to see her. Fortunately my Dad was able to keep me from making a scene.

She looked so pale under the hospital lights. There were bandages on her neck and shoulder. Her right arm in a splint. Tubes and wires. Machines and lights and IV bags.

"Can I touch her?" The nurse looked at me, sooty, disheveled.

"First go in there and wash up. Then around on her left side. You can gently hold her hand. And who are you?"

"Boyfriend." She looked from me to Willow.

"Do you know if she has family nearby? We'd like to reach someone."

"An elderly Aunt in the Alpine Lakes Senior Home. I think that's it. Her mother and brother were....the fire."

"Oh dear. The poor girl. Yes you may stay with her. But wash up." My parents stopped by regularly for support. I sat with Willow, wanting to be there any time she was awake. I waited for her. And waited. My father spoke to the doctors, explaining that I was the closest person to their patient. They told me we'd simply have to wait until Willow could answer a few questions before discussing her condition. From the bandages I could guess. But how bad?

It was quiet now. Just the beep beep of the monitors. I was dozing. Willow's left hand resting on mine. "Devon? What happened Devon?" My eyes shot open. I stood and looked at Willow. So wan, worn, fragile. First I kissed her, carefully leaning over her.

"Willow. Do you remember? The fire? The house? I'm so sorry."

"Oh, ow. So sore. Yes. John. It was John. Too tired now. What happened to me?"

"They won't tell me. Until you can give approval. Looks like your arm, maybe some burns. You must have gotten out the window."

"Mom? John?" I just shook my head. "You're all I have." I kissed her hand.


"My paintings, drawings. Gone." Then she slept again. And slept. Though the day and the next night. My parents brought me a change of clothes. Food. But I hardly felt like eating. Mom stared down at Willow.

"That poor girl. Alone in the world."

"No she's not Mom. I helped change her life. I'll help her get through this." Mom hugged me.

"When did you become an adult on me?" And we waited. The next day Willow was finally awake long enough to talk to the doctor. She had second degree burns on her neck and shoulder. A broken clavicle and a broken arm, plus various abrasions on her body. Other than pain, the prognosis was good with a long recovery. There would likely be some scarring. With info from Willow Mom and I bought some clothes for her to wear at the house. Cute PJs and loose clothes that would be easy to get on and off. The police came by the hospital. Willow insisted that I be there with her. My Dad came along just to be the adult and ensure things went well. Willow explained what she could remember. Her brother, who was angry about moving out, she didn't explain why, came back that night and had apparently started fires throughout the downstairs when he kicked open her studio door. Willow had fallen asleep while working on her self portrait.

"He called me names and threw a container in the room, then a rag that was burning. The whole doorway went up and my work started burning. I guess I delayed while trying to save some but it was no use. I was gagging, then opened a window. The flames flared up but I climbed out. I had trouble getting out. Something fell on me. Oh it hurt. I stumbled, fell. Then I don't remember anything else."

"Thank you Miss Reed. We found some papers in your brother's apartment. Yes, he was an angry disturbed young man. You're very lucky to have escaped. And it seems you may have saved something. We found a portfolio case in the woods between the house and where we found you." He went into the hall and came back with the portfolio. Willow teared up. "I hope you don't mind. We looked though it. You understand. Clues, ideas. It was evidence." He looked at me again. "Hmmph."

"Thank you, you don't know how much this means. It's the only part of my life I have left. Besides Devon."

Before release the doctor spoke to Willow, and me. The nurses had shown me how to change her dressings. Reviewed her pain meds, personal care and all. I think they were looking to see if any of it embarrassed me.

"OK you two. You seem pretty mature, so I'll make an assumption. No vigorous exercise for a few weeks. NONE. You understand me?" We agreed. "You need to keep that shoulder still. In a few weeks you may have a short cast on the arm. But this is six to eight weeks."

We got Willow home and settled in my bed. She giggled at my male decoration choices. She was wearing PJs. No nudity in my house. Mom's rules. Also, I slept on the floor. Willow worked on taking care of herself left-handed as much as she could, but I got her in there, and undressed her, then helped put her back together. At first she ate meals in the room, but eventually I helped her join us at table. About week four I was sitting by her on the bed.

"Dev, I feel a lot better. Good enough that I'm remembering this is the longest I've gone without sex in ages. Have you been, you know, doing yourself?"

"No, I don't get any if you don't."

"That's silly. Here open my shirt, pull down my bottoms. I'll pose for you. The least I can do."

I thought about it. I really really needed to let one go. I convinced myself it was as much for Willow. Hey I was a horny guy. I unbuttoned Willow's PJ shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra. Her firm high breasts sat up on her chest. I longed to touch them but resisted. I slid down the bottoms. The hair on her pussy was growing back. But it was a magical sight to me. Sure I'd seen it all in the bathroom, but now I was looking at her sexually again. I took off my shorts and underwear, already hard. Holding my cock I began stroking it. "That's it Dev. Look at my big tits, juicy, waiting for you to suck on my nipples, mmm, you're so hot. Look at my wet pussy, waiting for that big cock. Show me what you're going to give me. Let me see you cum. Cum for me." She used her left hand to spread her lips, opening her pussy. I could see the moisture, the opening calling for me. After weeks without, my cock was stretched, almost painful. Then release. Ropes and ropes of cum shooting, then spilling from me. Oh how I needed that.

"Nice Dev. Wow, you really must have been saving up. Do you shoot that much looking at porn?"

"I don't need porn anymore. I have you."

"But I'm damaged now. Scarred, beaten up."

"You'll be good as new before long." Another few days And Willow was sitting in our family room. She asked me to get some drawing supplies. She made some sketches left-handed and made faces at them. I tried also, to show her she was better with her off hand than a regular person. But it gave her something to do. We talked. About her past. About her future. Aunt Susan

wrote to Willow. First to express sadness and grief. Then to tell Willow that she was making changes. Willow would now be her sole heir. Also, she had instructed her attorney to ensure Willow had a sufficient monthly income to live well. College costs would not be an issue, regardless of her destination. Willow replied in thanks and to let her know we wouldn't forget her there.

We took walks. Willow enjoyed having me change her clothes. "It's so nice to have you touch me. Do you think you can do more? Soon?"

"Why don't you ask at your next appointment? You're in a short cast, and a sling. Your neck has healed."

"With a line running down my neck and shoulder."

"That I'll kiss every day."

The next set of x-rays showed her breaks had healed. Still they wanted another week or so of caution. Non-vigorous activity was ok. Then physical therapy would start to regain full range of motion. When we got home my parents were out.

"Can we?"

"If I go slow."

"If you go fast you'll be done in a minute." She stuck her tongue out at me and smiled.

"True. Even slow." We went up to my bedroom. Carefully removed our clothes. Then naked together in bed. In the bed I'd grown up in, masturbated to innumerable fantasies, dreamed of finding someone. Now with Willow. Gently kissing her. I began working my way down.

"No, please. Save that for another day. Right now I need you inside. It's been sooooooooooo long."

A quick touch told me she was ready. Willow bent her knees, spread her legs, offered herself to me. After figuring out where to put my arms, I entered her. Oh god. Almost as good as the first time. Willow giggled.

"I almost feel like a virgin. Take me you stud. But carefully." I pushed myself into Willow feeling her gripping my hard cock, pulling me in. She kept her right arm tight to her chest, but used her left to dig into my back using her nails on me to release some of what was built up inside, to allow her to express her needs and release without bouncing and rocking. "That's it Dev, just keep feeding it to me. As long as you can." I did, longer than I thought I might. Oh the sweet release when it came. I fell to Willow's side, kissing her face. My wet cock between us, my cum leaking from her satisfied pussy. We sighed.

The door opened.

"How are you feeling to....oh, oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't think. I'll come back." And Mom was gone. I'd hopped up trying to cover myself. Willow covered her face with her left hand and let loose howls of laughter.

"Oh my. Oh, sorry, but that was the best thing ever. I don't know whose face was better. Oh shit. I hope we're not in trouble."

"No, it's just. Well usually she knocks. She never walked in on me jerking off. And you, so calm laying there all fucked and happy."

"I guess she knows how I'm feeling." Smiles, laughs, sighs. I got dressed.

"I'll be back. Let me see how it's going downstairs." As I walked down I could hear the conversation.

"Are you sure they were?"

"Ted, they were NAKED. I saw his thing. And I KNOW what a satisfied man looks like."

"I guess she's feeling better. And you didn't think he'd be a virgin forever." I entered the room.

"Really sorry Mom, but you always knock. Willow had a good doctors report and well, it had been awhile. Are we ok?"

Yes, and yes I should have knocked. At least I didn't actually see you two, you know, in action."

"Meg, come on, they're two healthy young adults. She's a pretty girl who has gone through a lot."

"But what now? Are you two just going to, all day up there?"

"No Mom. Well sometimes? But Willow is feeling well enough, we're going to look for a place for her to live. She'll need a bright room for a studio and then the usual stuff. She can afford a nice place if you have ideas."

"I'll ask around. And you two, well try to keep it private. I'd rather not know. Ok?"

"Fair enough." As I went by Dad ruffled my hair.

"Mom says you're doing us men proud."


We tried keeping our physical activities to quiet times in the house. Willow soon began physical therapy. She declined a psychologist, though her doctor recommended it. She said painting would be her therapy. As soon as she could move her arm without a sling she tried drawing. She was completely unhappy and frustrated with her first attempts.

"It's so awkward. My arm doesn't just do what my brain sees."

"They said it would take time. You have to rebuild strength and muscle memory." And it did, slowly. Willow's return to school was an unexpected celebration. She was overwhelmed by the show of support. Ms. Pearson told her that she had spoken to me and if ok with Willow, the drawings and paintings that were saved would make a fine presentation. Even the one of me. They'd keep that aside for just the judges and mature art lovers to view.

Willow found an apartment that suited her. It was bright and airy and open with a separate room for a studio. We had fun picking out furniture and decorating. All of this seemed to be a bit of therapy too. We got back into a routine of hanging at Willow's until I went home in the evening. Late in the school year was the art exhibit. Willow was not happy enough with her new work yet. I thought she was being picky. Her presentation was a big success. Word got around that you HAD to see the last drawing. Students weren't allowed. But word got out. My parents came to the event. They saw the picture. Dad just said that Willow is a fine artist, and a better girlfriend. Mom blushed. But then she'd seen it already. Willow won first prize. Then asked that the scholarship be given to the second place winner. She had already decided where she would attend and Aunt Susan was paying her way.

The day after the exhibit we were sitting, nude, on a sofa in her studio. As at the old house a large mirror was across from us. Willow had decided that her first new piece would be the nude self portrait. She had sketched some and it was coming together. She wasn't happy.

"It's bland. It just lays there. I don't see how I feel. After you and I have sex I feel a glow." I knew what she meant about the feeling, but no idea how you put that on paper.

"Let's pull the sofa closer." We did. "OK sit right here, legs together." I did. "Ok, you stay still, let me do what I need to do." So I sat. Willow got me good and hard. Then she straddled me facing the mirror. I watched my hard cock disappear into her. Willow rolled her butt, rocked her hips. Pinched her nipples. Fucked me fast. Fucked me slow. When I groaned, she told me I better not dare come. I didn't. She noted her look, she studied her body. I was a prop. She moved. Up, down, back, forward, tits bouncing, then holding them in place. Then she sat all the way down on me and studied herself? "OK, I've got it." Then with a few deft movements and contractions she had me pumping my cum into her. I sighed with the final release. "Thanks Dev, I needed to capture myself in the midst of it." She worked on her picture some more, then entertained me for longer. Snuggling with me after a more bouncing sex session Willow looked at me seriously.

"Dev, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, of course."

"I guess I haven't done things the usual way. So why start now?"


"Dev, will you marry me?" I got light headed. How could I answer? My initial reaction was yeah sure, but a million questions. She smiled. "Don't answer immediately. But I can't imagine living without you. And it's kind of silly for you to leave every night. And money would never be an issue. The school I'm looking at has a good English department too. We could go together. It's a small private. If we're married, we could afford both of us. You could teach, or write or whatever you want. We can take trips and see the world and I'd like to have a house in the country with

views and streams and, and I want to have your babies."

"I, uh, well, I'm not saying no. I just need to process. So much. Babies?"

"We don't have to do everything all at once. Sorry to throw my whole life plan at you. But a year ago my life had no plan of it's own and now I can't imagine it without you in it. I OWE you my life. We don't even have to set a date or get married soon. But I'd love nothing more that to be with you."

"Willow. There's no part of me saying no. My parents will say we're crazy. So will a lot of other people. But I'm not saying no. Can we put my yes on hold. We should consider possible problems. Any negatives. If there are any. Are you sure this isn't because you lost your family? You've not met a lot of other people. What if I'm not the guy?"

"Not the guy? That's impossible. I look into your eyes and I see nothing bad. You're the one person who has been a positive for me, every day. OK, I agree. Your yes can be on hold. I will not pressure you. But I will continue to give you generous and bountiful sex. Take that for what it's worth. Then Willow sank down and took my soft cock in her mouth, she held the full shortened length in her mouth. She tickled around my balls, causing my cock to lengthen, to thicken. She never moved off of it and I grew in her mouth, back, back, into her throat, until I was firm and hard. Then she swallowed, letting her throat muscles work my cock, then licking, sucking, humming on it until I squirted into her mouth. She smiled, letting me run out and down her chin, blowing bubbles with my semen. The silliest thing I'd seen. We both laughed. This caused Willow to make more of a mess all over us. And then we laughed some more.

Time allowed the scars on Willow's neck and shoulder to fade. We attributed it to regular kisses. Time also worked on her other scars, but sometimes I see them appear in one of her works. The extra work and effort to regain her dexterity may have even helped her skills. She completed several amazing pieces, including a large drawing of a reclining nude woman. The head turned to avoid recognition, but I knew. I'd recognize those breasts anywhere, the line of her form, the sparse dark hair of her mound, the rounded buttocks. Willow in all her glory, glowing as she did in the moments after a satisfying orgasm. I'm the only person alive to know how accurate the image is.

We finished high school. I proposed in the old fashioned way. Aunt Susan was able to join us for the ceremony. Her gift was beyond generous.

"Did you know Willow, there's a stipulation in the trust."

"No Auntie, really I never read it all."

"If you marry, to a man who meets the approval of the living sisters, the money is yours immediately. You're a very wealthy woman."

My parents were shocked to learned just how wealthy. We attended the college of Willow's choosing. We took a year to travel. Another year to find the home of our dreams. We're happy that Aunt Susan lived long enough to see these events.

But life goes on. Willow paints. I write. We make love in our large bed in the usual way. We have sex in the studio in a vast variety of ways. Our way. I got up from my desk. Willow was calling to me from down the hall. I already had an erection. I supposed she was in the studio; but instead she meets me in the hall. She's holding a dipstick and wearing a large smile.


2020-09-19 00:32:44
nebesprinkles, the "dipstick" is a common name for the home pregnancy test. Apparently Willow's was a positive result.


2020-09-18 22:57:31
I absolutely love this story. Both parts are excellent! Most of the stories on here lack the the aspect of love and are just about sex. But your story has it all, love, sex, growth, excitment and a happy ending. Thank you so much for writing this story and sharing it. I have read all of your previous stories and loved them, buy this one is the best!


2020-09-18 22:14:49
Explain Please: "…holding a dipstick…" Have a pretty good imagination..this one escapes me....Original comment about Great Story and Positive rating still apply.


2020-09-18 15:57:25
Another great story, beautifully written. Perfect ending, as it should be. One of my favourites on this site.


2020-09-18 04:53:08
Great Beautiful and sensuous fable. Thanks more like this one please

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