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secret relationship of Christian female student and old Imam.
**co-writers with my friend from Imagefap, Reddwarf

Faraj, the old skinny, boney, gray-bearded Imam with his dirty gray robe and turban sitting in his quiet study, surrounded by his thick, dusty books. As he reads from his holy Quran in the dim light, the quiet is broken by a gentle tap on the wooden back door of his study that opens to an alley behind the Mosque. Carefully setting aside his book, the old Iman goes to the door and opens it, peering into the shadowy night at the tiny figure framed in shadows.

"H-hello Imam Faraj...Oh! Oh no! I...I mean Salaam! Salaam Imam! Oh dear, I wanted to get that right...oh!" the tiny girl stammered, her pretty young face clouded with worry and disappointment. The slender blond girl stood in the doorway, her white blouse and short plaid skirt rustling in the gentle evening breeze, the lamplight reflecting off of the tiny gold crucifix hanging on a chain around her neck. As the embarrassed teenager nervously worked her fingers together, she looked up hopefully into his wrinkled, kind brown eyes. The elderly Imam smiled warmly down at the youth, placing a thin but strong hand on her shoulder and gently guided her inside, shutting the door behind her.

Amber was a student at the local Catholic school and as part of a project to understand other faiths, she had timidly come to the Mosque a few weeks ago and had met the Holy Imam, a tall imposing figure of a man who was surprisingly patient and wise, answering Amber's questions. The precocious girl became enamored of the strength and aura of authority that the Imam radiated and soon found herself attracted to the elderly man. Over the short time they had been together, Amber also noticed that her seemingly-innocent touches and "accidental" bumps against him had the effect she wished for; the quiet, studious persona the teacher projected began to soften into one of familiarity and affection. To Amber's delight, they had spent a few visits in his private study where she was unable to resist her urges to be near the great religious figure, to subtly offer herself to him in the way she sat close to him, the way she would leave a few buttons of her blouse undone and by arranging to lean in close to him as they studied the Holy Quran, letting him smell her fragrant hair. For such a young girl, even she could tell that he was aroused by the attentions and nearness of such a young woman and although they were of two very different faiths, the sheer animal attraction that was building between them was reaching a critical stage. Tonight, Amber could stand it no longer and was determined to relieve the incredible ache and heat that burned inside of her soppy, stained white cotton panties.

"Imam Faraj, sir...I...umm...I just..." Amber stumbled to say, now unsure of herself in the moment, afraid now to make the bold move she had so carefully planned and dreamed of.

"It's all right child, take your time. I have all the time Allah sends to listen, my dear." the deep, warm tones of the Imam's voice washing over Amber, soothing her nervousness.

"Oh sir, I just wanted to thank you for putting up with me for the last few weeks, for letting me bother you." Amber blurted out excitedly, rushing forward to hug the surprised old man. Wrapping her arms around his waist, Amber pressed her cheek into his thin but muscular chest and squeezed herself to him in appreciation and love. Awkward at first, the Imam chuckled in a low voice and returned her hug, holding the youth to his body with long, sinewy arms. Looking up, Amber gazed into his smiling face, his wiry gray beard and mustache framing his leathery brown skin and big brown eyes. Seizing the moment, the little Catholic girl stood on tip-toe and kissed him, her delicate cherry lips meeting his slightly rougher but warm, thick lips.

All resistance and pretense of civility was shattered in an instant! Instead of resisting the advances of this much younger girl, instead of firmly but politely removing her from his place of holy reflection, the Imam responded not as a spiritual leader of thousands, but as a man. The sexy, nubile body of this young blond infidel girl grinded against his pelvis, awakening the thick brown snake of his loins, hardening him as he hadn't been in years. His powerful hands clutched her back, pulling her close to him as he returned her kiss, sucking her delicious tongue into his mouth, drinking the sweetness of her saliva. For her part, the tiny blond's hands moved over his tall, thin frame, rubbing through the heavy wool cloth of his robe, feeling the body she had craved for too long. She gasped and pulled back a little from their kiss, giggling up to his lustful eyes as her slender hand enveloped the fullness of his meat through the front of his robe. "Oh Imam! Soooo big!" she giggled, giving his dusky cock an appreciative squeeze.

Dropping to her knees, the Catholic girl pulled the hem of his robe up and ducked under, immediately kissing and licking his hairy, bony legs as she traced her way up to his humid, sweaty crotch. Imam Faraj clenched his hands in the air and let out a satisfied hiss of air as he felt the hot wetness of her mouth envelope his staff, the sensation of the little Christian teen's tongue as it swirled up and down the length of his uncircumcised dick exciting him greatly. The rumble of pleasure he intoned was from the absolutely heavenly feeling as tiny Amber lavished her tongue over his sticky low-hanging balls, licking the sheen of sweat from the rubbery, curly hair encrusted nutsack. The girl had wanted to taste her mentor's body for so long, had spent so many nights in her bed at the school frigging her tight young cunt with the edge of her golden cross, moaning the name of the Imam while she squirted onto the teeny little body of Christ fixed on the front of her Crucifix, she wasn't about to hold back now that she had her dreams fulfilled.

Licking and slurping around underneath in the darkness of his robes, Amber twisted her pretty face about, soaking every inch of his crotch and thighs with her spit, worming her way back to his firm, muscular buttocks. Without pause the teen licked and kissed the holy man's ass, licking deep into the cleft between his cheeks and feasting on the divine musk of his hairy, puckered asshole. Imam Faraj shook and had to reach over to a nearby bookshelf to steady himself as the Catholic girl drove her burrowing tongue into his bunghole, making him feel so wet and aroused. After a few minutes of the quiet room being filled with the muffled slurps and laps of Amber's voracious hunger, the Islamic holy man could take no more.

Raising his robe, he pulled Amber from underneath him and one more locked her in a deep kiss. His strong hands pulled her white blouse apart, giving his wrinkled brown hands access to the tiny budding breasts underneath, her pink puffy nipples hardening in his squeezing hands. After a few seconds of Amber writhing against him as she responded to his breast massage, Imam Faraj moved his hand down to under her short plaid skirt and hooked fingers around her white cotton panties. With a growl he ripped them free of her loins, making her gasp as she looked into his eyes with an expression of utter submission. "Oh Jesus Christ! Oh Mother Mary!" the youth squeaked, invoking the names of her faith.

The Imam took the soaking wet, torn panties and brought them up to his nose, breathing deeply her scent as his fiery eyes burned into hers. Rubbing her juices over his dry, cracked skin gave him a subtle sheen of oil as he bathed in her moist cunt juices. Kissing her roughly again, he murmured into her ear, "My child, I must taste you, I must drink from your sweetest cup. Present yourself to me, give me your waters."

Trembling and clumsy in her haste to comply with his firm command, Amber scrambled upon the large oak desk of the holy man, her pert, apple-cheeked ass accidentally settling on top of the leather bound Quran. As she lay back in complete submission to the tall thin man who towered between her creamy white legs, his eyes fixed on the site of her pretty blond pussy lips, red and inviting like a piece of fruit, dripping with her honeyed juices that ran in tiny streams down her inner thighs and were puddling on his most sacred book. Instead of being outraged at he despoiling of his beloved book, it increased his sexual fury a hundred fold. His face a mask of lust and passion, the old man dove between her silky thighs and began devouring the tender pussy spread before him. His wiry whiskers scratching and scraping her clit and labia, Amber cried out in delight at the vigorous tongue-lashing her weeping cunt was receiving. Twisting and grinding her pretty ass into the raised leather book cover, she loved the feel of whatever it was that was pressing into her asscheeks, adding a new dimension of pleasure to the violently active pussy eating she was enjoying.

"Oh my God, oh my sweet Jesus, eat me Faraj, suck me hard, take me!" the young girl pleaded, almost senseless with the explosive burst of biting and tongue-probing her steaming cunt was enduring. Only as she began to reach her peak, just before she could properly cum on his smacking lips, he withdrew, gaining pitiful moans of despair from the young girl. They were immediately silenced by a greasy, sexy kiss of his thick lips painted with her own cream, an intoxicating slime that she gratefully sucked from his tongue, a sucking that increased as she felt the hot tip of his rigid cock plant itself against the spread-open folds of her sopping wet pussy. With a grunt into her mouth, the Imam pealed back his foreskin and forced the thick sensitive head of his Muslim dick into the velvety embrace of the Catholic teen's cunt. Amber bucked and squealed under his large, powerful frame as he determinedly opened her narrow channel, coring out her inner womanhood with his engorged meat.

Finally meeting her blond curls with his own gray pubic hairs, the holy man began pumping his young pupil, his great hands fairly mauling the tiny nubs of her breasts as he began pistoning in and out of her, making her moan and laugh madly with the intense pleasure she was getting from the elderly man.

As he sawed into her pussy more easily now, he increased his pace, rubbing her tender asscheeks on the rough surface on the Quran beneath her, thoroughly soaking the holy book with their frothy cream. As he fucked her mercilessly, his eyes caught the large crucifix jostling on her white chest between her tiny breasts and without hesitation the Imam took the chain in his grip and ripped it from her neck. Breathless and panting, the open mouthed girl looked on as she saw him holding the cross before his sweating face, studying the image of Christ that was embossed on the front of the large item. Looking down again into her sweet face, he smiled a sexy smile as she felt the jolt of cold metal as he rubbed the holy Catholic symbol over her red-tipped, aching clit! Gasping and grimacing in the wonderful pain, she felt him grind the rough image of Jesus into her while his thick Muslim meat pounded her once-tight cunt again and again. Shaking now as if she were having a seizure, Amber's blond hair flew about as she thrashed back and forth, bending her body to his, giving herself, giving her faith, giving her soul to the fiery Imam that was beautifully fucking her into paradise.

The air rang with the powerful voice of the Imam, crying the Takbir, "Allāhu Akbar! Allāhu Akbar!" as he hammered his meat into the wailing child, burying his thick rod deep inside her bruised, scraped pussy. The crucifix he had been masturbating her clit with had worked down onto his turgid penis and had somehow become wedged inside the bucking girl, adding another mind-altering sensation to the young child. Her eyes shot wide open as Fajar shoved in, rasping the upper wall of her cunt with the golden cross on top of his dick, riding it back and forth over her "G" Spot, sending lightning bolts of orgasmic pain racing though the girl's body.

Gurgling and screaming incoherently, Amber jerked and flailed as the Imam, cumming so hard inside of his little Catholic fuck-puppet, was lost in his own pleasures and continued his unintentional defilement of her sweet pussy with her own Holy Symbol. Amber's cunt could endure no more and released all the juices she had built up; vaginal fluid frothed at her beet-red pussy lips, a bubbly soup that helped lubricate the drilling cock and the wickedly wonderful cross as it fucked in and out. Her inner muscles flexed and fluttered and for the first time in her young life, Amber shot a salty stream of ejaculate, spraying her very own cum around his relentless cock, soaking their hips and the Quran beneath them. Still Imam Faraj continued, piledriving his spewing thick seed deep into Amber's young, fertile womb. By instinct or by virtue of his cultural beliefs, the Muslim cleric seemed determined that as he was committing a violation of his office as holy man, he would at least impregnate this beautiful young infidel and breed a child within this child. Thinking again of how young and innocent she was, the groaning old man slapped his hips hard against hers one more time, sending one last jet of semen from his potent cock, simultaneously raking the image of Jesus cruelly over her sensitive cunt walls again, making the exhausted girl squeal once more with delightful pain.

Gasping from his exertions, sweat pouring from his face and dripping from his beard onto Amber's equally soaked white body, the old man slowly pulled his slimey cock from her steaming hole, a clang sounding as the crucifix, coated in their mutual cream, bounced off the floor below them. Totally spent, Amber lay back on the desk, huffing and moaning, her mind in a happy fog from being so thoroughly and fantastically fucked. The Imam fell heavily into his chair, his arms limply hanging on the arms of the chair as he just stared at the sight before him, of the teen's white legs spread wide, her gaping pussy red and raw, white thick cream bubbling out slowly from deep within her, her flat alabaster belly heaving just above it as she recovered from their passionate sex.

Looking down he saw that they had ruined his Quran; Amber and his own violent fucking finally had pulled the leather cover loose, ripping a few pages and definitely soaking the entire book in their juices. Further down, on the floor, Faraj spied in it's own puddle of white the glistening crucifix the girl had worn. Memory instantly returned to the old man as he remembered the sensation of that relic on his penis and the way his sexy student had reacted; he instantly surmised where that piece of Catholic jewelry had actually been!

Reaching down, he carefully picked it up and walked around the table to Amber, who smiled sleepily up at him.

"My child, I think this little man was also with us in our delight," he said with a chuckle, dangling the cum-soaked cross above her face. Staring at it cross-eyed, seeing the thick semen dripping from every golden crease in the object, Amber reached up and took it from him and brought it to her lips. Sweetly kissing the tiny figure of Jesus, she tenderly licked the cum from his body and began licking around the object, cleaning it with her tongue.

When she was done, she noticed that the chain had been broken and looked the Imam in the eyes as she noted, "Poor me, I can't wear my Cross around my neck. The Sisters at the school will be very angry if I come back without it."

Her eyes twinkling with mischief, she grinned up at the holy man and said with a saucy tone, "I know, I can put it somewhere nice and safe and take it back to the Church with me to be repaired." Slowly rubbing the crucifix over her cooling body, she moved the metal Jesus figure over her still-hard nipple, down the flatness of her belly and then hovered just over the blond thatch of hair above her recovering pussy.

"I wonder if He wouldn't mind riding home with me....aaaaahhhh!! Oh!" she sighed as she slid the thick crucifix, chain and all, into her closing pussy. Shuddering a little with delight, the sexy Christian girl sat upright on the table and began smoothing her skirt back down.

Quiet moments passed between the two, the elderly Imam and the young Catholic girl as they returned their appearances to something more presentable, although now the atmosphere between them was decidedly more intimate and loving. Warm smiles and tender hands helped each other straighten clothes until finally the easy silence was broken by the even low words of the Imam, "Well Miss Amber, I believe I will have to have a word tomorrow with your Mother Superior at your Church. It seems I will require much more of your company in the future, as you have a great deal more to learn about Islam, don't you agree?"

Squealing with girlish delight, Amber lept high and threw her arms around the neck of the smiling Imam, showering his wrinkled old face with kisses, thanking him again and again for his kindness. As she swept out the private back door of his study and into the warm night air, Amber's pussy squeezed the soaked crucifix that made such a pleasant friction inside of her, thinking already about her next "date" with her Imam.
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