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This was originally submitted as part of a full novel

Once again, Dmitri was chained to his chair in the interview room, behind bars, to answer Katya’s questions.

“We have had our people audit Alexandra” she told him after the briefest of formalities. He cocked his head at her, amused. “It suited everyone to assume that the beautiful girl who married an imprisoned sex-murderer had been ‘disappeared’ by the old regime” she continued. “But she simply vanished, After the ceremony there is no trace of her in the archives - they lost track of her”. Shifting in the steel fetters, Dmitri leant forward to rest his forearms on his knees.

“She took pains to find me” he began. Behind the two-way mirror, Dana teased the end of a new ballpoint with her teeth, spellbound.

I know your part in the mutiny of the twenty-first battalion. I know from Grigori; so, you will understand that I know other things about you, too. The Security Division would be very interested in what I have to tell them.

Meet me by the conveniences in the public park of the Armenian Quarter at midnight.

Putting the handwritten note back into his pocket, Dmitri squared his shoulders and stepped out of the shadows into the pool of sodium lamp-light next to the decrepit, brick outbuilding. He had been watching from cover for most of the evening and had seen no-one come or go except for the stunning pocket Venus who sat patiently on the bench by the path, dressed as though for a smart dinner party.

Alexandra looked up expectantly at the huge, bearded, wild-haired man striding straight towards her.

“You are bold” Dmitri told her “or mad”.

“I am well prepared for this meeting” she replied, levelly. “I have made sure of what will happen if I do not return safely”. He sat down next to her.

“A document deposited with an advocate, to be opened in the event that you do not collect it tomorrow morning - that kind of thing”?

“Something like that” she replied, evasively.

“And so” Dmitri asked, “what do you want of me”?

“Escort me to your apartment” She licked her lips and leant back, opening her thighs to let him see the gleam of the brass padlock and the silver chain that laced through her labial rings to imprison her cunt and arse. “We can discuss it as we walk”. They rose and she took his arm.

“If the secret police are waiting for me” Dmitri shrugged “then I cannot escape - whatever I do. I am not a wealthy man; it is simply not worth your while to try to extort payment from me. So, I have to assume that you wish me to perform some service for you”? She turned her face up to him.

“My photograph has not been in the newspapers” she said “but you have read about the deranged girl so besotted with Grigori the sex murderer that she married him in prison? Everyone says that you are a dedicated sexual sadist and that the women who submit to you endure the most intense torments. You should understand what I want of you”.

Together they slipped through one of the many gaps in the park fence and into the cobbled streets of the St Nerses district; soon they were in the busy, well-lit centre of Mirenburg and passed unremarked amongst the beautiful people strolling from café to bar to club – although a few heads turned to watch the raven-haired beauty walk by with her giant beau, deep in conversation.

“This must convince you” Alexandra ventured as they passed the opera house. She took a travel receipt from her snakeskin clutch and passed it to him. “You see? Anyone searching for me will find that I arrived at Budapest Keleti yesterday evening, and took the tram to my uncle’s house. There is nothing to stop you”. She squeezed his arm tighter. “Put me to the trial”.

In his studio, Dmitri turned on the light, shut and bolted the door, and then ripped the little dress from Alexandra’s slim body. She stood trembling under his fierce gaze, parting her lips obediently when he made her suck his fingers. In the centre of the room two steel bracelets hung by chains from the old gaslight fitting in the middle of the ceiling. Dmitri led her to them with a gentle hand on her shoulder; he fastened her proffered wrists into the cuffs and her ankles to a matching pair secured to a low table. Laying his whip down on the table he produced a leather ball-gag from his pocket.

"This is your last chance to scream for help" he said, slowly and emphatically, as he held the device to her face. Alexandra opened her mouth wide to accept it. He swept her hair aside to fasten the buckle at the back of her neck then, abruptly, turned away and left the room. After a while, she found the courage to lift her head and look around. The studio was furnished in a spare, masculine style, as she had expected, with bookcases and a worn leather couch dating from the imperial era. Seeing the tiled kitchen area, she shivered; startlingly green bunches of fresh nettles stood in a profusion of vases around the stove and sink.

Dmitri returned from his bedroom naked save for leather gauntlets and boots; he was tall, broad-chested and muscular, his torso and limbs covered with coarse, black hairs. Scarcely glancing at Alexandra, he went straight to the galley and took up one of the bundles of nettles. She turned her head to watch, helplessly, as he returned to stand behind her. Smiling, he brushed them gently over the soft, white skin of her arse, first one cheek and then, after a pause, the other. She gasped around the gag and twisted her hips away from him. With exquisite slowness, he traced the nettles up and down her quivering body in ever longer strokes, stinging her thighs and the small of her back. She began to swing from side to side, grasping the chains at her wrists to pull herself up from the floor, and her panting became faster. Then he whipped her with the bundle, carefully blistering every inch of skin. Alexandra danced in her chains, throwing her head to and fro. When the stems started to break and leaves scattered with every blow, he pressed them into the skin of her arse with both gloved hands, working the tips well into the crease, around the sensitive puckering of her anus and under the fine, silver chain which held a glass plug inside her. By the time the bunch had disintegrated on her tortured flesh, she was slumped forward and had stopped struggling. Dmitri rubbed her arse with his gauntlets and licked and nibbled at the reddened skin until she lifted her head and sighed. Then he straightened, taking the whip from the table. Pressing his hard body close against her, he whispered in her ear.

"You will feel this whipping like no other". Alexandra trembled deliciously. She waited for an eternity while he busied himself with something at the other end of the room, then chamber music began playing and he left the stereo to stand behind her again. All the air left her lungs at the first bite of the whip and she struggled to find enough breath even to groan during the next few minutes, with the supple leather slashing into her tender arse and thighs remorselessly. He did not pause until she stopped kicking her legs vainly at her chains, stopped twisting and turning and stopped thrashing her head wildly from side to side. Fierce crimson stripes stood out against the dull red of her burning flesh and she hung limply by the wrists, utterly broken. Through eyes brimming with tears she watched Dmitri go to the kitchen to pour himself a drink, drink a silent toast to her - of course, he knew that she was watching - and then return with more nettles. This time he stood facing her. He swept her long hair back over her shoulders and ran his gloved hand over the unmarked skin of her breasts and stomach, flicking gently at her erect nipples, until his fingers found the jewellery-box padlock securing her labial rings. He lifted and twisted it, just a little, and Alexandra sighed deeply. Dmitri smiled. She quivered in anticipation as the nettles slowly approached, then stretched her head back with a hissing intake of breath when the cruel leaves stroked her nipples and swept to and fro across her high, pert breasts. Again, her body jerked away from the punishment but he put an arm around her slim waist and pulled her towards him so that she had only the freedom to stamp her feet uselessly. Fresh tears streamed down her cheeks. When her whole chest was red and blistered, he began to whip her with the nettles, letting her sway and writhe again. Her nipples were now impossibly hard and long. In time, the second bundle also broke apart and he ground the remaining handfuls of leaves into her burning bosom. She lifted herself clear of the floor with a muffled cry and threw her head back in pure agony. Without pausing, he took up the next bunch and used it to stroke her flat stomach and shaven pubic mound. She thrust her chained cunt towards him, parting her thighs to welcome the vicious assault, gasping and panting as the stingers jabbed into her clit and lips. When he slapped her open crotch, she let her thighs snap closed despite herself, but his strong hand held her legs open and he drew the nettles slowly back and forth between them. Alexandra's lovely face contorted, wincing, and he smiled to see the leaves come away speckled with drops of moisture.

The stereo stopped playing. Dmitri lay down his bundle and, almost as an afterthought, picked up a fallen leaf from the floor. With gloved fingers he pressed it firmly first onto one nipple then the other and left her hanging in torment while he chose more music. Alexandra closed her eyes and writhed sensuously. He sat before her watching, his cock twitching at the eroticism of her involuntary performance, until the louder passage he had been waiting for filled the apartment. She sensed his movement and opened her eyes to see the single-tail whip swinging towards her tortured nipples. Strangled cries came from her gagged mouth as he striped the front of her body with swishing forehand and backhand strokes, mercilessly breaking her blistered skin while she jerked and convulsed, only stopping when her eyes rolled back, her legs gave way, and she hung senseless from the ceiling.

Dmitri un-cuffed Alexandra’s wrists caught her effortlessly in his powerful arms and lowered her carefully to the floor. Her eyes opened as he unbuckled and removed the gag and she tried to return his smile with her aching jaw. Tenderly, he brushed the hair from her sweating forehead and traced the line of her chin and the fine muscles of her throat with a gloved finger. She closed her eyes again and sighed as the finger moved on, down her tender flesh, to hook the silver chain at her cunt.

“This is important to you” he stated in a deep, quiet voice.

“Yes” she breathed. “Grigori kept me as a virgin, and I swore to him that I will always remain imprisoned in chastity”.

“I could kill you here” Dmitri said, and she nodded. “I can easily cut this chain from you and fuck your arse”.

“That would be rape” Alexandra told him. “You can kill me, or you can rape me and kill me, but you cannot fuck me and kill me”. Dmitri smiled.

“I may be your murderer,” he said, “why might I not be your rapist”? Alexandra smiled back, and shyly put out a hand to stroke his thick hair.

“Because you are not” she said. Watching his face, she took his huge, gloved hand in her slim fingers and guided it to her lips, then took his index finger into her mouth to suck on it hungrily.

“So be it.” Dmitri said “I will respect your oath. And now I must cut you out of this”. He took his hand away from her mouth and she nodded her acquiescence, lying back and spreading her thighs, careless of the scattering of nettle leaves on the floor beneath her. Dmitri took a pair of wire-cutters and sheared through the silver chain with one snip. He patiently drew it through the rings decorating her labia, letting her cunt gape open, soft and wet. Wrapping the links around his hand, he pulled slowly but firmly on the steel hoop in the thick, coloured glass plug filling her arse and she sighed softly as it left her body. Squatting beside her, he gathered up a handful of leaves and Alexandra chewed at her lower lip, readying herself. Delicately, he pressed them into her cunt, lifting the lips apart by their silver rings so as to work the stinging leaves deep into her most tender places. Her mouth fell open in a silent scream, baring her perfect white teeth, and she panted faster and harder until he pulled her cheeks apart with one hand and pressed a fistful firmly into the puckered ring of her arsehole with the other. At this, she thrust her body violently upward and stopped breathing altogether for a long minute. He waited patiently for her to fall back to the floor, emptying her lungs in a long, low sigh, then gathered up great masses of nettles in both hands and spread them all over her open thighs and abdomen until she was blanketed from chin to knee. Alexandra’s eyes were glassy and vacant and her mouth hung open. Rising to his feet, Dmitri put a booted foot to her groin, pressing the nettles down while she moaned and whimpered in a transport of submission and abasement. Again, the music ended and he left her sobbing on the floor while he ***********ed another piece. This time, he also turned off most of the lights and brought a bottle and glass from the galley before moving to the couch. Alexandra saw him sitting there - slumped forward, open-legged - and she rolled over to crawl to him. He smiled to see her rub her hands through her hair to remove any possible shreds of nettle leaf, then she began to worship his open crotch with lips, tongue and fingers. She lapped like a kitten at the acrid bitterness of his arse and around his full balls, her fingers playing delicately along the hardness of his throbbing cock until he could stand it no longer and growled low in his throat. At once, Alexandra took the head of his prick into her mouth and swallowed urgently and expertly. He groaned. She gazed up at him with a raw longing.

“Help me find the Yellow Sign” she begged from between his knees.

“When it suits me, I shall kill you myself” he assured her and she fell back panting and sobbing in a paroxysm of catharsis, her body curved up from the floor like a bow.

“And that was the first step towards her Calvary”. Dmitri finished his tale and Katya sat mesmerised.

“She died a virgin” she said wonderingly, after a long pause.

In the hidden alcove behind the two-way mirror Dana’s knuckles were white and her brow furrowed; she groaned in frustration.


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