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This was first submitted as part of a novel-length story

After Maria’s revelation Katya had come to realise that many women in Waldenstein were desperately searching for the Yellow Sign and needed only to be gently guided along the right path. Her skill at psychological profiling and her personal charm meant that she was soon in discrete contact with potential victims, women whose words betrayed to the discerning eye a wild craving for the ultimate. An exchange of messages with Eva, a humanities student at the Institute, prompted Katya to set herself up as a therapist. And so, she began to draw her prospects into the web.

Katya ushered Eva into the oak-panelled consulting room she now rented in an elegant inter-war building near the Old City – it was far too expensive, but she was happy to use up her savings. Taking the younger woman’s coat, she showed her to a leather armchair by the long window. Eva sat and tucked her slender, denim legs under her.

“I’m so glad you found time to see me” she began.

“I wish it could have been sooner” Katya assured her “but now you must tell me everything. I can help you”.

Perched cross-legged on the chair, with her long hair hanging in her pretty, freckled face, Eva told her story.

She had told her fellow students that she was spending the weekend with her aunt in the west of the country and her parents that she was accompanying a girlfriend to visit an aunt in the east. Then, after nightfall, she made her way through the deserted streets of the business district to the old justice building. As promised, a side door was unlocked and she glanced around quickly before slipping through it.

In the darkness a pale figure stepped past her to lock the door and led her firmly by the elbow down the corridor; she went along in silence. Soon they came to a tiled room starkly lit by a bare bulb, unfurnished save for the forbidding presence of the city’s guillotine – long disused but still here in its own place deep inside the abandoned headquarters of the former regime’s secret police. At the sight, Eva moaned aloud and leaned into the unknown man at her side. Taking a deep breath, she opened her eyes and looked around. She was in the grip of a youth of medium height, his slim body stark naked and the leather hood of a mediaeval executioner hiding his face. Another man, more heavily built but also naked and hooded, stood by the guillotine. Eva looked from one to the other. She pulled off her coat and together they freed her from the loose smock she wore underneath. All three stood for a moment in silence and then Eva went over to the guillotine; she ran her fingers over the smooth wood of the lunette and slowly raised her eyes to the gleaming blade. She sighed.

The bigger man came up beside her, pulled her roughly to the floor by the hair and rolled her onto her back with his foot.

“Open your mouth” he growled. As both men stood over her with stiffening cocks in their hands she rose up on her elbows and leant forward to take as much of their streams of piss into her mouth as she could swallow, massaging the rest into her breasts and into the white flesh of her young body. When they finished, the youth leant his weight on the upright of the guillotine and dangled his foot before her mouth. Eva licked and sucked at his toes and then, gazing up at him, she cupped his foot in her hands to rain kisses on the sole and heel. Brushing her lips from his toes to his ankle she clambered to her knees and lapped her tongue hungrily along the length of his calf and thigh. He groaned as her tongue flicked lightly around and under his balls. Frigging his twitching cock with a loose grip she looked over her freckled shoulder in response to the next order.

“Kiss your executioner” the man commanded and the boy turned to face away from her and spread his buttocks with both hands. Without hesitation Eva licked up and down the crease of his arse, prodding her tongue into his anus, her fingers still fluttering over his full balls and stiff cock. With a groan he reached back to grab her hair then turned around to thrust himself into her open mouth. Eva sucked tenderly at the cock that had pissed on her until he gasped and his sperm flooded out. She was kissing and cleaning it slavishly when the heavier man seized her slender neck and pulled her away.

“Oh. Yes!” she breathed. He forced her over to the bascinet and put his mouth close to her ear.

“I’m going to bend you over and shaft you on this” he said swinging his open hand into her high, taut behind with a resounding crack. Eva moaned and stretched a long leg across the worn timber. Straddling it, she paused to watch the boy walk over and take hold of the lever. His brown eyes met hers from behind his hood.

“Let me see your faces, at the end” she pleaded, but the boy just shook his head and stood ready to drop the blade. Eva laid herself down with her head in position and brushed her hair forward over her face to expose her slim, white neck. The other man leaned his naked bulk over her back while he closed the lunette securely then positioned himself behind her. He wrapped a strong arm under her stomach, pulling her up to him. Eva raised her hips to offer him her cunt, but he pressed the dry head of his cock into her puckered arsehole with his thumb and then pressed his groin forward to force his whole length inside her inch by inch. Her mouth opened in a breathless cry of pain and she gripped the edge of the basket beneath her head. Grabbing her hips in a brutal, bruising grip he slammed his cock into her harder and harder while she convulsed in pain beneath him. He pulled out of her suddenly and smacked her arse hard. Eva panted and trembled. He slapped her face.

“Suck it”, he commanded, when she looked up into his eyes. She ran her tongue over her lips and welcomed his cock into her mouth. He allowed her to clean him for a long time, her fingers roaming over his buttocks and balls, until he pulled away and once more aimed himself into her bleeding arse. She spread her cheeks apart to ease his entry and then reached to brace herself on the rim of the basket again, clenching her jaw. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the slighter youth’s arm move, then the rhythm of ragged breathing and wet flesh slapping together was broken by the heavy, metallic clunk of the weighted blade being released. Eva screamed. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her cunt spurted like a fountain and she collapsed onto the bascinet.

“The next thing I remember, the room was silent” said Eva, haltingly. “I must have wriggled out of the lunette, because I remember putting my clothes back on and then I was running back out of the building the way I came”. She began to cry, “Somehow I got back to my room and fell on the bed and wept. I didn’t wash the piss and spunk off for hours”. She lifted her head and looked at Katya desperately. “I really believed they would do it. Now I can never live that moment again” she sobbed.

Katya took the girl’s hands and smiled.

“The men of the King in Yellow are not like those boys,” she said, “I promise you". Katya traced her fingertips lightly across Eva’s cheek and over her open lips. She took a slip of paper from her jacket and passed it to her. "Connect to this address and follow the instructions - to become a victim”.

Eva went to The King in Yellow and offered herself that night.


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