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What are these feelings? How are things going to pan out from now on?

Maria returns home to find her step-dad, Roy, drinking beer and watching TV. She goes to her room to drop off all of her things and then comes back out and looks around.

"Where's mom?" she asks, while standing in the archway leading to the kitchen.

"Gettin' her hair done at the mall." Roy responds.

"But... I was supposed to do it for her..." Maria says, disappointed.

"Well... complain to her..." he says, followed by a loud belch. "Are you making dinner?"

"No. I'm going somewhere for dinner tonight." she says.

"Kh-!! With who?" he asks in a demanding tone.

"My new boyfriend."

"Boyfriend? Pffhh!" he laughs. "Another boyfriend already, huh? Let's see how long this one lasts..."

"..." Maria tenses up, and walks away into the kitchen.

"What are you expecting to happen...? You think he really cares about you...? You think he's actually going to marry you some day...?" he laughs. "I can't wait to see your dumbfounded expression when this guy dumps you after he's used you up. Just like all the others did."

Maria slams a cupboard in the kitchen and then storms off down the hallway.

"Oooh, touchy subject? Well listen here..." Roy goes off on a rant, but Maria just ignores him. She's already heard it before. She enters her bedroom and slams the door shut.

"Slam something else in this house and see what fuckin' happens!!" Roy screams angrily.

* * *

Michael returns home, feeling on top of the world. His smile is noticed immediately by his mom.

"Well, I'd say good day, but it looks like that might be an understatement." she says.

"Hey mom... my girlfriend Maria is coming over later. Is it okay if she stays for dinner?"

Ericka brings both her hands up to her chest, and cups them together. "Of course! That sounds really nice. I've been looking forward to meeting this girlfriend of yours."

Michael then heads up to his room to drop off his school stuff, and jumps in the shower to get cleaned up. When he comes out, his mom asks him what time Maria is coming over. His dad hears this and chimes in.

"Someone's coming?" Darren asks, curiously.

"Oh... Mikey's girlfriend is coming over for dinner tonight." Ericka explains.

"Ata boy!" Darren says, patting his son on the back as he walks by.

Michael heads into the kitchen and has a quick look around. "Hey mom... do we have anything for dessert?"

"Ummm... not really. I don't think cookies really count."

"Can we go to the store really quick? I wanna get something nice we can all have for tonight."

"Sure, we can go right now." She walks over to their bowl of random junk that they have sitting by the door and grabs her car keys.

* * *

Maria finishes up her shower and heads to her room to get dressed. She spends some time picking out something nice for dinner at Michael's. She tries on all sorts of different outfits in front of her mirror until she gets a combination she likes.

A little while later, she comes out of her room and can hear her mom, Mary, in the living-room, talking to Roy. Maria walks into the living-room and when her mom sees her, she says "Hey... how do I look?" touching hear hair, and placing her other hand on her hip.

"I thought you said I could do your hair."

"Oh... I didn't want to trouble you, Honey."

"Mom... I need the practice. It's what I'm planning to do for a career." Maria says, annoyed.

Roy loudly clears his throat. "Cutting hair isn't a career." he laughs. Maria quietly sighs and looks down at the floor.

"He's right, Sweetie. Maybe you should think about doing something else..." her mom says apologetically.

Maria's face turns neutral, and after a few seconds, she says "Can you give me ride?"

"Ahh..." Mary groans, rubbing her shoulder. "...lemme get in the house and get settled. I just got back."

Maria sighs. "Forget it..." she says monotone. She then swiftly walks to the door, slips on her shoes on and heads out.

* * *

Michael and his mom return home from the grocery store with a small, delicious ice-cream cake. As they walk into the house with it, Sarah sees it and her eyes go wide.

"Is that what I think it is? Oh my god... I want some!" she begs.

"It's for dessert tonight." her mom explains. "Your brother bought it because his girlfriend is coming over for dinner."

"Oh... That girl Maria?" she asks, looking over to Michael.

"Yeah." he says, nodding. Sarah smiles. Ericka heads into the kitchen and gets started on making dinner.

* * *

A little while later there's a knock at the door. Ericka answer it. "Hello!" she greets the guest.

"Hiiii." says Maria. She's wearing a white dress with a small pink sweater, off one shoulder, and not zipped. The dress has a cute purple flower pattern, and is a comfortable fit that comes down to just above her knees.

"Oh my goodness, don't you look so gorgeous!" says Ericka, reaching her arms around Maria and giving her a big, welcoming, warm hug.

"Y-you must be Michael's mom." Maria says, slightly embarrassed.

"You can call me Ericka, Sweetie. Come on in, and make yourself at home."

Maria steps inside and is quickly greeted by Sarah. "Hi. It's so nice to meet you, I'm Sarah, Michael's sister."

"Oh, hello. I'm Maria."

"I know." Sarah says, smiling.

Michael comes down the stairs and they make eye-contact. They both immediately blush and smile at each other. He admires her cute outfit. It's the first time he's seen her wear something like this. It isn't overly sexual, but still highlights her features in a way that makes her look very attractive.

"Hey..." he says. He walks over to her and can't help but notice her beautiful scent. Like a breeze when there's a flower garden near by. Subtle, yet very alluring.

"Hey you." she says, holding out her hand for him. They then walk into the dining room together. Michael lets her walk in front of him, and he gets a nice look at her ass, which is incredible as always. They then sit together at the table, and Michael's dad Darren comes into the room and suggests that they all play a board game while they wait for dinner. Sarah joins them, and they decide to just play some cards, since a board game would probably take too long. While they casually play some cards, they chat, and Maria gets to know Michael's family a bit more, and they all seem really nice and open to her. Ericka steps in and out from the kitchen every so often while she cooks to join in the conversation. Eventually dinner is ready and they all eat together, and continue to chat and have a really nice time.

Maria gets up to go use the bathroom. She realizes she's been there for two hours, even though it only feels like it's been thirty minutes. Before coming over, she was feeling really nervous about this whole thing, but now she's feeling a lot better and is really enjoying herself. She finishes up, and then washes her hands before heading back.

"Oop-" she says, opening the bathroom door, to see Sarah standing there. "Shall I leave the light on...?"

"Actually... can I talk to you for a minute?" Sarah says nervously.

"Oh... sure."

"I just wanted to say... that... you're the best thing that's ever happened to my brother..." Maria's heart suddenly jumps, and she starts to feel a warmth growing inside her chest. "I don't know if you know this, but... my brother was really depressed. He rarely smiled. Didn't really care about anything. But now... ever since you came into his life... this is the happiest I've ever seen him--" Sarah's voice cuts off. "Anyway..." she continues. "...that's all I wanted to say." Sarah then goes into the bathroom, and shuts the door.

Maria takes her time walking back downstairs. Her heart feels both heavy and light at the same time. She gets back to the dining room and sits next to Michael. He looks at her with a genuine smile, and she feels the warmth in her chest grow even faster.

A little while later, Ericka comes out from the kitchen carrying a stack of small plates and the ice-cream cake. "Who's hungry for some dessert?"

"Yeess!" Sarah squeals.

While they enjoy their cold snack, Darren sets up a board game for them to play. It's just a simple, luck-based, get to the end first type game. It doesn't take long for hilarity to ensue. Darren acts like a complete goofball, making cheesy lame jokes at every opportunity. Ericka gets some lucky rolls, multiple turns in a row, and jumping way out in the lead. Michael teases Sarah for getting the worst luck possible, and falling back to the start. This earns him an evil glare along with a raised angry fist. Meanwhile Maria breaks out into laughter, enjoying everything happening in the moment. Michael and Maria continue to exchange cute looks throughout the evening, and occasionally Maria leans on Michael's arm, or puts her hand on his.

After the game comes to an end, Darren asks "Shall we play another one?"

Michael looks at Maria and gently squeezes her hand. "Actually, I think we're gonna head upstairs for a bit..."

"Oh... alright then." says Darren, looking slyly over at Ericka.

They slide back their chairs and stand up. "Dinner was really great," Maria says respectfully. "Thanks so much for having me over."

"Of course! Anytime dear." Ericka replies. The two of them then step away and quietly head upstairs to Michael's room.

Once they are in his room, Michael shuts the door and before he even has time to react, Maria pushes him up against the door, kissing him. This catches him a bit off-guard, but he quickly recovers and wraps his arms around her. He returns her passion, and their tongues roll around and lick each other. Michael then slides his hands up and down her body, feeling all of her sexy feminine curves. The way her back arches and her wide hips and perfect round ass, all feel so amazing in his hands. Maria moans softly and Michael gets very aroused. Maria can feel his erection pressing against her and getting harder by the second. This turns Maria on so much that she starts to rocks her hips back and forth, rubbing her pelvis against his hardness. Michael then grabs Maria's ass and lifts her up, turning and pressing her up against the door, and starts grinding himself between her legs. Maria pants heavily with eagerness.

"Yess...! I want it...! Take me Michael...!" she moans. He sets her down, and they go over to his bed, where Maria lies down on her back. Michael removes his belt and unzips his pants. His massive erection sticks straight out proudly from inside his boxers. He then gets on the bed with her and positions himself between her legs. Maria reaches under her dress and slides her panties to the side, and then Michael leans down and places the tip of his penis to her warm moist opening. He looks into Maria's eyes and then slowly pushes inside her.

"Oh my god..." Maria moans, as she feels his throbbing hardness enter her. Michael then wraps his arms tightly around her, and starts fucking her.

For a short moment, the only sound in the room is the sound of Michael's penis thrusting into Maria's juicy pussy. It isn't long though before they both to start panting and moaning as their excitement shoots through the roof.

"Yess! Oh fuck yess! Fuck me baby!" Maria cries.

"Oh fuck... yesss... it's so good..." Michael moans. He loves the sensation of her vagina, with all the fleshy folds of her inner walls, gliding against his cock. Maria wraps her legs tightly around Michael's lower back and pulls him into her, and then the bed starts rocking and bumping into the wall as his thrusts radiate into the mattress harder and harder.

"Oh fuck... baby... yess... I'm cumming...!!" Maria cries. "YESSS!! OH MY G--!!" Maria's presses her face into Michael's shoulder to muffle her voice. Her body then starts shaking, and Michael can feel her pussy clenching around his cock.

"Holy fuck baby... yess..." he groans.

After a few seconds, Maria starts panting again, and then she grabs Michael's shirt and rolls herself over on top of him. Now sitting cowgirl, she starts slamming herself down onto his cock. Michael then grabs her ass and starts thrusting himself up into her.

"Yeesss...!! Your cock feels so good...!! Don't stop baby...!!" Maria cries.

"Oh my gguuuhhh..." Michael groans. After a minute or so, he lets go of her and then sits up. He then moves himself behind her, and pushes her forward, placing his pulsing dick to her dripping wet pussy. He immediately pushes it inside her and then grabs her hips and starts fucking her doggy-style.

"Oh baby... yeesss..." he moans. He loves the way she looks in this position. Her incredibly sexy body is just so amazing, it sends a warm tingle through his whole body. Just seeing the way her perfect ass cheeks bounce against his pelvis, or the way her back arches with such a sexy curve, makes his heart throb with desire. Michael tightens his grip and starts pounding her really hard.

"YESS!! FUCK ME!! HARDER!! OH MY GOD!!" Maria screams into Michael's pillows.

"Holy fuck... yeeesss!!" Michael groans, thrusting harder and faster. The sound of their bodies slapping together echo off the walls. Michael starts panting really hard, and feels the wonderful sensation of the pressure in his lower body about to reach its breaking point.

"Oh my god...!! Oh my god...!! I'm cumming again...!!" Maria cries.

"Holy fuck...!!" A warmth spills down Michael's back, and his face tingles with numbness as he reaches an incredible climax. He can't hold it back any longer. "Oh my-- gguuuhhh..." Michael shoves Maria down onto bed, lies on top of her, and thrusts hard and deep into her pussy as he unleashes his massive load inside her. They both climax together, and Michael collapses on top of her as he let's out a loud groan of satisfaction.

He can't believe how amazing it feels this time. Somehow his orgasm feels even better than all his previous times with her. It feels more loving and intimate, now that she's his girlfriend. It feels more like they're making love, which is double the pleasure.

Catching his breath, Michael slowly pulls out and rolls over onto his back beside Maria. They both pant hard while covered in post-sex sweat. It feels cool as the air in the room flows gently over their skin. Maria crawls over to Michael and cuddles next to him, and he wraps his arms around her, with her head on his chest. They stay like this for a while. Not saying a word. Just enjoying the ecstasy of the moment.

A little while later, after their breathing has returned to normal, Maria finally speaks. "Wow... that was amazing..." Michael gently rubs her back in response. Maria continues. "Believe me when I say this... that was... the best sex I've ever had." Hearing those words immediately sends a wave of pleasure through Michael's body. Just knowing that he can satisfy a girl like her makes him so unbelievably happy. They continue to cuddle for another 15 minutes or so, before Maria decides it's about time she head home.

They straighten up their clothes and then head out to the front step, where they wait for Maria's mom to come get her. It's now dark out, and the moon is partially covered by a long wavy line of clouds that makes it look like a milky river.

"Tonight has been... so much fun." says Maria, as she admires the night sky. "Your family is really nice. It makes me so happy that I could be here tonight, and experience all of this with you." Her smile then slowly fades away. "It's not like that at my house." Michael look over at her and listens intently. "I haven't told you the reason that I'm moving, have I? It's because I'm going to go live with my real dad. It's more normal there. That's where my brother went when he left for college. And I wanted to do the same. But maybe..." she pauses.

"Hmm...?" Michael waits for her.

"Umm... anyway... Tonight made me feel really good, and your family accepting me means a lot."

Michael puts his hand on hers. "You are an amazing, kind, and beautiful person, Maria. I already know that my family would have no issues with you coming by for a visit whenever the mood strikes you... if say... things at home are a bit uncomfortable. No need to call... just show up. Anytime. You're always welcome here."

They look at each other and admire each other. Then Maria turns towards him and kisses him. "I'm glad you're my boyfriend."


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