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John is Emily, Emily is John. Their friend Sandy is caught in the middle.
John and Emily Crosley are high school seniors. They are twins and though obviously fraternal, they are very similar. John is about 6 feet tall, fairly athletic with light brown hair and blue eyes. His girlfriend Sandy has no complaints about his penis, or skills with it. Emily is 5-8, she keeps her light brown hair cut above her shoulders, making it easier to fit under her swimming cap. Emily and Sandy are both on the school swim team, participating together on the top relay team and other events as needed. With her long legs, tight athletic build and full C cup breasts, Emily gets many looks in the school hallways. Though still a virgin she spends a good amount of time with her boyfriend Mark. Both Crosley's are counting down the days to graduation.

It was late May and everyone in the Crosley home had settled in for the night when a major thunderstorm rolled in. Rain battered the windows and lightning made the rooms almost as bright as day. The sudden crashes of thunder made it difficult to sleep. Frightened a bit by the storm, Emily rose from her bed, put on a pair of gym shorts under here long t-shirt and made her way across the hall to her brother's room. Their parents' bedroom was on the main floor. The second floor held the twins' bedrooms and a shared bathroom in the hall. Emily knocked lightly on John's door before opening it a crack. They were mindful of each other's privacy and always knocked to avoid unexpected nudity, or private situations. Not that Emily didn't sometimes masturbate when she heard John and Sandy together on those days he was able to get her into the house. Chances are Sandy was letting her know SHE was getting some.

"John? John, are you awake?"

"Yeah Em, who can sleep with this storm? What's up?"

"It's silly, but I'm kinda afraid. Can I sleep by you?"

"Oh, yeah sure, I guess. But wait out there a minute." Emily closed the door and John hopped out of bed and quickly put on gym shorts. He often slept nude when it was warm. He thought about a t-shirt but figured Emily saw him without a shirt often enough at the pool.

"OK, come on in Em."

Emily entered the room and looked at John as he got back in bed. "Were you naked?"

John blushed. Busted. "Yeah sometimes I sleep better that way. That's why it's good you knock."

"OOh, I've never done that. It seems, naughty."

"Try it sometime. It's cool. But I'm dressed now, so come on in."

Emily lay on John's bed. He turned his back to her so she could snuggle up against him. This wasn't the first time she'd slept in his bed, but it had been awhile. She'd never slept with Mark, or any other man. She wondered what it would be like to sleep holding a man after making love. She wondered if Mark was the one. Emily wasn't sure yet, but the thoughts relaxed her and she fell asleep, her forehead against the back of John's head. Her hand on his shoulder. Her body tight to him.

The storm continued. Seeming to have settled right over the Crosley house. There was a loud crash. A bolt of lightning, causing a bluish glow in their room, then a snapping of electricity. Simultaneously Emily and John exclaimed in their sleep, "OH!" Then they were quiet. Sleeping. Breathing lightly. The storm moved on.

John woke first. Faint sunlight filtering through the window blinds. He stretched. He felt odd. For one, he didn't seem to have any morning wood. Very unusual for an 18 year old. When did he put a t-shirt on? He sat up. He was on the wrong side of the...

"What the fuck? I must still be dreaming." He shook his head. No he seemed to be awake. But this can't be. "I have tits." He reached down. No cock. What had happened to? He looked to his left. He was sleeping with a man. He was sleeping with himself. He shook the person next to him.

"Wake up!" His voice sounded odd. This wasn't making sense.

"Why, what's the matter John?" Seeing the shocked look on "his" face and expecting a scream, John put his hand over the other person's mouth.

"Easy. Don't wake Mom and Dad. I don't know what's going on. Do I look like...?"

"Me. You're me, but I sound weird. And.." Looking down. "I have a hardon."

"I'm assuming you're Emily in there?"

"Oh shit, what? Yes, I'm Emily, but you're.."

"I'm John. But you look like me."

"This can't be. I remember the storm. And coming in here and this is so confusing. What do we do?"

"Maybe we can figure it out. Or see a doctor or something, I don't know. I don't know if we should tell our parents just yet."

"So I'm just supposed to be you?"

"Yes Em. Shit I guess I need to call you John? But let's figure out if everything is switched. Like test each other?"

"OK, ok. Yeah. So now I can kick your ass?"

"Maybe, ha. But yeah, test strength, and memory and stuff."

"OK, but first, what do you do with this thing in the morning?" 'Em' reached down and tentatively touched her new penis. Gave it a light squeeze. "Ooo, that feels kinda nice."

"Well I usually just wank it for relief, then use the bathroom to clean up and pee."

"Can I? Do you mind if I? Crap, is it YOUR penis, or mine now? This is so confusing."

"I say it's yours until something changes. Have at it."

Emily slid down the shorts. She looked in wonder at the 6 inch penis sticking up between her legs. She had stroked Mark's a few times, but that was always in the dark, in a car. Now here 'she' was in the light of day with a hard cock that belonged to 'her' .She began stroking her penis. Emily looked over at John in her body. "Are you going to watch me?"

"Um, maybe. Or maybe I'll go check out my new body. I haven't seen you naked before."

"Oh shit. You're going to wear out my boobs aren't you?"

"It was a thought."

"Just don't go sticking anything or anyone up my vagina. Please? Oh shit, oh this is feeling, I'm tingling. The balls are moving, do I just keep, Oh, oh nice, ooooh." Cum shot from Em's cock, coating her stomach, her hand, her crotch. "No wonder you do this all the time. That felt good, and so easy to do. Now I have to pee."

John was busy touching his new boobs, pinching his nipples. Touching different spots made his body tingle, and sent electric sensations right to his pussy. He removed the shirt and shorts. Walked over to a mirror to admire his new body, Emily's sexy 18 year old body. He lifted his boobs, looked down at the pink nipples, then down to the shaved mound. He slid a hand over

his mound, touched the lips, parted them and found the clitoris. So weird to be on this side of all these parts.

"So, how do you like my body?"

"You're beautiful Em. I'm so confused. It's "my" body and I look good, but it's "your" body and I shouldn't be checking it out."

"I know how you feel. Peeing standing up was different. But we need to work out some things. I think you need to go down to my room so we don't get caught like this. We have to remember to call each other by the person we look like."

"Yes. Let's get dressed and get through breakfast. Then we can make excuses to stay home today and work through this."

"OK, good first step."

Emily and John faked their way through breakfast, begged out of a shopping trip with their parents and spent the morning hours to determine that physically John's body still had the strength and motor skills of an 18 year old young man. Conversely Emily was also Emily, physically. It seemed as though only their brains had switched bodies. They seemed to have their own memories.

They retained their own mental skills with their personalities. Fortunately both were intelligent and could probably fake their way through most courses at school. They'd then do each other's homework. The problem would be with people talking to the body they saw, but the person inside not necessarily being clued in to what they were discussing.

And then...

"Em, what about, Sandy, Mark?"

"Oh wow, we can't put them off forever. How do we?"

"I may look like you Em, but no way I'm, well whatever you do with Mark."

"I guess we have no secrets anymore. No, Mark and I haven't. But he may expect a blowjob."

"Eww, damn."

"Well I've never done oral on a girl, but I might like to try out this penis of yours. Any advice?"

"You're weird. You'd fuck Sandy?"

"Hmm, yeah maybe. Can't let my teammate down."

"So, maybe we suggest a double date? Dinner? So we're both there to help?"

"That could work. Make sure you dress nice."

"You'll have to do my makeup. But I'll break my ankles in heels."

"No, I wear flats with Mark, otherwise I'm taller. So many things to think of aaaah."

"But will we be able to get turned on? We tried memories and stuff, what about involuntary stuff?"

John stood up and began removing Emily's clothes that he was wearing. Slowly unbuttoning the blouse. This was hard enough as the buttons are on the opposite side. "What are you doing John, er Emily?"

"We can use our real names when we're sure it's just us. It's easier. I'm stripping for you. See if you get hard."

John let the blouse fall, then reached back to unclasp the bra. "Fuck these are hard enough when I can see them." He slid the bra down his arm exposing the full C cups, held them in his hands. He took a step towards Emily. "Anything?"

"I do look damn good. Nothing yet."

John slid down the jeans then the matching panties. He stood nude in Emily's body. Stepping towards her, he reached out and slid his hand along her cock. Kneeling he slid down the gym shorts, then the briefs. For the first time he looked at a cock in front of his face. His cock, in front of his face.

"Guys always say, if I could suck my own cock I'd never leave home. Here goes." He reached out and grasped his own cock, opened his mouth and sucked on the end of it.

"Oh wow John, that feels good." John looked up at Emily. She looked back into her own eyes and had to admit to being just a bit turned on. When John licked the length of her cock, her male body responded. Her cock grew, stiffened and quickly filled her real mouth.

"OK how much of this can I get in my mouth?"

"I never go all the way down. Mark seems happy with licking and sucking."

"Yeah but if you go all the way on it, he'll go out of his mind."

"You may gag if you try."

"OK, let me take it easy. But it seems the body responds to the stimulation."

"Oh it is, definitely. You, uh, don't have to stop." Emily watched her own face smile up at her, then take the cock into her mouth, sucking and stroking it, sending shivers through her body. She felt her balls contracting, the cock hardening more, then..

"Oh shit sorry, it just.."

"Mmm, ugh, oh, fuck. No warning Em. In my mouth. Tastes, ok." John swallowed. Missed most of it. "Do you normally?"

Emily hung her, John's head. "No I have Mark cum, not in my mouth."

"Well now you can swallow. You'll be ok with it. He'll love it."

"Who knew my brother sucks cock better than I do?"

"No, I'm you doing it. I just know more stuff in my brain." John wiped his face. He stood and held Emily. She put her strong arms around her real, smaller body. She looked into her eyes. They kissed. With eyes closed and mouths together both felt more like themselves than at any point this day. And apparently there are involuntary reactions involved. Emily's new cock stirred. She reached down and slid a finger between John's pussy lips, felt the wetness, worked her hand along the slit, up to the clit.

"Oh Em. You're making me so horny. Do you want to?"

"John, I have no idea if that would be ok, a wrong thing to do, weird, illegal. It's the definition of 'go fuck yourself'."

"I have condoms here somewhere. I had no idea your pussies got so needy. It's like begging for relief. Do what you like just help me here."

"Oh shit, you're going to be out getting my pussy all used and abused."

"No. I never thought I'd say these words, but I need your cock. Maybe it's a weird combo of male mental sex drive and female physical need."

"OK, you helped me. Let me try." John sat on the edge of his old bed and spread Emily's legs to allow his sister access. Emily knelt between "her" legs looking at a vagina in a whole new way. She leaned closer and inhaled, oddly the scent caused her cock to twitch. She tentatively licked along John's slit. He moaned so she lapped more forcefully from the opening up to the clit.

Flicking her tongue onto John's clit she moved it faster, stimulating the clit in the way she used to do when masturbating. She manipulated one finger into the opening now stimulating John in two ways. John leaned his head back, his now higher pitched voice moaning and sighing as his sister, using his body continued squeezing and teasing his clit until a whole new feeling came over him. His back arched, feelings of electricity ran through his new body, his whole body tensed as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through him. "Oooooooooooooooo. Ooh fuck. Oh god. What the fuck was that???"

"That brother was a solid orgasm kicking your ass. I'm going to miss those." Emily joined her brother on the bed. "John, what are we going to do? Do we just become each other? Maybe going away to college we can have new lives, but what about everyone here? How do we fake this?"

"So far we know a few things. The problem will be the outside world. Who will even believe us? We need help, but who?"

"Mom, Dad, a doctor? A psychologist maybe?"

"We'll get to that, but we need to get to the end of the school year before they start doing studies on us. What do we have coming up?"

"Let me see. Most of my classes are done with serious work. Prom's over. Oh shit, my last swim meet. Next Friday. I need to swim and finish top 5 to get my letter. Oh shit oh shit." Tears welled in John's eyes.

"Two things Em. First we'll figure out the swimming. But you, um, can't be crying as me. Not in public."

"Oh yeah sorry, I'll work on that. But the swimming?"

"We'll need to go to the pool. I practice with you a lot. We can see if I can swim fast enough as you?"

"But you won't have the muscle advantage you use to keep up with me. There are techniques you need and the practice to turn at the right moment. I, don't know if it can work."

"I think I know who should be our confidante."


"Sandy. Obviously I trust her. And she's your teammate. What do you think?"

"Maybe. Do you think she'll freak out?"

"Of course. Who wouldn't? But I think she'll help us. Let's invite them to have dinner with us tonight, then we'll have Mark go home and have Sandy join us here. We'll practice being each other at dinner."

A couple of calls later and plans were set for that night. John went back to Emily's room to have some time alone to get into his role, as he thought of it. Thinking to himself that he had to BE Emily. Touch Mark's arm, hold his hand, make small talk. At least Emily knew Sandy from swimming. He checked himself out in the full length mirror. Damn his sister was hot. How had he not noticed? He explored his new body, touching himself, fuck he had tits to play with. He lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. What were they going to do? Was he going to live his life as Emily? Or become Emily. And how would it be seeing himself everyday? Sooner than later the novelty and testing of all this would wear off and reality would set in. Emily knocked a while later and entered her old room. John was sleeping on her bed nude. She got alongside him and held her old body. It was so much simpler for her before. Now she was all hairy and would have to learn to shave and she had hair in her arm pits and around her penis. Yes, now she had a penis. After John left she'd masturbated again. Testing how it felt as she held it and stroked it. Her brother had a nice cock. It felt good to hold it and stroke it and that sudden tensing before it shot warm cum all over her. It was fun. Pleasurable. Kind of hot. Oh and if she got stuck like this, no more periods. She hadn't reminded John of that yet. She'd just had hers last week so that wasn't an issue for a little bit. But what about sex? How did she feel about John maybe giving up HER virginity? But how long could she expect him to go without sex, just in case. Maybe the best would be to...could she? Did she want to? She lay alongside John, put her hand on his breast. Caressed his nipple. Her cock got harder. She kissed John. He opened his soft blue eyes and looked at her, curious.

"John, I'd like to."

"To what?"

"To have sex, with you?"

"Are you sure, what about?.."

"Ssh, this way if you want to, you can, but if we ever switched back, my first time would at least be with you and I'd have been part of it."

"I guess that makes sense. Keep tweaking my nipples, it's making me wet."

"I know."

Emily got between John's legs, lifting his legs, opening him to her. She ran her cock up and down his slit, moistening it, feeling his wetness, then placed the head of her cock against his opening. She pressed and was in. She knew there would be no pain. She'd used dildos and vibrators. She sank her cock into John watching his eyes looking at her in wonder as she filled him.

"Em, that's wild. I can feel you inside me."

"John, my body isn't virgin any more. I'm inside myself, I can feel you gripping me. Tell me if I'm pushing too hard."

"No, it's cool. Great. Go ahead."

Emily lay John's body onto her own, holding him as she pushed his cock in and out of him. She wanted them to be as close as possible, almost as one. She pumped her ass forward and back feeding the hard cock into the warm vagina. John was moaning from the sensations of his new vagina feeling a hard cock entering and leaving him. He enjoyed the sudden release as his body tensed, gripping Emily and his cock. Emily was lost in the rocking motion, then suddenly remembered that she wasn't protected. A feeling was coming over her, she knew she should pull out, but she had the need to release herself into her body. Mind or body, "John, I'm sorry, I have to..." She came, spurting into John, into her own vagina. Then collapsing on John, she felt the semen, sperm filled semen, spilling from John.

"Oh damn. Em. I. We. Could be. But it felt amazing."

"John, John. My first time and I fucked up."

"It'll be ok Em. There's a pill I can get for after. Sandy will probably know what I'm talking about."

They lay together awhile, then showered and dressed for dinner. Emily helped John dress and watched him walk to see if he moved correctly in his female body. Dressing as a guy was much easier. In many ways "being" a guy was easier. On the other hand Emily reminded John to sit with his legs together, or crossed at the ankles.

"Just try to be, I don't know, softer. Let Mark do things for you. Hold his hand. I don't allow fresh stuff under the table."

"OK Em, I'll protect your virtue." John smiled at her. She looked back realizing what he meant. SHE'D taken her own virtue. Emily, as John, drove them to pick up Sandy. She got in front with the person she saw as John. This would be the first test. How would an outsider react as they were together for awhile? At least Emily knew enough about Sandy to carry on some conversation. She kissed Sandy quickly. That was ok, after all John's sister was with them. They met Mark at the restaurant. This was tougher. John did his best to greet Mark, take his hand, kiss him on the cheek. John remembered to sit close to Mark in the booth. This was working, but John couldn't help looking across the table with some longing at Sandy. They tried to keep conversation to generic school topics, upcoming graduation, summer plans. After the entrees, before dessert, Sandy got up to use the ladies room. She hesitated a moment. Emily looked across at John. Raised her eyes. Nothing. He wasn't getting the hint. She thought to herself, 'John, get up you doofus. Girls go together!' John's eyes flashed to her. He'd HEARD her. In his head like she'd been talking out loud.

"Oh, Sandy, I'll go too. Don't miss me Mark." Emily and Mark watched the girls walk away.

"John, your sister seems different today. Is something bothering her?" Emily thought quickly. What would John say about her?

"She wasn't feeling well yesterday. Maybe still not 100 percent?" Then she couldn't resist. This was almost unfair. "So how are you guys doing? Are you treating my sister well?"

"Yeah, I think so. I really like her. She's really pretty and all." Emily smiled to herself.

"OK, too much info, she's my sister!" Then she laughed.

In the bathroom Sandy used the stall while John made believe he was checking his make-up in the mirror. "So Em, when are you and Mark going for it?"

"Oh, um, I don't know. It's a big decision." Shit, is this what girls talked about when they got together?

"You're missing out. I'm already thinking how I'm going to get some time with your brother." Then Sandy came out of the stall half dressed. "Help me out here Em? I had to keep this dress off the floor in there." John drew a breath. Here was his sexy girlfriend, undressed. If he still had a cock it would be hard already. He helped Sandy get organized, zipped up her dress, smoothed it down trying his best not to linger on her hips, or touch her tight ass. Sandy turned to look at her friend. She looked 'Emily' in the eyes, then wrinkled her brow. It was an odd feeling that passed as she looked away. They returned to the table in time for dessert. John looked over at his sister. He needed to try something. In his mind he asked,

'Em, can you hear me?'

'Yes, as clear as if you were talking out loud. This could be useful. We need to try more later.'

Sandy, looked at her friends. "Are you guys ok?"

John spoke up, "Yeah sure, I'm just a little under the weather. I think I need to go home after dinner. Sorry Mark." Mark tried not to look disappointed. He'd had plans for a little ride, parking and maybe getting his hands on Emily's boobs, maybe a little more.

"That's ok Emmy. I'll catch up with you at school. Get some rest."

After dinner, Mark kissed John, then left in his car. Emily invited Sandy back to their house. "Our parents are visiting my Grandma tonight. We have the house to ourselves." Sandy looked over at who she thought was Emily. John added, "Don't worry about me, I'll stay in my room. You two have fun." They made their way to the car and drove home. John went to Emily's room to wait. They'd decided that Emily, as John, would talk briefly to Sandy before calling him in. He changed into something simple, gym shorts and t-shirt, that weren't particularly "girlie". He decided to test their new found ability to speak to each other.

'Em, can you hear me? I'm in your room.'

Emily and Sandy were now in John's room. Sandy had been there before and felt comfortable. She waited for John to lead her to his bed. She looked forward to feeling his hard cock and his hands touching her, caressing her. Mmm, she was horny. Emily stopped in the middle of the room, distracted for a moment.

'Yes, John. I can. And um, you better come over here soon. Your girlfriend is on fire. Wow.'

Sandy stepped close to 'John', put her arms around his body and pressed her tingling groin to him. She kissed him, offering her tongue as her hand slid down his body. Finding her target she stroked his cock through his pants. Time to get this show on the road, since John seemed a little slow tonight. Sandy sank to her knees, she reached back and unzipped her dress letting it pool around her as she began working on John's pants. Emily looked down, she could see her friends B cup breasts being presented in her push up bra, she felt a tingle in her cock, her balls moving as Sandy unzipped her pants.

'Em, what's happening?'

'I think she's about to give me a blow job'

'Should I come in?'

'Too late'

Sandy held her boyfriend's familiar cock, watching it grow in her hands. She flicked out her tongue and just got the tip, then sucked the head into her mouth all the while stroking its length. 'John' groaned. Sandy looked up at him knowing how much it turned him on to have her look at him while she worked his hard cock with her mouth.

"That's more like it John. I wasn't sure you were interested tonight."

Emily looked down enjoying the feeling as her cock was massaged with her friend's mouth. No wonder guys loved this. But should she let this go on? She stood there with her arms at her side, unsure what to do. Oh but it felt great. Sandy now took more of John's cock into her mouth, letting Emily feel the back of her mouth, the entrance to her throat. Emily leaned her hips forward

and felt her cock enter Sandy's throat. Sandy smiled around her cock and took her all the way. She put her hands on John's ass and held him to her, swallowing to stimulate his head. Emily moaned, grunted aloud then released her load into Sandy's mouth. Sandy was surprised by the sudden surge and backed off letting the second and third spurts into her mouth, trying to swallow the full load. She got most but had some escape. Smiling she stood and looked at John. Surprisingly he pulled her face to his and greedily licked his cum from her face then kissed her hard on the mouth.

"Oh god Sandy, that was amazing. And thanks. But we need to talk. Don't hate me."

"Fuck! Are you breaking up with me? After you let me blow you?"

"No, no. It's well very complicated. Let me call John, er Emily."

"What are you talking about?"

'John, come here, quick. Please!'

"Sandy it's a long story, I hope you'll believe us." Before Sandy could answer 'Emily' opened the door. John was met by a very strange scene. He was standing there with his deflated cock hanging out, his girlfriend stood close by in her underwear. He was suddenly turned on and confused and surprised all at once.

"John, your sister's here. Maybe you should put that away. And please tell me what the fuck is going on?"

Emily pulled up her underwear and grabbed a pair of shorts to put on. She looked at herself standing in the doorway and said to her brother, "John please explain. And don't be mad at Sandy."

Sandy looked over at her teammate Emily standing in the doorway. She put her hands on her hips. Waited. "OK Em, what's going on?"

John walked into the room. "Sandy, please listen. You won't want to believe us. But it's true, I swear. Something happened the other night, during that big storm. With the lightning or something. But, um, I'm actually John. And that's Emily. Our brains got switched, or scrambled or I don't know." John went on to explain more. Sandy sat back on the bed, completely confused, trying to get her own brain around this incredible story.

"So Em and I decided that you were the first person we could talk to, who might listen and try to understand."

"But what about?" Sandy waved her hand at Emily's shorts.

"I'm sorry Sandy, I should have stopped you, but you were so into it and I'm not used to this thing doing its thing and I lost control and couldn't call John in time."

"So I just gave my girl teammate a blow job? Come on, you guys are fucking with me. Is this some weird twin prank? You better not have filmed me."

"No, please believe us Sandy. Test us or something. Emily and I have been testing each other. We seem to have retained our memories and mental skills, but the bodies stayed as they were. Oh and we seem to have some kind of telepathy now."

Sandy looked at the girl who was telling her she was her boyfriend. She went to her and whispered a question in her ear. John looked at her. "OK if I say it out loud or do you want me to whisper it back?"

"Fuck it. OK out loud. Where did I first give you a blow job?"

"In the back bedroom at Kerry Reilly's house." The answer came from the girl who looked like her swimming teammate. Sandy looked over at who she thought was John.

"I'm hoping you don't tell your sister everything we do." Emily shook John's head.

"He never had. I mean I KNOW you guys do stuff, but not details. Now should I tell John what we did at the meet in Conover?"

"NOOOOOO! OK. Well how am I supposed to think this is possible?"

John, as Emily, walked over to hug Sandy. "We have no idea where this is all going. It's so new. We haven't told anyone else, but we may need help getting through a few days, maybe the end of the school year."

"I don't know if I should feel honored or wonder why me?"

"It helps that we can communicate without talking, but we'll need help, like with our meet on Friday. If I'm going to get my letter, John's going to have to swim well enough."

"Is that ok? He's a guy."

"Well not really. In my head I'm John, but I don't seem to have any more physical strength than Emily had, has. But I don't know what I need to do."

"Hmm, so I'm going to take my boyfriend into the girls' locker room? Just be sure you're only looking at my ass and boobs."

"I hadn't thought of that. Really."

"Sure. And what about us? Emily is a good friend, but it's you John who makes me tingle. And I'm still horny."

"Yeah well that's a good question. Would you rather have me as Emily kissing you, everywhere, or my penis over there doing its thing for you."

"I've never really been into girls that way. Just a couple of times fooling around at slumber parties. I do like a hard guy. But I love the way you talk to me when we're together."

John and Emily both walked to Sandy and encased her in a hug. Emily said, "I'm inexperienced with John's cock but if you want we could try. It was fun...ooh"

"Wait. You two? You fucked my boyfriend, or my boyfriend fucked, but it wasn't? Shit I'm confused."

John, "Yes Sandy. We were trying everything seeing what parts of our brains did what. And yeah. We did. Actually Emily took her own virginity."

"You huh. I'm not sure who to ask about what. And I'm still not sure how I feel about my boyfriend...I'm still confused."

"So are we. We seem to still be ourselves emotionally, but in a different body. For example Em really wants the letter she's worked so hard for. So you'll help us there?"

"Yes definitely. Whatever you guys need. Count me in."

"Thanks so much." 'Emily' grabbed her and kissed her with the passion John was feeling. Sandy broke the kiss and looked 'Emily' in the eyes.

"John, it's like in the ladies room earlier. When I look at you straight in the eyes, it's almost like I can see you in there, but wow, that kiss. I've definitely never had a woman grab me and kiss me that way. 'John' walked up behind Sandy, Em put her arms around her friend's waist, caressed her bare stomach. She put John's head on Sandy's shoulder.

"How does this feel?"

"Like John. But you need to be more aggressive. By now he'd have copped a feel of my tits." For the first time they all laughed together. "In a way it would be like having a threesome but with my boyfriend in two different ways. Guys, I came here horny as all fuck and already gave a girl a blow job. Let's try this. You two take me however you want and we'll see what works. This will HAVE to be the kinkiest thing anyone's done."

'Em, pick her up and carry her to the bed.'

Emily looked at John, then flexing her new muscles scooped up Sandy and placed her on the bed. She quickly unfastened Sandy's bra and let it fall away, exposing her pert upturned breasts.

"That must be Emily in there using John's muscles. He can never get a bra off that easily." The twins pushed Sandy back onto the bed, each taking one of her pointy nipples in their mouth. "Oh fuck, you two. Treat me like this and I'll go along with all your evil plans. MMM" John used Emily's slim fingers to slide under Sandy's underwear down to cup her mound. Working a finger between her puffy lips he wiggled a finger across her clit then down to her opening, easily slipping the middle two fingers into her. Using their telepathy he told Emily what to say to Sandy. He assumed hearing his voice would be less distracting for her. Still sucking at her tit John used Em's hand to caress and fondle Sandy's pussy. He could feel her getting wet as Emily spoke their personal sexual language, encouraging her towards orgasm. John's hand under Emily's control pinch and twisted at Sandy's other nipple. The extra hands, firm and soft, hard and gentle, along with John's voice telling her how hot she is, how horny she makes him, how sexy she is when she's moaning and groaning under his touch, had Sandy arching her back, her head thrashing side to side, her hair whipping back and forth. She seemed to be holding it in, fighting it, waiting, waiting and then, oh blessed release. Waves rolling over her, shocking intense pleasure. Gasping. Deep breaths to regain herself. Then relaxing. Breath. "You." Breath. "Guys. Whew." Breath. "Fuck. So fucking intense." The twins cuddled with her. John's familiar muscular form on one side. Emily's long, sensuous body on the other. John brought Emily's fingers to her mouth tasting Sandy on them. "So, yeah. That was different. I think I can do this. But I need some cock. Em, want to fuck your teammate?"

"Sure, whatever you want. I don't know that I'm so good at it yet. And oh we need to know if you know anything about morning after pills? I kinda didn't stop in time."

"Oh shit. Sorry, but this is kind of funny. You didn't pull out of yourSELF? I wonder. I guess you could get yourself pregnant. Oh wow. And yeah, the drug store will have them. I'll go with you, John. But no problem, fire away. I like John's hot cum in me. And I really can't believe I'm sharing my most personal things with someone else."

"Thanks Sandy." Emily kissed her.

"Roll over. I'll get on top. I know how to ride this thing."

Sandy mounted her swim teammate, sighing as her boyfriend's hard cock entered her already stimulated pussy. "Oh that feels so good. I'm going to close my eyes and just feel John. No offense Em." Sandy sat down on the cock letting it fill her. She began rolling her hips letting that familiar hardness touch her everywhere. She felt hands rolling her nipples between fingers, holding and bouncing her boobs. That must be John, as Emily. He could never get enough of her tits. Hers weren't as big as Em's or some of her teammates, but John seemed to be obsessed with them. To him they were perfect. His large hands holding them, weighing them, enveloping them. The hands felt smaller, yes it was John now in his new body. Sandy felt her body reacting to the hard cock filling her as she let it reach her innermost depths. This was all so strange, but for now she was getting what she needed from the man she needed, but not exactly. Oh fuck it, time to... "Ooh fuck, ooh, uuuungh." Sandy increased her rocking. Now causing John's cock to pound into her, she leaned back braced herself causing the cock to rub along the top of her passage. Stimulating her, driving her towards... "Uuuuuuuuuuh!!! Oh god, oh god, ooooooooooooooooooooooh, John. John." Emily couldn't hold back. She grunted and felt her balls contract, her cock pulsing, thickening, then her cum rushing forward, filling Sandy. Then feeling Sandy collapse forward on her, kissing her, crying. "Shit you two. What are we going to do? Can we keep doing this? I'm not even sure what this is."

John looked at her with Emily's concerned face. He'd just watch his sister fuck his girl friend with his cock. How was he supposed to give Sandy an answer? "One day at a time Sandy. Can you go along for another couple weeks? After graduation?"

"I, I think so. Maybe. Do we go on three person dates? And what about you Em? You and Mark?"

"I think John can put him off. Worrying about the swim meet, graduation and all?"

"Poor guy."

"Mark or me? The other option is I suck him off."

"Oh Em, naughty girl! You suck cock? I thought you just fucked swimmers."

"Sandy! I'm mixed up enough already."

They talked out the week's plans. Tuesday they'd meet at the pool to practice. School was mostly on cruise control waiting for graduation so no issues there. They'd just switch schedules and try not to talk too much. Sandy got ready to go home, hesitated, then kissed both twins good night. After they'd said goodbye, John looked at Emily.

"I guess we're ok for a little while. Want a blow job?"

"Ha, I think I wore out your junk today. I thought teen guys could go all day?"

"Just give it a little rest. Oh and what happened at the Conover swim meet?"

"Oh shit, that. Sandy. We accidentally found a spot where we could see into the men's locker room. Or maybe someone told Sandy, but she dragged me along. Holy shit. Guys standing around with their cocks hanging. And some of them, oh my god."

"Ha, my princess twin sister and my girlfriend at a cock smorgasbord. So just looking?"

"Oh defintiely. As far as I know, Sandy's never cheated on you. Looking doesn't count, right?"

"Nah, looking's ok. And she's still with me after seeing the rest."

"Yeah she really seems to like this one. It is kind of fun to do it too."

Since they had the house to themselves Emily and John slept together in his room. In the morning John woke up and looked over at his morning wood. He leaned over Emily and began stroking his cock. Emily woke up.

"Mmm, that feels good. You really know how to work this."

"I've been doing it most days for years. Lay back and enjoy." John continued with long fast strokes, then picking up the pace more as he felt Emily tense. It didn't take long until his cock was spurting into the air.

"Ohh fuck John. Thanks. That's so good."

"I know how it feels. OK, let's get into being who we need to be."

John went back down to Emily's room. He'd need to get used to the girlie stuff. They'd decided to keep their own laptops rather than change too much on the others'. Their parents probably wouldn't notice if left in their rooms. They dressed, had breakfast then went out to spend the day in the world. Staying together for support, but practicing being the other. They successfully navigated the next couple of days and met Sandy at the pool on Tuesday. They'd worn their swim suits under their street clothes to avoid the locker-room for now. They started by swimming warmup laps together. Then they worked with John on his entry into the pool. He knew what to do, but had not competed in a competition in a few years. Emily asked Sandy to race John, two laps. As expected John lost ground on entry and on the turn, otherwise he could maneuver in the water well enough as Emily.

"OK, thanks Sandy. I'll work some more with John on his entry. He turns ok but seems to wait too long. I think maybe if I guide him and tell him when to turn during the race I can get him to not worry about where he is in the pool. John, try a lap and turn; see if you can hear me underwater." John took off again, swimming freestyle as best as he could he tried not worrying about the far end. If he couldn't hear Emily, he crash into the far wall. Working his slimmer, less muscular body he surged through the water.

'Keep going. Keep going. Ready. And. NOW'

John flipped and pushed off the wall, swam several more meters, then bobbed to the surface.

"How was that?"

"You heard me! It was better than before. This might just work. You don't need to win just get some points."

Sandy agreed. "Em, I'll talk with Brit and Vicky. I'll tell them your knee is bothering you or something. But you can't tell coach or he won't let you swim. We weren't going to win anyway, but they'll go all out for you."

"Thanks Sandy. Just by participating I think top four gets me there. Thanks so much."

They dried off and quickly put on shorts and shirts to go home. Everything was working pretty well until the walked in the door. Their mother was waiting for them.

"Hey kids. Emmy get showered quick, remember we're going out tonight to pick out a graduation dress."

John looked over at Emily. 'Sorry John, I forgot.'

"Oh can we go another night? I'm kind of tired from swimming."

"Nonsense. And we have to get something soon. I put aside other plans to free up tonight."

'Emily' cut in, "Hey maybe I'll go along, I can check some stores."

"Sorry John, this is girls' night out. We're getting new clothes for Emmy, top to bottom."

"OK Mom." 'Sorry John. Better get something nice for me. Meet me in my...your room after your shower.'

John showered, as always this week enjoying the feel of water cascading off his more sensitive chest, having a woman's body to touch. He resisted going any further, dried himself, then went to Emily's room with a towel around him. Emily was waiting. She had pulled out some bras and different types of underwear. Also a few dresses.

"OK quick. Here are bras that fit me well and will go under most dresses. Try a couple of these underpants. See what you can wear. The thong type makes my ass look great but you might be uncomfortable. OK, over here are dresses I like so pick out something along these lines. I like my boobs to be seen without having them spilling out. Sexy, not slutty. Not too short on the dress. You can't think like a guy. Mom will step in if you get crazy anyway. But she'll wonder why I'm suddenly flaunting it. Got it?"

"Um, yeah, I think." John let the towel drop. Emily looked with some sadness at her own body. She liked being strong, but she missed her sexy bod.

"John! Wait until I leave. Mom might come up."

"Oh yeah, sorry." Emily slipped out. John worked out the bra situation, then tried small, but not thong underwear. For ease of changing he wore jeans and a nice shirt. With his hair dried and just a touch of lipstick he thought he might be ready. The ride to the mall got shaky when his mother started with the usual Mom chit chat/nosy questions. It seemed that the ability to "talk" to Emily had some limit on distance.

"So how are things with you and Mark? I haven't seen him in awhile."

"Oh, we're ok. You know how it is. This week I'm thinking more about the last meet."

"You'll do great. Where do you want to look for a dress?"

"Wherever you think."

"Usually you're so excited to go shopping, even if it's with your mother. How about that cute shop down the end of the mall?"

"OK, sure. I am excited. There's just so much going on. Can I ask you a question? It's very personal."

"Of course. I think I may know what it's about. But go ahead."

"I'm 18. I'm not sure I actually need permission, but I'd need to see Dr. Hanson. I'd like to start on the pill." Emily might kill him for this, but if they were going to maybe do things together they couldn't take chances.

"Oh, yes, you can do it yourself. But it's very mature of you to tell me. You know I'm going to tell you a lot about still being careful. Especially when you go to college in the fall. Don't mind me tearing up. My daughter's growing up."

"Oh Mom. It's just in case."

His Mom squeezed his leg. At the mall they parked and walked down to the dress shop. John was a bit overwhelmed by all the options for girl's clothes.

"Go ahead Emmy, pick out a new brassiere, new underwear. Better yet let's get you measured first. They found a salesperson, a young woman, to help them. They went into the changing area. She pulled over a privacy curtain and asked John to remove his shirt and bra. He was used to being in public at the pool without a shirt, but never with breasts. The salesgirl measured over and under his breasts.

"A 34C should be just right. It looks like that what you have here so you've been doing good. Does your current bra feel comfortable?"

"Yes, no problem." The girl measured his waist and hips to help with picking a dress.

"OK, you should be ready to shop. Once you try something on I'll check to see if we need to make adjustments."

John let his mother lead the way, while keeping in mind Emily's recommendations. The sales girl had suggested picking a dress then working from there to underwear that would complement it. The found a dress that he thought Emily would like. It fit perfectly on her body. The girl recommended underwear that would eliminate lines. John thought the string up his crack would be annoying, but kept that to himself. His mother seemed satisfied and paid for their purchases. On their way out John noticed guys turning their heads to look at him. So weird. Once they were home John modeled everything for Emily. She was happy with them and figured that if things got straightened out at some point she'd be able to look at her graduation photos and be satisfied.

After their parents were asleep John made his way down to his old room. He knocked quietly and let himself in. Emily was lying back on the bed, cock in hand entertaining herself. She paused a moment, gave a "fuck it" shrug and went back to stroking her cock. She let out a satisfying sigh as cum flew from the tip coating her hand. She brought her hand to her mouth and licked off the cum.

"Kind of convenient that I can produce cum for myself whenever I want."

"Em, I was wondering. With all the measuring and adjusting and the, um, stares in the mall, I'm kind of horny."

"Oh how was it being eye candy for guys all night? Did you feel them undressing you with their eyes?"

"Not really. I just noticed heads turning. Your ass does look good in jeans."

"You mean, your ass?"

"For now, I'm just borrowing it." John slipped off his night shirt, nude underneath, and joined Emily on the bed. Emily let John lay back then got down between his legs, separating them and quickly laying her tongue along his mound. Then kissing his lips, nibbling on them, then separating them to reveal the wet insides. She licked along his full slit, kissing at the clit, then down to kiss his open pussy. Reaching up she found his breast, tweaking and pulling at his nipple. Teasing them and fondling his tits as she increased the speed of her tongue between his legs. John,

sucked in his breath as she sucked his clit, then used her free fingers to invade his open pussy, feeling its tight walls gripping her long fingers. Emily continued fucking his pussy with her fingers as she feasted on his sensitive clit. John began gripping the sheets trying to keep his noises of appreciation to a minimum as he felt the now more familiar waves of electric shock hit him over and over. Finally he arched his back, let out a long quiet, "ooooooooooooooooooK", bucked his hips into Emily's face and collapsed on the bed. Breathing heavily he waited for Em, then kissed her tasting his juices on her lips. They kissed, touched each other, moaned in satisfaction. John managed to leave before they fell asleep together. Thanking his sister and expressing his love for her. Love that was becoming more than usual familial love. In some ways they were closer than any two people had ever been.

Friday was the swim meet. They had practiced turns and entries a bit on Thursday, but now it was for real. Sandy had talked to her teammates and they were on board to give their best effort for Emily. On the way to the pool Brittney had asked John how 'she' was feeling.

"Em, just do the best you can, I think we can get 4th. You'll need to stay as anchor or coach will want to know why. But we know you can do it."

"Thanks Brit." John appreciated the support, but his first challenge was going to be... The locker room. Good thing he didn't have a penis. Or at least, have it with him. So much female flesh. All athletic, slim, strong legs, tight butts, he'd have been painfully hard. Sandy found them a set of lockers towards a corner, the better to shield her boyfriend's eyes.

She whispered to John, "Hey lover, keep your eyes on MY butt."

He smiled at her. "Oh, I thought I saw CONOVER swimmers over there!" Sandy stopped and looked at him.

"Your sister's a traitor. OK, looking is allowed." She smiled to show there was no concern. Their relay partners Britney and Vicky joined them. John tried not staring as school clothes were removed. Vicky was dark haired, slim, small breasts and a small dark patch between her legs. Brit removed her bra to show medium size breasts. She had blond hair and a powerful swimmer's build. She would be the lead swimmer. And then she called attention to her shaved mound.

"Look girls, I got it waxed! Ready for the beach this summer." She stood proudly showing off her bare pussy. Vicky actually touched it to see how smooth it was.

"Oh wow, I may have to do that. Did it hurt? Sandy, Em, check out how smooth." They both declined. Brit said it wasn't too bad. Their conversation was interrupted by the team from Weston. The apparent leader a tall blond.

"Are we interrupting your love session here?"

John and his teammates said nothing. Sandy whispered to John. "That's Linda, she's all into intimidating. Letting everyone know she's the biggest and best. Just try to ignore her." John had turned to his locker, removing his shorts and underwear. Now he was naked like the rest of the girls. From behind he heard Linda.

"So this is my competition. Who's racing anchor against me?" John turned, awkwardly aware that he and Linda along with a few other girls were stark naked.

"I am", he answered.

Linda slapped John's ass, "Kind of small." Emily's body wasn't small. Certainly above average height, but Linda was 5-11, strong looking. John took a step towards her. Sandy tried to cut in,

"Joh..Emily let it go." Though John now had the body of a young woman, he still had his experiences with male type power moves and bullies. John looked up at Linda, then with his left hand cupped her mound, very nearly inserting his middle finger into the taller girl.

"We'll see who's the bigger girl in the pool, bitch." Linda stepped back. Her teammates looked on shocked. Britney smiled. Vicky stood taller. Sandy laughed, then,

"OK Em, calm down. Let's get dressed." The girls got into their suits. On the way out to the pool John's teammates slapped him on the back and were telling others from their school's team about Emily putting big Linda in her place. They waited around for early races. Britney and Sandy were each in one and seemed to be swimming well. The four members of the 4 x 100 relay team gathered in the warmup pool. Linda's Weston team was there of course, but she seemed to be avoiding John's team. He had gotten into her head. Hmm. As they lined up for the race John saw himself at the far end. Then he heard Emily in his head.

'I'll talk you through it. I love you for trying. Just do your best. I heard what you did to big Linda. You're fucking nuts.'

John looked down the pool at himself. Then he looked to his right. They were in lane 3, Weston was in 4. Linda looked down. The race started and Britney got off to a good start. Now the crowd was cheering, but he could still hear Emily.

'OK shake your arms and legs, stay warm, loose.' He complied. The first leg were returning. Brit seemed to be in 3rd place, Vicky was ready to go. 'Stay with me John. Breathe, fill your lungs. This isn't a training swim.'

'Got ya Em. This is all out. Just give me the Ready, Turn and I'll do it.'

"OK, I'm just staying in touch.'

Vicky was in the pool. She was going hard but losing ground. By the time she turned the team was 4th and dropped to 5th as Sandy entered. Sandy was moving with determined effort. This was for her best friends. Her lovers. She was gaining ground. If she could get to 4th John would just have to maintain. John was on the platform. Sandy had made the turn. She was 4th, Weston looked to be fighting for 2nd. But they had Linda waiting. The swimmers were coming in, 'Get ready John', John looked to his right, he caught Linda's eye. He made a kissing motion. Linda hesitated and missed her timing. They entered the pool at about the same time. John swam for all he was worth, wishing he felt his normal strength, still, he appreciated Emily's long, strong legs as he propelled himself through the water.

'25 meters.'

Great, he could hear Emily above the crowd and through the water. He sensed Linda alongside him. He'd gotten into the taller girl's head. He may not be as good a swimmer, but he was competitive. He had drive. He always went all out on a ball field. And now he was swimming for his sister. And his teammates. He did feel a part of the team.


John immediately went into his turn, pushed, and he was off. 50 meters to go.

'Great, you're close. Go John. GO.'

John pushed on, feeling the other swimmers alongside him. He was starting to feel some burn. Pushing. Emily could only watch. She could see Sandy and the other girls cheering 'her' on.

'25 meters'

John raced on. He was all in. Linda was a touch ahead, he had no idea where he was overall. He couldn't take a chance. He was coming to the wall.

'Ready. Stretch.' 7 swimmers put their arm out and stretched for the wall. John continued another full stroke, and a second, but no. He hit the wall. Then everything went blank.

Sandy had been screaming, "Reach, Reach. Oh shit." 'Emily' sank in the water. Sandy jumped in lifting her unconscious teammate in the water. Linda dove under the separating rope and lifted Emily's limp body up out of the water to coaches and teammates at the edge of the pool.

Their coach was asking, "What was she doing?" Trainers and doctors knelt by Emily. No one noticed at the far end of the pool Emily's brother John, on his knees, head in hands. Holding his head, eyes scrunched closed. Then opened. Where was he? He'd been swimming. He looked down the pool. Emily was slumped on the ground. He looked down. He was himself. John stood and ran around the pool to his sister.

"Em, Em. It's John." She opened her eyes. Coughed up some dribbles of water. Touched her swimsuit.

"John? What happened?"

The doctor asked everyone to step aside. He looked over Emily. She had a lump on her head. Probably a concussion. John helped Emily to her feet. Sandy took her hand.

"You did it. You're crazy, but you did it. 3rd place."

Emily looked at Sandy. "No, John did it." Sandy looked into her eyes. Then at John's. He nodded.

"You're back?" John just nodded again. Then pulled Sandy aside.

"I'm guessing because we were linked talking in our heads when she, I, whoever, hit the wall. It seems we're back where we belong."

Sandy hugged John. They looked over at Emily. Linda had approached her.

"You're a crazy bitch, but that was some finish. You have balls."

Emily looked at Linda, "Well yes, I guess I did."

The doctor cleared Emily to go home, giving instructions to her parents to monitor her. At home John and Sandy said they would sit with Emily, so their parents went out, never knowing that their teens had experienced something no one would ever believe. Sandy looked at the twins.

"What a crazy week. It's almost like a dream. Like it couldn't have been real. We did some crazy stuff together too. Now what?"

"I know you two are supposed to watch me, but I can see that John is about to burst from need for you. And now I know how that feels, so if you don't mind an audience...."

Sandy's answer was to strip off her clothes and climb up on the bed on her hands and knees looking at Emily. John didn't need any more encouragement. His clothes hit the floor and moments later he'd burying his hard cock balls deep in his girlfriend.

"OH!." Was all Sandy said at the sudden invasion of her wet pussy. "That's it John. Emily gave me that cock good, but now, fuck me like a man." John grasped her hips and began sinking his cock deep into Sandy over and over. Emily watched as her friend was push forward toward her, Sandy's perky tits jiggling, her hair hanging over her face, her mouth open, repeating, "oh, oh, oh." as John thrust into her. Emily was getting horny watching this hot action and relished the more familiar feel of her own wet pussy. Without thinking she thrust her hand into her shorts and began vigorously stimulating herself. Adding her own chorus of moans to the atmosphere. Sandy reached forward and pulled down Emily's shorts and underwear, exposing Emily's frantic actions to them. John pushed hard into Sandy again and she let herself fall forward into Emily's lap. She buried her face into her friend and began licking at her soaking pussy. John never relented seeming to have the energy to go on and on. Emily gasped as Sandy hit her clit and latched on, sucking and licking at her bud, driving her into a frenzy of pulses and orgasmic waves.

"Oh shit oh fuck, yes, right there Sandy, oooooooooooh fuck fuck,eee,eee,uuuuuungh." Sandy let Emily recover and went back to focusing on herself as John began driving towards his climax. Timing herself with John's thrusts, she rubbed a finger over her own clit and drove herself over the edge shortly before John announced he was,

"Cuuuuuuummmming, eeergh." And released himself in his girlfriend. Then continuing to thrust into her needing more, draining himself. Oh fuck it was good to be a man again. The three collapsed together into post sexual bliss. Licking and sucking at their spent bodies. Not worrying whose body they kissed, but being glad their were back in their own.


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