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Previous Story Summary – Tiffany helps cure her brother’s blue-balls. It was her fault, after all.

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Blue Balls 5 - Tiffany's new trick (mf, Mf, incest, exhibitionist)

Summary - Tiffany learns other ways to help out her brother. OMG! Does her daddy have blue balls too?

Previous Story Summary - Tiffany helps cure her brother’s blue-balls. It was her fault, after all.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Tiffany slept late Sunday morning. She had rubbed her little pussy three times last night, thinking about her brother’s cock, cum and his poor, swollen balls. She still felt bad for giving him a case of ‘blue-balls,’ and she hoped he felt better after she helped him. Besides, she got to watch his cum shoot out of his penis twice!

She threw back the covers and stretched her naked body, groping her small titties and giving her bald little pussy a quick rub before jumping out of bed. She decided to put on some sensible clothing, so she wouldn’t give her older brother another boner.

“Good morning mom, good morning Theo,” she said sleepily, walking into the kitchen. As usual, Theo was positioned at the counter where he could best view his mother’s huge jiggling breasts and her shapely ass as she cooked breakfast. Their mother was dressed a bit more provocatively than usual. Her shirt was tighter and thinner; she was showing off her curves, round areolas, and even her huge nipples. Her shorts were tight and looked a size to small. When she bent over, her ass cheeks were visible.

“Good morning, Tiffany. Did you sleep well last night?” her mother Holly asked her.

“Yes, mom, I slept really good,” Tiffany smiled, remembering all of her dreams filled with spurting cocks and swollen, cum filled balls.

“You are dressed differently today, Tiff, no more walking around in your bra and panties on the weekend?”

“Uh…,” Tiffany didn’t know what to say at first. She looked sheepishly at Theo. She couldn’t tell her mother that she had given Theo a bad case of ‘blue-balls’. “Well, you said something about making Theo and Daddy walk around with boners all day, so I thought I should cover up a little.”

“Oh,” Holly said, a little disappointed. She liked watching Theo try to hide his hard pecker from her. He had been hard a lot lately, since Tiffany started filling out and dressing sexily. “Just never be ashamed of your body, sweetheart, and, don’t worry about the men in the house, Tiff, boys get boners all the time, don’t they Theo?”

Holly looked at her son, who was staring at his mother’s breasts at that moment, with one hand under the counter rubbing his swollen member. “Uh, whatever, mom, jeesh!” he was red from embarrassment. She winked at him, knowing he was sprouting a hard-on this very moment. She quickly straightened her posture and pushed her shoulder forward to make her breasts jiggle for him.

The family soon sat down to eat. They discussed their plans for the day. Holly and Theo were going shopping for school clothes; he was already outgrowing the clothes they had bought him before school started.

“I swear, between Tiffany outgrowing her bras, and Theo outgrowing his pants, we are going to go broke.” Holly said.

“Well, what do you want us to do, Greg, walk around naked?” Holly smiled at Tiffany, giving her a knowing look from across the table.

Both Greg and Theo thought it was a great idea, their eyes widened as they glanced at each other, but they both wisely kept their mouths shut.

“Oh, mom, I need more vitamin-E lotion.” Tiffany exclaimed, suddenly remembering to ask her mother about buying her some more.

Theo almost spit out his juice, and Greg almost choked on his coffee.

“Already? I just bought you a bottle last week!”

“I, uh, used it up already.” Tiffany couldn’t tell her mother that her dad had been rubbing her titties with it every night and she had used the last of it to give Theo jack-offs.

“Well, OK, but try to make it last, ok?” Holly said, shaking her head.

“OK, mom,” Tiffany said, looking down in her lap, avoiding eye contact. Her mother had a way of seeing right through a lie.

“Maybe you should just buy her a bigger bottle, Honey,” Greg offered. “I mean, if it helps her with her ‘problem’ and all.”

“Yeah, why not, mom?” Theo chimed in.

Holly looked at them both like they were crazy. “Well, we’ll see how much it costs….” she replied.

After breakfast, their father went out into the garage to begin his regular weekend work; mowing the lawn, and making the yard look nice. Holly went to get ready for the day. She left her children in the kitchen to clean up the breakfast dishes. She was looking forward to a nice, long, hot shower and then get ready for the day. ‘And maybe rub my pussy a little,’ she thought, ‘thinking about Theo and his hard little cock…’ She smiled to herself, looking forward to a nice, strong orgasm.

Last night, Holly and Greg had gotten home late night and went straight to bed without their nightly fuck session. Besides, she always needed ‘just a little bit more’ sex than her husband could provide her. She stripped off her clothes and stepped into the shower.

Back in the kitchen, Theo and Tiffany were clearing off the breakfast table.

“Uh, Tiffany,” Theo said. “Thanks for helping me yesterday.” He looked at his sister’s pretty face, remembering it covered with his cum yesterday.

“Oh, you are welcome, Theo,” Tiffany replied. She was happy that he seemed to be feeling better today. She didn’t hear him groan in pain even once this morning.

“Uh, Tiff, I’m having that problem again…, uh, right now…,.” Theo hunched his crotch at his sister, showing off his bulge. “Can you help me out again, please?”

“Theo!” she hissed. “I’ve already done you twice, and I’m not showing you any of my naughty parts today! Why do you have a boner?”

“I, uh, I was looking at mom,” Theo sheepishly admitted. “Her tits always get me hard. Between you and her, I’ve been hurting a lot lately.” For emphasis, Theo rubbed his cock and grunted, faking his discomfort.

“Well then, make mom give you a jack-off!” Tiffany retorted. It was bad enough she had to help out her brother yesterday because she gave him ‘blue-balls.’ And now she had to cover herself up! It wasn’t fair! She liked to show off her growing breasts and pretty pussy! How could she be expected to help him every time their mother gave him a boner! She was getting angry!

“I wish!” Theo retorted, thinking of his own mother jacking-off his hard cock. “Come on, please Tiff?” he pleaded.

“No!” She said, crossing her arms under her breasts, making them stick out from her shirt.

“Aww, don’t be like that, sis! You are so good at it! And it feels so good, and you like it too, don’t you?”

He was nearly babbling, doing his best to convince his little sister to keep having sex with him. His plan was working perfectly! He had gotten her to jack him off twice; he played with her titties and shot a hot cum load all over her face. Yesterday, she had almost begged him to suck on her tits. He knew it would only be a matter of time before she would become his little fuck-toy! He knew he had to convince her, to keep his plan progressing, so he said the only thing he thought might make her change her mind.

“If you do me now, I’ll do the dishes for you!” he blurted out.

Tiffany thought, ‘Wow, he must really want a jack-off!’ She considered it. They both hated to do the dishes, and here he was, offering to do her part of the breakfast chores. ‘Hmm,’ she thought, ‘Teacher said a boy with a boner is like putty in your hands.’

Tiffany reached out and felt her brother’s thick cock through his shorts. It was still nice and thick. She rubbed it up and down gently. It stiffened immediately.

“Ohhhh!” he groaned, humping her small hand. “You’ll do it then?” Theo asked breathlessly.

“Maybe…,” she teased. Since she could no longer have fun giving him boners, maybe she could still make this work to her advantage.

“If I make your sperm shoot out, you’ll have to do all of my other chores today too.” If she was going to help Theo, he was going to have to do something for her. “Deal?” she asked.

“What?” he replied, “I have to do your chores and mine too?”

“Yep,” she replied, cupping his balls and smiling at him. “And, mom says the bathroom has to ‘sparkle,’ or she’ll make you do it again!”

“No way!” he said, “I won’t do it!”

“Suit yourself,” Tiffany said, letting go of his cock. “I’m sure if you ask mom to give you a jack-off - because you got a boner looking at her tits - she’ll be happy to help with your ‘blue-balls!’ Besides, your boner is not my fault, so it’s not my problem!” she added.

“No, wait!” Theo exclaimed, a little panic in his voice as his sister began to walk away. He looked at Tiffany’s ass - what a cute ass she had!’ He had to have it! Whatever it took! “OK, OK, it’s a deal!” he agreed.

Theo quickly dropped his shorts and his stiff cock bounced before her. They both paused and looked at each other; Theo, with his face pleading and Tiffany smiling back at him, feeling victorious. They could hear the water running in the bath, and could hear the mower running in the back yard. They were safe for at least 20 minutes.

Tiffany stepped towards her brother and stroked his hard cock. ‘Uh, oh,’ she thought, ‘no lotion!’

“Uh, Theo, we have a problem, we are all out of lotion, ” she said, while running her finger gently down the length of his dry cock and over his cock-head, pushing it down and releasing her finger. She watched his cock bounce up and down.

“How can we...?” she started to say, and then stopped herself.

She knew what she could do. She could take his penis in her mouth, just like she thought about doing before. Just like her friend Kimberly had told her the other day at school.

Theo knew what they could do too. It was what he wanted all along. He wanted his little sister’s hot mouth wrapped around his hard cock. One more step to turn her into his personal fuck-toy!

They both spoke at the same instant;

“I know! I can use my mouth!” Tiffany said.

“I know! You can use your mouth!” Theo said.

They smiled at each other. Tiffany stroked his cock a moment. She looked at his cock - it was growing harder. A drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip. Tiffany slowly dropped to her knees on the kitchen floor.

“Ok,” Tiffany said, looking up at him. “But you’ll have to hurry up and ejaculate before mom finishes her shower!” They could still hear the water running in the bathroom and the mower from the back yard.

She looked at Theo’s cock up close. She was both excited and a little apprehensive. She would soon know more about sex than any of her friends. She smiled to herself and then at Theo. Tiffany assumed her brother thought she was only going to use her mouth and spit to get his cock nice and wet before giving him a jack-off, but she had another idea. She was going to turn her mouth into a warm, wet, pussy for Theo’s cock to have intercourse with!

“Don’t think I’m going to do this for you every time mom gives you a boner, Theo,” Tiffany told her brother sternly, gripping his penis firmly. However, if she liked it, maybe…, just maybe…, she might want to do it again.

As she contemplated her brother’s throbbing cock and swollen, cum filled balls, she wondered if she could get Theo to lick her pussy someday. Ever since her friend Kimberly told her about boys and girls putting their tongues into pussies and putting penises in other people mouths, she was dying to feel a warm, wiggling, tongue in her juicy, little snatch. ‘Well, she would have to do it to Theo first…and, if he wouldn’t lick her twat, she bet Kimberly, and maybe even Judy, would do it to her; maybe to each other! Hmmmm!’ she thought.

Now, more determined, she gripped her brother’s cock and bent it down to her face. She stuck out her tongue as far as she could; really, really far, and gave the underside of her brother’s cock-head a nice, long lick. The drop of pre-cum left a salty, pleasant taste in her mouth.

“Ohhh, yeah, Tiff!” Theo groaned. He closed his eyes so he could concentrate fully on the experience.

Proud to get such a response from her brother, Tiffany licked his cock-head again, and then again. His cock throbbed in her hand. His cock-head seemed to grow bigger than ever!

“Oh, yeah, keep doing it! Do it, lick it, Tiff, lick it some more!”

Tiffany paused and looked at the small, vertical slit where his sperm would be shooting out, and wondered if she should just get him wet with her spit and jack him off onto her face again. That was fun! And, she was at just the right angle to get a nice, full, face-load of cum (boys liked that, she remembered.)

Just then, another drop of his pre-cum began to leak out. She had liked how good his sperm tasted last night, so she quickly changed her mind. She was going to have his sperm shoot into her mouth and she was going to swallow all of his cum! That way, she wouldn’t get any on her shirt and wouldn’t have to wash her face off either! She smiled at how smart she was and paused to gather her courage.

‘Well, if I’m going to put my mouth on it, I had better get started,’ she decided. The fat drop pre-cum got bigger and bigger and began to drip from his penis. The long, fat drop hung there a moment and she quickly caught it with her tongue and licked his cock-head again, tasting his salty essence. “Mmmm,” she groaned involuntarily.

It was now or never. She opened her mouth wide, slid her face forward, and wrapped her full lips around her brother’s cock-head. She held it there for a moment, not knowing what to do next. ‘Well, Theo really like it when I was licking it,’ she thought, so, she began licking all around his cock-head while she held it in her warm, wet, mouth.

‘Hmm, how can I make my mouth a pussy?’ she thought. ‘Warm, wet and juicy’, she thought, working up some spit. The she remembered ‘No teeth!’ It made her giggle to think of a pussy with hard, white teeth! She wiggled her head and mouth and worked her tongue around his cock-head, keeping her teeth well out of the way.

“Shit, shit, shit, Tiff!” Theo groaned out loud, “That feels so fucking good!” he said, then to himself, ‘What a cock-sucking slut!’

Tiffany worked her head and mouth even faster, encouraged by Theo’s words. She wrapped her tongue all around his flared head, exploring behind his ridge with her tongue. Then, she remembered how Theo liked his jack-off, when she moved her hand up and down; down to his balls and back up over his cock-head. She began to bob her head up and down on his fat shaft, feeling his cock hit the back of her throat.

‘This must be what intercourse is like,’ she realized, ‘back and forth, back and forth, with a fat, hard cock in my pussy!’ Then, as she tried to take him deeply into her throat, she felt herself start to gag. She settled for bobbing her head up and down, but only as far as she could. She licked his cock, and then reached up to tickle his balls. ‘That helps the sperm shoot out,’ she remembered. She was already starting to get tired and had to make Theo empty his balls real soon.

“Suck it, sis,” Theo moaned. “Suck my cock a little bit, Tiff. Please?” he groaned.

‘Suck it?’ Tiffany thought. ‘Why would he want me to suck his penis?’ Then, she remembered a physics lesson about a ‘vacuum.’ She realized a tight, wet, pussy would create a small amount of vacuum on a penis during intercourse. ‘That must be it.’ Tiffany slurped Theo’s cock and then swallowed her spit. She gently sucked on her brother’s cock.

“Oh fuck!” Theo exclaimed. He began to thrust his hard cock into her wet, sucking, mouth.

“Slurp, slurp, slurp!” Tiffany bobbed her head up and down, sucked, licked and tickled his nut sack, coaxing the sperm from his testicles. One hand on his balls and one hand jacking his shaft - almost automatically – and her hot, wet mouth sucking and slurping on his rock-hard teenage cock.

Theo felt the heat from her mouth, the gentle sucking, and her fingers dancing on his balls. The fantastic tingling sensation started in his nut-sack and he knew his cock would soon be erupting. “I’m coming!” he grunted. “Oh, shit, I’m coming!”

Tiffany felt his cock swelling in her mouth. She felt his balls tightening. Theo’s cock lurched in her hand, almost startling her, and then she felt a warm squirt of salty semen gush into her mouth!

“Mmmmpphhh!” she groaned, feeling her brother’s sperm unloading into her. Another blast of cum nearly filled her small cavity and she was forced to swallow down the slimy load before it could leak out of the corners of her mouth - but not before tasting it, almost savoring it. The flavor was intense and so arousing! She felt her little pussy gushing with juice. But, while she pondered the taste of warm cum and her hot, wet pussy, another spurt, and then another, exploded into her mouth.

Determined to keep her shirt clean and her taste buds excited, Tiffany sucked, licked and slurped her brother’s cock as he came in her mouth. When his knees grew weak and his cock lurched for the last couple of times, she swallowed his warm goo, rolling it around on her tongue before she swallowed it.

“Aaaahhh!” Tiffany said with a satisfying smack of her lips. “You really shot a lot, Theo! Mom must really make your balls fill up with sperm!” She squeezed his cock, jacking him off very gently, like he taught her to do after his cum. She saw more thick, white, sperm ooze from his cock. She put her lips back on his cock-head and sucked deeply. She was rewarded with that drop, and a little bit more that she was able to pull up from his shaft. She sucked his cock like a straw, as if she was trying to get the last remnants of a thick milkshake from the bottom of a tall, cold, glass.

“Hey, take it easy, sis!” Theo exclaimed, as his sister strongly sucked his cock into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing deeply. “That kinda hurts!”

“Oh, sorry,” Tiffany said. “I was just trying to get more sperm.” She put her head down. She was sad she had hurt her brother again.

“It’s OK, Tiff,” Theo said, “Remember, what I told you before - you have to be gentle with my dick after I cum. You’ll do better the next time…,” he added hopefully.

“OK, I’ll be more gentle…, the next time.” She smiled up at her brother. Tiffany already knew there would be a ‘next time.’ She really liked sucking cock. Besides, making her brother shoot his sperm will keep her from doing her chores – maybe forever!

Tiffany stood up and wiped her mouth, looking for any stray drops of sperm. Sadly, there wasn’t any. Maybe next time she could let a little spatter on her face, to save some for later?

“I’m going take a shower now,” she announced. “After you finish the dishes, you should start cleaning our bathroom before you finish your shower,” she teased. “Mom gets mad if it is still dirty when we are done.”

Tiffany skipped from the kitchen and bounced into the bathroom already removing her clothes in the hallway. Her little titties were barely jiggling, being so small and firm.

‘This was going to be fun!’ she was so excited. Theo always made a mess in the bathroom and she had to clean it up. Now, it would be his turn to clean up her mess! She decided to leave toothpaste in the sink and leave her dirty clothes lying on in a heap on the floor. Tiffany giggled, she would even leave her smelly, ol’ panties lying right in the middle of the room for him to find! She could imagine his face when he had to bend over to pick up her damp, pussy-juice soaked panties! “Ha, ha, ha!” she burst out laughing, as she shut the door, stripped, and strategically dropped her sopping wet panties onto floor.

Theo stayed in the kitchen for a moment to catch his breath. He finally pulled up his shorts and tucked his softening cock back into his underwear. He looked around at the mess from the family breakfast he had promised to clean up. After that, he even had to clean their shared bathroom.

“It was worth it,” he stated, and began to clean. When he was finished, he walked to the bathroom to shower and do Tiffany’s other chore. “It was worth it.” He reminded himself again. He had never felt anything like his sister’s mouth sucking his cock. He knew he would promise almost anything to relive that experience again.

He opened the bathroom door and found the mess he had left him. “That bitch!” he said aloud. He threw most of her clothes in the hamper and then bent down to pick up her soiled panties lying right in in the middle of the floor. He could smell their pungent odor as he bent over to retrieve them. They smelled of hot, wet, teenage pussy. Theo put his sister’s panties to his face and breathed deeply. He felt his cock growing in his pants.

“Ah, one more orgasm before I get started,” he sighed. He sniffed his sister’s hot, creamy, cunt until he became hard. He masturbated, knowing he would be fucking Tiffanies pussy someday soon. Just as he began to orgasm for the second time that day, he heard his mother yelling for him.

“Theo, are you coming or not!” Holly yelled from the living room. “I’m ready to go shopping!”

“Ungh, ungh,” he grunted softy as his cum erupted, caught by his sister’s wet panties he wrapped around his cock-head.

“Yeah, I’m coming mom!” he yelled, “But, I’m in the bathroom right now, and I’m gonna be a while!”

He implied he was taking a dump, but in reality, he had to finish his orgasm, and still had to clean the bathroom.

The last spurts filled up Tiffany’s panties. He wiped his cock with his sister’s cum-filled panties and tossed them into the hamper along with her dirty towel. He wiped down the sink, and the floor, and quickly showered, soiling the last once-clean towel as he wiped down the shower stall.

“It was worth it,” he said again, and again as he cleaned the bathroom until it ‘sparkled’.

“Hi daddy!” Tiffany said. Her father had just come in from doing the yard work. She noticed how strong and handsome he looked, and she liked how he smelled after he came in from working in the yard. He smelled of grass, fresh earth and the manly, pheromone-filled odor of sweat.

Tiffany was wearing a sundress and a short, sleeveless top, with no bra. She didn’t care if she gave Theo boners any longer. She would not go out of her way to make him hard, but she would not hide herself from him either – just like their mom said. If Theo got horny, it would be his fault. If he wanted her ‘help,’ she would make him pay for it. Her nipples grew hard just thinking about it.

“Your mom and Theo already left?” her father asked her.

Startled from her thoughts, she looked up at her him. She caught him staring at her breasts and protruding nipples. He was still breathing long and regular. She automatically looked at his crotch, and saw the familiar bulge. Suddenly she realized that she had been giving her dad boners all week! Maybe she had done the same thing to her dad that she had done to Theo! Oh no! All week she had been making him rub her sensitive little titties while she felt his hard cock grinding and pressing up against her ass!

‘Maybe I gave dad blue-balls too!’ she thought in horror. She stared at his cock and stammered, “Ah, yeah, they left a little while ago.”

“OK, I’m going to take a shower and get cleaned up,” he said. Maybe his little daughter needed her titties massaged again. With his wife and son out of the house, he could have a long time to play with her.

“Uh, daddy? Mom, me, and Theo all just had showers…,”

“Damn it! I mean, ‘darn it’, no hot water for me!” he exclaimed. There was nothing like a long hot shower after getting sore and tired from working on the yard. “I’ll have to wait a while,” he admitted, and sat down to watch TV with his daughter.

Tiffany’s mind raced. Did fathers get blue-balls too? Did her mom and dad have intercourse this week, so her daddy could ejaculate his built up sperm that she had caused? She didn’t think so. Her mom and dad were so old, like in their thirties or something, she was positive they didn’t have intercourse any longer. Besides, they only had two kids, and she was in eighth grade. ‘Gosh, if it was that long since her daddy shot his cum, and with all the teasing she had been doing, she couldn’t dare think of the pain she was causing him!’

“Uh, daddy, how are you feeling?” she asked timidly. She could see his cock was sill half-hard. She looked down and saw her hard, puffy nipples poking thru her shirt. She wanted to curl up and hide her pretty little breasts from her father’s eyes!

“I’m OK, sweetheart, just a little sore.” he said.

He rolled his tired shoulders, arched his back, and felt the aches and pains of his recent work catching up with him. He quickly realized his daughter could see his cock getting stiff, so he put his hands in his lap, and gave himself a quick, smooth ‘adjustment.’ “Why do you ask?” he inquired.

Tiffany saw her dad grab his penis and try to hide it from her. He just admitted he was sore. It all made sense, she had hurt her father by giving him ‘blue-balls!’

‘Oh no, not her daddy too!’ Tiffany started to shake.

“Uh…,” she stammered. She had never meant to be so mean the boys in her life! First Theo, now her dad, then…, ‘OMG, Mr. Stevens!’ she thought - and all the boys in class! Did she give all of them a bad case of the ‘blue-balls?’

“Uh…, I’m sorry…”

“What’s wrong, baby?” her father asked.

“Oh, daddy!” Tiffany ran to her dad and gave him a hug. “I’m so sorry for what I did to you!”

“What?” he exclaimed. “What you did…?”

“I gave you e-reck-shuns!” She hugged him tighter. He felt her hard, pencil-eraser like nipples pressing into his skin.

“Oh, that’s OK honey!” Greg stammered. “Like you said, it is only natural, and you needed me to help you, right?”

“Oh, daddy, I could have put lotion on myself, but I wanted to feel your strong hands on my boobies, and I was having so much fun, and…, and…, I wanted to give you boners!”

There! She said it. The truth was out. She hoped her daddy didn’t hate her for what she had done to him. ‘I know! I can fix him like I fixed Theo!’ she realized.

“You wanted to give me boners?” He said. Then he murmured it again, softly, “She wanted to give me boners.” All those nights rubbing her tender breasts with the lotion were simply to make his cock hard for her enjoyment? He was stunned. He thought about his daughter’s perfect little tits. He thought about how he would roll her nipples under his finger and thumb. His cock hardened thinking about it.

Little Tiffany felt her father’s cock pressing against her belly. “Daddy, stand up!” she ordered.

Stunned, Greg did as he was told. Tiffany took a step back and looked at his crotch.

‘Maybe she just wanted to see his cock? Maybe she really did need her daddy’s big, strong hands rubbing her growing titties. Maybe…’

Tiffany reached forward and grabbed his sweat pants and underwear, a hand on each side of his waist. She pulled down firmly. Her father’s hard cock was in her face and his pants were around his ankles.

“Tiffany!” he shouted, “What are you...,” he felt his daughter’s mouth engulf his cock head, “doing…,” he groaned.

Tiffany used her new-found cock-skills on her father’s cock. It was much bigger than Theo’s, but she was determined. She didn’t care if her lips were stretched to their limit and her mouth was already tired from helping Theo. Tiffany sucked, licked, and slurped to relieve her daddy’s pain. She felt him try to pull away from her so she grabbed his ass cheeks, pulled him tight, and sucked harder!

“No, Tiffany, don’t…,” he said, but not meaning it. He was too far gone; he had fallen over the edge of no return. His cock was hard and thinking for him. His dick was being sucked by his gorgeous daughter. The very daughter who had moaned and groaned while grinding her ass on him. The same one whose image he had masturbated to over and over again. “Oh, Tiff,” was all he could say.

“We have to get your sperm out so you’ll feel better, dad!” she said to him. She felt like a nurse helping her patient. Since he had stopped struggling to get away, she took her hands off of his firm buttocks and began to stroke his cock with one hand while she tickled behind his balls with her other hand. She stroked his shaft as she sucked. She could barely get her mouth around his cock, it was so thick, and it was so long too! “You’re much bigger than…,” she stopped, panicked! “…, than I thought!”

‘Whew, quick recovery, Tiff!’ she thought to herself. She had almost told her daddy that his cock was much bigger than Theo’s! That would have been an awful secret to let out. Daddy’s cock was much bigger than Theo’s though. She could get both of her small hands on it with skin to spare. Her mouth was stretched wide as she sucked his cock-head and tried to take it as deep as she could. She felt his pre-cum leaking out and she groaned in pleasure, “Mmmmm, da-dthy,” she mumbled. She had tried to say her daddy’s name, but her was mouth full of his hard cock.

“Where did you learn to do this, honey,” Her father asked. His little girl was working over his cock like a paid professional.

“Thsk-oool!” She slurped out her answer.

He understood. “You learned this at school?” he asked.

“Yeth!” She popped her mouth off of his cock for a moment and gave his piss hole a furious tongue massage before replying “In sex-ed,” she stated simply, before sucking his cock deep into her mouth again. It was only partly a lie, she figured.

‘What are they teaching these kids today,’ her father wondered. ‘Do they have the girls practice on dildos or something?’ His daughter was so good!

Tiffany knew she had to get her daddy’s huge supply of built-up sperm out of his swollen, aching balls before he could begin to feel better!

She slobbered on his shaft, making it slick with spit. She began to jack him off faster. She sucked his throbbing cock deeper. She licked his glans and tickled his huge, heavy, and full-of-cum ball-sack. She bobbed her small head up and down, faster and faster. She loved her daddy and was doing her very best to make him feel ‘all-better!’

“Uh, honey, I’m going to…” Her father stuttered. He couldn’t say ‘cum’ to his little girl! “I’m going to, uh, have an orgasm, dear, you might want to…, uh….”

“Do it daddy,” Tiffany cried. “Shoot out your sperm so you’ll feel better!” She wrapped her lips around his cock once again and slurped, sucked, jacked and licked her daddy.

“Uh!” He moaned, “It’s, uh, it’s going to come out, sweetheart!” He was trying to do his best to warn his little princess, but, she didn’t or wouldn’t stop; she only seemed to slurp his cock with even more devotion.

Greg felt his balls tingling.

Tiffany felt her daddy’s cock swelling inside her sucking mouth. ‘It was finally working!’ she though excitedly. She really wanted to know what her daddy’s cum would taste like. ‘Would it taste like Theo’s sperm,’ she wondered, or does all sperm taste different. She would soon find out.

Her daddy’s cock spasmed. He tried to pull away, but his frail attempt to pull his cock out of her mouth away was quickly discarded by his horny daughter with a hard and loud, “SSSLLUUURRRPPP!” on his soon to erupt cock.

He blasted his hot cum into his daughter’s mouth. Tiffany knew it was coming but still wasn’t prepared for it. The first copious blast nearly filled her mouth. The second spurt surged up his cock-shaft and filled her small mouth completely. She swallowed as fast as she could, but some leaked from her mouth. Thinking quickly, she pulled her mouth off his pumping shaft and began to stroke his twitching, throbbing shaft. Aiming his piss-hole at her pretty face, she backed off a few inches and continued to stroke him. Tiffany anxiously waited for the next blast as she swallowed the previous one. ‘Boy’s like to cum on a girl’s face,’ she reminded herself. She licked her lips and smiled.

Her father stared in disbelief as his daughter waited patiently for his cum. His cock erupted again and he watched his little princess take a huge load of his cum onto her lips and partially opened mouth. She smiled as she savored his sperm and continued to jack him off, aiming his remaining blasts elsewhere on her face. Cum flew from his spurting cock and landed on her cheeks, her lips, and on her forehead. When he finished his strong prostate-pumps on her face, she popped his oozing cock back into her mouth to gather up the last, weak, but still tasty spurts. She sucked the remnants of his sperm very gently this time.

“There, feel better now, daddy?” Tiffany asked triumphantly.

“Oh, honey, that felt amazing!” he said, looking down at his cum-covered daughter. “Thank you so much for that, princess, but you didn’t have to…”

“Yes, I did daddy!” Tiffany said defiantly. “I gave you e-reck-shuns, so I had to make you feel better!”

“OK,” he said. He knew better to argue with her right now.

“And daddy? We can to it again later, if…, you know…, if your balls still need to be emptied, or anything.”

“Uh, OK, princess,” he said.

“I really liked your cock and your cum, daddy.” Tiffany said, being polite and giving her daddy a compliment. She began to wipe up the mess on her face with her fingers and suck it into her mouth. She was please to learn more about sperm, and that it tasted both the same, but still different, as she compared the taste of her brother’s cum to her daddy’s.

Greg watched his little girl clean up his splooge. His cock lurched. He began to argue with himself, knowing the brain in his head would lose the debate with the smaller brain in his cock. ‘Tiffany loves cock, that’s for sure. And, she loves her little titties played with. And, she obviously loves cum’ he thought, watching her.

“You have some more cum on your cheek…, dear,” he said absentmindedly. He had almost called her ‘my little cum-slut.’ But, he felt it would be a little premature to make that pronouncement yet.

“Thanks daddy!” Tiffany said happily, as she searched out and slurped up the few last dollops of her daddy’s cum.

Her daddy changed his mind. ‘Yeah, she is a cum-slut,’ Greg had to admit, ‘but what to do about it? It could cost him his marriage and he would probably go to jail, but on the other hand, he might still go to jail because of this and never get his cock sucked by her again, or play with her titties again, or maybe, dare he dream, fuck his little princess? It would definitely be worth it,’ his little cock-brain decided.

“Uh, Tiff, maybe, uh, we can do it again later…, if you promise not to…,”

“Oh, I won’t tell anyone!”she interrupted.

“And, if you still want your titties rubbed, just let me know, OK?” he said. “I’m happy to do it for you.”

“Uh, but what if you get another boner, daddy?” she smiled at him, then looked at her feet, feeling bashful.

“Well, we will just have to deal with it, I guess…, he replied, “somehow…,”

“I’d like that!” Tiffany said. She hated the thought of not having her daddy’s big, strong hands on her breasts. “But we are out of lotion right now,” she said. “I hope mom remembers to get more!” Tiffany almost looked panicked at the thought of her daddy not being able to rub her titties tonight.

“If you want really want to, we don’t need the lotion, do we princess?”

“No daddy,” she agreed.

Greg suddenly felt guilty. His young daughter had just sucked his cock, eaten his cum, and all he could think about was playing with her tits and getting another blow job, or even better! He had to do something for her.

“Princess, for making daddy so happy, is there anything I can do for you?” He was thinking about buying her a new bike, or maybe talking his wife into allowing her to have a puppy.

“Do you mean right now daddy?” she asked.

“Right now, why not?” he replied.

“Before mommy and Theo get back?” she asked.

“Uh, sure, what do you want, princess?” he was so confused right now.

“Daddy,” Tiffany said shyly, “have you ever put your tongue into a girl’s vagina?”

Greg nodded stupidly. The world seemed to spin a little quicker on its axis.

“Would you do that for me, daddy?” Tiffany pleaded. “I really want to know what it feels like.”

For an answer, her father picked her up and laid her gently on the couch. He practically tore off her panties, lifted her dress, spread her legs, and beheld her beautiful, bald, slit. He sniffed her hot essence before plunging his face into her gash. He enthusiastically began to lap at his daughter’s tight little cunt.

“Oh, daddy!” Tiffany exclaimed. She writhed on the couch as Greg’s warm, wet, tongue licked her up and down. He slurped her juices and flicked her clitty. He lifted up her ass with his strong arms and held her pussy before his face. He devoured her sweet little pussy. Her tight cunt gushed and his face became soaked. He sucked her pussy and gently fingered her gash. He felt her hymen and began licking at a small opening at the top and poking at it with his tongue, willing it to give way. When he began to taste a little blood, he backed away. He then thought of her other hole and tickled her ass with his large, dirty finger - much to her delight. When he started lapping at her little clitty again, she felt the familiar tingling in her belly. She just knew it was going to be her biggest orgasm yet.

‘Wait until I show this to Kimberly and Judy!’ she thought, just before here orgasm began to rock her world. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss rolled over her. She felt the tingling from her belly to her toes. Her thighs quivered with its intensity. She began to orgasm over and over, filling her daddy’s sucking, slurping, mouth with her sweet, teenage juices.

Tiffany began to moan and squeal uncontrollably. “Uhgh…, uhhg…, ungh…,” she grunted. “Ah.., ah.., ah…, mmmm! Oh daddy! Oh daddy! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she grunted and moaned before finally squealing out loudly “Aaaahhh-aaaahhh-eeeeeiiiiiie!” Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss rolled over her. Her thighs quivered with her orgasm’s intensity.

Just when she thought she was finished, and the waves of bliss finally began to recede from her twitching body, her daddy reached up and pinched both of her nipples, slurped her delicious cunt once again, and then slipped the tip of a wet finger into her asshole. Another orgasm shook her.

“Oh daddy!” she groaned in happiness as her body shook again and again, nearly convulsing. She squeezed her father’s head tightly with her thighs, squealed again, and fell limp in his arms, mumbling, “No more…, please…, no more…”

Her father finally stopped sucking her sensitive gash and gave his Tiffany’s sweet pussy a tender kiss. She slowly opened her eyes when she felt him moving and saw him then standing over her. She immediately noticed his hard, throbbing cock.

“Oh? Daddy, your penis is big again! Do you need a jack-off, or can I do you with my mouth again?” she asked sweetly. She was tired, but knew she had to help release the pressure from his balls. She didn’t want her daddy’s balls to hurt.

Greg looked down at his daughter and thought about what he wanted. She looked so sexy with her pretty, cum-stained face, freshly orgasmed countenance, and spread-wide legs. He could see her red, swollen labia and a hint of the wet, pink folds of her tender pleasure container.

He knew what he wanted. He wanted to fuck her. Now. Hard.

Since he had recently come, he knew he could enjoy her perfect body for a nice, long time. He could put the head of his hard cock against her hole, pop her cherry, and fuck her tight little cunt with his daddy-cock. He imagined himself slamming his cock deep into his little princess, until his balls slapped against her cute little ass, over and over again.

‘Oh, he would be gentle enough, until she got used to it, of course,’ he promised himself. And, he knew she would love it.

He looked at the clock…,

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