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I want to thank everyone who read my first story. I am honored that so many people enjoyed it. As a first timer I hope I can continue to write stories that you enjoy.
first of all I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response. I honored that so many people would read and like my writing. As a first timer I hope I can continue to bring you some enjoyment out of my stories.

This work is 100% fiction and there is no one or life experience I am basing this on.

Donna had told me that her daughter Dawn was going to ask me some questions about sexuality. surprised but I accepted the responsibility because she didn't have a father to talk to about such things. Long story short, she wanted to see and feel a penis. Now she wants to continue her lessons and her mother just told me that she wants to learn more

...We finally came up for air and then she said, "Now, let's talk about her next lesson, she wants to know how to give a blow job and what cum taste like." As Donna said this she slide slowly off my lap and rested her hand on my cock through my pants.

She continued, "Dawn said that she did suck on you a little just to get more pre cum out to taste. She said that she liked it very much and to tell you the truth I am a little envious of Dawn right now. She has seen, touched and kiss sucked your cock. I wonder if I should ask for some lessons too." With that she lovingly caressed my dick as she looked into my eyes.

"You know from all our talks that I haven't had any sexual contact in a very long time. This is so very exciting for me. So you think I should let Dawn suck me off?" I said. Donna replied, "Sure, but can I ask one request? Can I be there too? I want her to see what a good BJ looks like and I can be there to show her." My mind was racing a mile a minute, this beautiful women with a beautiful family not only wanted me to let her daughter blow me, but she wanted to as well.

"You know I can never say no to my girls." I said looking in her eyes. "but let me prep a little first. I want a day or so to eat the right things to make sure I will taste acceptable." Donna reached out and hugged me hard and then kissed me passionately. Then said, "you are truly the sweetest man I have ever met. You think of others so much more than yourself. I don't care what you eat but I understand about Dawn. I want her experience to be wonderful and I want her to enjoy all of it. How about tomorrow?

How long is Gayle going to be gone?" Gayle, wow, I hadn't thought of her at all. I felt a twinge of guilt but then quickly rationalized that Gayle showed no interest in me sexually anymore so I have to do what I need to do. "Gayle won't be back until Sunday evening. So we are good." I answered. Donna hugged me again and said, "Great, let's say tomorrow evening. We will come over to your place after seven, is that okay?" "sure, see ya then." I said as she reached up and kissed me again with passion as she still rubbed my hard rod.

So, over the next day and a half I refrained from red meat, drank coconut Bias' had plenty of fruit and juices. I already eat pretty healthy, but I wanted it all to go well for Dawn. I also refrained from jacking off so I would have plenty for her to experience. I heard a knock at the side door and I looked at the clock. It was about five minutes till seven. I smiled knowing that they must have been waiting and eager to get over here. I opened the door and there stood two of my girls wearing matching sun dresses.

Dawn was truly a mini-me of Donna. Both smiling boldly at me when I came to the door. Dawn burst into the house past me to stand inside the kitchen and watch her mom enter. Donna was the example of grace and beauty. She glided in and we gave each other a peck on the cheek. Dawn saw that and came back to me excited and offered kisses as well. Her mom smiled in approval at her. "welcome ladies, Let's go into the living room and make ourselves comfortable." I said as I bowed and motioned them ahead of me. I am a leg man so their beautiful legs led the way. Their gentle curves and beautiful calves mesmerized me.

They both sat down on the couch and left a spot for me in the middle. I sat down and noticed that both of them were shaking a little so I reached for both of their hands and held them tight. I said, "ladies, please know that I care about you both very much. If you are having second thoughts about this I am okay. We don't have to do this." Dawn looked at me and then to her mother with a panic and then said, "NO, that is not why we are shaking " then Donna chimed in, "No we are just so excited That's all. Dawn has been talking non stop since I came back from talking to you yesterday. She looked up everything she could about it on her new workstation and has asked me about a million times about coming over early."

Then Dawn said, "Mom told me her plan to be here too and I think that makes me a little nervous, but she explained why and I am happy about it now." I then winked and said,"well, I am glad, I am not sure if your mom told you, but I haven't had any sexual contact in a long time so this could be a very short lesson." With that Donna laughed out loud and Dawn looked puzzled at her mom. Donna punched me on the shoulder and told Dawn "Pops is being funny, he things that that because he hasn't been sexual for so long he will cum too quickly and make it a short lesson. That is one of the reasons I wanted to be here. I want you to learn how to take things slow at times and fast at times. I want you to know how to make it enjoyable for both you and for your man." Now I felt like I was shaking a little in anticipation.

Dawn then asked, "so why do guys like it so much?" I took the lead on this question "There are a lot of things to like about it. It is sort of like having sex, I am putting my cock inside your mouth. It feels warm and as you suck on it and it moves in and out it makes a man more and more exited and turned on. But the best thing about it for me is the feeling of acceptance. The feeling that you must care about me so much to offer to take my most private part of who I am as a man and make love to with with your mouth It is just so special to me." Both women looked at me wide eyed and silent. Donna then spoke up, "I have never had a man explain it that way before. I didn't know how special this was for you."

"Well for a lot of men it isn't a big deal, they just like how it feels and just want to get off or to cum. But it is very personal and special to me. Then to have a women accept my cum and swallow it is the ultimate to me." Dawn finally said, "well, none of the girls I hear at school say anything like that about blow jobs. They just do it so the guys will go down on them." Donna and I laughed out loud again. We told Dawn yeah, often that is the case too, but doesn't have to be that way. You should do it because you want to, not to trade this for that. Donna chimed in again and said "the difference between a good BJ and a great BJ is your love in giving it. If you are just doing it to trade services, and you just want it over with, then why do it? But if you truly love him and his cock you want to show him how much."

Then she said, "I would say that is enough talk, let's get down to it." Dawn shook her head in agreement and both girls looked up at me. "Okay, since this is a lesson I am going to turn it over to your mother to show you what to do." Donna then took the lead and started to undo my belt and pants. While she did this she talked though every action. She told Dawn how exciting it is to look up and your man and show him the desire in your eyes. Donna pulled my dick free of my pants and then asked me to stand so she could remove them completely. This made Dawn gasp a little. Donna told her to help her take my pants off. Then unexpectedly Donna said, " Now we should strip because guys are visual. The sight of a naked women turns them on." Dawn happily agreed and they both took off their sun dresses.

To my surprise they were not wearing anything underneath. They both turned to me and looked at my cock as it pulsated. I flinched it and made it jump and Dawn's eyes got big and she said, "It is like it has a mind of it's own!" After more explanations, Donna went down and showed Dawn how to start. She took my dick in hand and licked it from the bottom to the top, then she looked up into my eyes and slowly lowered her mouth down about 2/3 and slowly sucked as she slide it back out. Never loosing eye contact. It was like she was feeding on my soul.

Then Dawn mimicked her every action. She too went down about 2/3 the length of my cock and keep eye contact with me. This trading back and forth went on for a while, then Donna said, "some women like me don't have much of a gag reflex so we can deep throat a mans cock. Let me show you. Donna proceeded to take me again in her mouth looking up at me and ran my dick all the way into her throat. She didn't stop until she pressed up against my pubic bone. Then she took her time and pressed into me and back in short thrusts for what seemed like an eternity. She then backed off slowly and caught her breath. As she did this I moaned deeply and could feel myself getting closer.

Dawn took me from her mom and said she wanted to do that too. She had to stop about an inch from where her mother had been. Then she backed off and gagged a little and with a determined look on her face tried it again. With all her might she tried until she was also pressed up against my pubic bone. Her desire to match her mom was getting really getting to me. I looked at Donna and she seemed to read my mind.

Donna said, "It is time to let Pops cum." she pulled Dawn off my cock and sat stroking it while talking. "Do you want to take it down your throat or do you want me to take it and then give it to you? The reason I ask is that when a man shoots his cum sometimes it shoots with pressure and can choke you if you were not ready for it." Dawn looked at me and said, "I think I want you to show me first." "Okay honey run to the kitchen and get me a saucer from the cabinet." Donna instructed. Dawn ran to the kitchen and while she was gone Donna took me back into her mouth and she deep throated me with smiling eyes.

Dawn came back about the time Donna came back up and she told Dawn, " I am going to make him cum now, watch his reactions and you will see when he is about to shoot." Donna was truly masterful, she took me again and moved her mouth up and down while playing with my balls. She deep throated and then licked my ball while doing it. Dawn watch attentively and saw what her mom meant when I was about ready.

I was moaning and talking telling her how wonderful she was and how I was about to cum and then the lightning struck and I convulsed over and over. Filling Donna's mouth. She opened wide when I started and Dawn could see how I was filling her mom's mouth up. As she watched I saw her playing with her little clit rubbing circles and reacting. Finally I stopped and Donna backed away and spit the contents of her mouth on the saucer. Donna then told Dawn to suck on my cock again and she did. I must have had a little left in the pipe because Dawn's eyes got wide and she pulled off and told her mom that she got some cum out of me too. "How was it?" Donna asked. "It tastes awesome! I want more!" with that she suck hard on my cock to drain every last drop out. Then her mother offered her the saucer where she turned it up and licked it clean.

Drained and dizzy is an understatement, Two beautiful women loving me and my cum, It was like heaven. The girls came back up on the couch and hugged me from each side. Their naked bodies pressed up against mine. I put my arms around them and rubbed their sweet bodies and reached around and touched their pussies. I felt them gushing and put my fingers to work. To be continued...
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