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Someone asked for more, so here's the closing chapter.
The next couple of days were more of the same. Kelly and I would wake up, make love, then meet the rest of the family for breakfast. Cami was back to sleeping in her room alone. Our coupling had been a one time thing, although when out by the lake or walking along the stream Kelly and I had joined with Cami for some shared sucking and licking. Having two hot young pussies to sink my tongue into kept my cock hard. At least until the two girls took turns licking my shaft and sharing my cum.

Friday night Carol and Rose again dressed up to go down to the C&W bar in town. Carol had gotten a call from the manager there. Someone had told him that Marty was still living in the area and he was hoping to meet up with the young ladies he'd met about 20 years ago.

"Rose, I wonder what he looks like after all these years? He must be 50 or so by now. You think he can still handle the two of us?"

"Oh Carol, he probably just wants to see what we look like. Who knows if he can still get it up."

"Mom! Aunt Carol, are you two really meeting the guy you had a threesome with?", Kelly looked a bit shocked.

"Oh come on Kelly. Why should you be the only one getting any?" Carol had a point.

Cami looked at her mother. "Tell you what. You bring that guy back here and you two get laid tonight? I'll do the dishes and laundry for a month."

"OOh, talk about a win win. You're on little girl." Carol was now on a mission.

When they'd left I asked the girls what we were going to do tonight. Kelly looked at us, seemed a little embarrassed then with a deep breath, "I was thinking. Maybe you'd want our butts again? I liked it and would kinda like to try again."

"ALRIGHT Cuz!", Cami was excited. "I like the new Kelly." I wasn't complaining. I'd be getting to shoot a couple of loads without a condom. My cock was stiffening already. "It looks like Ryan's ready for some butt fucking."

Cami was horny. Really horny. First she helped lube up her cousin's ass, then she stroked my cock with a handful of lube. When we were ready, she told me to have at it. She'd go later. Cami lay down on the floor. She had Kelly straddle her head and began sucking and licking her pussy as I got in behind Kel. She was more ready for what to expect and more easily accepted my cock into her puckered hole. The double assault had her moaning in no time. She leaned forward bracing herself with her hands, grinding her wet pussy into Cami as I worked my cock deeper into her ass. When I was finally all the way in she settled onto Cami as I slowly thrust into her. It wasn't long until she was screaming in pleasure as she came on Cami's face drenching her cousin as she rolled from one orgasm to another. This caused her to tighten on my cock and squeeze me into shooting my load into her ass. I continued slowly fucking her ass as Cami licked her pussy, capturing any of my cum as it escaped her cousin's ass. When I finally pulled out I was shocked when Cami took my cock in her mouth straight from Kelly's ass. Wow. There didn't seem to be anything Cami wouldn't try. The unexpected sucking had me hard again in no time. Cami pushed me back and quickly lubed her ass. She sat on my cock forcing me up into her ass taking me deep in one shot. Kelly looked on, then needing more, settled her sweet pussy over my mouth. She faced Cami and both girls fondled and kneaded the other's boobs as they took pleasure from my body. My cock felt like it could go on for hours and Cami was determined to ride it the whole way. When she leaned forward to kiss Kelly, Kel hesitated a moment knowing where her mouth had just been, but rather than turn away she took Cami's tongue in her mouth and returned her own. Cami rolled and forced herself onto me moaning into Kelly as Kelly began building again from my best efforts. Kelly again reached her spot first and sat on me, grinding herself on me as she came. Cami leaned forward to run her clit on me and let out a satisfied,

"oooooooooooohhhhhh" as she came. Now finished, Kelly reached forward and began rubbing Cami's clit, pushing her into another orgasm. With all this activity above me I finally felt my balls contracting before sending another full load, this time up into Cami's ass.

"Oh fuck, Ry, that feels so good. Pump that cum into me."

"You two are wearing me out. But what better way to go than two hot asses devouring my cock. And Cam, that was unexpected."

"Yeah, spur of the moment. I was caught up in the hotness of you two."

Kelly was finally catching on. "So you did suck his cock right out of my ass? I wasn't sure. Um, that's kinda..."

"Gross? Don't knock it til you've tried it cuz. But yeah, maybe not for everyone."

We settled down for awhile. Sure there was some more touching and teasing. Then we went up for the night. We weren't sure we wanted to be down here if the Moms came back with their friend.

"Maybe we should hide up on the loft like when we were kids?"

"Cami, I never!"

"Oh yeah, goodie Kelly. Well I used to watch the adults misbehaving."

We showered then feeling revived I slipped on a condom and slipped into Kelly. As always, she felt so tight and warm on me, even with the covering. We made love, slow and sensual, her body undulating under me. We kissed the whole time and she wrapped her legs around my back as I came into the condom.

"Oh Ry, you feel so good inside me, but I can't wait until I can feel you bare and have you fill my pussy the way you filled my ass earlier. I think that's why I suggested doing anal again. Just to feel your cock throbbing inside then have you shoot your cum into me."

"MMM, you're getting me horny again. We don't have many left." I kissed her, then down to her neck, nibbling at her while my hand caressed her hot body, down to her big firm breasts, kissing all over, using my lips and my tongue. I made my way down to her pussy, licking and lightly nibbling at her lips, sucking at her clit, my tongue covering her, tasting her, up, down, circling.


I looked up at her and smiled. Yes again. I'm not sure how many that was tonight. "More?"

"Oh fuck it, yes. More." I dipped my tongue into her pussy, circling around her opening, plunging in and flicking the tip. I replaced my tongue with my fingers as I licked up to her clit. Then I flipped her over on her stomach. Lifted her hips and with two fingers still fucking her pussy, I licked her anus. "OOH FUCK RY, What the, OOH" I pressed my tongue into her ass. The taste

different, but I was too turned on to care. Kelly screamed and screamed. Pure pleasure as now waves of it rolled over her. My fingers working her as my tongue invaded her, reminding Kel of my cock that had been there hours before. I removed my fingers from her pussy and began rubbing her clit as my tongue fucked her ass. Kelly quivered and shook and was dripping onto the bed until she collapsed exhausted. "Oh Ry. Oh sweetheart, please, I'll owe you, but please don't ask me to do anything now. Oh. Fucking epic. Damn."

"I'll take the rain check." I was thinking that when she was safely on the pill I was going to fill Kel with so much cum she wouldn't walk for a day. For now I would snuggle with her sexy body, knowing I'd given her all I could.

A bit later, while Kelly slept soundly I heard the door downstairs. Rose and Carol were laughing and seemed happily tipsy. Then I heard a man's voice telling them that he was ready to recreate one of the best nights of his life. Over the next two hours I could faintly hear the sounds of sex coming up through the floor. Except for the times Rose made like Kelly and let the world know she was cumming. I got up to use the bathroom and heard noise out on the loft. When I was finished I went out that way and saw Cami leaning over the railing. She was wearing a long t-shirt, and I realized that I was naked. Oh well, too late. She looked at me.

"Shit, between you fucking Kel to heaven and back and now those three, who can get any rest? I was hoping they'd start in the living room so I could watch and maybe rub one out. Sounds like Kel is ahead of me 50 to 3 tonight. What did you do to her?"

"I don't know. Made it up as I went along and tried for some Cami style, go for it." She raised an eyebrow.

"And what was that?"

"I found that when you have your fingers in a girls pussy, if you stick your tongue in their ass, they fire like a rocket."

"IN her ass? Dirty boy. I like it. I also like that you've broken through her virgin princess persona. Bring her to the dark side, haha."

"Yeah, well sorry we kept you up."

"No problem. You guys have been more than considerate of my needs." She looked at me. Hunger in her eyes. A deep breath.

"Sorry Cami. If Kel was awake, maybe, but I won't do anything without her knowing." Cami nodded her head. She gathered the t-shirt in her hands across her chest. I couldn't help but notice her bare mound now showing. Temptation. "Good night Cami." I kissed her. Something more than friendly, but less than passionate. She must have noticed my cock raising just a bit as I turned to walk back to my room.

"Nice ass Ryan." She smiled.

The next morning Kelly was awake first. I must have been sound asleep, because she was out of bed and outside the room on the loft. I walked out behind her, now wearing shorts for the daytime. She waved me over and put her finger to her lips. Curious, I walked up behind her. She was leaning on he railing looking down to the living room. When I looked down I saw a middle aged man having his cock sucked by...Cami. As we watched she stood and lifted her t-shirt over her head. Her pert tits jiggled and were soon covered by the hand and mouth of the man. He then turned her around and leaned her over the back of the sofa. As he turned Kelly gasped. Between his legs hung a most impressive cock. He turned at the sound and looked up at us. Lifting it in his hand he showed it to us.

"You can go next young lady. Just as soon as I've finished here."

"No thanks", Kelly answered, "I've got all the cock I need right here." She reached back and gave me a squeeze. Damn I loved her more. Unconcerned the man turned and stuffed his massive member into Cami who gave her own gasp. And an "OH FUCK", as he split her open.

"Oh my god that is so fucking big. Fuck me Marty." And Marty fucked her. Long and deep and wide. I was so turned on my cock instantly came to attention.

"Wait here." I quickly returned from the room with my cock encased in a condom. I lifted Kel's t-shirt halfway. She said,

"Fuck it", and took it off completely, letting her tits hang over the railing as I entered her from behind. Though Cami was getting plowed by the far bigger cock, Kelly as usual was louder. Watching the scene down below us inspired me to give Kel my best effort, plunging deep into her with each stroke.

"What is all the noise out here?" Carol emerged from her bedroom. "Oh damn, Cami, I told you he was huge. Give it to her good Marty." Then Carol looked up to see swinging tits, and Kelly, her hair flying in all directions as she exclaimed over and over,

"Oh, OH, OH", as I slammed my cock into her.

"Hell yeah. You give it to her good up there Ryan. Hey Rose, come watch the girls getting it as good as we got." And then Kelly looked down to see her Aunt Carol watching back and forth while rubbing her own clit. "This is better than porn."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH." That was Kelly announcing her orgasm. I grunted and filled the condom. Then I kissed her on her neck and played with her tits while watching Marty grunt and fill Cami's pussy. Cami, more quietly as usual, had already cum a couple times. Carol, smiled and sighed as she satisfied herself.

Rose walked out of her bedroom. "What did I miss? Why all the noise?" We all laughed.

Marty stood there unconcerned that his cock was hanging between his legs dripping cum and Cami's juices. "I can probably get it up once more if anyone's up for it." He looked up at Kelly. She shook her head no. "OK, it sounded like your man was doing a good job anyway." Carol beckoned Marty over to her. He stood in front of her as she took his cock, wet with her daughter's

juice and sucked it into her mouth. As he hardened it became obvious that she wasn't going to get much of it in her mouth.

She began licking it's length. Cami joined her.

"Let me help Mom." Cami got alongside her and sucked on the head of Marty's cock. Kelly and I went downstairs to watch, not bothering to dress. Carol looked up,

"Come on Rose, one last time?" Rose looked at Kelly who waved her on. Now three women were worshipping at Marty's massive cock. I asked Kelly if she'd like to get her hands on it.

"No, you've got all I need." It was only one mouth, but my cock was now also being sucked by a sexy woman. Marty may have had me in length and girth but my cock could fit down Kelly's throat. I laid my head back and thought about nothing but the sensations of Kelly's mouth and throat working over me. I touched her shoulder. She game me a thumbs up. My cock spurted cum into her throat. When she come up for air we looked over as Marty grunted and shot a thick load that landed among his three ladies. They took turns licking him clean.

By now everyone seemed finished, so Marty dressed, kissed his three lovers for the past night goodbye and made his way out to his truck.

The smell of sex definitely was in the air. Carol looked around at us.

"I can't believe he still lives in the area. And he's still as much of a stud. A lot of self control Kelly to pass that up. Ryan must be pretty good."

"Oh Mom, if you'd heard them last night you'd know why she passed up Marty. Our little Kelly has grown up. And Ryan is all she needs."

Later on Kelly told me that when I went to shower Cami told her that she'd offered herself to me but that I'd turned her naked self down because Kel wasn't there to say ok. "Free pussy and you turn it down? When we can get rid of the rubbers I am so gonna fuck you until you beg me to stop." I kissed her to accept the challenge.

Unfortunately all good things must end. We spent the morning cleaning up the cabin, storing everything away and making sure no food was left. I packed the cars and it was time to leave. We'd have some amazing memories to discuss next time we were at the cabin.

The ride home was a different story than the ride up there. Rose was exhausted so Cami volunteered to drive us while she slept. One she was out Cami turned up the music, looked back in the mirror and winked at Kelly. Kelly lifted her shirt and offered her right boob to me. I quickly took her nipple into my mouth and slid a hand into her shorts. While I sucked on her tit and rubbed her clit my no longer virginal girlfriend whispered the dirtiest sexual things into my ear. Oh how she was going to fuck me senseless. This caused me to up my game and work her pussy hard, daring her not to scream out. Then she began begging me to,

"Stop, Ry, stop, I can't, Ryyyyyyyyyyyy" Cami looked back at us grinning. I put my mouth against Kel's ear.

"No stopping. Let it go Kel, let it go. Wait until I fuck your juicy pussy, your tight ass, your warm mouth. Over and over." Finally Kel couldn't take it anymore and ground her way through a pussy quivering orgasm as she held in her loudest screams, keeping it to fast hard panting. Finally she laid her head on my shoulder.

"Ry, you're the best."

Cami looked back. "Yeah he is."

Kelly looked at her cousin. They'd shared so much this weekend and were closer than ever. "So Cami, tell me how it was to have Marty's cock inside you."

"Oh shit Kel. I may be stretched for days. By FAR the biggest I've seen or had. It was like sitting on a baseball bat. I don't know that I'd want that all the time, but it was an experience I'm glad I had. No wonder your Mom is sleeping."

"I'll never be able to look at her the same way again."

"You think she's going to look at you the same way? Her girl is now a man fucking, ass spreading, orgasmic screaming wild woman."

"Oh jeez." I rested. I'd spent a week engaging in all manner of sexual escapades with these two. Now we'd be home and I'd be all Kelly's. I couldn't be happier.

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2020-09-28 06:19:23
Excellent closurer. You were fast posting "Naked Day"; I'm sure it wasn't easy. Another epic similar would be harder. Seems that. #5 leaves an open door for more, mentioning a returm to the cabin. THANKS again for sharing your AWESOME talent on this site


2020-09-27 23:56:26
I love this story. Excellent work as always.


2020-09-25 15:43:44
No worries. This is the last of this series. I just felt I should close out the week.

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