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There weren’t many things l hadn’t done in some way or another, so l was looking for something new and exciting when my husband read an advert ‘Looking to train a slut’ the ad got our attention.
I’m Trudy and married to Dave there isn’t many thinks we haven’t dabbled in one way or another, so were looking for something new and exciting to try. We were going through one of the swing sites when we found an ad from a man in his 70s, he was looking to train a slut. We sent him an email telling the guy l was interested, a few days later we got a reply, he would like to meet and discuss training me, so we made a date the guy invited us to his house which turned out to be a small farm.

When the front door open my legs turned to jelly the guy had piecing blue eyes his voice made my heart skip a beat, he was what l would call drop dead gorgeous even for a 70yr old, if he had asked me there and then for a fuck l would have been on my back knicker-less with my legs spread within seconds.

He introduced himself as Tom then invited us inside, Tom showed us into the kitchen, l found myself listening intently to his every word, l couldn’t believe he was 70, but my jaw dropped when he said he had a wife who we would be meeting later.

Tom poured us a drink and began telling us about his farm then when we finished our drinks he showed us around. As we walked around he began explaining especially to me the rules his slut would have to obey, l wasn’t to wear any jewellery not even my wedding ring, l had to be naked at all times while at the farm and never question any command he may give or l must accept the consequences, he made it clear l would no longer be married to Dave when l was on the farm, but Tom’s property.

He asked Dave how he felt about giving his wife away and could he watch me being whipped or used by others and chastised, before Dave could answer l blurted out “my husband wouldn’t mind”, l couldn’t wait for the training to start so l would be Tom’s slut. Just listening to his voice got me wet, Dave declared if l was happy and wanted to go along with it then it was alright by him.

We went into a long building where there were row after row of pig styes, l was surprised because the animals wasn’t as smelly as l thought, then at the end of the styes we went through a door that had 4 pens. The first and second pen were carpeted with single beds against the walls, a table and chair opposite the bed and behind a small wall was a toilet then in the third pen there was straw scattered on the floor and a metal arch frame, Tom explained that pen was his wife’s breeding pen, l was just about too ask what does she breed with when l looked in the fourth pen and there was a very fat naked woman lying on her side with a piglet sucking furiously on her nipple, Tom proudly introduced the fat woman as his wife Pamrina, she was his prize sow and had won best breeder 6 times by the pig club. The human sow got on all fours and crawled into the run followed by the piglet, her tits almost scraped the ground and her belly looked like she was about to drop triplets or she had swallowed a beach ball. My husband Dave asked if Pamrina was really breast feeding the piglet, Tom nodded then said when we get back to the house he will show us a film that will explain it all.

We left Tom’s wife Pamrina to crawl about the pen and we carried on our tour of the farm, we passed a man who Tom called Rubyn, Tom informed us that Rubyn was Pamrina’s brother pointing out they come from Poland, Rubyn was a medical student working the summer at the farm.

Before returning to the house Tom took us to a largish building which looked like any other, but inside it had chains, whips, cuffs, a wheel and a wooden X on the wall there was also a chair made from scaffolding, a bath and long table, he said this was the punishment house and gave a little laugh .

Arriving back at the house, we sat to watch the film that Tom said would explain things to me and Dave. The film started with Tom’s wife who looked a lot thinner stripping naked in the pen then a guy Tom referred to as the vet gave her an injection, Tom casually declared the injection was to start his wife lactating, adding the swine medication had a small side effect by causing her to over produce milk which increased her breast and put on a lot of weight.

In the next part of the film his wife was on all fours with each of her breasts bigger than cow udders, her nipples scraped the ground as she crawled around her pen and her belly had ballooned, Dave asked if Pamrina was pregnant, “no” answered Tom then candidly replied he had started her on swine fertility drugs because Pamrina’s uterus and womb had to expand so she will produce more eggs to help with her breeding then boasted how his prize sow Pamrina can carry for 13 weeks. The film was quite an eye opener, but l wasn’t put off being trained by Tom to be his slut, before leaving he informed me that no slut of his uses contraception and asked my husband Dave and me to talk it over and give him a call in the week.

On the way home l kept running it over in my head 90% of me said “yes go for it” while 8% was unsure and 2% said “no”, l asked Dave what he thought, he replied it was my decision and reminded me how l wouldn’t be using contraception. Then something Tom had said to Dave and me while we were watching the second film came back to me, which l found completely unbelievable, a boar’s sperm can fertilise a woman and she will be pregnant for up to 5 weeks, but then her body realises the egg is foreign and rejects it and that was why he inflated his sow Pamrina’s womb. In bed that night Dave proposed we sleep on Tom and his training and talk it over when we got home from work the following evening.

All the next day at work all l could think about was Tom training me too be his slut, l found myself getting a very wet pussy, so at lunchtime l had to go to the loos to fuck myself using the handle of my hair brush, it may have been smaller than l was used to, but oh boy did l work that brush handle or what, my orgasm took that much out of me that l sat in the cubical for a good 30 minutes after with my knickers around my ankles and head resting on the partition wall. The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting at my desk with a wet knicker crutch which was uncomfortable, but worse was when l finish work and a friend asked what had l sat in as there was a damp patch at the back of my skirt.

I was home before my husband Dave, as soon as he walked through the door l told him to phone Tom and agree to everything because l wanted Tom to train me, Dave remarked that it was obvious l had made up my mind and reminded me again that Tom doesn’t want his sluts to use contraception, l snapped “just phone him!”, l sat close to Dave so l could hear what was arranged.

Dave was too take me to the farm on Saturday at 11.30am, l got that excited that my husband got a very long wet cock sucking as he sat in the chair speaking to Tom.

Saturday morning l was like a nervous teenager going on her first date even though l’m 46yrs old, l was trying on skirts, tops, bras everything. I told my husband Dave to phone Tom and make sure the meeting was still on and what did he want me to wear and as it turned out Tom said that it didn’t matter because when we got their l was to go into the garage beside the bungalow and strip he wanted me naked that’s when l remembered he told us his sluts are always naked.

We pulled into the farm and parked then went into the garage where there was a room with mirrored walls from floor to ceiling, l stripped and Dave walked me into the bungalow where Tom was waiting in the kitchen. Tom thank Dave for bringing his pupil then gave me a passionate kiss at the same time pushing a few fingers between my legs to part my pussy lips then licked his fingers and told me “l’ll taste you properly later”, Tom then marched me to the punishment house where a man he called the swine vet from the pig club was waiting for me. I was laid onto a table with my legs spread and ankles secured in stirrups the vet inserted a speculum and stretched my pussy wider than he needed, l felt a cold metal something inserted inside me, next l got a sharp pain, my cervix was being stretched and my coil was being taken out. Tom leant over me and cynically said “we don’t need that”, l was untied and Tom slapped my tits hard for not having my coil removed the vet left and we returned to the bungalow where Tom took me into the bedroom leaving my husband Dave to wonder the farm.

I was stood against the wall and Tom whipped my tits twice with a thin cane, my god did it sting, but when he kissed me the pain turned to delight, he spoke softly asking “whose slut are you”, before l could answer he sucked my nipples and pushed a finger hard against my clitoris causing me to let out a gasp and answer “you are, you are”, he was teasing my clitty with his finger my pussy began to trickle with juices. Tom stepped back looked me up and down then gave a grin, my heart pounded as he began stripping down to his boxers which he told me to remove, his cock to flop between his legs like a pole, his shaft must have been 9 or 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist, it’s large bulbous head glistened, l was pushed to my knees in front of him. Gripping his shaft with two hands l unrolled Tom’s foreskin then guided the shinning smooth head to my mouth and began running my tongue over the tip. I managed to get the head of Tom’s cock into my mouth, he grabbed the back of my head and force my mouth down his shaft which slid into my throat, l immediately started choking he held my head in position for what felt like minutes, but it was seconds then released his hold. Tom did this four more times and on the last thrust of his cock into my throat he ordered l do it to myself, l didn’t get his shaft far enough into my throat, so received l slap across my face with a command that ‘l do better’.

My next instruction was to kneel on the bed on all fours, l felt the head of his cock parting my pussy lips wider and wider it felt like l was being split in half by the bulbous head of Tom’s cock, l could feel every inch filling my inside, l took a large gulp of air and cried “oww yeses!” as Tom’s shaft slid further l found myself panting like a dog. He asked who had the better cock, my husband Dave or his and as much as l loved my husband l had to admit Tom’s cock filled every inch of my hole, stretching my pussy lips, his thick throbbing shaft was expanding my vagina with the tip nudging my cervix cavity. Tom gave an inward thrust, “please don’t stop! Please!” l begged, he gripped my hips firmly and started fucking me hard my tits swung back and forth side to side it felt good, so good, l couldn’t stop myself from screaming at Tom telling him how l loved his cock, he slapped my bum cheek the stinging pain just added to the swelling orgasm stirring within me. Tom pulled me onto his cock and kept his shaft fully inserted then told me to scream how much l loved his cock, l was having one orgasm after another and yelled his cock was better than Dave’s and l never wanted my husband’s cock again, Tom thrust his hard shaft deep into my hole then ordered l say it louder, l screamed “your cock is better than my husband’s” this started Tom fucking me and fucking me, l don’t know where he got the stamina from, but l was glad he had it.

Tom was fucking me with such force l was having trouble catching my breath, he yelled “yeah!”, l swear his cock doubled in girth just before he opened the flood gates of his balls and began sending gush after gush of hot steaming sticky cum very deep inside me, it felt like an explosion that rocked my whole body. I didn’t want to remove his throbbing cock from within me it was still stiff as a rock even though Tom had just emptied the contents of his balls inside me, l had forgotten all about having my coil taken out, but there again l didn’t care.

I wasn’t allowed to clean the cum that was running from between my pussy lips and down my inner thighs. When Tom took me into the kitchen my husband Dave was sitting at the table, Tom sat and l was told to stand behind him, Dave saw my dripping pussy and grinned then remark “had a good time then”, l replied “fantastic”, Tom jumped to his feet and slapped my face shouting at me not to talk unless he tells me to, it wasn’t a gentle slap and left a red mark.

Rubyn appeared at the back door and Tom told him to take me to clean the sow Pamrina, l followed Rubyn, he gave me a bucket of water and a cloth then pointed at his fat sister laying on her side with a young piglet attached to her nipple. She didn’t move a muscle as l lifted her chunky fat arm too wipe under, but did lift one of her fat rippled legs. Pamrina had no pussy hair it looked red and well used, her pussy lips were spread open, Rubyn told me to clean in and out her hole because she gets sore with breeding, l asked if many men visit to breed with her, he laughed and waved me to follow him, we were stood in front of a pen that had the most enormous boar rummaging through straw, l asked if Tom wanted me to breed with a boar, Rubyn shook his head and declared the boar was only for Pamrina which was a great relief to hear. I finished cleaning Pamrina and Rubyn took me back to the bungalow, Tom asked if l had done a good job Rubyn gave the thumbs up. Tom ordered l bend over the table for Rubyn to fuck me, he didn’t hang about his cock was out and rammed up into my pussy before l could get comfortable, his shaft was more long than thick there was nothing for me to complain about though. He had such a tight grip on my hips as he fucked me, my pussy was making suction and squelching sounds the harder he rammed his long shaft into my hole the more of Tom’s spunk from the earlier fucking squirted out to run down my legs and over Rubyn’s balls. Rubyn let out a yell and started emptying his hot creamy sticky load inside me, l gave a gasp and rested my head on the table then exhaled, Tom joked that my training was going well then told my husband Dave he can take me home as that was the end of today’s lesson. I didn’t mention to my husband Dave what l had found out about Tom’s prize-winning sow Pamrina.

My husband Dave had been taking me to Tom’s farm for three weeks my training was going well and l was enjoying being Tom’s slut, he was strict and the punishment was harsh.

It was a Tuesday morning Dave had gone to work and l was still getting ready when my mobile rang, it was Tom, he said Dave had informed him some men would be rebuilding the back fence, so he ordered me to stay home and seduce the men, Tom would phone me back at 10.30am to watch. The men started work and l changed into something that would be more revealing, when l took them refreshment the looks of their faces said how much they liked what l was wearing. I went back inside and stood at the window watching with a hand in my knickers gently running a finger between my pussy lips over my clitty.

By the time Tom phoned l had worked myself into a frenzy, l positioned my mobile on the mantle so he could view the whole room, Tom gave me my orders, l was to stand at the window in skimpy bra and knickers to get the mens attention then beckon them into the house and be the perfect loud slut screaming as the two men use me. When they came into the room l was naked, l got to my knees and the men got there cocks out, l started sucking the chubby older man’s cock while wanking his younger colleague then swap cocks, it wasn’t long before both had very hard shafts that l was looking forward to having wedged firmly up inside me.

I was put on all fours, one cock was slid deep into my pussy the other man held my head then rammed his cock down the back of my throat, after having Tom fuck my throat so many times now l was quite an expert at deep throating any shaft. I was fucked for a while before the men changed ends the older man definitely had a thicker girth cock and he knew how to use it, it felt fantastic filling my pussy. The younger man laid on the floor and invited me to sit on his cock, when he was fully inserted the older man got behind me and began forcing his rock-hard shaft into my pussy, to help l lowered myself so his cock slid straight into my hole, l could feel them stretching me. When l had the two fully erect cocks wedged up inside me l began kissing the younger man the older man had his hand under me squeezing my tit as they started fucking me. The sensation sent me over the top, l began yelling and screaming at them not to stop they were to keep their cocks deep inside then the younger man gave one almighty push upwards and started unloading the fresh creamy liquid stored in his balls, he gasped and no sooner had he dumped his load in me when the older man rammed his thick cock hard into my pussy hole and let out “fuck yeah!, fuck yeah!” and started dumping the contents of his balls with such force deep up in me that his sticky load pushed the young man’s cock from my hole like a cork from a bottle. If it wasn’t for the fact l was sandwiched between the two men l could have stayed with their shafts wedged fully inside me, but the weight of the older man got too much plus they had a fence to fix.

The men dressed and went back to work, Tom was pleased with me then told me Rubyn would be taking me to be branded, l had to wear a thin dress with nothing underneath. It was about 35 minutes before Rubyn arrived, he drove me to a small back street tattooist shop, we went inside there were three men sat around the room the tattooist told me to sit on a chair next to him then lowered my top and declared ‘usual price’ Rubyn nodded the man then asked Rubyn “what’s her number”, Rubyn replied “slut six” the man told me to sit still and began tattooing slut 6 on my left tit. I wouldn’t say it was painful more like a bees sting, l felt quite proud when he finished, thinking that was it, but then he told me to lay face down on a table and raised my dress halfway up my back slap my bum and announced ‘it might sting a bit’, he was right, l was on that table for at least 25 minutes. Once he had finished the tattooist stood me with my back to the mirror there was a large black circle that took up half of my bum cheek with writing inside, he read out ‘This slut belongs to Willow farm. Breeding only with owner’s consent’ then proudly pointed at the figure of a pig in the middle of the circle, all l could think was how my husband Dave might react and decided l’ll have to pick my moment to tell him.

The tattooist lowered his trouser and pants then laid on the table and instructed me to suck him off declaring it was payment for the tattoo, so with the three on lookers in the room l began sucking the tattooists cock, by the moans and sighs he was making l knew it wasn’t going to take long before he blew his sticky load into my mouth which l was ordered to swallow. It wasn’t the largest amount l’ve had shot into my mouth and had to swallow.

Before Rubyn took me home Tom phoned and told me l wasn’t to have sex with my husband until he gave me permission, luckily that night Dave was to knackered and not interested in fucking me, but we did have a bit of an argument the next morning when he saw the tattoo on my tit, so l showed him the one on my bum cheek, it didn’t go down too well.

Saturday came and Dave took me to Tom’s, l stripped in the garage and my husband took me into the bungalow. There was a man sat in the lounge with a naked woman stood in the corner Tom introduced the man as Lionel to Dave and the naked woman was slut 4, Tom told me and slut 4 to pour everyone a drink. We went into the kitchen, she looked over her shoulder and opened a drawer took out two pills, popped one into her mouth then gave me one and told me to do the same, l put the pill onto my tongue and swallowed. Tom had been feeding me pills over the last 6 weeks, so l was getting used to the drunk feeling the pills gave me, but Tom never told me why the vet had been injecting me every two weeks. We took the drinks to the lounge then Rubyn took me and slut 4 to clean Tom’s prize sow Pamrina, as l wiped her large cow udder tit l was becoming very horny and started sucking her nipple then squirted her milk into my face and over slut 4 who was sucking Pamrina’s very flabby saggy pussy hole. I wasn’t sure if the sow Pamrina pissed or squirted, but a gush poured from her hole, it didn’t put slut 4 off her pussy sucking, the episode was brought to an end when Rubyn grabbed my arm and yanked me to my feet then dragged me back to the bungalow.

When slut 4 and l were led into the lounge there was a giant of a coloured guy named Eddie sitting in the lounge, my husband and Lionel grinned, Tom informed me and slut 4 they had all enjoyed watching us wash Pamrina and asked if l liked drinking her milk. I looked at the TV and there was me being fucked by the two-fence workman screaming their cocks were better than my husbands. I don’t think it was me being fucked by the workmen that upset my husband, but me screaming his cock wasn’t any good, also it really didn’t help when l started laughing.

The coloured guy Eddie pointed at me “l wanted to breed with that one” he told Tom, Tom glanced over at me and assured Eddie l was ready to breed telling him, l was up to date with all the swine fertility drugs, so he would have me fertilised within a weeks. Eddie got to his feet took hold of my hair and guided me into a bedroom.

He stood me by the bed and peeled his top off, he had quite a round belly, next Eddie took off his trousers and pants, his dark tanned cock flopped between his legs, it had the most enormous round head much bigger than Tom’s and his was massive. Eddie walked over to me “suck me girl” l was ordered, but l could not get his cock into my mouth, he laid me onto my belly raised my bum and forced his cock head into my arse hole, l screamed in pain begging him to stop which he did once the majority of his shaft was up inside me. Eddie griped my hips tight and began pulling on and off his thick hard long cock using me as if l was no more than a sex doll. He pulled me off his cock, l lay face down on the bed panting unable to move, l was rolled onto my back, he wrenched open my legs and inserted his fingers into my pussy then tried the whole of his fist, but my hole wouldn’t stretch as Eddie had such large hands. He got between my legs and fed his enormous cock into my pussy entrance as the head of Eddie’s shaft stretched my pussy lips l let out a cry, l felt my lips folding over his hot shaft, he gave a grunt and thrust downwards l gasped as the whole of his thick hard shaft impaled me, l was unable to move due to Eddie’s weight, but once he began easing his shaft in and out the sensation sent a tingling throughout my body and my cries of pain turned to cries of sheer ecstasy, my breathing became so deep, l whimpered like a puppy, my cries became so loud they must have heard me in the lounge begging Eddie to fuck me harder. Eddie looked down at me and declared ‘l was going to carry his child’ and opened the gates to his balls as his creamy hot liquid began to fill me, l screamed “give me your seed, l want your baby”, l bit into his dark brown skin whimpering begging him to give me all his seed. Eddie emptied his balls inside me then lifted himself from between my legs and ordered me to stay on the bed, l was happy to stay where l was because l couldn’t move anyway, he left the room telling me he will be back.

This time when Eddie came back into the bedroom l was eager for his cock even to try my arse hole again, but he wanted to supply me with a fantastic fuck and dump another very full load into my already full sticky womb, but to have a cock like his wedged deep inside me l don’t think any woman would complain. He fucked me throughout the afternoon and most of the evening and each time his shaft was just as rock hard as the last, he also dumped the same amount of creamy hot sticky spunk inside me, my pussy was red raw by the time he finished with me, l lay beside him unable to move.

Tom came into the bedroom to tell me that Eddie had left and so had my husband Dave who would be returning the next evening, but Eddie would be back in the morning, l was put in one of the pens next to Pamrina ready for Eddie the next morning.

When Eddie arrived, he stripped and l was told to spread my legs, he positioned himself on top of me and slid his cock deep into my pussy. This time when Eddie fucked me Tom was recording us the deeper and faster he fucked me the louder l screamed l want Eddie’s baby growing in my womb, Tom let out a laugh saying my husband Dave will enjoy watching the film knowing it was Eddie who got me pregnant just then Eddie thrust deep into me causing me to yell “Fucking yes!”, l could feel his load gushing from the dark red bulb shaped head of his cock ‘oh it was good, so good’, he shouted it was his baby, it was his baby l was going to carry.

I was fucked by Eddie all morning l could hardly walk by the last fuck; he had filled me with that much spunk it was literally running from between my pussy lips. Before Dave my husband came to collect me, Tom told me l was too take a week’s holiday and he would send Rubyn to bring me to the farm as Eddie was determined to impregnate me, Dave arrived and helped me to the car, he sniffed and said l stunk of spunk then asked how many time had l been fucked, l replied that l lost count after 12, we got home and l went straight to bed, the next day l phoned work and book a week’s holiday.

By Friday of that week l was so drained by all the fucking from Eddie, l become reliant on the pills Tom fed me, l needed then to start the day and keep me going throughout the day.

I was laying on the bed in the pen when Tom and the vet came in with the news that Eddie had done his job, l was pregnant. Tom first said it didn’t matter who fucked me now and called Rubyn telling him he could have some fun, he got his cock out and slid it straight into my very sticky hole and began fucking me, Eddie’s spunk ran out of me like a river, Rubyn gave a grunt and began filling me with his creamy load which mixed with Eddie’s cum inside me then no sooner had Rubyn got from between my legs then the vet turned me onto my back and was forcing his cock into my arse hole, his cock wasn’t as big as the cocks l had been used to and he didn’t shot that much of a sticky load into my arse. Last to fuck me was Tom his massive thick shaft slid deep inside me causing the spunk inside me to squirt out like when you place a thumb over the end of a hosepipe. I wrapped my legs partly around him trying to get Tom deeper into my wanting pussy hole, l don’t know how he did it, but Tom’s cock would feel like the large bulbous head of his cock was in my cervix because when he shot his thick creamy load it was so powerful. When they had done with me Tom told me he had informed my husband and he would be arriving soon.

My husband Dave wasn’t best pleased when l informed him l was having Eddie’s baby, l gave up my job and when my round belly became noticeable it was suggested l move into the farm until the baby was born. I was given a pen of my own and when Tom needed a hole Rubyn would take me to the bungalow for Tom to give me a good fucking with his large thick shaft. The vet is on standby as l only have a few weeks before Eddie’s baby is due, Tom said he has already got two men, Rashed or Markus who would like to breed with me.

Thanks for letting me tell my tale, Trudy X



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