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Just a fantasy but please 100% Niki make it happen. 2020 update, I've done knives.
Nikki Sixx

I am ALL laced up in my black corset. In this fantasy I have strength I definitely don't have in real life because I push right past the security and stagehands leaving them winded. I march on stage, the clacking of my heels loud. not as loud as Tommy lee on the drums or mick mars and Vince Niel. I set a chair behind nikki and push him down in it. roars from the audience as my bare ass flashes the crowd. this has to be short, I have little time to write it but cue the pyrotechnics as girls girls girls plays on in the background. in this fantasy, I can dance and I'm strip teasing him as he sets down his base guitar. the audience keep cheering as i spin around to flash them a full frontal view as I am naked now. then I climb on top of nikki and start dry humping him. I tie his hands behind the chair as the band starts the song again, no better song to fuck too unless your listening to warrent-cherry pie. next thing you know I was shimmying his pants right off and climbing on top amongst more cheers and pyro technics. that audience got quite a show that night. Nikki came twice with me riding him. no one has any evidence of course with cellphone, and camera bans at concerts.

M is for Master

So on with the fantasy. Master’s birthday is coming up and I know just what I can give him. When messages are sent, connections are made, new friendships are started. When stories are wrote, fantasies are instigated. You want me but you also know the rules of the game. You message master and he opens the gate for communication.

Fast forward 2 weeks later. The smell of deer stake fills the house and mashed potatoes are being whipped. Salad is already on the table. A single candle lit for no reason at all. The lights in the dining room are dim. A knock at the door quickly turns to the chime of the doorbell going off and camera coming on. It’s him!

My nerves start to swell as I go to greet him at the door wearing only my French maid lingerie and stilettos. He looks me up and down grinning with approval and lust. I have a ball of nerves in my throat that won’t let me speak so Master invites him to the table to sit down. Dinner is quick. Master is explaining the rules. “This is a one night stand. Slave will be blindfolded. Slave will not contact you after the deed is done. No anal, no face shots, no pushing! She will go at her pace as she feels comfortable. If tonight Isn’t the night she will speak up and then decide where to go from there. The safe word is red. If she utters that word, you stop and back away slowly. I will hold her hand, watch for cues or signs of discomfort. This, this is insane! What you want to do to her is nuts but she can’t seem to get it out of her head so here we are!”

I’m wondering what it will feel like. I’m wondering what drives this fantasy in people. I’m secretly hoping I don’t cry, or worse hyperventilate from panic. I don’t have a high pain tolerance and its not the sort of thing master would expect me to jump in line for. I am the girl who has to be bribed to get a shot, cries about it, and squeezes master’s hand off the whole time. So why this deep cliff dive? Because I am a needy slut who can’t get it out of my head.

I’ve taken Tylenol and I’ve have numbing lube rubbed all over my back. I never gave it even a thought until the story appeared before my eyes. We walk to the bedroom and Master pauses before going inside. He stops to ask me if I really want to do this, reiterating his grave concern for my well-being. My impulsive mind is made up. He reminds me that I never have to do anything I don’t want to and that I can safe word at any time. Then he blindfolds me.

I’m led to the bed and strapped in by master. I can’t move. The straps are tight, too tight for my liking but master assures me this is for my own good. One move, fidget, and this gets dangerous. There is kissing, master on my hand, him, on my neck moving his way down my back. I can feel it now, the knife blade is cold. It almost tickles as the stainless steel runs down my back in no particular way. It’s not cutting but the very thought that it will makes me tense. My breathing grows heavy and master asks if I’m ok. I say nothing, still as can be.

I can feel my egg being placed on my clit and I start to moan, for a second I forget I have a large steel blade knife trailing my spine. This is a procedure and master advised him to make his cuts at random, not to tell me anything. The first cut hurts like a bitch. It stings and I can feel it start to bleed as master wipes a tear from my eye. Then I feel kissing on the incision, soft sensual, soothing, but it’s not master. Master is stroking my arm. I’m moaning louder now as the egg vibrates on. The knife begins trailing my spine again. I wince as it grazes the spot where the cut was made. A short straight line going up my back. Then before I have time to think another cut is made and I let out a loud whimper. Diagonal. I can’t see anything with my blindfold on but I can feel more kisses. Not just on the cuts but all over my back, up to my neck. All those hot spots being kissed while I feel a finger enter inside me, not just one but a 2nd one too. Penetrating me, thrusting in and out of me as the knife once again trails my spine and I moan in ecstasy.

I’m about to cum when the egg is pulled away and the fingers retreat. The 3rd cut is quick, diagonal and causes a few more tears to fall as I groan. Master again reminding me that we can stop at any time. I say nothing as a 3rd round of after slice kisses fall onto my soft skin.

The egg is placed back onto my clit. It’s almost done. One more cut left. He is dragging this out spending lots of time caressing my back with the knife blade. Just as I reach the tipping point the knife dives in going for the last straight cut. I’m sent spiraling over the edge into orgasm, into immense pain, into another dimension practically. I’m shaking, half anxiety, and half intense orgasm as the kisses stop. My cuffs are undone and I’m ordered to be on all 4’s. First his cock slides into my slippery wet cunt. He’s thrusting hard, I’m enjoying the feeling of being used and always love the feeling of balls slapping against my clit. I feel his cum filling me up, oozing out of me, as master runs his fingers along the cut. A perfect M. M is for master!

M is for master. The blind fold is removed as I am being thanked for my participation. He gets dressed and scurries off into the night as master puts Neosporin on the cuts and covers them with duck dynasty band aids. Yes. They do have those at Walmart. Master leads me to bed where we lay down together, intertwined within one another drifting into sleep as he’s planting soft kisses on my forehead.

Nope I’d never have the guts to let someone cut me but I might have the guts to let someone trail a knife around on my back. We were approached with a story and might meet the guy for dinner. He was after all, respectful enough to ask master first instead of just assuming he was entitled to something because he existed. Just thinking about it gets my nerves going!

Update: Master brought a knife into the bedroom. at first it threw my anxiety for a loop, but then he changed his approach sliding it carefully around my back. no carvings but still a chance to push boundaries! Thankyou Master for pushing my boundaries!

2020 update: ive had a heart carved into me with a knife. so romantic. knives, if mentioned before hand, can be used in scene. no bleeding please
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