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A Naruto Fanfic. Confronted with his own weakness and inadequacies, Naruto makes a deal with a Demon. He did not expect things to turn out this way
The Contract

Chapter 2- Deal

"Step into the cage, boy, and hold out your arm to your side."

This was it.

It was one thing to agree to a thing but, when confronted with the enormity of their decision, many wavered and most backed down.

They were not Uzumaki Naruto.

With a confident stride that betrayed none of his apprehension, the shinobi stepped out of his realm and into the demon's lair.

The biju reared upward, sucking in a deep breath, its eyes never leaving his.

Don't move, it seemed to say, just before it lurched forward, the dull orange glow in the back of its throat the only warning Naruto had before being engulfed in flame.

Shock, fear, anger… myriad emotions surged through him in the split second before the fire engulfed him before settling on cold determination, fueled by his steely focus.

The biju had asked him to trust it.

He did.

The biju showed itself worthy of his trust.

He didn't burn.

No, that was an understatement; rather than feeling the agony of his flesh sloughing in the heat, he felt abnormally refreshed; invigorated.

And, in his outstretched right hand, he found himself holding onto a small, cylindrical object.

He didn't attempt to move. The biju's flames still washed over him and it had not told him to move; he wasn't dead, neither did he feel 'possessed' so there was no reason to be impatient.

Finally, the flames died down and his vision was once again filled with the biju's visage, looming in the darkness of the seal.

"You trusted me."

It sounded surprised, as though it hadn't quite expected him to have taken all that had happened in stride.

"I don't go back on my word. I may not have been explicit about it but I agreed to trust you. There's no going back from that."

Something flashed through the biju's eyes, too fast for him to pin it down, before the fox leaned forward. "In your hand rests the Summoning Contract for the Kitsune of the Tsuba Plains. Mark it as you did the Toad Summoning Contract."

Naruto had unrolled the scroll, bitten into his thumb and was about to smear his blood across the designated line when the impact of her words struck and he snapped his head upward, seeking the biju's gaze. "A Summon… ing… Con… tract…"

His words had trailed off into silence when, seeking for the biju that had abruptly disappeared, his eyes fell upon the most perfect being he had ever laid eyes upon.

Entire schools of etymologists spending their lifetime working would never have found a word to capture the image of perfection before him.

Hair like the most glorious sunset reaching the small of her back, eyes like the most perfectly preserved amber, a face carved by the gods and blessed with an ethereal beauty…


The word tumbled out of his mouth, though he didn't realize that he had uttered it.

At that moment, the blood from his now healed thumb splashed on the scroll and a muted flash shone from the scroll as it disappeared.

Naruto never noticed it, enraptured as he was by the vision before him.

"Well… it's nice to see that I've still got it."

Even her voice sounded like something divine! Naruto just couldn't wrap his mind around it. If he wasn't distracted, he would have made the connection between the disappearance of the biju and the appearance of this angel but as it was…

"Who…" He stopped, swallowed, tried again. "Who are you?" Success, though his voice sounded like the dying rasps of a dehydrated toad.

The angel arched an eyebrow, amusement visible on her features. "Hmm? I'd have thought the tails would have given you a hint."

Truth be told, Naruto's gaze hadn't even strayed past her chin. Her words, however, seemed to wield a mystical power over his body and he found himself tracing every dip and swell of her body.

If her face was angelic then her body belonged to the queen of succubi.

Her olive skin seemed to glow beneath the white, translucent robe she had materialized.

'Jiraiya was right,' Naruto noted absently as he drank in the sight before him, 'there really is something uniquely alluring about a woman perched on the line between wearing clothes and going starkers.'

The robe did nothing to hide the curves of her body, from the swell of her breasts to the dip of her waist and the flare of her hips yet it did everything to conceal her most vital parts.

Suddenly, he sneezed.

The action was just incongruous enough to snap him out of his daze. For a few seconds, his eyes were as unfocused as his mind until he latched on to something that wasn't part of the seductress before him.

At least, that was his initial thought.

As his eyes followed their target, an odd feeling grew in his belly until he reached the source.

The 'something' he had latched on to was a tail.

To be more specific, it was one of the nine orange, black-tipped tails that writhed slowly behind the angel.

Realization hit with the force of a speeding bullet train.


"Give the man a prize!" She smirked. Then, she tilted her head, that insufferable smile still planted on her face. "Wait. No, that's Queen Kyuubi to you, peasant. No prizes for you."

Reality seemed to take a hard left as bits and pieces of information began to blend together and clarity arrived.

In my time here, I have come to understand what power means to you humans…

In my time walking among your kind…

'Those weren't metaphors or whatever! It- She!- literally walked among humans!'

But his mind came to a grinding halt

"The tails." His voice was shaky again; shaky and raspy. "How did you hide the tails?"

The Queen's eyebrow went up again. "I just went from a multi-storey tall fox to a woman bearing fox-like tails. You really think I can't get rid of the tails if I had to?"

"R- right." The blond coughed once, simultaneously clearing his throat and doing his best to comport himself. "Right. Um… you're a Queen?"

Kyuubi laughed, ad to him, it was as though a choir of angels laughed with her. "All that effort trying to look calm and that's your first question?"

Casual as it was, the comment served its purpose, breaking up the tension he felt inside and, before long, he found himself able to breath easy in her presence; not completely relaxed but certainly not as tense as before.

"I uh… I guess it just sort of… came out." He scratched the back of his head, a nervous tic that he didn't even realize that he had. "Seriously, though, you're a Queen?"

"I am; the Great Queen of Makai and the Grand Chieftain of the Kitsune of the Tsuba Plains. You should feel honored; you're the first to see this form in ages." She acknowledged. "Do I meet your expectations?"

Naruto swallowed, wondering how to tell her that she had utterly destroyed any expectations he might have had in his wildest dreams.

An angelic face perched above succubus' body.

A study in contrasts.

"I'll take the string of drool as a yes."

That snapped him back to reality.

"Sorry." He apologized as he wiped off the- God this is embarrassing!- line of drool that trailed down to his chest. "The new look kinda caught me off guard."

"I'll say." She drawled lazily as she walked around him- Poetry in motion!-, blatantly sizing him up as she moved.

"So… uh- I should get to marking the Contract-" he fumbled around, searching for the scroll, "I mean, you talked about a second requirement and…"

He trailed off when she came to a halt right in front of him, her amber eyes seemingly staring up into the depths of his soul. Absently, he noted that he was taller than her, the top of her hair just reaching his lower lip.

"I did talk about a second requirement…" She purred, running a finger up from his waist all the way to his jaw. "How… good of you to remember…"

She was driving him crazy; she had to know the effect she was having on him yet she showed not even the slightest hesitation.

She wasn't going to back down, not with the way she was essentially gluing her body to his, flesh separated by just a scant few layers of clothing that did nothing to reduce the sheer heat he could feel radiating off her.








Her next words were blatant proof.

"You know… it has been ages since I had any form of pleasure…" The way she dragged out the last word had shivers running up and down his spine. "So how about it huh? You give me a damned good pounding and I'll take that as the second requirement. Sound good?"

She could have offered to fuck him up the ass with a two foot cock and he'd have jumped at the chance with how wound up she had him.

The Queen graced him with a smile that did nothing to slake his lust as her hands slipped under his jumpsuit and, in a show of inhuman strength, ripped the clothes apart, leaving him in just his pants… for the time being…

She traced every inch of his skin with her fingernails, admiring the sculpted form that his training had given him. "Your sensei might not be the best for you but I must thank him for keeping you in such shape." She whispered as she hooked a leg around his waist, her movements becoming more urgent, her lips nibbling at his earlobes as frantically as her hands played over his skin.

Within the recesses of her mind, though, she was cackling in delight. She knew she had him; one mind blowing orgasm was all she needed to gain a foothold into his heart. From there, she would have him facilitate her release and her vengeance against the village of the bastard that had enslaved her, the village that had seen her as nothing more than a monster when they had been the ones to keep her locked away as some wild beast, away from her home; from her people-!

Naruto's slight grunt of pain had her realize that she was pressing her nails a bit too hard in her building rage, prompting her to immediately dial her hatred back.

It was still there, though, the rage, the hate… it was all there, simmering… waiting for the chance to be let loose.

And she had the perfect conduit for that rage.

Naruto grunted as he felt her yank his pants down viciously, her hands flying toward his semi-erect dick. He had no clue what he had gotten himself into.

Kyuubi, though, stopped short when she laid eyes on his cock. She had doubted her own hands, thinking that his cock certainly couldn't be as large as she felt but now…

It wasn't the biggest she'd ever had, willingly or otherwise, but she knew the average human size and had expected as much.

As it was, her cunt as a drooling mess as she took in the boy's member. "Twelve inches of cunt-busting meat with about two and a half inches girth and a nice, big pair of balls to complete the package… Oh, Uzumaki Naruto I am going to have fun with you…" She held his cock head with one hand while the other slid sensually up-and-down his cock, occasionally getting her fingernails involved, enjoying the slight hiss of apprehension that accompanied it. After a few moments of this, she moved the hand at his cock head to his balls, fondling them with absolute expertise, enjoying the way his body shuddered involuntarily. "Oh dear boy… if you think this is any good then you're about to be blown right off your rocker." And, with that assurance, she pushed the blond onto his back.

Naruto was surprised when, instead of conking his head on the ground, he felt himself fall onto a pile of cushions.

"Surprised?" Kyuubi smirked at him as she sensually crawled up to hover right before him, her amber eyes staring into his. "You're not the only one with the control on this side of those gates…" She trailed off as she lowered her hips so that her cunt was grinding onto his cock, bathing him in her heat and slathering him in her juices. "Now… let's see if I can't break in my new toy…"

With excruciating slowness, she lifted herself until she was perched right at the tip of his dick, drawing out his anticipation until he groaned with need. Taking the unintelligible moan as her cue, she sank slowly onto his cock, all while staring into Naruto's glazed eyes. He couldn't handle it; his eyes rolled back in his head as he gripped her waist tightly and his cock convulsed as he moaned in ecstasy. His whole body shook as he came hard inside her cunt.

When Naruto opened his eyes- when did I close them?!- the first thing he saw was her satisfied smirk, her eyes radiating self-satisfaction.

"Let me guess; you can swear that never happens?"

The blond's eyes narrowed as the single-minded determination he was known for coalesced around a single decision.

Faster than she could blink, Kyuubi found herself staring up into his eyes, their cerulean blue glinting with laser-like focus as his entire body language shifted.

The Queen had the odd feeling that she had just become prey.

Then, in an abrupt turn of events, he lowered his face to hers, inching closer and closer to hers until…

"Honey, the game's not over yet…"

Kyuubi felt a trill of pleasure race down her spine at the sheer confidence in the blond's words, a trill that became a tingle when he began nibbling on her earlobe, his hands moving from her hips to the neck of her robe and, with a sharp yank, her chest was laid bare.

Naruto began his assault, tracing a random pattern of feathery kisses down her skin as he moved down to her neck then down to the valley between her bountiful breasts. His hands were just as busy, massaging the sides of her breasts when his mouth was occupied with a nipple or pinching and rolling the hard nubs of her nipples while his lips left hickeys around her breasts.

"You- oh!- you certainly are- mm!- much better than I anticipated!"

Naruto said nothing; instead, a hand shot down to the center of her thighs and began to tease the woman, never directly touching her pussy but playing around just close enough to keep the pleasurable anticipation mounting. At the same time, he began to move his face lower, leaving a shiny trail in his wake as he traced her every curve on her flat stomach and taking a moment to tongue her belly button.

Kyuubi didn't know how but she found herself waiting with bated breath as he closed in on her pussy, closing her eyes in anticipation when he kissed just above her slit…

Teeth nibbling gently on her clit…

Two fingers, shoved straight up her cunt, pumping furiously…

Continuous flicking of her nipple…

Stars burst into being behind her eyelids.

Naruto smirked as he felt her body stiffen before writhing convulsively and he shifted up until his cock was nestled between her pussy lips. He watched as her eyes rolled back until the whites showed and savored every moment of her orgasm.

And then, just as sanity began to return to her, he thrust into her pussy until his cock was fully sheathed in her cunt.

Stunned by his forcefulness, Kyuubi couldn't react for the first few moments, her mind submerged by the pleasurable feeling of being stuffed by the already thrusting cock inside of her; she instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck, brought her lips up to his, and moaned deep into his mouth. With each motion, Naruto's cock rubbed against all of Kyuubi's most sensitive places, and she was soon climbing toward a second orgasm. Kyuubi had forgotten what it was like to not be in control during sex; to be at the mercy of her lover, and Naruto was reminding her just how incredible that could feel. But she was the Queen and she simply couldn't let him have his way.

"Not bad…" She purred into his ear as she began to lift her hips, pushing into him as he thrust into her. "but I'm better."

Naruto felt her hips rise to meet him with each thrust, their bodies falling into sync, and he had never felt closer to anyone in his life. They held each other as they fucked, an embrace charged with lust and he could feel the orgasm building within Kyuubi's body as well as within his own. With narrowed eyes, he thrust harder, slamming into her with wild abandon and increasing the pace of their rut.

Their fucking was now wild and desperate, the two pushing each other frantically toward their building climax. Sweat flew off with every collision of their bodies; his hands had returned to maul her tits and her hand gripped his ass tighter than ever; at some point, they had locked lips and were even then dueling with their tongues as hard as they were fucking.

Simultaneously, the two shook with ecstasy as powerful orgasms washed over them. Connected as they were, deep within Naruto's mindscape, each felt everything the other felt, and after a full minute of overwhelming euphoria, the two pulled apart, Naruto rolling over to lay beside Kyuubi on their mountain of pillows, drenched in sweat and love juices, panting heavily.

As he calmed, and his senses returned to him, Naruto grinned cockily. "Did that please her majesty?"

"Barely." Kyuubi reply was a lazy, almost bored drawl. "Considering that I'm a couple of decades out of shape and you're supposed to be at your prime…"

"Says the woman writhing on my dick."

"Like I said… I'm out of shape."

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