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2 sordid tales of lust and taboo
So last night was a lusterous night. I gave master a blowjob while he used my egg for edge play. Edge play, taking slave to the edge of orgasm, the outskirts of cum town, and then speeding back in the other direction avoid the explosion all together. After a good blow I was fastened and restrained to the couch. This position is one he is good at, but it is uncomfortable for sure. Picture attatched. So we tried the floor, no luck. 3 positions down, back to doggy. We need a real bed lol. Taxes are coming. He pounded me in doggy until he came, filling me. Then he let me cum on the couch.

here is a story I wrote called Fire in the confessional

She walked into the church, red nails, red lips, red eyes, and a fire burning inside. Her black cloak hood was up and cloak was shut tight. She had a basket full of cookies on her arm. This isn't little red riding hood and she isn't going to see grammy. The new church Father was young and handsome. Think Dominik Bauer for versace! versace never dissapoints. She walked up to the confessional in her red stilettos. Wearing this underneath her cloak...

“father forgive me for you will sin” the words flew out of her mouth.

She pushed back his confessional curtain, her cloak falling to the floor. His eyes widened as she ripped his pants off. “no don't please. You must stop!” cried Father bauer.

But she did not stop, instead taking his manhood in her hands. She shoved it into her mouth and began sucking, very slowly and carefully. Her eyes glowing red like something of demon as a cheshire girn grew on her face. She want from teasing the head slowly to deep fast thrusts. Father Bauer went from begging her to stop, pleading, yelling, to begging her not to stop.

“holy fuck, jesus thats good, don't stop. Keep licking, thats it, ram it in your throat!”-father

she took him right to the edge deep throating and licking her tounge all over before he came. She thrust his cock deep into her throat as he began cumming and releasing. He ran his fingers threw his hair and mutter “wow”. Before bursting into flames right there in confessional. A consequence of his sin. The flames engulfed him and she calmly,and collectively gathered her cloak and strolled out like nothing had happened.

That is exactly the type of blowjob I intend to give Master tonight for his generous allowance of me to use funiture today, and toy. Less bursting into flames though. We wont be doing this in church!

Another sordid tale is coming sometime this week much to the amusement of Sick Evil Fuck. He inspired the next one I have flaoting about in my head!

Happy afternoon


welcome to my nightmare

Its 11:23 and I’m sitting down to write the story I promised. I have until midnight lol. I spent today doing math and market research! Now that the math is done, the rest of the business plan will fall together quickly and easily. I also took some furniture over to the studio for my besty C and had dinner with the girls. So here is the long awaited sordid tale. Note to readers, this story was by request and was hard to write. The requester did have some input in it. I do not condone rape and do understand this story is not everyone's cup of tea. sorry in advance if it bugs you.

Welcome to my nightmare

she was walking along the fisherman’s wharf in the Monterrey bay area of California, wearing her tight fitting Alice cooper shirt and baggy sweat pants. She walked passed Balesteri's wharf front souvenir shop and over to the wharf chocolate factory. He was walking out of pirates cove gifts and things when she spotted him. She quickly headed towards him. She caught his eye right away as Alice cooper was his favorite musical artist.She leaned in whispering into his ear, welcome to your nightmare before quickly dragging him off into the alley.

She threw him down on the cobblestone and demanded he pull down his pants behind the dumpster and get into doggy style position. She slipped her sweats down as he tried to get up. She kicked him, knocking him back down. “do not get up, do not scream, do not move from doggy style at all” she ordered. She put a gag in his mouth, and tied him to the dumpster.She got behind him and lubed her strap on dildo with some baby oil before forcing herself inside him.

He squirmed, winced, she just thrust in, deep, hard, back out, and in again. He moved trying to get free so she slapped him and kept fucking. Lots of fast hard pounding from the strap on dildo. They were hidden from the main street so no one saw anything.Eventually the lube ran out but she didn't give a fuck about him, what he thought, wanted, felt. She didn’t give a shit. Every squirm was met with either a slap to the face or a punch to the gut. When he started to bleed and tears welled up in his eyes she took the gag out and ordered him to speak.

“tell me you want this, tell me how much you love it” she ordered.As tears rolled down his face he mumbled “I want you to rape my boy cunt.”“louder” she barked.“I like it when you rape my boy cunt”-he replied a little loudershe put the gag back in telling him he was a good boy and thrusting through the blood to her release. Cumming hard and quick, then pulling out just as quick. She pulled up her pants, left him tied to the dumpster with the gag in, kicked him, tossed a bag of his favorite candies at his feet from carousel candies, and then disappeared into the night!

The end!

So I hope this was what Sick Evil Fuck was looking for. Was hard to write. Raping and beating the shit out of people isn't really my thing but maybe this will make him cum reading it.

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