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this is a pet play fantasy

When she came in the door to the foyer she found a note on the buffet. “Hello kitten, I’ve been waiting for you.” The note started. She noticed a trail of red rose petals leading down the hall. She also saw kitten ears and tail on the buffet next to the note, along with a blindfold.

“You will notice that I have laid out ears and tail for you. You are to strip down and put those on. Put the provided blindfold on and insert the Bluetooth headphones. I want you to crawl for me kitten. You will find your way by following the rose petals that have been laid out for you. They will stop at a piece of our play furniture. I know you’re clumsy so please do not smack into it. We don’t need to start off with an injury kitty. When your there, climb on top of the furniture and kneel for inspection. I will be waiting.” The note continued.

She made her way down the hall. Her 36DDD boobs swinging as she crawled. She used her hands to feel the rose petal path. Eventually she found herself in the playroom. She approached the cage with bench top and hopped onto it. As she sat there kneeling, head to the ground, Sir was walking around the bench, looking her up and down. He stopped, facing her front. He tapped under her chin with his riding crop saying, “Chin up kitten, you need to keep eye contact even when your blindfolded.”

Kitten didn’t like making eye contact. She felt that eyes were windows to the soul. Her soul had broken years ago. Sir wanted her to see that it wasn’t broken. Sir tried to love the pain away. Sir wished he could just make it all better for her. Sir wished she could see what he saw and just how amazingly beautiful she was inside and out. Her eyes belonged to him. If he wanted to gaze in them, Kitten would have to show them. So she did as told, even though still blindfolded. “You are a very good kitty. You pass inspection.” He said.

Sir decided to create a really tough predicament for Kitten to endure! First he attached the ball gag to Kittens head so that the dildo would deeply penetrate Kittens throat! Then he hobbled Kitten’s ankles to her thighs and shackled Kittens wrists so she was balanced only on her knees. Next he chained Kittens nipples and pussy lips so she dare not move an inch on her wobbly knees. Finally he slid an ass hook with a big steel ball into Kittens ass and tied it to the ball gag so that if Kitten moved its head the hook would pull the ball deep into Kittens throat!

The position was so hard to hold and Kittens leg and arm muscles were screaming in pain. Kitten had to remain completely motionless or she would slip on her knees and pull her nipples or pull the dildo gag further into its throat and choke! Kitten was so worried that she slipped into space where she got the focus to stay calm and endure the pain and fear. After 15 minutes Sir said well done and released her, even undoing her blindfold. By that time Kitten was a slobbering mess of aching muscle and submission waiting for sir’s next decision!

“Hands above your head,” Sir orders, and I do as I’m bid.

Jeez, my body hungers for him. I want him already.

Sir turns, and out of the corner of my eye, I watch him saunter back over to the chest of drawers, returning with the iPod and what looks like a leather eye mask. The thought makes me want to smile, but I can’t quite make my lips cooperate. I am too consumed with anticipation. I just know my face is completely immobile, my eyes huge, as I gaze at him.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Sir shows me the iPod. It has a strange antenna device. How odd. I frown as I try to figure this out.

“This transmits what’s playing on the iPod to the system in the room.”, Sir answers my unspoken query as he taps the small antenna. “I can hear what you’re hearing, and I have a remote control unit for it.” He smirks his private-joke smile and holds up a small, flat device that looks like a very hip calculator. He leans across me, insuring the ear buds are secure in my ears, and puts the iPod down somewhere on the bed above my head.

“Lift your head,” he commands, and I do so immediately making direct eye contact with him.

Slowly, he slides the mask on, pulling the elastic over the back of my head, and I’m blind. The elastic on the mask holds the ear buds in place. I can still hear him, though the sound is muffled. as he rises from the bed. I’m deafened by my own breathing – it’s shallow and erratic, reflecting my excitement. Sir takes my left arm, stretches it gently to the left-hand corner, and attaches the leather cuff around my wrist. His big fingers stroke the length of my arm once he’s finished . Oh! His touch elicits a delicious, tickly shiver. I hear him move slowly round to the other side, takes my right arm and cuffs it. Again, his big fingers linger along my arm. Oh my… I am fit to burst already. Why is this so erotic?

He moves to the bottom of the bed and grabs both of my ankles.

“Lift your head again,” he orders.

I comply, and he drags me down the bed so that my arms are stretched out and almost straining at the cuffs. Holy cow, I cannot move my arms. A frisson of trepidation mixed with tantalizing exhilaration sweeps through my body, making me wetter. I groan. Parting my legs, he cuffs first my right ankle and then my left so I am staked out, spread-eagled, and totally vulnerable to him. It’s so unnerving that I can’t see him. I listen hard… what’s he doing?

And I hear nothing, just my breathing and the pounding thud of my heart as blood pulses furiously against my eardrums.

Abruptly, the soft silent hiss and pop of the iPod springs into life. From inside my head, a lone angelic voice sings unaccompanied a long sweet note, and it’s joined almost immediately by another voice, and then more voices – Holy cow, a celestial choir – singing acapella in my head, an ancient, ancient hymnal. What in heaven’s name is this? I have never heard anything like it. Something almost unbearably soft brushes against my neck, running languidly down my throat, slowly across my chest, over my breasts, caressing me… pulling at my nipples, it’s so soft, skimming underneath. It’s so unexpected. It’s fur!

A fur glove?

Sir trails his hand, unhurried and deliberate, down to my belly, circling my navel, then carefully from hip to hip, and I’m trying to anticipate where he’s going next… but the music… it’s in my head… transporting me… the fur across the line of my pubic hair…between my legs, along my thighs, down one leg… up the other… it almost tickles… but not quite… more voices join… the heavenly choir all singing different parts, their voices blending blissfully and sweetly together in a melodic harmony that is beyond anything I’ve ever heard. I catch one word -- ‘deus’-- and I realize they are singing in Latin. And still, the fur is moving down my arms and round my waist… back up across my breasts. My nipples harden beneath the soft touch… and I’m panting… wondering where his hand will go next. Suddenly, the fur is gone, and I can feel the fronds of the rose flogger flowing over my skin, following the same path as the fur, and it’s so hard to concentrate with the music in my head – it sounds like a hundred voices singing, weaving an ethereal tapestry of fine, silken gold and silver through my head, mixed with the feel of the soft suede against my skin… trailing over me… oh my… abruptly, it disappears. Then suddenly, sharply, it bites down on my belly.

“Uggh!” I cry out. It takes me by surprise, and it doesn’t exactly hurt, but tingles all over, and he hits me again. Harder.


I want to move, to writhe… to escape, or to welcome, each blow… I don’t know – it’s so overwhelming… I can’t pull my arms… my legs are stuck… I am held very firmly in place… and again he strikes across my breasts – I cry out. And it’s a sweet agony – bearable, just… pleasant – no, not immediately, but as my skin sings with each blow in perfect counterpoint to the music in my head, I am dragged into a dark, dark part of my psyche that surrenders to this most erotic sensation. Yes – I get this. He hits me across my hip. Then, moves in swift blows over my pubic hair, on my thighs, and down my inner thighs… and back up my body… across my hips. He keeps going as the music reaches a climax, and then suddenly – the music stops. And so does he. Then the singing starts again… building and building, and he rains down blows on me… and I groan and writhe. Once again, it ceases and all is quiet… except my wild breathing… and wild yearning. For… oh…

what’s happening? What’s he going to do now? The excitement is almost unbearable. I’ve entered a very dark, carnal place.

The bed moves and shifts as I feel him clamber over me, and the song starts again. He’s got it on repeat… this time it’s his nose and lips that take the place of the fur… running down my neck and throat, kissing, sucking… trailing down to my breasts… Ah! Taunting each of my nipples in turn… his tongue swirling round one while his fingers relentlessly tease the other… I groan, loudly I think, though I can’t hear. I am lost. Lost in him… lost in the astral, seraphic voices… lost to all the sensations I cannot escape… I am completely at the mercy of his expert touch.

He moves down to my belly – his tongue circling my navel – following the path of the flogger and the fur… I moan. He’s kissing and sucking and nibbling… moving south…

and then his tongue is there. At, the junction of my thighs. I throw my head back and cry out as I almost detonate into orgasm… I’m on the brink, and he stops. Why god why did he stop?

No! The bed shifts, and he kneels between my legs. He leans toward the bedpost, and the cuff on my ankle is suddenly gone. I pull my leg to the middle of the bed… resting it against him. He leans over to the opposite post and frees my other leg. His hands travel quickly down both my legs, squeezing and kneading, bringing life back into them. Then, grasping my hips, he lifts me so that my back is no longer on the bed. I am arched, resting on my shoulders. What? He’s kneeling up between my legs… and in one swift, slamming move he’s inside me… oh fuck… and I cry out again. The quiver of my impending orgasm begins, and he stills. The quiver dies… oh no… he’s going to torture me further. What for?

“Please!” I wail.

He grips me harder… in warning? I don’t know, his fingers digging into the flesh of my behind as I lay panting… so I purposefully still. Very slowly, he starts to move again…

out and then in… agonizingly slowly . Holy fuck – Please! I’m screaming inside… And as the number of voices in the choral piece increases… so does his pace, infinitesimally, he’s so controlled… so in time with the music. And I can no longer bear it.

“Please,” I beg, and in one swift move, he lowers me back onto the bed, and he’s lying on top of me, his hands on the bed beside my breasts as he supports his weight, and he thrusts into me. as A the music reaches its climax, I fall… free fall… into the most intense, agonizing orgasm I have ever had, and Sir follows me… thrusting hard into me, three more times… finally stilling, then collapsing on top of me. As my consciousness returns from wherever it’s been, Sir pulls out of me. The music has stopped, and I can feel him stretch across my body as he undoes the cuff on my right wrist. I groan as my hand is freed. He quickly frees my other hand, gently pulls the mask from my eyes, and removes the ear buds. I blink in the dim soft light and stare up into his intense gray gaze.

“Hi,” he murmurs.

“Hi, yourself,” I breathe shyly back at him. His lips quirk upinto a smile, and he leans down and kisses me softly.“What was that music?” I mumble almost inarticulately.

“It’s called Spem In Alium, or the Forty Part Motet, by Thomas Tallis. You did good today kitten and will be rewarded generously.” Sir Said. As they laid in bed cuddling, kitten couldn’t think of anywhere she would rather be but by his side.
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