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Peter starts life anew living with his Aunt and cousins, but the perversion of his cousins doesn't take long to surface, Peter decides to stop it.
Please read part 1 to understand this one


They've been driving for an hour, and Peter could almost sense that his hot brunnete cousins were looking at him sexually. But he only suspected it.

"We're here" his aunt said in a voice that tried to hide her sadness. She was not only sad about losing her sister and niece, but also her husband, Peter's Uncle Tod who passed away a few months back of cancer. They walked into his new bedroom where there were two other beds already. "Sorry Peter it looks like you're going to have to share a room with your cousins temporarily until we can get your permanent room in order downstairs" his aunt said "Is that ok?". "Of course" Peter replied. He could hear his cousins giggle slightly in the hallway.

At the dinner table that evening they were all talking about the accident and his aunt was asking him questions about if he was mentally ok after what happened, "Hey sweetie are you ok? You can talk to us you know? It must have been so awful watching your mother and sister burn alive" his aunt said. Thinking about it again gave Peter a massive hard on. He was gonna somehow have to control it. "We're they still conscience when it happened?" Emily asked. "Yeah, did they scream when the flames got to them?" Anna asked. "Girls!! Don't say stuff like that" his aunt said sternly. Peter quickly got up and rushed to the bathroom. "Now look what you've done, he's probably crying" his aunt said.

Peter entered the bathroom and locked the door, he couldn't take it anymore, he was so turned on by the way his cousins worded it. He quickly unzipped his pants and started to jerk off. After he finished he realized that he would never again get to see girls on fire, which greatly saddened him.

Later that night he was sitting on his bed reading a book on the medieval inquisition and on how many women in medieval Europe were burned at the stake, this was pretty much porn to him. All of a sudden his cousins came up and sat on the bed beside him. "Hey we're sorry for what we said at dinner, we can make it up to you, you know" Emily said in a seductive voice. "Uhmm, I don't know what you mean" Peter said shyly as he got up and left the room. He couldn't believe it, his suspicions were correct. His cousins were incestuous freaks.

Over the next few months, life was beginning to return to normal, Peter went to college to study business, while doing everything he could to avoid his cousins' obvious sexual advances. His aunt somehow didn't catch onto any of it.

It's been 3 months since the fire, and Peter was now really beginning to miss the sexual satisfaction of what he saw there. One night while he was in the shower he tried to jerk off to it, but almost couldn't. He needed a new fix. As he was thinking about it, he didn't hear the noise outside the shower stall. His thoughts were suddenly disrupted by the obvious sound of someone peeing on the toilet. He stepped out to look and there was Anna smiling at him sitting on the toilet wearing only a shirt, her legs were wide open so Peter could see it all. He was legitimately shocked, but before he take it all in Emily came up from behind him and put her hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see that she was wearing nothing.

"Mind if we join you?" Emily said seductively. Peter turned around, grabbed a towel to cover himself, and stormed out of the bathroom. "What the fuck is wrong with them, those disgusting degenerates, they should be burned" he angrily thought to himself. After he got dressed he sat outside on their porch. He then all of a sudden remembered what he had read in that medieval inquisition book. "What if I....... no I'd never get away with it, unless I..." he thought to himself "But where would I even get the...... maybe Uncle Tod's old shed?". He thought over his plan, and hit a bump. "But how would I even convince them. Wait that's it, pretend I'm going along with their games" he thought to himself.

"Deep thoughts?" he all of a sudden heard his aunt say from behind him who just walked outside. "Planning to change the world?"

"Something like that" he said with a half-smile. That night he loaded their secondary vehicle, on old SUV on its last legs, with the necessary tools for the job. Early the next morning he said he was gonna head out and meet up with some friends, which was a lie. "Ok have fun" his aunt said. 

He drove for half an hour when the road reached a forest. An hour into the forest he drove off the road for a few kilometers and found the perfect spot, a small clearing deep into the forest. "Looks just like it did on the map" he said. He got his "tools" out of the SUV and got to work. After an hour it was all set up. "Perfect, they'll have no clue" Peter thought to himself. As he was driving back and re-entered the range of the cell phone towers he saw that he got a text from Emily, since they got up after he left. "Hey Peter listen, about last night and everything else, I'm really sorry. It was my idea to tease you and stuff so please don't blame Anna for it. I get you're uncomfortable with it and it won't happen again. I'm sorry." the text read. "Oh you'll be sorry alright" he thought. He realized this was the perfect opportunity.

"Hey Emily, no I'm sorry it's not that I wasn't interested, I was just a bit confused. Why don't we start over, tonight after dinner and go somewhere fun. I have a fun kinky idea. P.S both of you should wear a skirt ;)" the text read that Peter sent back. Emily was thrilled when she got the text and immediately told Anna who was no less excited.

During dinner Emily and Anna couldn't stop eyeing Peter and smiling seductively, with Peter's aunt almost catching on, "Is there something I should know about?". "No" the girls said in almost perfect unison. 

After dinner the girls pulled Peter aside, "So are we gonna go?" Emily said to Peter. "Yeah I'll get the car going, you girls first go get yourselves a blindfold" Peter said. The girls giggled and ran upstairs to their bedrooms. "We're going out, Aunt Jossy" Peter said. "Ok, be home before twelve" she said.

Peter started the car and quickly rehearsed the plan in his head as the girls almost ran with their blindfolds in hand. Anna got in the back and Emily got in the passenger seat. "Oh sorry Emily, but you'll have to sit in the back beside your sister, after all you both are my prisoner for tonight" Peter said. Emily giggled and got in the back, she got slightly wet from this. Peter pulled out two sets of those kinky handcuffs "Ladies please hold out your hands" Peter said. The girls obeyed and smiled as Peter cuffed them. He then reached over and put both of their blind folds on. "Are you girls ready for the time of your life?" Peter said. "YES!!!" the girls simultaneously said.

After half an hour the road entered the forest. "Are we there yet?" Anna asked. "Not yet, trust me it'll be worth it" Peter said. Another hour Peter was almost at the spot where he had to go off road. "Uhmm, Peter how long yet? We've been driving for over an hour" Emily asked. "Like literally two minutes" Peter said. This entire time they still had their handcuffs and blindfolds on.

The SUV pulled up to where Peter set up before, he guided both the girls out of the car and towards his set up. He took Emily, turned her around and put her against a large standing up piece of wood, tied her around it with a chain, one around her feet, her upper waist and neck. "Am I tied to a stake?" Emily asked teasingly. "It's about to get medieval" Peter whispered in her ear. He then took her hands, undid the hand cuffs, and put them back in the cuffs around back. "But now I won't be able play with myself down there now" Emily moaned. "Don't worry, I brought toys for that" Peter said. He then took Anna and did the exact same thing on the other stake he made.

Peter removed both of their blind folds. Anna and Emily looked around and saw that they were both tied to medieval stakes, very real looking stakes which made Anna a bit nervous, but she shrugged it off because of her arousal. "So ladies, are you ready to be punished for your incestuous sins?" Peter asked seductively. "Yes" the girls both moaned. "You young lady are first, since you lead your sister into sin" Peter said while looking at Emily. He walked right up to her carrying something in a bag, but she couldn't tell what. "You are going to burn at the stake today for your sins, do you have anything to say before the punishment begins?" Peter said to her. "Oh I'm so damn guilty, please punish me sir" Emily moaned. "As you wish" Peter mumbled under his breath in a serious tone which made Anna slightly uncomfortable. Peter reached under Emily's skirt, "Well young lady, it looks like you're wearing underwear underneath your skirt, they're in the way of your punishment" Peter said a bit seductively, but in a more serious tone. "Oh sir my hands are tied, you're gonna have to remove them yourself" Emily said seductively. He then reached up in Emily's shirt and pulled her underwear down to her feet. He grabbed a tool out of his bag and put it under her skirt between her legs. Neither of the girls could tell what it was since they only caught a slight glimpse. They thought it was a dildo or something, but it was really a blowtorch.

He let the end of the blowtorch's pipe touch Emily's vagina lips, and then pulled it back a few centimeters. "Oh it's cold" she moaned. Peter then pressed down the blowtorch's trigger all the way and held it. The flame scorched her vagina and set it ablaze, it destroyed her lips and practically melted her clit. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Emily screamed in an ear piercing scream while frantically pulling on her chains and handcuffs. After a few seconds Peter pulled it back. Anna was instantly ripped from her arousal and also slightly screamed out of confusion, Emily's screams went down to moans of clear agony. She didn't know what was happening to her sister until Peter pulled back what was clearly a blow torch and she saw smoke rising from her sister's skirt. "Oh God Peter what the Hell was that?!" Anna yelled. "Punishment" Peter said calmly. "Ah Oh God oh God!! Fuck!! The pain!!!" Emily moaned, "WHYYY?!".

"Peter what are you doing?!" Anna cried in a terrified voice. "Don't worry Anna you'll get your turn, after I'm done with Emily" he said. He then walked behind the two stakes to grab something. "Emily oh god, are you ok?" Ann asked. "God it's horrible!!! My pussy's burned so bad!!" Emily moaned. "Oh god, he's really going to burn us alive!!" Anna cried. Peter came back with two dry sticks. He put the bottom of one through the hole of Emily's underwear, which were at her feet, and then aligned it along the inside of her left leg and under her skirt, he then stuck the other end in her vagina causing some minor bleeding and extreme pain. "AAHHH!! STOP!!!" Emily cried as the stick went up her vagina. Peter than did the same with the other stick on her right leg. "AAAAHHH PLEASE STOP!!!!" she loudly moaned as the other stick went up her crotch.

"You're all set, let's get started" Peter said with a half smile on his face. "W-w-what?" Emily said in a weak voice. Peter just smiled and walked towards her, he picked up the blowtorch, held it to her underwear around her feet, and set it on fire. "NO NO NO!!!! OH GOD PLEASE STOP!!! PETER DON'T DO THIS!!!! PLEASE DON'T BURN ME I'LL DO ANYTHING!!! ANYTHING I SWEAR!!!!!!" Emily screamed as she saw her underwear catch on fire. The fire spread to her shoes and set them and her feet on fire while at the same time the flames were quickly going up the dry sticks towards her private parts. "PETER PLEASE STOP THIS!!!! WE WON'T TELL A SOUL!!!! DON'T BURN EMILY PLEASE!!!" Anna screamed in a panicky voice.

"You'll be begging for your own life soon enough" Peter said. "FUUUUCK IT'S HOT!!!! AAAHHH!!!" Emily yelped as her feet were on fire and her inner legs and thighs were being scorched from the dry sticks, but the pain was about to get much worse. She could feel the heat getting warmer on her crotch as the flames were going up the sticks. The flames reached her private parts and her vagina was once again set ablaze, the fire also quickly spread to the bottom her butt cheeks and anus through her legs. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OOOHHH GOOOOOODDDD!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!! PETER PLEASE!!!!" Emily screamed at the top of her lungs. The fire spread over her butt and completely covered both cheeks and her asshole within several seconds. The flames were now going through the thin fabric of her skirt and could be seen on the outside. Anna could see the flames on the outside of her sister's skirt and winced as she saw that the flames were concentrated around her lady parts.

Emily's legs, skirt, butt, and groin were now completely on fire. Even though she was in emence pain, she still kept screaming and pulling on her restraints. Peter thought this was amusing. The flames were going up her shirt very quickly, it only took 8 seconds for it to go from the bottom of her shirt to her shoulders. The fire then went through her shirt and started burning her breasts. "AAAHHH!!!! JUST LET ME DIEEEEE!!!" Emily moaned. The fire soon completely covered her body, and within 15 seconds her moaning stopped.

After another minute of watching Emily's fire, Peter walked over to the terrified Anna. "I believe it's your turn" he said. "Peter please for the love of God don't burn me" Anna cried "I'm only 18!". Peter walked to the SUV to grab something. When he was walking back Anna could see that he was carrying a jerrycan, and was so scared that she lost control of her bladder. She peed everywhere completely soaking her underwear and skirt. "Oh Anna if your underwear is wet it will only make the pain last longer" Peter said "But don't worry, since your sister was the one who led you into perversion, your punishment won't be as severe". "You'll let me go?!!" Anna asked with hope. "No silly, I'm still going to set you on fire" Peter said "I'll just make your death a bit quicker with this gas. Any last request?". "Can you please take off my clothes, to make it less painful?" she asked.

"Well obviously I can't take off all of them, that would be perverted, which is what you're being punished for" Peter said "But I can take off either your shirt or your skirt." Anna looked down and saw that her skirt was soaked with piss, and knew that this would make the burning by her crotch last longer. "Take off my skirt please" Anna said. Peter nodded, cut her skirt open, and pulled it off. He then grabbed the jerrycan and started pouring it around her thighs, 15 cm below her underwear. "Oh please pour it a little higher, so it covers my vag" Anna asked desperately. "No sorry, this is all your getting" Peter said sternly. He then grabbed the blowtorch and kneeled down by her feet. "Any last words Anna" he said. "Oh God! Oh God!" she cried in a panic "N-n-no I don't h-have any". Peter then nodded, turned on the blowtorch, and held it against her feet. "Oh God! Oh GoaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! UUUUUUUAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" Ann screamed at the top of her lungs as the fire spread from her feet to her thighs almost instantly with the gas. The fire stayed at her thighs. The immediate pain and shock caused her to once again pee and soak her underwear.

Her screaming and moaning slightly died down as the nerves from her feet to her thighs died. The fire finally began to make it's way up slowly, causing her to moan louder. The flames reached the top of her thighs and began to catch onto her underwear but was slowed down by the wet patch in front of her vagina, but easily caught onto the back. The fire spread over be back of her underwear and started burning her butt, causing her to immediately start screaming again. "AAHH!! OOHH!! OH FUCK!!" she loudly moaned as the flames burned her butt cheeks and anus. The fire eventually burned through the wet patch on her front and started burning her genitals. "NOOOOO!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

The fire worked it's way through her tight vagina lips and found her clit, bringing Anna to levels of agony she didn't think possible. After a minute the fire burned through the fabric of her underwear and it fell off, she would have been exposed in front of Peter if it wasn't for the fact that her private parts were in flames. Peter looked on with a smile, although he was restraining himself from sexually enjoying this for obvious reasons, he still enjoyed watching justice being carried out.

The fire soon after caught onto her shirt and quickly went up it. Within 5 seconds it was completely on fire, and even covered the sleeves which went down to her wrists. She started screaming again as soon as the fire went through her shirt and started burning her breast and nipples. "AAHH!! OOHH!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!" she moaned with a quiet voice. The fire soon began going up her neck, hair, and face. She then made brief eye contact with Peter and then bowed her head and died.

Peter was quite proud of what he had accomplished, but he had to act fast to cover it up. He had to wait another 40 minutes for the fires to be out, he then took Emily's and Anna's remains and placed them in the car. Peter then cleaned up the site as best as he could before taking off with the charred bodies. After a little over an hour of driving he reached the perfect spot he picked out, a train bridge with a solid concrete wall. He parked the car facing the wall 50 meters away, he put Emily's body in the driver's seat and Anna's body in the passenger seat. He crawled underneath the car and cut a gasline which could cause the car to explode should it crash. He then took the jerrycan and emptied it throughout the interior of the car, especially over his cousins bodies. For the final step he put an empty Vodka bottle on the center console, took off the brake, set the car to drive, and pulled out a construction brick. He took one last look at it all, it was perfect, all he had to do was place the brick on the gas pedal and all the evidence would be gone. He reached in dropped the brick on gas peddle and immediately pulled out his arm but not before being thrown to he ground by the sudden take off of the SUV.

As he got up he could see the vehicle racing towards the bridge and all of a sudden explode and a large ball of fire as it collided with the concrete wall. The explosion was even bigger than he had expected. He had to call 911 to make it believable.

"911 what's your emergency?" answered the operator.

"Oh God my cousins were drinking and driving and they crashed, the car's on fire please send help quickly!" Peter said in a fake panicked voice for authenticity.

"Ok where is this?"

"The old bridge on 18th street."

As soon as the fire department arrived they had the blaze under control within a few minutes. He was asked questions about the evening and told the police that his cousins started drinking and that he wisely left the car.

After he was questioned Peter was being escorted back home by the police. The police had already gone to Aunt Jossy and told her the news. After this she called Peter and just said she was sorry, he was confused by this but then immediately heard a gunshot after, which made more sense. He came home and sure enough there was Aunt Jossy body on the kitchen floor with a gun beside her and her brains on the counter. He thought it was funny how he indirectly killed her.

The investigation went on and the circumstances around the vehicle's explosion were a bit odd, but no one suspected Peter because of what he was such a good actor and because of what he went through.

When Aunt Jossy took him in she added him in her will along with Emily and Anna, but since they were also dead Peter got everything. He then sold the house and bought himself apartment near the job he got when he finished studying business at college.

But he always kept the money aside for future endeavors. To be continued...


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