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This is a pretty long chapter... but it's the last one. It should also be noted that there are several sex scenes -- as well as some big time jumps.
CHAPTER 10 - Final

Michael wakes up to the pleasant feeling of Maria gently stroking her fingers through his hair. They're snuggled together in his bed, his arm around her, and her head resting on his shoulder. She's wearing one of his shirts and a pair of his shorts that she borrowed. After their night of hot, passionate, drunken sex, they finally get up around noon.

"Last night was really amazing." Maria says.

"Mm-yeah... it was." he whispers.

Maria leans over and kisses Michael on the cheek. They both then get up, and Michael feels really euphoric. It's the first time he's experienced waking up with a girl in his bed. It's such a satisfying feeling. Also, seeing her wearing his clothes is a level of intimacy he didn't even know existed. It makes him so happy.

They decide to take a shower together. When they get in the bathroom, they first brush their teeth, with Maria using Michael's tooth brush. Just one more reason to feel even more connected to her. They then turn on the shower, and Maria gets naked. Even after the double session from last night, Michael still gets aroused. Maria's body is just so damn perfect. She gets in the shower, and then Michael takes off his clothes and joins her.

The hot water feels so refreshing on their skin. It washes away their sweat and stress. While they take turns standing under the stream, Maria asks Michael to soap her back for her. So he rubs the soap over her shoulders and down her back. Feeling her curves in his hands contributes to his already semi-hardness, growing even bigger. Then, seeing the soap roll over her ass, like a big load of cum, just seals the deal. When Maria turns back around, she sees Michael's penis is rock hard, and she can't resist the urge to wrap her fingers around it.

"Mmm... excited again already?" She teases. She then grabs the soap and puts some on his cock and starts to jerk him off with it.

"Oh god..." he moans. Her hand slides over his cock quickly and smoothly. She then leans in and kisses him, and he feels so much pleasure shoot through his body, he starts to shake. "Holy fuck baby... yess..." He looks down, and Maria's breasts look so incredible. She's covered with water droplets and foamy soap, which looks really erotic. He reaches up and starts squeezing and playing with her breasts. Maria moans softly as he glides his thumb over her hard nipples. Her moaning pushes him over the edge, and he starts panting heavily. "Oh yess... oh fuck... uuuggghhhh!!" He cums hard, shooting his load against her stomach.

"Oh wow... there's so much... how...?" she says in amazement as Michael shoots out multiple heavy blasts against her body.

"You just turn me on so much Maria... I can't help it..." he says, feeling light-headed from yet another amazing orgasm.

They finish up their shower, and then head back to his bedroom.

"I know you just came, Michael... but... do you think you could satisfy me really quick?" Maria asks, sexily sliding her finger over her body, and across her hard nipple. Michael's penis twitches with excitement.

"Of course!" he says excitedly.

Maria gets on the bed, and Michael proceeds to eat her out. He licks her freshly cleaned pussy, sucking up her juices, and flicking his tongue against her clit.

"Oh yess!! Oh my god!! Michael...!! Yess!! That feels so good!! Mmmm!!" Maria squirms around on the bed, arching her back, panting loudly, and squeezing the sheets tightly in her fingers. Her body starts shaking, and Michael can taste her juices gushing quickly over his tongue. "Holy fuck!!" Maria cries. "Oh my god!! That's so fucking good..!!" she says completely out of breath.

She relaxes her body and pants heavily to catch her breath. "That was amazing, Michael.. wow..." Maria looks down and sees Michael's erection standing tall. "Wait... how?! How are you hard again already?!"

Michael chuckles. "It's you... I can't help it..." he laughs. "You're just... so... damn... hot..."

Maria blushes. "Wow... That makes me feel really good."

She then bites her lip, and purrs softly. "If umm... if you're up for it..." She grabs Michael and kisses him, pushing her tongue in his mouth. "Let's go again..."

Michael smiles. "This is like.. the perfect life... I never want this to end..."

They proceed to have intense, passionate sex. He pounds her hard doggy-style. Then they finish with some good ol' missionary position, to be face-to-face, and kiss while they climax. Their fingers interlock, with Michael presses her hands hard into the bed as he shoots his load inside her. Afterwards, they lie next to each other, looking into each other's eyes and feeling their hearts race with excitement, as they think about their future together.

* * *

Over the summer Maria starts staying over at Michael's house a lot. His family doesn't mind at all. Michael gets a job at a grocery store, and Maria works at a clothing retail store to start saving up money. They're only making minimum wage, but together they are eventually able to rent a cheap one-bedroom apartment together.

Michael enrolls into a four-year college course revolving around computer programming, while Maria studies various arts and fashion design. Their days revolve around work, school, and a little a bit of time left over for exercise and fun. They both have gym memberships that Michael's mom and dad gave them as a house-warming gift when they moved out. They end up putting them to good use.

Michael hits the gym a couple of times a week. Then over the next few months, he slowly increases it to three, and sometimes even four times a week. Working out his muscles really hard, especially in his upper body where he had been lacking it the most. It isn't very noticeable at first, but after several months it slowly begin to show. Maria takes notice of this, and things start to heat up in the bedroom.

She really likes it when he wears tight shirts now. Seeing his chest and abs bulging under his clothes gets her instantly horny, and she'll often jump him for a quick round of passionate rough sex. He's a lot more confident now and has more stamina and energy to put into pleasing her. He can last longer, and is able to give Maria multiple satisfying orgasms almost every time. Sometimes just the sight of his sweaty torso can send her over the edge.

Michael continues his gym routine, and continues going to school, and working at his job, and saving up his money for the future.

* * *

Steve gets a job at a restaurant washing dishes in the evenings and doing food prep in the mornings. It's not ideal, but it's money in his pocket. The folks he works with are really nice people too, so it's not all bad. At the end of the day, he gets to go home to beautiful girlfriend Sarah.

Right now they're living at Steve's parents house, who really appreciate having her there. She's super helpful around the house, helping to cook, clean, and give assistance to Steve's dad, who is wheelchair bound. They see her as being the most sweetest, kind, loving, and caring girl they've ever met. They'd probably adopt her if they could, but are holding out for the likely probability that she marries their son. They basically already see it that way, since the two of them are so clearly in love.

After a long day of work, Steve gets to come home and enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal, prepared with love by his cute-as-fuck girlfriend, who then proceeds to satisfy him passionately in the bedroom. They've gotten into costume play recently and have been having loads of fun, dressing up, and role-playing. Steve's personal favorite is when Sarah wears her school girl outfit, and they pretend that he's her teacher, and that she has a crush on him. And Sarah's personal favorite is when Steve wears his cowboy outfit, and they pretend that he rescues her from thieves, and then they make passionate love next to the fire, or in their case, the TV with a video of a fireplace.

Once school time rolls around, Steve decides to take up a job doing construction that offers pretty good money, instead of going to school. Sarah on the other hand wants to become a teacher, and so she signs up for the courses that she needs to do that. Together, over the next few years, they work hard towards their future, while taking time to enjoy their lives as they go.

* * *

~~ 5 Years Later ~~

Michael and Maria are now 23 years old, finished college, and have just moved into their new home in Lakeridge. Today is a very special day. It's their five-year anniversary since they started dating, and Michael has made a reservation at a fancy restaurant for the two of them. He has some other plans as well, and so he wants this to be a very, very special evening for them.

It's already getting late, and Michael is scrambling to find a flower shop that is still open. It's a bit out of the way, but he manages to find a place, and buys the roses he wants. He finally gets back home, and rushes to the bedroom to get changed. He already had a shower earlier, and so he decides to skip it here and just get dressed.

He puts on a gray suit, open-jacket, no tie, with a plain white button-up shirt underneath. He slicks his hair with some gel, applies a bit of cologne, and is ready to go. He walks back out into the main area of the apartment and Maria is sitting there with a big smile on her face. He didn't even notice her when he came in since he was in such a rush. She is wearing a really sexy, tight black dress, that just barely covers her thighs. Her hair is crimped looking beautiful and wavy. She also has on some gorgeous sparkling earrings, and a pink heart pendant around her neck.

"I thought men are supposed to be the ones waiting for us..." she jokes.

Michael laughs. "I know, I know... sorry babe."

"Someone should really buy you a watch..." she says, teasing him.

Michael looks down at his empty wrist. "Ah! Dang it..." he goes to head back towards the bedroom.

"Wait... there's no need. I've got mine, and we should probably go, or we're going to be late."

"Yeah... you're right... let's just go right now."

They immediately head out and manage to get to the restaurant just barely in time, being only a few minute late. Their reservation is still good, and so they get seated right away.

It's a very fancy five-star restaurant, with beautiful decor, live music, two large aquariums with exotic fish, and huge windows that look out over the city. It's just stating to get dark and the sky has a gorgeous pink hue that makes the entire window side look incredible. They get seated near the middle of the room and have a good view of everything, as well as being really close to the cello band, who are playing some really nice mellow jazz music.

"Oh wow... this place is so amazing..." Maria says in awe. "This is more than I expected."

"Yeah... I kind of feel weird being here." he jokes. "If only they knew we're peasants in disguise."

Maria chuckles and rolls her eyes. The waiter then shows up and offers them the wine menu. Michael says "Just some red wine by the glass, please."

"Oooh... look at you ordering wine like a pro." Maria teases.

"Psh! I'm sweating over here." Michael says, laughing.

"Yeah... you are... you alright?" she asks, concerned.

"Yeah... just still... a bit worked up over rushing here is all..." His eyes suddenly go wide. "Oh yeah..." He reaches into his jacket. "I hope I didn't bend them..." He then pulls out five, individually wrapped, red roses, and lays them on the table. "One for each year. Happy anniversary Maria."

"Awww. Happy anniversary!" Maria smiles. "Does that mean that on our fortieth anniversary, you're going to buy forty roses?"

"Probably." he laughs.

"You're such a dork." she teases. "My sexy, romantic, dorky man."

The waiter returns with some wine and appetizers. They then order their meals, and relax, and enjoy the beautiful music and ambiance. They talk a bit about work, and life, and their plans for the future. The food soon arrives and they enjoy their perfectly cooked steaks and steamed vegetables. Then for dessert, the waiter surprises them with some cake.

"We heard that today is your anniversary, and so we wanted to bring these pieces of cake for you, on the house." the waiter says.

"Oh wow! Thanks so much!" Maria says.

"Oooh nice... it's chocolate fudge." says Michael nervously. He goes to pick up his fork, but awkwardly stops and fidgets.

"Are you sure you're okay?" she asks again.

"Yeah!" Michael says smiling. "A bit full... so I might take this to go."

"Okay... well... before that... I have something for you." Maria says, reaching into her purse. She pulls out a nicely wrapped box with a dark-red ribbon tied around it. "Happy anniversary!" she says, handing it over to him.

"Oh my god... thank you babe!" he says. He takes it and gently slides the ribbons off, and opens it. Inside is a really nice, brand new watch. "Oh my... wow... Maria..." he says, looking it over. It's very shiny and looks amazing.

Maria grins. "Heh-heh... remember earlier... about what I said... before we left the apartment?" she laughs.

"Oh yeah!" he laughs. "That's hilarious!" He looks over the watch again, and then takes it out of the box. He then puts it on his wrist and it's a perfect fit. "Wow... this is just... so nice hun... thank you." Michael gets up and walks over to Maria and gives her a kiss. He sits back down and smiles brightly. He then takes a few deep breaths and waves the waiter over.

"Yes sir?" the waiter asks.

"Okay... it's time..." Michael tells him. The waiter nods, and then signals towards the band. Maria looks over confused, as she watches the cello band stand up and bring their instruments over next to their table, and start playing. She then looks back over at Michael, and his face looks a bit pale, and he is fidgeting a lot. He takes a deep breath and then stands up. He walks over to her side of the table and drops down to his knee.

"Oh my god..." Maria says, putting her hands over her mouth.

Michael pulls out a box with a ring inside and presents it to her. Maria gasps loudly and tears start rolling down her cheeks. Nearby patrons watch on with interest, and whisper loudly.

"Maria... I love you more than anything... and... you've helped make me the man I am today... and without you... I just... can't imagine that my life would be any good... and so... it would mean the world to me if you'll be my wife."

Maria quickly wipes away her tears and says "Yes!! Of course!! I love you so much Michael. Yes! Yes! Yes!!" She reaches down and hugs him. The room erupts with applause. Michael stands up, and they continue to hug tightly, and Michael also sheds some tears. He feels such happiness as he holds the love of his life in his arms. Feeling her acceptance fills his heart with a heavenly warmth like never before. It's the best feeling in the world. Just thinking about how he'll be calling her his wife soon makes him so unbelievably happy.

They sit back down, and Maria wears the ring on her finger. It sparkles beautifully with its crystal clear gems. She admires it for a moment, and then admires Michael. She looks at him and feels her heart throb with love for him. She can hardly believe that they've come this far. It all started with her spontaneous attraction towards him that one day at school, and that quickly grew into the love they now have. It's a dream come true, and she is insanely grateful.

They finish eating their dessert, and talk for a bit, and then decide to head home. On the car ride back, Maria can't contain her excitement. She takes off her seat belt and leans over, reaching for Michael's pants.

"Oh my god baby... fuck yess!" he says, excitedly. She gets his pants open and immediately starts sucking his cock. "Oh fuck... yess... that feels so good baby." he moans, as her lips roll over his shaft, coating him with her warm, slippery saliva. The sensation is wonderful, and he finds it really difficult to concentrate on driving. He decides to pull off into a nearby parking lot, and he sees an area near the back that is mostly dark. He parks the car, and then immediately slides his seat all the way back. Maria wastes no time, and she shimmies her dress up over her hips and then climbs into his lap. She kisses him, and then rubs the tip of his cock against her pussy.

"Mmm-yes baby..." he whispers as he feels the tip of his penis enter her.

"I love you, Michael..." she cries, as his cock pushes up inside her. She then immediately starts sliding up and down on his dick. "Yess!! Yesss!! Mmm-fuck yeah!!"

"Oh my god baby!! Yess... uugghhh!! You're so fucking amazing Maria... jesus!!"

They kiss passionately and Michael wraps his arms tightly around her body and starts thrusting up into her. "Oh fuck!! Yess!! YESS!!" Maria moans. Michael's cock slams deep inside her pussy and feeling his arms tightly squeeze her body sends her over the edge. "Ohhh... FUCCKKK!!" she cries as she cums.

"I love you so much Maria... I fucking love you... so... fucking... muchh... uughhh..." he groans loudly, grabbing her hips and thrusting up into her. He doesn't hold back at all, and explodes hard inside her. "Uugghhhh!! YESSS!!"

Despite it being so quick, it's one of their most passionate and satisfying times. All of their feelings for each other had peaked during Michael's proposal, and came exploding out all at once in this sudden expression of love and desire. Their bodies are now oozing with warmth and tingling feelings of happiness as they gaze into each other's eyes.

"I fucking love you so much, Maria. You're the most amazing girl I've ever met. I'm so damn lucky."

"I love you more than anything, Michael. You make me so happy, and I can't wait to marry you."

* * *

During Sarah's college classes, a creepy guy starts stalking her. One morning, he stands outside the classroom waiting for her to come, and his friend comes by to ask him what he's doing.

"Sup Rich... what'cha doin' just standin' there?"

"There's this girl in my class, who I a really badly wanna fuck. I'm just waiting for her here, so I can ask her out."

"Oh really...? Is she hot?" his friend asks.

"See for yourself... there she is..." he points, as Sarah frolics down the halls. Her ponytail bouncing as she playfully hops. Her legs are smoothe and sexy, and her hips are accentuated by her tight skirt.

"Holy shit... you weren't kidding." the other guy says. "What a body... and that cute face too... oh my god man..."

"Yeah... I'd give anything to take her to bed just once, and just fucking pound her cute ass all night long."

"Aww man... you're gonna make me so jealous if you do... welp... good luck. I'll get out of your hair." the friend says, continuing on to his own class.

Sarah walks up to the door of the class, and the guy clears his throat. "Ahem! Hey there Sarah..." he says.

"Oh, hello..." Sarah says, smiling cutely. "You're Richard, right? From my class?" she asks.

"Y-yeah... you know my name... that's really cool." He thinks this means that she's in to him, unaware that it's actually because she tries to learn everyone's name, in order to get practice for when she becomes a teacher. "So umm... I was just wondering..." he says, while looking up and down Sarah's body. "Would you like to get a drink later... with some of the others from class?"

"Oh... umm, maybe... if I have time." she replies, thinking it's just a friendly invitation.

Later that evening she agrees to meet him at a bar. When she gets there, she has Steve along with her. She's surprised to see only Richard. They all sit down together at a table.

"Where's the others?" Sarah asks.

"I dunno... they should be here..." he says, acting confused. He then nervously clears his throat. "Who's this?" he asks, looking over at Steve, who is already giving Richard the stink-eye.

"This is my boyfriend, Steve." she says innocently, and blissfully unaware of what almost just happened. Richard quickly realizes that his plan to get with her is not going to happen, and he awkwardly looks away.

Steve finally speaks up. "Funny... how everyone else mysteriously doesn't show up..." he says sternly. "Almost like they were never coming to begin with..." Richard doesn't react, and just remains quiet. They each order a beer and then chill for a bit, just listening to the sports on the TVs.

Afterwards Richard goes to use the bathroom, and Steve decides to follow him. When he comes out, Steve is standing in front of the bathroom door, waiting for him. He puts his finger in Richard's face. "Alright... listen fuck-face... I don't like the way you look at my girlfriend... and I REALLY don't like the bullshit you just tried to pull to get her alone." Richard's eyes go wide, and he feels panic start to fill his body. Steve continues. "If you ever... even just look at her again, after tonight... I swear to god..." Steve stops himself from completing his threat. He lowers his finger and then calmly walks back to the table. Richard comes back soon after and quickly finishes his beer.

"Welp... I'd better head out..." he says. "It was nice to meet you Steve, and sorry Sarah, that nobody else from class came..."

"Yeah, too bad, huh... Okay... well, be safe." she says.

"Thanks. Have a good one, you guys."

After Richard leaves, Steve turns to Sarah. "Hun... you're way too naive..."

"Hmm...? What...?" she asks, confused.

"The next time a guy invites you somewhere, make sure you tell him you have a boyfriend, okay?"

The two of them stick around at the bar for one more beer, and then they take a taxi home. After they get home, Steve hugs Sarah tightly. "I love you so much."

She hugs him back. "I love you too!"

"We should... get married..." he whispers. Sarah gasps and looks at Steve with bright, sparkling eyes. "I know Michael and Maria's wedding is coming up soon... but after that... I'll get you a ring... I promise... I want to marry you, Sarah. I love you so, so, sooo fucking much!"

"Oh my god!" she squeals loudly, jumping into his arms. "YESS!! I want to marry you too!! Oh my god! This is what I've always wanted. I love you Steve!! I LOVE YOU!!" They kiss, and Steve carries her to the bedroom.

He caresses her body, feeling her softness and starts getting aroused. They kiss passionately and then Steve takes her over to the bed and takes his shirt off. Sarah undoes her ponytail, letting her beautiful hair flow down, and then she runs her hands across Steve's naked chest, feeling his muscles and gets excited. They look into each other's eyes and Steve says "I fucking love you, baby!" he then lifts her up and tosses her onto the bed.

She playfully yelps. She can see the bugle in his pants and her heart starts beating really fast. Steve takes off his pants and gets on the bed with her. They kiss some more, and then Sarah wiggles her skirt up. Steve slides his cock inside her tight pussy, and Sarah winces as she tilts her head back. "Ohhh fuck!! Yess... fuck me!!" she cries and begs. Steve firmly places his arms around her, and then he starts thrusting in and out, slamming his hard cock into her juicy wet hole. "Oh my god!! Oh fuck!! Yess!! Yess!!" she moans loudly, feeling Steve's massive hardness deeply penetrate her, it sends a shiver through her body like never before. Looking into his eyes, she sees the man she wants as her husband. His passion and power make her feel so loved and amazing. Her body tingles with pure pleasure as he slams her harder and faster, until she can't take it anymore.

She tightly wraps her arms around him, and holds her breath as she feels an intense orgasm hit. At its peak she let's go and arches her back. "Oooohhh my god!!! YESSS!!!" she cries. Her body shakes, and Steve slows down and starts kissing her. It lasts for a couple of minutes, with her body pulsing with pure pleasure. Finally, she feels ready to continue, and they switch to doggy position.

Steve firmly grips her hips and starts to slam against her ass, making her cheeks bounce with every thrust. It's a sight he'll never get tired of seeing. Her tight pussy feels so good around his cock, it's unbelievably satisfying. The way she pants and moans with such a cute voice is the hottest thing he's ever heard. It's all too much, and he can't hold it in any longer.

"Oh fuck!! Baby... I'm going to..." he moans. He pulls out and starts to stroke his cock.

"No! Put it back inside me! I want you to cum inside me!!" Sarah cries. "Get me pregnant! I want your babies, Steve!! Please!!" she begs. Steve then thrusts his cock inside her at the last second, and erupts.

"Ohhh goddd baby... yeeeahhh..." he groans, cumming hard. Sarah's words make his orgasm feel twice as good. It's not just for fun and pleasure. He loves her so deeply, and the idea of getting her pregnant really excites him. Even if she doesn't get pregnant this time, it still feels really satisfying just knowing that she could. He thrusts as deep as he can go and holds her still until he releases every last drop of semen inside her.

They then lie down together and cuddle and talk about their plans for the future. They agree to wait on getting married until after Michael and Maria's wedding. Also, they're saving up to move out, and Steve still needs to get her a ring. As for having a baby, Sarah really badly wants one, but after talking, she agrees that now is probably not a good time, and they should probably wait until they're better off financially.

Sarah then falls asleep in Steve's arms, and she dreams about one day holding a baby in her arms.

* * *

It's finally wedding day for Michael and Maria. It's the tail-end of summer, just as the leaves have started falling and the air is getting cooler. They've rented a gorgeous venue, which is an old farm house and barn, surrounded by nature on all sides, and beautifully decorated with lots of woodworks and old farm equipment.

Everyone they know is there for this special day. On Michael's side is his parents, his grandma, his aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, his sister of course, as well as Steve -- who is his best man. His other friends, Kevin, and Ted, are his groomsmen. On Maria's side is her mom and step-dad, her dad, her grandparents, her aunts and uncles, nieces, nephews, her brother, and all of her friends, including Stacey -- who is her maid of honor.

Soon after everyone arrives, they are ready for the ceremony. Michael stands at the altar, with his best man Steve by his side. The groomsmen wear a traditional black tux, while the bridesmaids wear a light-pink dress. The altar itself is under a wood archway, covered in white, and purple flowers, which stands outdoors in front of an old log fence. The barn runs along the side of where all the seating is, and at the very back is big flower arrangement, with a large wooden wall decorated with flowers.

The music plays, and the ceremony begins. First the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the isle to the front, followed by the maid of honor, then the ring bearer who is Michael's young cousin Eddie, and then the flower girl who is Maria's young cousin Kelsey. Then the music starts playing that ever so classic piece: Bridal Chorus. Everyone stands up and looks back. Michael nervously wipes his sweaty hands on his pants, and takes a deep breath.

Maria and her dad, then walk out from behind the beautifully decorated wall of flowers at the very back. She wears an absolutely stunning, pure white wedding dress, covered in hand-crafted, fabric-stitched, white flowers that run in a widening stream from her right arm-pit, all the way down the side, forming a large pool at the back. The straps of the dress are off-shoulder, and her hair is styled with subtle curvy twists that flow like a river over one shoulder and down her back.

Michael's heart leaps in his chest when he sees her. This is it. Maria is about to become his wife, and she looks more beautiful than any angel he's ever imagined. He struggles to fight back his emotions. It's finally happening. The sound of camera shutters and whispering get louder as Maria slowly makes her way to the front. Through the veil, Maria can be seen smiling and fighting back tears.

Once at the altar Maria blushes really hard while looking at Michael. Her heart has guided her to the man of her dreams, and she can't be happier. This moment of getting married in a beautiful wedding has been her dream since she was just a little girl. Seeing Michael standing in front of her, holding her hands is all she's ever wanted. He's a kind, caring, motivated man, with drive and passion, and is a hopeless romantic. She sheds tears of pure joy as she happily accepts him to become her husband.

Michael reads his vows. "Maria... what can I say...? Other than I love you more than anything." He pauses to clear his throat. "I never believed that I would, or could, be with someone as amazing, and perfect as you... It's because of you that I've striven so hard to be the best that I can be... I want to make you happy in out lives together... as much, or more than you've made me..." He squeeze his hands a bit tighter. "I love you will all my heart, Maria... and will always love you forever."

The crowd claps and cheers, and then the officiant asks Maria to read her vows.

"Michael... I just want to say that it's been wonderful... being with you... I remember how it all began." She pauses and smiles, almost reluctant to tell the story. "I uh... you caught my eye at school one day, and I started to pay attention to you. You came off as someone really nice and genuine. It made me feel something special in my heart. So I..." she giggles. "I pretended that I needed help with my homework, just so that I could come over to your house... and uhh... well, you know the rest." she blushes. Michael smiles and blushes. "After that, I started to fall in love with you. I'm just glad that I followed my heart that day, because now... I can't possibly be happier that you're about to be my husband. I love you so much."

The crowd again claps and cheers, with some of them even crying. The officiant continues, and then they both say "I do." and it's done. They kiss, and are now officially husband and wife. The crowd claps and cheers loudly, standing up and shouting, and taking plenty of pictures. Michael and Maria hold hands and look into each other's eyes, as their hearts race with excitement. This is it. This is the start of their lives as a married couple. The feeling is magical. Michael is so happy, he starts to cry. Maria sees this, and she cries too. They then kiss -- not for the cameras, but for the love they feel exploding from their hearts.

A short while later they setup for the bouquet toss. All the unmarried girls group up and get ready to try and catch it. Sarah is seen walking over to her grandma. They talk for a quick moment and then Sarah comes walking back, holding something behind her back. Once she walks past the crowd, they all see it and start laughing. She has her grandma's grabber, which is a long stick with a squeezable handle that makes the claws at the end close. Steve sees this and he chuckles.

Sarah grins as she holds the stick up, eagerly awaiting for her turn to get married, she has her eyes set on it. Maria turns her back and then launches the bouquet over her head. It veers to the left slightly. All the girls scramble to adjust for the new trajectory.

"No! Ahh!" Sarah shouts. The bouquet hits her stick, but gets knocked away. It then falls to the ground behind them all. One of Maria's friends turns around and picks it up. She looks over at Sarah who looks devastated, and then walks over and gives it to her.

"Here... You almost had it... so I think it should be yours."

"Really...? Are you sure...? Thank you so much..." Sarah says, giving her a big, thankful hug. She then turns around and holds the bouquet up high for everyone to see. The crowd claps and cheers. Sarah then points at Steve, making her fingers in the shape of a gun and closing one eye, like she's taking aim. Steve laughs, then walks over and grabs Sarah by the waist and lifts her up, carrying her on his shoulder. The crowd laughs, and he walks away with her, while she waves at everyone. He then sets her down and they walk back, laughing.

While they wait for the dinner to be set up, Sarah plays a game of tag with some of the kids. They run around the tables, going under some, and hiding behind the chairs, and big flower pots. Steve watches as Sarah's face lights up with pure joy, as she plays with them. She occasionally looks at up him and smiles. It makes his heart flutter, seeing her so happy. He looks forward to having kids with her.

During dinner, the best man and maid of honor give their speeches about the bride and groom. Telling cute, funny, and/or embarrassing things about them. The food is delicious, and everyone is having a good time. Then the partying begins. The alcohol comes out and the music gets loud and fun. There's dancing, drinking, cheering, and laughing. By this point, the children have been taken home, and so the adults can cut loose. It's a whole lot of ruckus and good fun times.

It doesn't take long for some people to get drunk. Sarah and Steve in particular have had a lot to drink, and are passionately making out at one of the tables. Their kissing slowly turns into petting, and they eye each other up for several minutes before getting up and sneaking away together.

Around the side of the farmhouse are the wardrobe rooms. These are small rooms where people can get dressed, with big mirrors, and have a place to store their belongings during the ceremony. They go inside one of the rooms and continue making out.

Steve looks into Sarah's face and loves how incredibly cute she is. She's blushing, and her eyes are full of desire. He can tell she wants him, and it makes him extra horny. Even just kissing her gives him great satisfaction. Feeling her soft moist lips, and tasting her bubblegum flavored lip gloss is so arousing. He quickly gets hard.

He picks her up, and carries her over to a dresser and sits her down on it. He slides her dress up to gain access to between her legs. Without skipping a beat, he places the tip of his cock to her pussy and immediately thrusts it into her.

"Oh my god!!" Sarah cries. His rock hard cock slams deep inside her, and she tilts her head back from the pleasure. "Yess!! Fuck me!!"

Steve leans in and kisses her. "I love you so much baby!" he says. He grabs her knees, spreads her legs open wider, and then starts pounding her hard and fast. Her juices glide along his cock, and splash against his pelvis with each satisfying thrust.

"Oh fuck!! Oh fuck!! Yess!! Don't stop!! Yess!! Oh my god!! Yess!!" she cries.

Steve hugs her tightly as he feels himself getting close. "Oh god...!! Yess...!! I love you...!! Uuggghhhh...!!"

Sarah can feel his semen blasting into her. "Yesss... oh my god... please..." she moans. They then start kissing passionately as he holds her there, keeping his cock inside her. They don't know it yet, but this intense moment of love and passion gets Sarah pregnant.

* * *

Later that evening, after the wedding has wrapped up, and people start going home, Michael and Maria take their rented limo into the city, and head off to their fancy hotel, where they'll be spending their first night together as husband and wife.

They get to their hotel room, and Michael picks Maria up in his arms, and carries her through the doorway. Inside, it's very luxurious, with gorgeous rugs, lamps, a chandelier, lots of chairs with fancy pillows, a curvy couch, candles, a food cart covered with delicious desserts, a bucket of ice with a bottle of wine, and huge windows and a balcony with an amazing view of the city. The bed is king-sized, covered in all sorts of fancy pillows, and in the bathroom there's a shower and a large hot tub.

It takes them a few minutes just to take it all in. They each pour a glass of wine and then stand out on the balcony, looking over the beautiful city lights. Maria, still wearing her wedding dress, looks so stunning, Michael leans in and kisses her. They then come back inside and decide to get the hot tub going.

They fill it up with water and turn on the jets. It starts bubbling and whirring loudly. It looks so enticing, they can hardly wait to get in. They both strip down, completely naked, and climb in. The water feels amazing on their skin. Their stress quickly fades away, and they relax and enjoy the bliss and pleasure of the moment while they talk and drink wine.

"Oohhh god, this is sooooo nice..." Maria says, leaning back, with her feet up.

"Ooohhh yeahhh." Michael says doing the same.

"What a day!" she exclaims.

"You said it, wife." he says smiling.

Maria sits up and moves over closer to Michael. He admires her body as she does this, seeing her perfectly smooth skin and incredibly beautiful breasts, he starts to think about what kind of fun they can get up to in this hot tub.

"Mmm... my sexy husband..." she says, sliding her hand across his abs and up on his chest. This sends a tingle straight to his penis. "And by the way... just because we're married now, it doesn't mean the fun's ever going to stop between us... that's a promise!" She then leans in, kissing him on the lips, and gently wrapping her fingers around his cock under the water. Michael jolts with excitement, and then Maria starts to slowly stroke him until he gets hard.

They pull away from kissing and then Michael sits up on the edge of the tub. His cock sticks up tall and mighty, and Maria positions herself in front of him, placing her lips on him.

"Oh god yess... baby..." he moans. Maria slides her lips over the head and he feels intense pleasure shoot through his body. She sticks out her tongue and licks the underside of his erection, slowly sliding it all the way up his shaft, and back down.

"Mmm... lemme try something fun." Maria says, with a huge grin. She then moves a bit closer, and props herself up into his lap. Her large breasts press up against him, and then she leans in pushes her boobs together, so that they fully engulf his penis. She then slides up and down, so her breasts massage his cock.

"Holy fuck... baby... that's so hot... jesus..." he says, admiring the sight. Every time she moves up, the head of his penis disappears into her cleavage, and then suddenly pops back up when she slides down. She does this for only a minute, and then Michael can't hold back his desire any longer.

He stands up and gets back into the water. "Hug the edge..." he tells her, as he positions himself behind her. He then lifts Maria's ass up, so it's just above the water, and then leans in and licks her pussy.

"Oh baby... oh fuck yess..." she cries. His tongue slides up and down her slit, licking her juices, and flicking in and out of her hole. "Oh my god..."

He then gets on his knees, on a part of the tub that is elevated, so that they're mostly above the water. He looks down and admires Maria's perfect body. Her incredible ass looks so hot, all wet and shiny. The curve in her back, with those two dimples right above her ass, makes his cock 110% hard. He rubs his tip against her pussy lips, and then slowly pushes it inside her.

"Mmm-baby!! Yess!!" she cries. He pushes all the way inside her, so that his pelvis is pressed firmly up against her ass.

"Holy fuck, Maria!! I love you so fucking much, babe!!" He slowly pulls back out and then places his hands on her hips, and then starts fucking her, hard and fast.

"Ohh fuck!! Oh my god!! Yess!! Yes!! YESS!! OH FUCK YESS!!!" she cries.

"Holy shit baby!! This is so good!!' he moans. The water from the tub splashes everywhere, and Maria holds onto the side as tightly as she can while Michael pounds her hard from behind. Her arms start to get tired, and so Maria slumps down slightly, and because of the angle, Michael starts thrusting directly into her g-spot, and she starts panting so hard, she can hardly even speak. "Hahh... mmm..!! Hnngg...!! Yess...!! Hnngg!! Fuck...!!! Hnngg!! Oh my... godddd...!!!"

Michael can feel her pussy contract and start to squeeze around him. "Oh god baby... yess... cum for me!!" He grabs her ass cheeks and thrusts his cock deep inside her.

"OH FUCK!!" she cries, loudly. "OH MY... HHNNGG!!!!" Her body shakes, and Michael loves the feeling. She squirms around for several seconds and then relaxes her body.

After she catches her breath, she then stands up, taking Michael's hand. "C'mon... we're only just getting started..." They get out of the tub and go over to the bed. He sits on the edge and she sucks him off for a minute. Then she stands back up and pushes him down onto his back, and gets on top of him, straddling him. "Mmm yeah... now it's my turn to fuck your brains out..." she says in a soft, sexy voice.

"Hell yeah..." Michael moans. Maria places her hands on his chest and then lowers herself down onto his cock and immediately starts riding him. "Oh my god Maria... jesus... fucking... christ yes!!" She bounces up and down on him, with her breasts jiggling so beautifully, and her face showing the intense pleasure she is feeling. She then looks down into his eyes, giving him such a sexy stare as she bites her lip. "Oh fuck, Maria... you're so fucking hot baby..." he cries. She then leans down and kisses him, and Michael wraps his arms around her and rolls himself on top of her. "I wanna fucking pound you so goddamn hard... uuggghh!!" He hugs her tightly and slams his hips against her, thrusting hard and fast.

"Holy shit!! Yess!! Your cock feels so good!!" she cries. "Oh my god, Michael...!! OH FUCK!! YESS!!" His cock hits so deep inside her, it sends shivers through her body.

"Oh fuck Maria... baby... I wanna cum for you so badly... I'm so fucking close... I can't stand it..." he groans. Maria then wraps her legs tightly around his back, and they kiss passionately. This sends Michael over the edge, and he feels his whole body tingle. Maria then pushes her tongue into his mouth, and he starts erupting inside her. He groans hard, feeling his cock pulse and blast a massive load into her pussy. He hugs her tightly, thrusting again and again, until he has nothing left to give her, and them he finally relaxes.

He looks down at her and admires her stunning beauty. He can't get over just how amazing she is, and how lucky he is to be with her. He leans down and presses his lips to hers, while petting her hair and running his fingers through it. They kiss for several minutes, and pretty soon, Michael starts getting hard again. He pulls away and looks at her. "Oh fuck baby... I wanna go again..."

"Oh my god, Michael... you're so amazing... Yes...! Let's do it again!" she says, excitedly.

* * *

~~1 Year Later~~

Michael stands in front of his barbecue and starts laying down some burgers and hot dogs. After getting everything into place, he then closes the lid and turns around. Looking across the backyard, towards the house, he sees his parent's car pull up.

"Ah, looks like people are starting to show up." he says.

"Are we missing anything?" Maria asks.

"Hmm... maybe grab some extra utensils... not everyone eats their burger on a bun."

"Okay." she says, going into the house. His mom and dad then come around the side of the house, and into the backyard.

"Hey hey!" his dad says.

"Helloooo!" his mom cheerfully shouts.

They exchange hugs and hello's, and his mom presents a big bowl of salad that she brought with her. They sit down at the table and then not long after, another car pulls in.

"Oh! My dad's here." Maria says, getting up, and going over to greet him. Gerald then comes around to the backyard and joins the rest of them. Michael quickly checks on the barbecue, and then comes back over.

"Hey there Mike! Good to see you again." Gerald says, greeting his son-in-law. He then hands him fancy bottle of red wine. "For your guys' anniversary."

"Oh nice! Thanks very much." Michael takes it, and sets it down next to the cooler. "So... how was the drive?" Michael asks.

"Great! I love road trips. Doesn't bother me at all. Very relaxing, in fact."

"That's good. Thankfully it's been gorgeous all day."

"Yeah... it's a perfect day for a family get-together like this. Absolutely beautiful property you two have here. Right on the lake... such an amazing view. Big backyard... What more can you ask for?"

Michael and Maria look at each other and smile. Just then, one more vehicle pulls into the driveway.

"Oh good... they're here... perfect timing... These burgers and dogs are pretty much ready." Michael says, opening the barbecue lid and giving everything one final flip. Sarah and Steve then come into the backyard, while holding their three month old baby, Samantha.

"Hi mom!" Sarah says smiling. She holds her baby in her arms, wrapped up in a pink blanket. Ericka excitedly runs over to greet them.

"Hi hun!! Oh my goodness, lemme see her! How's my granddaughter?"

"She's good. She pretty much slept the entire drive."

"Oh my gosh... she's looking so cute. Just look at that cute little hat you put on her."

They then join the rest over at the picnic table. Steve presents them with a fresh, crispy-looking, apple pie. "My mom baked it for you guys, and she sends her best wishes."

"Oh, thanks man! Tell your mom we said thank you." says Michael.

They then all enjoy a nice, delicious backyard barbecue together with each other, talking and laughing, and enjoying the beautiful view of nature, along with the nice scent of the nearby trees. They play a few games, like ring toss, and frisbee, and then as things start to wrap up, Michael and Maria stand up together.

"Welp... this was more than just a family get-together." Michael says.

"There's something else we wanted to say, now that you're all here." Maria says.

They look at each and smile, and then Maria places her hand on her belly. "We're having a baby."

They all gasp with excitement.

Ericka squeals loudly. "Oh my goodness!"

Darren smiles and nods, raising his drink. "Aye! Way to go!"

Gerald excitedly slaps the table. "Hey! Wow! That's wonderful you two! Congratulations!"

Sarah's mouth hangs open, and she looks at Michael, giving him a thumbs-up. "Nice goin' bro!"

Steve smiles and claps. "Grats you guys!"

They then spend the next little while talking about it, until they decide to wrap things up for the day. It's been a successful dinner party, leaving everyone feeling really happy and excited. After everyone leaves, they clean up and take all the leftover food into the house. Michael then stands outside, next to the fence, looking out over the lake as the sun sets. Maria walks up beside him and gives him a hug, resting her head on his shoulder. He puts his arm around her and gives her a kiss. Maria holds her hand on her belly, and Michael places his hand on top of hers. They stand there, watching the sun slowly drop below the horizon, until the stars come out.



Author's Commentary:

My goal with chapters 6 through 10 was to finish a story that I had abandoned 8 years earlier. For those of you who maybe didn't know, I wrote chapters 1 - 5 back in 2012 and then disappeared. Coming back I didn't want to take on a big project, so I decided that I'd just wrap it all up, with a standard "and they lived happily ever after" type ending.

However, while the main story is now over, I'm considering doing some side-stories (bonus chapters), especially of Sarah and Steve, since I skipped over a lot of them. If you like this idea, let me know in the comments, and if enough people support it, I'll do it. Any other feedback is also welcome.


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