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Slave gets a memorable sensory deprivation creampie
Masters biggest fantasy is gang bang/trains. On me. He loves watching. Nothing gets him hotter. I'm a closet lesbian mostly so I casually avoid it in search of a girl.

Well he has decided to set it up. (Yes I'm Willing to please him. I'll play along. No I'm not looking for men lol) he found another couple with the same fantasy. He talked with the m half and were joining in.

I'll be the primer. I'll give some great lesbian foreplay to get her hot and ready. Put on a good show for those in line to take turns.

I'll continue to be a primer for the men. Plot twist, I'll be blindfolded, possibly audio blocked too. The guests can touch, tease, and do anything beyond that gets them ready to finish out with the other girl. I wont have a clue what's coming, when it's coming, or how I'll receive it. I'll just feel all the sensations.

This will be a new one for me. If it comes to fruition it will ne wild. The girl is a good bonus. Hopefully before summer ends master will get his wish granted.

No details, it's the other couples train, were just riding it and master is behind my part. We dont need any more volunteers atm but if they say we do they will put the word out.

Update: This never happened. Sad day.

Master: Thinking of setting up a train for my slave. It's something I've wanted to see for a long time. Looking to do it soon. If anyone is interested in being considered let me know. Girls welcome. Bi guys too. Central Florida north west of Orlando about 45 ish miles? Later evening. Drinks in public first to make sure we all vibe. Possible date Friday night. Trying to get 7-10 guys lined up.

Master set out to set up a sensory deprivation gang bang for me. My only request, we meet these men for dinner before the event to weed out any Wayne Gacy or Ted Bundy types. He used MEWE and got 8 suitors. 2 maybes and 6 for sures that asked for the address, confirmed time, and kept texting about their excitement leading up to the event. So, I am at the restaurant eating nachos when only 1 suitor shows up. 1 out of 5. I seem to have this history of finding people in life, swinging, and polyamory that either don’t show, don’t stick around, or turn into ghosts.

This is what the 5 who didn’t show missed out on.

The one who did show gave me a memorable cream pie. And then my husband dove in and filled it more.

Lots of fun. I was tied to the bed and blind folded. There was whipped cream licking, chocolate syrup licking off every boob and even during a blow Job. I did the orange thing to them both which was hot. 1 orange, 2 dicks. 1 mouth. I was spit roasted too. Lots of sucking and fucking going on. Reverse cowgirl for our guest’s finish and doggy for Rick's. I had lots of cum oozing out they both finished in me.

At least 2 hours of play. Then I showered and climbed between them in bed. They held conversations and I was cold so I accidentally fell asleep.

The sexiest part for any man reading.

We were done with blow job fun and spit roasting and I was ready to make this new guy cum. I decided on reverse cowgirl and climbed on. Every thrust, every up and down motion had him moaning. Every time I'd pop forward a little, I'd suck the tip of Masters’ cock. He too was starting to moan. I kept riding slowly increasing my pace as his moans also increased. Kept sucking and fucking at the same time.

As he grew near his finish, he said don’t stop I'm going to cum. I took this as a cue and started bouncing harder on his cock. I was focused solely on him. I was going faster and deeper. I tried to go in deeper every thrust. I wanted every inch of him inside me when he exploded. I wanted every last drop of cum deep. When he did cum, I helped him drive in deep as the sensations flooded over him.

Then I hopped off. I gave him a moment to catch his breath. Next, I looked him dead the eyes, his spent expression and euphoria gaze on his face, as I slowly went down and cleaned the mess of pussy juice and cum, I'd created on his penis. My mouth filled with the taste combination of salty cum and sweet pussy nectar. When I came off, I gazed up at Master to see if he approved of my service. The gaze he gave back showed he was very happy and very ready to dump his load in me as well.

The resort- the long overdue writing.

As our 12th anniversary grew closer I knew the one thing I wanted most was Masters time. Between his new job, our busy season with 4H, and kiddo visit trips, we hadn't had time. My schedule doesnt help either. We can go 2 weeks and just be trains passing in the night. Sometimes it's hard to have a conversation. I feel like our couples app (where appointments, schedules, and notes go) is the most we communicate some days. Dont even ask about sexy time. Were busy to put it lightly.

I noticed that the schedule had given me a weekend off. I asked to plan something and you agreed. I wanted it to be overnight so I booked a sitter. We had talked lightly about doing ziplining together. I booked that first. I'm obsessed with the beach so I figured playlinda would be a good breakfast spot. Next I checked on the resort. What do you know? All booked up. I got the details for hangout entry and booked us a room on air B and B. Didnt check it well enough, booked us twin beds lol.

We got to the ziplining course and discovered it was mostly ropes activities with a little ziplining sprinkled in. I was anxious but you were patient and kind. We watched the demonstrations and I did everything twice for practice. I asked to go first so that you would be able to help from behind if I had issues. I took my time and you cheered me on the whole way. We shared lots of laughter and kisses, and fun moments. You helped me down from each ropes course and made sure I was secure each time I went up. That made the course workers swoon a little. I guess men now days dont have chivalry?

Course 3 of 4, We got to the Tarzan moment. Swing on a rope into a rope wall. Well I swung and landed low. I tried climbing over but I couldnt climb up. I didnt have the strength. I tried. You gave me tips. I failed. Eventually anxiety set in and turned to panic. It was over. I had the guy help me up. I was allowed to finish the course but not move on to course 4. When we made it off of course 3 you sat with me while I took time to calm down and clear my head. I appreciated that. You could have done course 4 but decided to just do the final zipline with me instead. We had a blast overall. You told me that I did my best and how proud of me you were. It meant the world to me.

We checked into our room. Nicely done. Quick shower, good nap, and off we headed for the resort. This was another 1st for me. I had never been to a swingers club before.

We didnt have any set expectations except to eat food and enjoy the pool. We figured the night would lead us where it may. Steak was great. We decided to go into the pool after. I'm a wall flower at these kinds of places. I'm a wall flower in person. I can be a bit shy face to face. It was great just to be relaxed and take it all in.

Naked people everywhere but you weren't even hard. We weren't talked to by anyone or approached and we didnt approach anyone. We were in the hot tub talking about checking out the club and the playroom when I said I was too cold to get out.

When you went to get me a towel a guy was quick to jump into the hot tub and make small talk. He had just started to scoot closer when you came back. You didnt do or say anything but he scrambled away quickly.

Just as I was gonna get out a woman got in and started chatting. You came in and joined us. Soon her husband was chatting too. The convo seemed to be going great. They were first timers too. Then a couple, condo owners here, got in and started chatting. Soon everyone was talking playroom but they all went alone and left every room they found us in. I swear its fickle.

We got out. I almost ordered a shot but I wasnt willing to pay $9 for a small shot of Jack. Note to self. Bring your own booze next time.

We wandered into the playroom area. We found the cage and I quickly let myself in. Dear domly dude who said It would break me... it didn't. The dungeon master came over to quickly explain how it works. I was there, naked and free, for 30 minutes before it got busy in the room to announce all hands on deck. My boobs got tons of compliments. Big nipples, erect nipples, soft skin, and great body. Men and women of all ages had hands on me. The cage was the hottest thing I have ever experienced. I need more cages in my life. I need to do that again. Soon!!!

The X was going to be next but the hottie was having the time of her life and it went on forever. No shame, it was fun to watch her get flogged all over. They even had ropes and fire play.

We decided to wander. We found a beach themed playroom and left the door halfway open. We played with the glass dildo, we did some 69. We played with a Hitachi and even did some sex.

There was a girl in the room next door moaning loud as fuck. She was having a good time. The girl outside was Asian and had a line of people waiting for her. She too was loud. I am usually quieter in bed but I got loud too because it was just such a turn on hearing all the other ladies get loud. Plus, we had a bunch of women looking in the door and room window, couples too. Some circled around more than once. They enjoyed the view. It was great. We were hoping a couple would come in and play too but I guess you need to door open for that. Open all the way.

After that I went in the shower /play area to quickly clean up. To the dude who came in and peed in the shower area, they have bathrooms.

We want to go back. I'd like to be blind folded. The cool thing was. As hot as it was, you only got hard when I started playing with you.

At one point we were in a giant bubble foam pit covered neck down with foam. I kept making you hard which irritated you. You didnt want to have a raging hard on when we stepped out. I kept going and made that my goal. You wiggled out and won.

The club isnt us. We dont dance. It was loud and crowded. I wanted an omelette but the omelette bar never happened. Lots of issues related to a transformer blow. We agreed we need robes for next time to wander around in.

But yeah let's go back again with our own booze, a room, and a blindfold.

Nude beach was great. We arrived late. I guess parking filled up as soon as it opened. It was mostly elderly people getting their morning walking in. We did a white shirt wet beach photo shoot. We took more shells for garden mulch purposes and we chased some birds and crabs around.

In the car you thanked me for a wonderful weekend. We needed this. We both agree. 24/7 we parent a special needs child. There is no date nights. No downtime. No nanas house for a couple hours. Nothing. Our breaks are stressful jobs. Every appointment leads to atleast 2-3 more. Every iep leads to more. Every day is a challenge, a struggle, and a run run run. This was an excellent break away from the norm.

We needed this in our souls on levels. Its been 3 years since we have had even 1 night to ourselves. Imagine date night but only once every few years. Then you spend 24/7 running to appointments, trying to keep up with 4H, school, and work. It gets rough. This was real and amazing. I cant wait to do it again but idk when we will ever get a chance too.
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