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After being ravaged by Kylo Ren and the First Order, Jena and Lisi are turned over to a fearsome female First Order warrior.
The mysterious black robed figure waved his fingers through the air. The girls could not resist his power and knelt on the floor before him, their arms behind their backs, their heads up in the air, and their bodies presented to him. A figure stepped out of the shadow of the black clad warrior. She wore armor similar in style to the ground troopers, yet the color was of the shiny silver Nubian style spacecraft that occasionally graced the skies of their home-world.

Cum still dribbling from their lips, the two girls were roughly pulled to their feet by the squad of troopers that surrounded them. They quickly slapped stun cuffs on them and if that wasn't enough, for some strange reason neither of them could touch the Force anymore! Kylo and the silver masked figure both laughed heartily at the looks of confusion on the girls faces.

"We know you're both Force sensitive." Kylo began and the bright silver armored figure interrupted him.

"From my own design.." And it was a harsh, stern woman's voice! Jena and Lisi began to tremble.

Captain Phasma continued. "The blood of the mystic creature the ysalamiri, circulates and permeates the material of your binds. We found a way to extract the blood while also preventing the midichlorians from dying out while doing so." The records of the fearsome Grand Admiral Thrawn assisted us in our research.

Lisa and Jena knew about Midichlorians. They allowed sentients to communicate with the Force. The higher the midichlorian count in a being, the easier it was for that being to know the will of the Force and it determined how powerful in the Force they could become. They had heard the tales of the legendary Jedi, Anakin Skywalker. It had been rumored his count was over twenty thousand, thus making him one of the most powerful Force users in history.

Neither Jena nor Lisa had even close to the midichlorian count of the famous Jedi, but each had enough to touch the Force and use its power. With the cuffs tightly bound to their wrists neither of them had any hope of touching the Force.

As the cell door slid open, Captain Phasma intoned, "Take them to my torture chambers, on detention level AA69." Tears ran down the girls faces as they knew by now that resistance was futile.

The squad of stormtroopers surrounded Jena and Lisi and marched them down a long hallway with Captain Phasma bringing up the rear. At the end of the hallway stood a turbo lift with a glowing force field surrounding it. Phasma stood in front of the turbo lift and pressed her armored hand on a panel to the side. The turbo lift doors slid open with a hiss and the group stepped inside. No words were spoken or buttons pushed, yet immediately after the doors slid shut the turbo lift immediately lurched and shot downwards. After what seemed an eternity the turbo lift slowed and came to a stop with a dull thud.

The turbo lift doors slid open Captain Phasma turned to the squad of troopers. "Leave us." A stormtrooper began to protest and Phasma turned towards him and even though her face was covered the intention was clear: "Leave or you will face my wrath."

The troopers quickly left and as soon as the turbo lift shot off again, Captain Phasma made a gesture and both Jena and Lisi's bonds fell to the floor. The two girls gave each other confused looks which turned into absolute bewilderment as Captain Phasma lifted off her silver helmet.

"Trix!!!" Both girls shouted at once and ran over to hug her tight! Trix was a former classmate from the Academy who had disappeared from Onderon under mysterious circumstances years before. Both Jena and Lisi knew Trix also had a little extra between her legs as they had both spied on her in the shower before they knew each other's secret. She told them briefly on how she had been captured during the early formation of the First Order yet had somehow been recruited into the ranks of stormtroopers and quickly rose to her current rank. Jena and Lisi covered her in wet kisses and began peeling off her armor to reveal her shapely body underneath. Trix's tits were shiny with sweat and once released from her armor, her girl cock sprung forward proudly. Jena and Lisi could not get their skimpy robes off fast enough and as they knelt before Trix, she put her hands lovingly on the back of their heads gently urging them forward towards her now dripping she cock.

Jena took initiative and began licking up the underside of Trix's huge cock. Lisi quickly followed by lapping away at Trix's soft but full girly balls. Jena and Lisi alternated lapping, licking and sucking away at Trix's now rock hard she cock and engorged balls. Trix began to moan softly as the girls lapped away at her now hard as steel she cock. "Ohhh girls, I..." And immediately began spurting her hot gooey load of she cum over their faces and onto their waiting tongues. Jena and Lisi began licking each other's covered faces as Trix continued to shoot rope after rope of hot cum over them. "Mmmm, I needed that, sorry I shot so quick..." and was interrupted by Jena and Lisi coming up to her and sharing a hot three way cum filled kiss. Three tongues danced in the glow of the room as cum spilled from tongue to tongue to tongue and kissed off lip to lip to lip. The three girls moans intensified as the gooey mess of cum spilled and dripped back and forth creating a huge creamy mess.

With cum still dribbling from her lips, Trix bent over and spread her legs wide. "Give me that hot Onderon she cock that I've missed for so long." Without a word Jena slid her raging hard cock deep in Trix's hole. Without missing a beat, Lisi slid deep inside Trix's wet mouth. Both girls began rocking Trix back and forth on their hard as durasteel cocks, filling Trix's holes with hot, hard throbbing girl meat and fucking both her holes deep. Their moans echoed through the room. Jena slid deep in Trix's ass pussy as Lisi slowly pulled out her girl cock with Trix's saliva dripping from it. While Lisi slid her she cock deep down Trix's throat, Jena pulled almost all the way out of Trix's ass pussy making her shudder until Jena began pounding her hole. Not to be outdone, Lisi began fucking Trix's wet sloppy mouth as if it was a dripping wet pussy.

Jena moaned "ohh your asshole is soo tight Trix!!" and began pounding even harder. Jena could feel Trix's ass squeezing and pulling her deeper inside. Lisi slid out of Trix's sloppy mouth long enough for her to beg "Fuck me Jena, fuck me hard, fuck me stupid...fuck me into the next planetary rotation!!!" Lisi began slapping Trix's face with her dripping cock before shoving it completely down her throat once more making Trix gag and choke a little as drool oozed out her mouth all over Lisi's thrusting she cock. Jena and Lisi matched strokes as they were now again connected with the Force and each of them could feel Trix's lust as they fucked her holes. Because of their connection, both Jena and Lisi erupted at the same time....down Trix's throat and deep up in her tight ass pussy. Trix shuddered as she felt the hot cream invade her holes and cried out with pleasure. Lisi stood up to share her sweet cream with Trix as Jena began lapping away at her tight ass slurping up all the hot cum now oozing from Trix's hole. She quickly joined the other two in creamy gooey cum covered tongue kisses.

Spent but still horny the three girls arranged themselves on the floor in a naked triangle. Jena slid her still dripping cock into Trix's creamy mouth while softly sucking Lisi's oozing cock. At the same Lisi began sucking and licking Trix's leaking cock. The girls lapped as their glistening bodies writhed with pleasure from the simultaneous licking lapping and sucking. Muffled moans again filled the room. Each girl grew hard quickly and the moaning intensified. Jena shot first triggering Trix to cum hard in Lisi’s sloppy mouth and a nano second later, Trix exploded into Jena’s hot mouth. All three girls shivered as the sweet cream flooded their already creamy mouths. The three girls knelt before each other and shared another wet gooey creamy jizz filled tongue kiss sharing their hot cream in a kiss that quickly snowballed into a sticky mess.

Licking off the last of the hot cum from both Jena’s and Lisi’s mouth, Trix suddenly stood up and told both of the girls, “I sense him…we’ve GOT to get out of here!!”

“Too late!”, Jena screamed as the turbo-lift doors slid open suddenly and Kylo Ren strode forward into the room followed by the six stormtroopers Phasma/Trix had shooed away before revealing herself to Jena and Lisi. Without a thought the three girls Force pushed Kylo and the troopers and slammed them all into the back of the lift knocking each of them unconscious.

“Follow me!”, Trix shouted as she opened up a secret panel in the far side of the room leading to a hidden hangar. A gleaming silver ship was the only ship in the hanger. The girls got on board carrying their clothes and armor with them. Trix took off and as soon as they entered hyperspace on the way back to their home-world of Onderon, the three girls retreated back to the living area of the ship and once again began peeling off clothes and shared hot hard wet three-way kisses as the stars blurred before them…
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