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On Monday Ms. Alyssa Fitch had been called in to sub for a teacher on vacation. She had informed the class that on Friday they would have pet show and tell. It was now Friday and the students had brought in a variety of animals. Some of her students had planned something and the students had faked permision slips for a supposed weekend class trip.

The day began normally but after lunch the students put their plan into action. They drugged Alyssa and after gagging her put her naked over a barrel on her hands and knees. Once she awakened she struggled but was well secured. Some students set up cameras to broadcast the action over the internet.

Then they brought two dogs to her the male dog immediately mounted her thrusting into her ody while the female dog was forced to lay on her back under Alyssas head. Alyssa was informed if she did not enthusiastically eat the bitches cunt they would cut off her nipples and clit. Alyssa began licking the dogs pussy while being fucked by the male dog. Alyssa felt a very large doggy dick slam into her pussy she screamed in pain glad that they had removed her gag.

She screamed again when after the dog had cum in her cunt they moved his penis to the entrance to her asshole and he shoved deep into her. After the dogs finished with her the students next pushhed a snake into her vagina. The feel of the snake sliding over her clit made her orgasm multiple times. Each students tasted her juices then they made gerbils enter her. After a variety of animals had been forced on her sexually the students cleaned her up and took their turns fucking her.

The male students took turns fucking her one student was larger than the rest. She felt his over large penis being forced into her pussy. Every inch of his fourteen inch long four inch round penis was felt by her. Driven all of the way into her vagina it was repeatedly thrust deep she screamed as her cunt was spread wider than it had ever been before. When done she was left gaping but when she felt it move to her anal entrence she sceamed as it tore into her backdoor.

Ten minutes later it spewed cum deep into her bowels she cried uncontrolably as he walked to her face and forced his bloody shitcovered cock down her throat and fucked her face hard until he came again. The leader of the females of the class had some girls force her legs as far apart as they would go then got between them pushing her hand and arm deep into her cunt until the image of her hand appeared on her stomach then fist fucked her to an orgasm.

Too tired to fight she was fucked in her pussy , asshole and cocks were forced down her throat. This went on most of Friday , all day Saturday , and Sunday. The last thing they did was bring in a pregnant snake forced it into her pussy where it layed its eggs in her womb. Then they forced a male snake into her and it fertilized the eggs.

Alyssa was blackmailed to stay silent about all of this not realizing what was going to happen. Months later while walking in the local mall the eggs began to hatch and dropped from her cunt onto the floor of the mall which caused a great stir. She lay down on the floor and some people stripped her and watched as baby snakes crawled from her snatch.

This was not the only blackmailing that was done to her. Her students would take her to public places and force her to expose herself. One Saturday she was dressed in a pair of flat black shoes a very short black skirt a sheer white sleeveless collarless blouse. They took her to the local grocery store. The first thing they did was push a cucumber deep into her pussy and an english cucumber up her asshole.

Walking around the store it was not long before she had a massive orgasm. Her face turned red when she heard someone say "hey that lady peed herself" and someone else said "that is not pee" and people began to laugh. She could not escape as people surrounded her and began using the cucumbers to masturbate her. The crowd unbuttoned her blouse pulling her shirt around and buttoning some buttons behind her back. Now with her breasts exposed and the cucumbers holding her skirt up and her juices runing down her legs her face was a bright red in humiliation as other shoppers laughed and made comments.

Getting to the cash registers the clerk rang up her groceries but the laughing told her there was no charge for the cucumbers as he reached over and dipped his finger in her juices running down her leg and stuck his coated finger in his mouth with a grin he said "delicious"" much to the amusement of the other shoppers.

Another time her students took her to the local park and one of her student who's father was a vet sprayed her groin with stuff to stimulate a male dogs desires to mate and as she walked around the park dogs were attracted to her and soon a pack of male dogs followed her until finally the pack jumped her and had soon mounted her kin front of the other park goers. People watched unable to stop what the dogs were doing to her and began cheering the dogs on. Once the dogs were done with her many in the crowd also took her.

The happening event at the mall was kept silent by the mall not wanting bad press. Her student enjoyed having sex with her anytime they wanted.


2020-10-14 12:13:30
Another example of middle school students trying to be grown up. Do us all a favor: grow the fuck up, learn proper grammar, punctuation, and plot development before submitting anymore garbage.


2020-10-13 18:21:50
Maybe they don't anymore but when I was in school teachers could take vacation time they had earned as long as a substitute was available to tame her place. When I was in school we took a trip to montreal on a Saturday. This was taking place on a weekend when no one else was at the school Things are different in different places and finally it is fiction.


2020-10-13 09:46:42
Double down on what Stadien says. In addition:
1. Teachers don't get in term vacations. That's what summered holidays are for.
2. There are no weekend field trips like this.
3.. Completely unbelievable


2020-10-13 08:27:47
No build up, no development, no context, we don't even get shown what is happening. How did a group of students that are at the oldest 6th grade as that's when you stop being in the same class all day, manage to A) get the drugs in the middle of the school day, B)drug the teacher without her realizing, C) restrain said teacher without anyone noticing, D) get not one but two dogs, presumably large dogs from the de***********ion of the events, into the school, again unnoticed, E) get all the other animals in, not to mention everything in the after.

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