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Schools back in session.
Swinging Through the 80's Pt. 03

The first week of my classes started on August 24th. That first week usually was more or less an introduction. Students could do class adds and drops as they made last-minute adjustments to their schedules. Then the labor day holiday would hit, and the real studies would begin after that. I was ready for it even though I’d enjoyed having the summer off. You have to pay your bills somehow, and teaching was a pretty easy gig at the college level.

A couple of things happened those last couple of weeks that I hadn’t planned on. The first was Jan’s mom came to see us. She usually did at least once a year from her home in Florida. My mother-in-law Kimberly, or Kim to us, was 47 at that time. She was single, having divorced Jan's dad ten years earlier. I'd never met the man. Jan didn't have much to say about him, and when she did, there was no love lost between them.

Kim made a good living as a radio personality. I’m not sure why she never married again. That was her business, not mine. So, she came in on a Saturday and left the following Wednesday. That put a crimp in our plans to introduce KC to Laura and Travis. We’d have to wait until the Labor Day weekend to do that.

At the time, I had no idea how weird the week would turn out.


Saturday and Sunday were pretty uneventful. Jan and her mom hung out around the pool, talking most of the time about who knows what? But, those two had never been at a loss for words. Like a good husband, I took care of the lawn and vehicle maintenance. For all practical purposes, it just seemed like a typical mother-in-law visit to me.

I did go out and grill supper and hang out with them afterward for a swim and some beers. I'd be lying if I told you I hadn't noticed that Kim could still wear a bikini and wear it well! For 47, she could pass for being years younger. My dad had given me some advice once about picking a wife. He’d told me to look at her mother, which was what your girlfriend would probably look like at that age. If that was true about Jan and Kim? I was going to still have a very hot looking wife when we got older!

Things started to get strange on Monday afternoon. Jan was at work, and that left Kim and me hanging out around the pool.


It was another God awful hot afternoon, and I was taking a dip in the pool. Kim was sunbathing, and I didn't see why? She was already dark as leather, except for the edges of white tan lines, around her bikini.

She'd been drinking a few mixed drinks, and there was a tall glass by her chase. She was lying face down, and I noticed she had her top untied. I'd guessed it was to stop getting a string line across her back. I swam another leisurely length of the pool. When I got to the shallow end, she called me.

“Hey, Son!”

I stood up, slicking my wet hair back, "Yeah, Kim?"

"Call me, mom," She replied, "Can you do me a favor?"

“Sure, what do you need?”

“Could you rub suntan oil on my back?”


I got out dripping wet and dried off quickly with my towel and went over to her. She leaned up and reached for the bottle, and her top almost came off. As it was, I got a beautiful view of her boobs. They were not gigantic but bigger than Jan’s, who was a 36C. They were tan too but not as much as the rest of her body that was really dark.

Kim smiled at me and handed me the bottle, "Can you do the back of my legs too?"

"Sure," I told her and poured the lotion in the middle of her back and started to rub it all over her smooth back.

"God, that feels so good!" She sighed, "You have such strong hands!"

"I work out, you know… typing a lot," I joked, "Made my fingers strong as hell!"

Kim laughed, "Well, whatever you did, it worked!"

I did the back of her thighs and down her legs, giving her a little massage at the same time. She had great legs! Not those of a teenager but certainly well-shaped and firm for her age.

"How was that?" I asked, getting up and wiping the oil off with my towel.

“Great! I’ll do you if you want?”

That was the first hint that things were not exactly right.

"That's okay; I need a cold beer. You need anything?"

“A beer sounds good.”

I came back from the house with two beers, and she stretched up to grab it. I got a nice view of cleavage and part of one nipple!

"Thanks!" Kim said, and I grabbed a chair nearby and sat down.

When we'd finished half of our beers, Kim turned her dark-haired head to me, "Would you be offended if I turn over and tan topless? I'm trying to get rid of these tan lines."

I almost spit my beer out but held it back, "I guess so if that's what you want?"

“I do, and don’t laugh at my saggy old boobs!”

Kim rolled over and took her top the rest of the way off. She reached for the suntan oil and poured it down her front. Of course, I looked! I was 27, and she was sexy to look at even if she was my mother-in-law.

I couldn’t see her eyes because she had on mirror sunglasses, as she started rubbing the oil all over her tits and tummy. She poured a tiny bit more and finished rubbing it on her nipples.

Kim looked at me and laughed at my expression, “I don’t want to burn my nips!”

"That sounds painful," I told her as I watched them turn into hardpoints.

Kim relaxed back on the chase, “Tell me when 30 minutes is up. I don’t want to burn.”

“Sure thing,” I replied, “I need to cool off.”

Kim didn't answer, and I got in the pool. Mainly to stay away from her. The last thing I wanted was to end up screwing my wife's mom! The word "Cougar" hadn't been invented yet, but it would have fit Kim if I’d known it back then.

I tried to ignore looking at her. But once in a while, I glanced out of the pool at her. The last time I did, she was back on her tummy. She was completely naked that time with her feet pointing at me. I could see her bare butt, and her legs were spread just enough that I could see her pussy! I have to admit it looked very inviting.

I got out of the pool. I grabbed my towel and made an excuse for needing another beer. As I walked by, Kim rolled over on her back, facing me. She had a dark little landing strip of pubes above her slit.

"Can you bring me another one too?" She asked with a smile and showing me everything she had.

"Sure, Kim, I'll be back in a little bit."

"Please call me mom," She said, "We are family now, you know."

"Okay, mom, if that makes you happy."

I managed to stay pure with my mother-in-law by staying in the house and pretending to do school work until Jan got home. The rest of the evening went by without any more loose talk by Kim.

After a great lovemaking session with Jan after we went to bed, I wanted to talk and tell Jan what had happened.

“How was the day with mom,” Jan asked as she cuddled up to me.

"Uh, okay, except I think your mom was making a play for me."

“Really?” Jan looked up at me, “What happened?”

I explained it to her as she listened, and when I finished, she started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I asked her.

"I'm sorry," She replied, "I guess in a way, it's my fault."

“How could it be your fault?”

"The other day, when she and I talked, she asked me how we were doing as a couple?"


"I guess she wanted to make sure I was happy. I told her things were great between us, and we'd found a way to keep things exciting."

“You didn’t?”

Jan lifted her chin off my chest and looked at me, “I told her about Travis and Laura.”

“Jesus,” I replied, “You told her about that?

“Mom and I have always told each other everything. Well, not the gory details but the summary.”

I had to close my eyes and think about that one.

"It's okay, babe," Jan added, "She thought it was a great idea to keep things exciting. And she wished she would have thought of it when mom and dad were still together."

“You’re kidding me?”

"No. I guess I have a wild streak in me like mom did before she got married."

"So, now, what do I do? If she keeps on flirting with me?"

Jan crawled up high enough to lightly kiss me on the lips, “Do whatever you want. Ignore her, or give her what she wants.”

“For real?” I asked.

"Mom told me she's been dating younger men. What was it, she said? Oh, yeah, she said they are much more enthusiastic lovers than men her age."

I laughed at that one, "So, you're telling me to screw your mom?"

“Only if you want to.”

“And you won’t hate me for it?”

"I could never hate you, and if it makes her happy, why not?"

“It’s going to take me a while to get used to this new thing we have going on.”

"I think it's fantastic!" Jan replied, "I feel so free, just like when I was single. But, I still have all of the love and support of a wonderful husband.”

“I love you too!” was all I could think of.

It was a fact that I’d never leave her for anyone.

"Goodnight, babe," She whispered, "I have to work in the morning."

“Goodnight,” I told her and hugged her close.

It took me a while to fall asleep. So many things seemed to be changing faster than I could keep up with them. I couldn’t think of any negatives so far but worried they were out there lurking someplace. Like getting fired if word got around, we were swingers, or whatever we were turning out to be.


I faintly remembered kissing Jan goodbye in the morning and fell back asleep. When I got up an hour later, I hit the shower. I put on shorts and a T-shirt, which I wore most days in the summer, and headed for the kitchen.

Usually, I just had something easy like a bowl of cereal. I wasn't into cooking except for the grill. I was surprised to find Kim setting the table. The kitchen smelled of bacon, eggs, and toast.

Kim looked over at me and smiled, "Good morning, son. I hope you're hungry?"

"Smells fantastic!... Mom."

For whatever reason calling her mom made her happy. She beamed at me, "Sit down, and I'll get you some coffee."

I sat down as Kim brought me a big cup. Black, just like I liked it. She was wearing a lightweight robe that didn't quite go to her knees. With a loose belt tied around her waist to hold it closed. Well, except the top was split open a few inches showing some bare cleavage. I liked her hair that was only about collar length and layered to fit nicely around her head.

Next came a big plate of food for me. It looked wonderful! Kim got a plate for herself and sat down right next to me. At first, I didn't notice because I was busy eating like I'd been starved.

Kim looked at me, “Hungry?”

"It's great!" I told her, stuffing more eggs into my mouth.

“I’m glad you like it,” She replied, “I like to see a hungry man enjoy what I cooked.”

"Mom, you can cook for me anytime!" I bit into a crispy strip of bacon.

I helped clean up the dishes, and Kim loaded them into the dishwasher's bottom rack while I handed them to her. Each time she bent over; I got a view of her tits. I don't know if she'd planned that or not, but I didn't mind taking in the scenery.

When we were done, she asked me, "So, what are you up to today?"

“Same as usual, lounging in the pool.”

“I think I’ll go check out the local mall. They might have something I just have to buy! You want to come with?”

“No thanks, I hate going to the mall.”

“Well, I’m going to go check it out,” She replied, “I’ll see you later for a swim?”

“Sounds good, and thanks for breakfast.”

Kim came over and hugged the hell out of me. Pressing those lovely big soft tits against my chest. I hugged her back, and when she finally let go. She waved and said she was going to get dressed. I felt relieved that she was going to be gone for a bit. I knew if she kept flirting with me, I was going to cave in sooner or later. It wasn't like she was an ugly old lady. Kim looked damn good, and she knew it.


We had one of those floating chair things in the pool. I liked it because it had cup holders on both arms, and you could float around with a beer. I was floating around after lunch when Kim walked out of the house in her bikini. She waved and then did a graceful dive and swam up underwater to me.

She popped up beside my chair, “Hi!”

“Hi, how was the mall?” I asked.

“Boring for the most part,” Kim replied, and picked up my beer bottle and drained the last half.

I laughed, “Thirsty?”

"You have no idea!" She said and flipped me and the chair over.

When I came up sputtering, she was laughing.

"Payback time!" I told her.

Kim squealed and tried to get away. She almost made it, and the only thing I could grab was the bottom string of her bikini top. She kept pulling as I started reeling her back in, and it came loose with a snap. Her bikini top floated up around her neck as I dunked her.

She fought that too, and I ended up holding her bare boobs with both hands, pulling her against my chest, and dunking both of us.

I didn't hold us underwater very long and popped back up. Kim was sputtering and laughing as I held her tight. Still cupping both of those lovely soft tits.

Kim struggled and laughed, "You can let go of me now," She said, "You copped a feel!"

"I like what I'm feeling," I replied and rubbed her nipples with my index fingers.

They were already hardpoints, and she stopped struggling and put her head back on my shoulder, "You enjoying yourself, mister?"

I kept teasing her nipples, “I am, are you?”

"Kiss me, and I'll let you know."

I let go of her, and she spun around, facing me, and put her left arm around my neck as we kissed. Damn, she was a good kisser, and I could feel she wanted me just as much as I wanted her.

The kiss broke off, but she didn't let go. She pushed her bare boobs against my chest, "I enjoyed that very much!”

“Me too,” I grinned at her.

"Let's go downstairs to the bar and have a drink," Kim said and took off before I could answer.

I followed her out of the pool as she took off the broken top and wrapped up in a towel. I dried off as she headed for the house. My suit was soaking wet, so I changed into some clean shorts in the laundry room and headed downstairs.

I heard the shower running, so I waited at the bar with a fresh beer. It wasn’t long before Kim came out with damp hair and wearing her robe. She walked up and asked for a shot of something.

“How about Sloe Gin?” I asked.

"Never tried it, but sure."

I poured us each a shot. We tapped glasses and threw them back.

“Wow! That will warm you up!” Kim told me after she’d downed it.

“I’m starting to like it myself,” I replied, “Jan loves this stuff.”

“She has good taste,” Kim said with a coy smile, “She made a good choice in a husband too.”

“How’s that?” I asked her.

Kim came over to where I was leaning back on the bar. She got right in front of me and leaned against me, putting both arms around my neck looking at me.

“Let’s see,” She said, “Handsome, kind, intelligent, and according to Jan, a good lay.”

I played along, “You really don’t know about the last one.”

“Mm not yet, but I’d like to judge that one myself.”

We kissed again, and I untied the sash on her robe. I slid my hands inside and touched her warm bare skin. She was naked and pressed her crotch against the growing bulge in my shorts. Rubbing her crotch on my package as the kissing got more intense.

I stood up straight and led Kim over to the sofa. She stood there, smiling at me as I took her robe all the way off and tossed it aside.

“Put your hands behind your back,” I told her.


“You’ll find out.”

Kim put both hands behind her back, wondering what I was up to.

“Chest out.”

Jan laughed, “Bossy aren’t you!” but she did it.

I kissed her on the mouth again and fondled her left boob. Then I started kissing my way down her neck as she sighed. When I got to her nipple, I cupped her boob tightly and sucked the hell out of her nipple.

"Mmmmmm," She sighed again for me.

I slid my right hand down her tummy through her little landing strip of pubes and got the tip of my middle finger on her clit. I started rubbing it and sucked her right nipple. Kim let out a moan and squirmed. I was just getting her warmed up a bit and took another turn on her left nipple that was hard as a rock.

“Now it’s your turn!" Kim said, so I stood there and locked my hands behind my back.

She tugged down my shorts, careful to not get my cock hooked in them. It was already half-way hard and, once freed, grew to full size as she held it and got on her knees in front of me. Then she wasted no time working me over.

Sucking and licking every inch while she stroked it and held my balls. Teasing them with her fingertips and sucking the hell out of my knob. It didn’t take long until I was moving her over to the sofa on her knees. I had Kim resting on her forearms facing the back of the sofa doggy style.

I got behind her and pushed her legs a bit further apart. I rubbed the head of my cock in her wet slid, and then pushed inside her. I'd never fucked an older woman before and had always grown up with locker room talk laughing about how loose and dry it would be.

I found that wasn’t true at all. Kim’s pussy felt just as good as any other pussy I’d ever stuck my cock in.

"Oh, that's good!" Kim groaned, "A nice big strong cock!”

I didn't have anything to say. I just started fucking her and enjoying watching my cock go in and out of her cunt. The woman knew how to fuck, and soon, we got into a rhythm where she came back each time I thrust in. I held her hips with both hands and started slamming her hard and fast.

“OH, OH, OH, OH, YES!” Kim was saying in time to my pace, “YES, YES, FUCK ME, SCOTTY!”

No one had ever called me that before. I sort of liked it, or it was just the fact that fucking my mother-in-law was turning out to be more fun than I thought it would be. She was a screamer just like Jan. I liked hearing a woman yell a lot when I was fucking them. It just made it even better for me!

I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm, but I had a ways to go. I reached up with my right hand and got a fist full of her brown hair and pulled her head back by it.

"Cum for me!" I told her and fucked her even harder.

"OH, GOD!" She yelled, "AH! AH! AH! OOOohohhh AHHHhhhaaaaaaaaa!"

Kim wailed, and I felt her vagina start pulsing around my cock with her orgasm. I left it buried in her and wiggled my hips left and right. Wriggling the head of my cock deep in her wet cunt. I let go of her hair, and her head dropped down, but she kept moaning and giving little jerks of her body. I pulled out when she wound down and sat down on the sofa next to her.

Kim looked up at me with dreamy lust-filled eyes, "Are you done?"

“No, just catching my breath.”

Kim smiled, “Good, I want more!”

She crawled between my legs and grabbed my wet shaft, and started sucking on it again. I'll give her credit. She seemed to really enjoy sucking dick. Not that I was complaining as I sat back, watching and enjoying it.

Kim scrambled up and straddled my lap. Aiming my dick and taking it back inside for another ride. She put her hands on my shoulders, kissing me and then leaving them there as she started humping me. I didn't mind letting her do the work, and playing with her tit's while she fucked me was an added bonus.

I could tell it wouldn’t be long for me. I put my hands on Kim’s hips and rolled her onto her back on the sofa. It was wide enough to fuck on, which is one reason we had picked it. I didn't want to knock up my mother-in-law, so I thought it best to ask before it was too late.

“Can I cum in you?”

"Yes, Scotty!" She told me as I got between her legs.

I went to town, slamming her pussy hard on each stroke. She didn't seem to mind and encouraged me to go faster and harder.

It wasn't but a few minutes when I let out several loud grunts as I emptied my nuts. Loving the feeling of each spurt going balls deep into Kim's cunt. I don't know if she came or not? I was enjoying my own orgasm, so I didn't pay that much attention.

I laid down on her beautiful tit's and kissed her lips as my dick gave a few last twitches and jerks. The warm slippery cum feeling so good in her twat as I moved it a little bit back and forth.

“Oh Scotty,” Kim said, “That felt so good!”

“It sure did,” I replied, “Want to go again?”

Kim laughed, “Maybe later, you wore this old woman out!”

“I doubt that,” I told her and slowly got off her.

Kim got up, “I need a shower, so do you.”

She was right because I’d worked up a sweat. We took a shower together.


Tuesday was a repeat of the previous day. Jan's mom liked sex just as much as Jan did. I did my best to be a good son-in-law, and we fucked a couple of times that day while Jan was at work. That night in bed, after taking care of Jan, she asked me how my day was.

“It was great,” I told her, “I think I know your mom pretty well now.”

Jan laughed, “Inside or out?”

"Both," I chuckled, remembering how much the woman liked to fuck.

"I guess next time we visit your dad, I'll owe him one," Jan laughed.

"If that happens, I don't want to know about it."

“He probably wouldn’t be interested anyway.”

“He’d be crazy if he wasn’t,” I told her.

The next morning, I got up early and had breakfast with them. Kim was leaving mid-morning and driving her rental car to Kansas City to catch her plane. After Jan had left for work, Kim went to pack while I had coffee and read the paper. I was still in the shorts I slept in and a T-shirt when she rolled her suitcase down the hall to the door.

She came back and poured herself a cup and sat down across from me.

“All packed?” I asked.

“Except for a few things in the bathroom,” She replied.

I took the paper and went to the living room. I plopped down on the sofa and started looking through it. It wasn’t long before Kim came out and sat down beside me.

“Anything going on in the world?” She asked.

“Not really, same old things.”

Jan snuggled closer and said, “I want to thank you for letting me come visit. I had the best time!”

“I’m glad you came,” I replied and tossed the paper aside.

“Oh, I came more than once!” She laughed, “I think I’ll return the favor.”

Jan's left hand slid down inside my shorts and grabbed my dick. She started to play with it and get me hard. I didn't mind one bit figuring we were going to fuck again. I slipped my shorts off and leaned back on the sofa as she stroked me to full size.

"I don't want to be leaking cum all the way home," She said, looking at my cock, and ran her wet tongue around the tip a couple of times, "I'll just give you a blow-job instead."

I wasn’t going to complain as she took me in her mouth and started sucking and stroking my cock. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. I didn't see any reason to hold back my orgasm, and it wasn't long before I was ready to cum. At that age, I shot pretty big loads with a lot of pressure behind it. I thought it was only fair to warn her when I was about to cum. Kim had her hand around the base of my shaft and just sucked and stroked me harder.

I let out a few “Ah’s and Oh's" when I shot my load in the back of her throat. Sometimes even Jan couldn't swallow it all, but Kim didn't have any trouble! Yet after I was finished, she milked my shaft and left my cock nice and clean.

“Now I can brush my teeth and finish packing,” She told me with a smile and stood up.

“That was fantastic,” I told her.

Jan rubbed her tummy, “I have plenty of crème in my coffee now!”

I just laughed as she headed for the bathroom. Kim was something else!


After making love to Jan that night, she wanted to talk as usual.

“Babe, guess what happened today?”


“The CFO from the main office in Denver showed up for a surprise audit.”

“What’s a CFO?”

“Chief Financial Officer.”

That woke me up, “How’d it go?”

"He couldn't find anything wrong. He said he loved the way I'd trained the employees and managed the bank."

"Wow! that's great!" I replied, "Maybe you'll get a big raise?"

"Actually, he said they are looking for a replacement manager for the main bank here. I guess the current man is going to retire in a few months. He wants me to go to the interview board in Kansas City Friday morning."

“Are you going to do it?” I asked.

“It would be a huge raise,” Jan said, “I’d be making almost as much as you do.”

For me that was something to think about. We were doing okay, but that would mean we could buy a bigger house.

“That would be nice!” I told her.

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing,” Jan replied, “There’s just one catch.”

“Catch? What do you mean?”

Jan rolled over and looked at me, “He wants me to drive up after work tomorrow because the interview is early in the morning.”

“So, that seems reasonable.”

"That's not all," Jan replied, "He asked me to have dinner with him so he could coach me on the interview questions. He said that as the CFO on the panel, he could almost guarantee I'd get picked with his recommendation."

"So, what's wrong with that?" I asked, "If you want the job, that sounds pretty easy."

Jan smiled at me like I was a lost child who didn’t understand anything.

“Scott, he wants me to do more than just have supper with him.”

“He said that?”

“Not in so many words, but it was pretty obvious the way he was acting.”

“How old is this guy?”

"I dunno, maybe 50. The company profile says that he's married and has a couple of teenage kids."

I had to think about that for a while. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.

“What do you think I should do?” Jan asked, “I’ll turn it down if you want me to.”

“Do you want to sleep with him?”

“Not particularly, he’s okay looking,” She answered, “But I really want the job. I wouldn’t be the first woman who slept with someone to get a better job.”

I knew that was true enough, although I hadn’t known anyone who had actually had done it.

I asked, “What if he doesn’t do as promised?”

Jan laughed, "I doubt he wants me to send a letter to his wife, telling her what a bad boy he's been."

I laughed, “No, I suppose he doesn’t.”

"So, if that happens, are you okay with it?" She asked, reading my features.

If we hadn't already been swapping partners and all the other things we'd been doing, I would have been dead set against it. I didn't see it as much different and went along with it. But I was glad she had told me first. Otherwise, I would have been pissed to find out later.

"If that's what you want, babe," I told her, "But I get half your salary."

Jan slapped me on the arm, “You already get half, you want more you sleep with him!”

I laughed, "Not my style, hon. So, are you driving up right after work tomorrow?”

“Yes, I’ll bring my dress clothes with me for the interview.”

“Good luck,” I told her.

Jan kissed me on the lips, “Thanks, I love you so much!”

“I love you too!”

I went to sleep, wondering what would happen. It was just another life change, and I figured I might as well roll with it. I decided right then I should write all this down someday. Even if nobody would believe it.

We made love early in the morning, and Jan left for work with an overnight suitcase. I wasn't going to enjoy being alone that night. It had been forever since I'd slept without her. I tried to get my mind off it and did some yard work instead.


I was only human and was mopping around thinking about whatever Jan was doing. I was looking in the fridge for supper when the doorbell rang. I wondered who it could be, and when I opened the door, KC was standing there with a big sack.

“Hi,” She said, “I brought you dinner!”

“Wow, my favorite cheeseburgers!” I told her after looking in the bag.

“Come on in! I was just wondering what to eat. How did you know?”

KC walked in, and I shut the door behind her, "Jan called me and asked if I'd keep you company while she was out of town. She didn't want you to be lonely tonight."

I got a big smile on my face as I followed KC to the kitchen. Jan had known I'd be fretting and had set this up for me. Damn, I loved her so much! A man couldn't ask for a better wife, in my opinion.

I got some plates out, and we dumped the food on them and got a couple of beers to go with it. We went outside to eat by the pool and talk. KC was all smiles and perfect company. KC was such a hot looking girl, and I was pretty sure we'd end up in bed later.

“So, is your A/C still working?” I asked her as I ate my fries first.

"I don't know," She said between bites, "I moved in with another girl who had a two-bedroom apartment and wanted someone to help pay the rent."

“Oh, great!” I replied, “What else is new?”

"My roommate Sharron is a year older than me, and she has a steady boyfriend. He has a friend, and we've double-dated a few times."

“Sounds good,” I replied, “Are you serious about him?”

KC smiled at me, holding her burger, "Not really, he's more of a fuck buddy."

I laughed, “Well, that’s better than nothing.”

“You guys turned me into a little slut,” KC remarked, “My folks would die if they knew the things I’ve done!”

"Might as well enjoy life while you're young," I told her, "You're supposed to have a good time in college."

KC winked at me, “I brought my overnight bag if you don’t mind me spending the night?”

“You have no idea how good that sounds to me!”

KC’s face lit up with this big beautiful smile, “I was hoping you’d say that!

“I’d be crazy to say no!”


It had been a great evening by the time we went to bed. We'd gone skinny dipping in the pool, and drank a lot of beer. We used the downstairs bedroom because I wasn't about to break the rules of not using our own bed. KC came out of the bathroom and crawled into the king-sized bed with me. She didn't bother wearing anything.

She snuggled up to me and grabbed my cock, “I’ve been looking forward to this all night!” She told me.

"Me too!" I replied, and we started kissing while she played with my dick until it was rock hard.

KC crawled up on top of me in a 69, and that was fine with me. I started licking her shaved little twat while she began sucking my prick. KC had a tasty little pussy and a tight looking little anus. I got the wild hair to sample just how tight it was. But first, I fucked her doggy style until she had a massive orgasm. Pulling her hair with one hand and pounding her tight little cunt.

I let her flop over on her back right after and dug in the nightstand for the anal lube. She was still moaning softly as I lubed up my dick with it. I pulled her to the side of the bed on her back until her crotch was at the edge. Squirted some more lube on my finger and slid it up her tight little butt hole.

“Ahhhh!” She yelled, “What are you doing?”

"Getting you nice and lubed up," I told her, sliding my finger back and forth up her rear.

“OH MY GOD!” She moaned, “You’re too big for that!”

“It’ll fit with plenty of lube.”

I kept finger fucking her butt hole with lube and rubbing her clit with my other thumb. It wasn't that long before she was moaning and her anus relaxed enough for me to try sticking my cock up it.

I pulled two fingers out of her rear once it felt loose enough for me to try. I pushed both of her legs up and made her hold them back. KC didn't complain or stop me. She gripped her legs by the back of her knees with both hands. While I coated the head of my cock with more lube. I put it in her little crater and slowly, ever so slowly pushed with steady pressure.

“Oh my God, Oh my God!” KC groaned as her little butt hole slowly stretched over the head of my dick until it popped inside.

Her little anus felt like a rubber band around my shaft just behind the head. I didn't go any further and started rubbing her clit again to get her mind off it. It did, and once I felt her ring relax a bit, I started pumping in little strokes at first. She was moaning and groaning loudly as I got deeper and deeper. Finally, I was able to slide the whole length in and out without her yelling too much. The pain had gone away for the most part, and she started liking it.

I liked it too! Her little butt was tight as fuck as I pumped in and out. KC had a couple of orgasms before I got off. Rubbing her clit and fucking her tight little ass at the same time had done the trick.

I started slamming her butt hard and fast, and she started yelling again. She was headed for another orgasm, and I wanted to cum with her.

“I’m going to cum!” I told her.

"OH, GOD!" KC cried out, "Hurry! I'm going to cum again!"

“AH, AH, AH!” I yelled out with each spurt I sent up inside her butt. My dick was jerking hard, and it was a hell of a great orgasm.

I rubbed her clit hard and fast with my thumb, and it sent her over the edge while I was still Cumming.

KC screamed out loud and arched her back with the back of her head, pushing down against the mattress. Her chest and boobs up in the air. I reached forward and squeezed them hard and pinched her nipples. She let out another scream, and her body began to shake, and I felt something warm squirting against me. That was the first time I’d ever had a woman do that! She’d lost all control with her orgasm.

The bed was a mess, and my crotch was soaking wet. KC was embarrassed and told me she was sorry.

“Don’t be, that was amazing in more ways than one!” I told her.

She let her legs down exhausted and laughed, “I’ve never cum that hard before.”

My dick was shrinking inside her and slipped out with a river of cum, "You're welcome; it was great for me too!"

KC smiled up at me, “Help me to the shower?”

“Sure, come on.”

We showered and kissed and got clean.

"I think we ought to use another bed to sleep in," I told her, looking at the mess on the sheets.

“Good idea,” KC agreed, so we went upstairs to the spare bedroom.

KC fell asleep in my arms in minutes. Her warm naked body next to mine. I held her and drifted off not much later. It had been a great time! So much so that I'd never had time to worry about Jan. In the morning, KC wanted to fuck again, so we did. I kissed her goodbye after breakfast, and she went home with a smile on her face and her pussy full of my cum.


Jan showed up early afternoon the next day. She was all smiles as she came to the front door rolling her suitcase.

“Well?” I asked.

Jan ran over to me and hugged me and kissed me before answering.

“I got the job!” She said with a huge smile.

"Wow! that's terrific, babe."

Jan grabbed my hand and tugged me down the hall.

"Where are you taking me?"

"To bed," She replied, "I need some celebration, sex!"

I have to admit that it was just as intense as ever. We both knew the other had been with someone last night and needed to prove just how much we still meant to each other. If anything, the new lifestyle had improved our marriage in several different ways. I didn't have any qualms about it anymore.

After we finished, Jan was snuggled up to me, and I asked her if she'd slept with that old man.

She looked up at me, “I got the job didn’t I?”

I laughed, “So, how was it?”

“Average, I think he enjoyed it more than I did.”

“I bet he did.”

“Did you have a good time with KC?”

“Yes, and thank you for sending her over!”

“I didn’t want you to spend all night worrying about me.”

“It certainly got my mind off you fucking that old dude!”

Jan laughed, “It wasn’t that bad. He got me off a couple of times, but he had to work at it.”

“I’m sure he didn’t mind the work.”

We didn't do anything special on Friday. We just enjoyed being alone together and looking forward to the rest of Labor Day weekend. Jan had another surprise for me after she got off the phone with KC. Jan had asked KC if she and her roommate, plus their boyfriends wanted to come over for a barbeque on Saturday. Travis and Laura were already going to show up, and I knew what Jan had in mind…one big sex party!

I immediately started thinking of how I would surprise Jan if it happened.


When Jan went shopping for the food and booze, I did the same, and for some things I needed for my idea. When I got home before her, I changed the recessed ceiling lights in the basement with black light bulbs. Next, I slid the coffee table to the wall for enough room to layout four double sleeping bags. They were zipped together to form one substantial padded area between the sofa and the love seat.

“What’s all this?” Jan asked when she saw it later.

“A little surprise for everyone if they want to play along later.”

Jan padded across it barefoot with her hands on her hips. She turned around, grinning.

“I can only think of one thing this would be good for.”

“You think everyone will play along?” I asked.

"If they don't, they are going to miss out," Jan grinned, "KC told them that we had some wild parties but not exactly how wild.”

I knew Jan, Laura, and KC would play along. We’d never met Sharron or their boyfriends. I figured the guys would go along unless they were stupid or the jealous types. Sharron was the unknown link in my little plan.

“What does this Sharron girl look like?”

“KC said she’s gorgeous,” Jan replied, “She isn’t sure if she will join in or not.”

“I guess we’ll find out,” I replied.

“I hope so. The pictures of the guys are cute too. I’m sure Laura will be all in when she meets them.”

I tested the black lights, and in the dark basement, there was just an eerie purple glow, but it was good enough to see what you were doing. It also made things glow depending on the fabric color.


Everyone showed up at about 4PM. The introductions were made all around, and I was pretty impressed. Jeff and Phil were 21 and starting their senior years. Jan had arrived with Jeff and Sharon with Phill. They were all about like Travis and me. Close to six feet tall. Average builds with brown hair. I guess for guys, they were good looking, but I wasn't a judge of that. Laura and Jan seemed to like them, so who was I to complain.

Sharron was the surprise with her dark reddish-brown hair and green eyes. She was about five foot six, thin athletic looking body with nice size tits. That's not to take away from the other girls at all. All of the women were good enough looking to turn men's heads when they passed by to the pool in bikinis!

Us guys did the cooking and drank beer to get acquainted. The more we drank, the more we laughed and liked each other. That's pretty typical for dudes. The gals were in the pool in a group laughing and doing what they did best…talk! I wondered what they were talking about? And I figured Jan was laying the groundwork for later.

Jan and Laura were probably testing the waters to see if Sharron was willing to do something wild. I sure hoped so because my plan was pretty over the top. Jan didn’t even know what I had planned. I smiled and flipped the burgers and brats thinking about it.


We managed to squeeze all 8 of us onto the picnic table to eat. It was a tight fit but fun anyway. The food was perfect too! Beer was flowing, with laughter and talking. One funny thing that happened I remember so well was when Jan reached over for a Brat.

On the way back to her plate, the brat fell out of the bun and splashed into her baked beans with a plop.

“Shit!” She said, and we all watched her pick up the bean juice drenched brat with two fingers.

Without thinking, she stuck the brat endwise into her mouth and sucked the bean juice off it, and put it back in the bun. It looked like she'd just sucked on a cock. We all stopped talking and watched her do it.

“What?” She asked when she saw us all looking at her.

Phil, the joker, said what we were thinking, "You look like you're pretty good at that."

Jan realized what she'd done and came back with, "You have no idea, honey!"

Everyone burst into laughter, and Phil looked a bit embarrassed. Sharron was just grinning as she sat next to him. I could see she appreciated Jan’s humor.

The ladies cleaned up the mess since we'd done the cooking. The guys and I sat around the pool, enjoying another beer and talking about all kinds of shit. I was getting a pretty good buzz, and I think the rest of us were too.

We could see the girls making trips in and out of the house in their bikinis. It was a beautiful view, to say the least, and the sun was going down fast. Four amazing looking women in bikini's with damn cute bodies kept our attention as they all headed into the house with the last of the trash and dishes.

“Y’all sure have good looking wives, “Phil mentioned when the door closed.

"For sure!" Jeff agreed, turning his head back around.

“Do you want to have sex with them?” I asked.

That surprised everyone, including my brother. Travis looked at me and got a smile on his face when he figured out what I was doing.

“Say what?” Phil and Jeff said almost at the same time.

I grinned at them and took a sip of beer, “I asked if you wanted to have sex with our wives.”

Phil came out of his shock first, "Is this some kind of trick question, professor?"

Travis joined in as Jeff was still starring in shock, “No trick, we all like to swing or swap partners once in a while.”

Jeff finally found his voice, "You're serious, aren't you? Your wives are okay with it?"

I laughed, “Jan came up with the idea the first time, so yeah.”

“Damn!” Phil whistled.

Jeff looked at Travis and me, “I’ve heard of it, but never knew anyone who actually did it.”

"So, are you in or out?" I replied, "Of course, you have to be willing to let your girlfriends play to keep things fair."

Phil and Jeff looked at each other, and then Phil said, "I'm in, but I don't know if KC will go along with it."

“Same here,” Jeff replied with a sly grin, “I doubt Sharron will do it, but if she does count me in.”

“You might be surprised,” I told them, “Jan and Laura can be pretty convincing.”

“So, how will we know?” Phil asked.

“I have a little game planned for later,” I told them, “I guess we’ll find out then.”

Travis looked at me, “Game?”

“Don’t worry, bro, you’re going to love it!”

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” He replied with a grin.

“Only one way to find out.”


An hour later, we all gathered downstairs by the bar. All of the gals were in their bikini's and the guys in swimming trunks. I poured a round of shots, and we all downed them before setting up the game.

“What’s with the sleeping bags on the floor?” KC asked, “You planning on making us sleep there?”

I laughed, “No, it’s for a little game I came up with.”

“What kind of game?”

“An adult game if you’re willing to play along?”

KC got that look and smiled, “So, are you going to tell us what it is?”

Everyone was looking at me now, and I figured I'd see if my idea played out or not. Everyone was lit up enough from the booze that it was now or never.

I explained, “Okay, this game involves sex in some form or another. I’ll explain the rules as we go along. The bottom line is you might end up having sex with anyone in this group.”

There was silence for a few moments. Then KC laughed, “Are you serious?”

Laura was the first to respond, “Count me in!”

"Me too!" Jan said, "What kind of a game did you come up with, babe?"

"You'll find out," I told her, "But if you agree, you have to follow my rules. Once the game starts, you can't quit in the middle."

KC laughed, "Sounds mysterious. I'll play along if Jeff wants to?"

Jeff looked happy, “Count me in then.”

Phill looked at Sharon, “Me too if Sharon wants to play?”

We all looked at Sharon, and she seemed a little stunned. I was worried she'd say no. This was especially so when the first two words she said were, "No Way."

“No way…y’all are leaving me out! I might need a couple more shots first.”

Everyone laughed, and I felt relieved, "I think a couple more would be good for us all!"

I poured another round, and then a second. When the shots were done, everyone was grinning and wondering what came next. I got behind the bar and drug out 4 blindfolds. That kind that people use to sleep during the day. Simple things with an elastic strap but good enough to do the job.

Everyone was wondering about them when I got out this little digital timer I'd bought. It was a neat little thing that you could set the buzzer to go off after you dialed in how long in minutes. It also had a repeat mode that would work perfectly. I think it was a fancy egg timer or something cooks used, but it would work.

"Come on, let's play!" I told them, and we went and got on the big square of sleeping bags after I turned on the black lights and killed the regular lights

I lined up the women in a circle with their backs to each other facing outwards. Each one spaced out like every 15 minutes on a clock. I handed them each a blindfold and told them to put them on.

The girls were laughing, “This is crazy!” KC said, but put it on anyway.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” I told her.

I lined up the guys facing them: Travis facing Sharon, me with KC, Phill with Jan, and Jeff with Laura. I set the timer 90 seconds and got ready to push the button.

"The first round is a warm-up," I explained, "This round, only kissing is allowed. Guys, each time you hear the tone, move to the next lady to your right."

The girls all laughed, “Oh, I like this idea!” Jan said.

"Okay, guys, ready?" They looked over at me and gave the thumbs up.

“Go,” I said and pushed the start button.

I was familiar with KC, and she knew right away that it was me. We lip-locked and French kissed deeply for the whole 90 seconds. I held her nice tight ass the entire time while she had her arms around my neck. When the timer went off, we all moved, and I was in front of Jan. She knew it was me too, and we got hot and heavy until the tone went off again.

“I love this game,” She told me as I left.

I had Laura next, and it was repeated. I could tell everyone was getting excited by now. The fourth tone brought me in front of Sharon. She was certainly into the game now and stuck her tongue in my mouth right away. We played tongue games as I watched Jan necking with Jeff.

At the end of each round, we went back to our starting positions. The next round, I called “fondling” and left the timer on 90 seconds.

“Girls, get those tops off and toss them behind you,” I told them, “Put your hands behind your back because this is the boob fondling and nipple sucking round.”

The girls were chuckling again but did what I said and stood there with their chests out, waiting for us. I hit the start button, and 90 seconds was just enough time to enjoy squeezing, kissing, and sucking on some very hard nipples. Some moans were starting to escape from the girls by the time we'd all of us guys got to suck and play with each woman’s nipples.

I know I enjoyed that round as much as the other guys did. All those different sized and shaped boobs got a good work out from us. Nice tasty hard nipples were standing out proud after we’d cycled through them.

"Okay, ladies, drop those bottoms and lay down on your backs," I told them, "This is the pussy eating round!"

I set the timer for two minutes and repeat.

“OH MY GOD!” Sharron laughed but yanked off her bottoms and laid down on the sleeping bags with her legs spread apart. The other girls did the same, and Jan and Laura were rubbing their pussies waiting for the go.

The naked ladies made a big + sign with their bodies on the floor and their heads all on the inside of the circle. It was quite a sight even in the black lights!

When I said go and hit the button, I put my face between KC's thighs and licked her little shaved pussy. It wasn't long before I could hear all of the women starting to moan as we ate them out. When the timer beeped, we switched to the next woman.

I'm sure Jan knew it was me because we'd been making love almost every night for years. Her pussy lips were puffy, and she was already wet as hell. She was moaning loudly, and I almost got her off before the timer beeped.

“Jesus!” Jan groaned, “Turn that timer off!”

“Rules are rules,” I told her and moved around to Laura.

"Somebody better hurry up, and eat me!" Laura groaned.

Laura started bucking her hips right away and let out a huge moan as she came on my face. I heard Jan getting off a few seconds later, just before the timer beeped. All of us guys moved again, and I was looking at Sharon's sweet twat. I went after it with a vengeance because I hadn't heard her get off yet.

She was moaning and not quite there yet. I cheated and slid two fingers up inside her vagina and sucked hard on her cit. That did the trick, and she let out a little scream type of moan and came. Her wet vagina pulsed tightly around my fingers with her orgasm.

“Girls,” I told them, “Roll over and get on your hands and knees. This is the doggy style round.”

"Hell, Yeah!" Jeff said.

“Hurry up,” Jan groaned, “I want some cock!”

“I’m so fucking horny right now!” KC said as she assumed the position.

That made everyone laugh, including the other girls.

"Remember, guys, if you cum, you are out of the final round!"

"Shit!" Phill groaned, looking down at all the naked women waiting to be fucked.

Once we were lined back up at our starting places, I left the timer set for two minutes, “GO!

I slid all the way up inside of KC easily. She was soaking wet, and her warm cunt felt so good around my dick. The room quickly filled with the sounds of moaning girls and wet slapping noises of fucking. I was just getting a good rhythm when that damn timer beeped.

That was a good thing because the break in the action reduced the need to cum. The break as we switched to the next woman was driving the girls crazy. They'd just be getting into it when we had to stop and move. I guess the consolation for them was wondering what the next cock would feel like and who it belonged to?

That round was fun, and at one point, I looked over at Travis, and he gave me a thumbs-up as he was banging Sharon. I don't remember who, but a couple of the ladies had orgasms during that round. I was too busy enjoying each new pussy to worry about it. Sharon was the final girl, and her pussy was fine! Being fucked for 8 minutes had gotten her really hot.

Sharon was bucking back on my dick and moaning loudly. I made her cum just before the timer beeped, and that saved me from Cumming in her. I was going to do that in the final round. I made sure to drag out the timing so all of us guys could get our control back.

"You all made it to the final round," I told the them, "Ladies roll over on your backs and get ready for the final event.”

I went on, "Men's choice, pick a gal for the final round. This is the open round, and you can fuck any way you want! No time limit!"

“Are you going to talk all night?” Jan groaned, “This waiting is killing me!”

Everyone laughed, and I noticed the only position changes were between Jeff and Phill. Travis had KC, and that left me, Sharon. That was fine with me because I really wanted to cum in her sweet cunt.

I left the timer off and said, “Go!”

I crawled up between Sharon's thighs and gave her clit a few licks, which made her groan. I slowly worked my way up her flat tummy. Licking my way slowly up to her boobs. My hard dick against her slit as I sucked each of her nipples. She had nice round boobs a little bigger than large oranges. Perky pointed pink nipples that tasted so good.

"Oh God," She moaned as I enjoyed her second nipple, "Fuck me, I can't wait any longer!" She reached down between us and grabbed my cock.

I held myself above her on my palms as she guided my cock to her wet opening. She rubbed the tip up and down her slit and then put me inside her as I pushed. Fuck she felt so warm and moist as I slid all the way in.

I could hear everyone else making noise as they fucked, but I got lost in Sharon's body. There is just something about new pussy. That first time you fuck a new girl is just so exciting. I knew I wouldn't last too long, so I didn't even try. I wanted her badly! I desperately wanted to cum deep in her hot juicy pussy.

Sharon wanted it too! "Oh yes, oh God, fuck me, baby!" she started moaning, and that made me drive harder and faster as her legs went up around my hips.

I stopped long enough to pull her mask off and kiss her on the lips. When her eyes adjusted, she smiled up at me. All around us were the sounds of people fucking in varying stages of excitement.

"You took my mask off," Sharon remarked after we had another long gentle kiss.

“I want to look in your eyes when I cum,” I told her and started humping her again.

Sharon's smile quickly turned into moans. It wasn't but a few minutes later that I was getting close. Sharon had her legs and arms wrapped around me tightly as I banged her hard and fast. I was still up on my palms as she clutched me and kept looking into my eyes. God, she looked so beautiful!

I buried it to the hilt and let out some grunts and shot my load. Sharon kept looking up in my eyes like I'd wanted. I was still Cumming when I felt her fingernails dig into my ass cheeks. She kept me buried in her twat as her eyes shut, and she let out several loud moans and came. My dick was still throbbing hard even though I was empty. Each time it did, I felt her vagina give me back a squeeze of its own.

Sharon's little body was shaking slightly, and it was about 15 seconds before I felt her nails relax on my poor ass. She opened her eyes in time for me to kiss her. We just enjoyed the aftershocks until my cock started to wilt, and I pulled out. I helped her up, and she headed for the bathroom. I headed over to the bar for an ice-cold beer.

One thing I noticed in the black lights was my cum covered cock glowing whitish green. I wiped it off with a napkin and put my suit back on. I got a beer and could see the other three couples fucking. It was great! Like watching a porn movie being filmed. Travis was next to get off, and instead of Cumming in KC, he pulled out, and she sat up and took his load in her mouth.

She left for the bathroom after sucking him clean. White glowing cum dripping from her chin. That left Laura and Jan with Jeff and Phill. I could tell it wouldn't be long for them. Jan was holding her legs back almost to her chin as Jeff pounded her pussy. Her crotch was facing the bar, and even if I didn't care to see Jeff's butt bouncing up and down, watching his stiff cock going in and out of her pussy while she yelled loudly was fun to watch.

I suppose most men would think I’m crazy for not being jealous. I was way past that. Who was I to get mad when I’d had a great fuck with Sharon? Jan deserved to have her fun just as much as I did. I heard the distinctive yells of my wife Cumming, as Jeff let out a long moan and shot his load. They weren’t even done when Phill did the same to Laura.

Soon after, all of us guys stood around, having a beer, and talking about how much fun my game had been.

"Scott, I thought Frat parties were wild, but this takes the cake!" Phill told me.

"No, shit!" Jeff added with a big smile, "Invite us over more often dude!

Eventually, the women showed back up and put their suits back on. The ladies all had big smiles as well as us guys. It seemed everyone was happy about my little game. Our company left soon after and I wasn't too worried about them driving and drinking. The sex had burnt off the buzz, and the DUI laws were a joke back then.

Jan took a bath, and I took a shower before bed. After getting cleaned up, I was tired, and so was Jan. I was planning on going to sleep as she snuggled up to me. I didn't get that lucky as she had to talk for a while.

"Scott, did you think up that game by yourself?"

"I did. Did you like it?"

"God, it was so exciting!" She replied, "Wondering who was fucking me each time, and wondering who the next would be?"

“I enjoyed it too!” I told her.

"I bet you did. In the bathroom, the other girls said they never thought they would do something like this, but they loved it!"


“Next time I get to make up the rules of the game,” Jan told me.

“As long as I don’t have to do a guy. Because I’m not going there.”

“What about girls doing girls?” She asked.

“I’m sure I could live with seeing that!”

“I’m going to plan something for the next time.”

"Okay, babe, can I go to sleep now?"

“After you kiss me goodnight.”


School was about to start for real. It was back to the grind, but I was looking forward to seeing all those new freshman girls in my classes. I have to admit that I’d planned on scouting out new talent for our group. I was pretty sure at least one or two college girls might be interested in trying something new.


It turned out better than I’d imagined. Apparently, as rumors got around on campus that we had special parties. I didn’t even have to look for them. They found ways to find us.

But that’s another story…
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