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With Johnny and Dustin absent, Mr.s Abernathy proceeds to seduce three of the boys
e Camp Out PT 8

I woke about 4:00 in the afternoon. Still raining, some of the bois just lingering about the camp, others, like me, had just retired to their tents, dozing in and out. Blankenship asks me about packing out, and closing ceremonies. “Can we do that in all this rain”?

“Well, it's possible, but it would be miserable. I'll go up to the office before they close to see about extending our stay”. As it turned out, because of the rain, most of the reservations had canceled for the weekend, so I annie up two more days, hoping to ride out the rain. It was actually four sites, in a row. We had to have that many because of our numbers, and the amount of vehicles and equipment we had.

Returning to the camp Kelso asks if I felt like dragging out the bikes. I said sure, and he got Alex to join us as well. They were big bikes—Honda CR 250's, basically professional motocross bikes. I drag out my gear from the jeep, and sitting at the table 'gear up'. Sliding into the pants, free-ballin, the tite kevlar fabric made my dick swell up almost instantly. I just grin to myself, as Kelso, standing near by comments on my ass, noting the seam riding up the crack of my ass. “Looks good huh”? I respond, teasingly.

Putting on the chest protector, I skipped the jersey—about to get wet and muddy anyway. I slide my big ass size 12 jock feet into the Alpinestars--$700 Italian moto boots, and just smile, thinking to myself how lucky I have been to have all this stuff.

With the three of us now geared up, we fire up the bikes, now waking everyone that was asleep, lol, and head for the field. As expected, it was sloppy as a well used ass. Slippin and slidin was about all we could accomplish really, although we did manage to shoot some pretty tall 'geysers' from the rear wheels. The muddy water sailed into the air giving a pretty impressive show, though the three of us were all there was to see it.

We only stayed out about an hour—the field was just to wet to do any racing, or maneuvers, or tricks. We each had laid down our bikes into the mud about 2-3 times, so we finally decided it was just too sloppy, and headed up to the bath house.

We drove the bikes straight into the showers, and turned on all the heads along the long wall, washing off the bikes, and ourselves. As we entered, someone came busting out of one of the stalls, holding his pants up, startled at the sudden loud noise, as it echoed through the concrete structure. We just laughed as the dude bolted for the entrance, still holding up his pants like he had just been caught by his girl's dad.

Stripping out of our gear, we wash it all off under the shower heads, then proceed to rinse off ourselves as well. Dustin shows at the entrance, having followed us up in the jeep, and comes in with a couple of equipment bags to put all our soaked gear in. “What are we gonna wear to ride back” ? Asks Alex, kinda concerned looking. “Fuck dawg—there ain't nobody out—ride nakked” ! He exclaims, grabbing his dick at the site of us three.

Hopping back on the bikes now, we do just that, and go flying out of the bathhouse, buck ass nakked. We ride through the flaps of the canopy walls to the middle of camp, and just proceed to our tents for some dry sweats, and flip flops.

A couple of grins and snickers were about all the reaction we got from the few that were still outside—it was after-all just a bunch of b o y s, and no big deal—except, “Mrs. Abernathy” ! I exclaimed, just noticing her seated at one of the tables. “Well high there Matthew” ! I had not even noticed her car, sitting at the top of the hill from the camp--guess she had walked down the drive from fear of getting the car struck.

“I expected the see you guys packing up, but instead got quite a show of young buck nekkid teenagers instead” ! I kinda blushed, no—I turned beet red at her comments.

“Uhhhh oh, sorry Mrs. Abernathy—we had just rinsed off from playing in the mud, and uh, forgot to take some clothes with us to the bath house”. “Well hun, it's ok—I know it's just basically you b o y s out here—looks like everyone else has left, except for just a few”. “Ya, we decided it would be too miserable packing all this stuff up in the rain, so I paid up till Sunday. It's sposed to quit by then”. I was still a bit nervous with Mrs. Abernathy seeing us all nekkid—hope she didn't think we were like that all the times—bunch of b o y s running around the woods nekkid, like Lord of the Flies or something.

“So—where's Mr. Abernathy”? I asked. “Oh he is still working—most likely will work late tonight”. We kinda got quite, as Mrs. Abernathy scans the camp site. “my—there are sure a lot of fine young men out here” she says, kinda coy like. “Yes mamm—they are some good guys”. “Yes indeed—all lean and muscled up”. I kinda raise my eyebrows a-bit, as I glance over at Kelso. “Well I meant----” “Oh fuck it Matthew—can't you tell when an older woman is coming on to you”? I choke up at the words, then she continues, “SO how many of your yung studs here you think would like to fuck”?

Startled, I jump up from the table. I grab Kelso by his hair—he didn't have a shirt on, and waved over at Alex, pointing to our tent. “Right this way please”, bowing towards Mrs. Abernathy like a butler. Glancing around a bit, I have no idea where Dustin and Johnny have disappeared to. Prolly going at it again themselves.

The four of us enter our tent, and Mrs, Abernathy instantly removes her top, exposing her ample supply of bosum :) Alex drops his jaw open, and I give him a little push to his shoulder. “You first home boi”. Mrs. Abernathy drops to the floor, and laying on her back whisks off her skirt, and just spreads eagle, right there on the sleeping bags. “Eat me honey” she commands, staring Alex coldly in the face. Alex just stands there—stunned. “Well hun, you do eat pussy don't you”? Alex, still mortified, just responds, “Uh—YA--sure” ! With that he drops to his knees, and burying his face into Mrs. Abernathy's bush, goes to town. Mrs. Abernathy lets out a shriek, and exclaims “Oh my yes ! I knew you young studs would know how to treat a woman”. Kelso and me have now whipped out our dicks, and are slowly stroking them up. Finally, in the heat of the moment, Alex stands up, and shucking off his sweats, jumps back between Mrs. Abernathy's legs, and slides it to her. “Ahhhhh” they both let out, simultaneously. Alex begins a rapid teenage pounding into Mrs. Abernathy's cunt, as Kelso and me continue stroking our now b l o o d engorged cocks. Looking up, Mrs. Abernathy exclaims, “My gawd—what massive tools you b o y s have” ! I assumed at this point, that Mr. Abernathy prolly wasn't all that 'gifted'.

It only took a few minutes before Alex jumps up, and grasping his swollen dick in his fist, blows his nut all over Mrs. Abernathy's face and boobs. She shrieks again, at the amount of his volley, “Why—I've never seen such a volley” ! And begins rubbing it across her boobs. “Me next” proclaims Kelso. In like fashion, Kelso dropps to between Mrs. Abernathy's still stretched out legs, and plows in. “EEEEEK” she exclaims. “Why your even bigger” !! Alex has taken a seat of the floor, and lit a cigarette, just watching the show now. As Kelso proceeds to service Mrs. Abernathy, I go down to my knees as well, and leaning over from above her head, take her right boob into my mouth. By-passing the usual tit play, I mouth up her whole boob, sucking on it like a babe. After a few, I switch to the other side, as Kelso continues his onslaught.

Finally, Kelso, like Alex, jumps up, and adds his own volley now to Mrs. Abernathy's face and boobs. He blows about seven shots, delighting her to the max. Now my turn, and the biggest dick yet, I carefully began to slide in Mrs, Abernathy's wet snatch. “Oh come on hum—you ain't gonna hurt it” she offers with a giggle. With that, I grab her by the ankles, and slinging her legs up and over my shoulders, began my best jock fuck of her now super sloppy pussy. Banging the fuck out of her, she begins moaning and exclaiming rather loudly. Kelso sits beside her, and muffles her mouth with his hand, giggling in the process. Continuing on with my best fucking skill, Mrs. Abernathy begins shaking, and trembling, and I knew I was about to 'get her'. Suddenly she convulses, and starts shaking like a Southern Baptist at revival.

In like fashion as the others, I jump up to a full standing position, and grabbing my junk, began my own volley of super thick jock junk. Nine shots I blast across the tent, with the first three landing over Mrs. Abernathy's head. Four more jet out of my piss slit, and leave a stream from her face to her now dripping wet pussy. Two more, finally dropping to just below her, onto Kelso's sleeping bag, and I'm spent.

After a few quite moments, as we all start to get dressed, Mrs. Abernathy just mutters, “Well, I can certainly see why you b o y s like to go camping” !

We all emerge from the tent, and quickly resume our sitting positions at the table, and resume our coffee—now cold, lol. Dustin and Johnny have finally appeared---”MOM---when did you get here”? He asked dumbfounded. “About an hour ago hun—it its Friday you know—thought I'd be picking you up”

“Ahhh no—we been delayed because of the rain. I guess I should have called”.

“SO honey—have you been having a good time”?

“Oh ya mom—I've had the best time of my life” !!

“Ya—I know I certainly have”.


“Oh nothing dear—I just meant I have enjoyed sitting here talking with Matthew and Kelso there”.
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