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This is a letter to the wife of my boyfriend, I was her best friend and I knew what I was doing since day 1.

The details of this story are completely true. I'm enjoying writing it and reliving it as I write.

You will never get this letter Linda, partly because you don't deserve to know everything that happened, secondly, I don't want you to know everything. I want you to always wonder what happened that you don't know about. I'll write it here for the entire world to read, everyone but you.
This is a letter to the wife of my boyfriend, I was her best friend and I knew what I was doing since day 1.

The details of this story are completely true. I'm enjoying writing it and reliving it as I write.

You will never get this letter Linda, partly because you don't deserve to know everything that happened, secondly, I don't want you to know everything. I want you to always wonder what happened that you don't know about. I'll write it here for the entire world to read, everyone but you. You were so wrong for all the things you did that isn't mentioned in this letter, the hidden bank accounts, the constant ordering from tv shopping and websites and way more but you know what you did!

From the first time I saw your husband on cam on Fb live I knew he was going to be mine. I sent some sexy photos to get him interested. Then we started talking on the phone. You would call while he was talking to me and you would continue to call but he always talked to me and made you wait. I lived 8 hours away so I had to figure out how to meet my man soon!

I befriended you on Fb live and I said all of the right things for you to invite me up to stay for a visit. You didn't even know that I had met him before meeting you surprise! I came up for a visit after we talked for several months, I had to meet him. I packed up and drove 8 hours to come see him. He told you he had to go to a friends house and he came to see me for the first time ever. I met you the next day. Linda, it was so romantic, he brought me stuffed animals and chocolate. Little Papa, my teddy bear, you remember him, I always had him with me in your apartment. It made me hot knowing your husband bought it for me and I was holding it right in front of you. I was so nervous to open the door when he knocked, I slowly opened the door and ran into his arms. I Knew that I was in love now that I saw him in person. All those electric feelings running thru my body. We held each other for the longest time, I had him come in, we talked for a bit and I excused myself and went to the ladies room and put on a sexy red piece of lingerie. He took me into his arms and kissed me oh so deep, it made me so wet. How long had it been since he kissed you like that Linda? He didn't want you anymore but didn't know how to get out of a 23 year marriage, 27 years together with all of your problems.

After a long foreplay session, he went down on me. My pussy was so wet and wanted him so bad that it was throbbing. He licked & sucked on my lips letting his tongue slide inside of my pussy. Then he started licking circles around my clit, then came the sucking on my clit that sent me thru the roof. I had to taste him right then so I pulled him up and had him lay back. I gave that man the best blowjob of his life, he tasted so good, I'd waited so long. He pulled me up and I straddled him letting his cock tease my pussy. Sliding down his cock and not letting him inside of me was driving us both crazy. I sat down suddenly when I felt the head at the entrance to my pussy and we both gasped. Oh my God he felt good inside of me. We made love twice that evening and it was so good. All those calls you made that went to voicemail he was balls deep inside of my pussy. He filled me so full of cum that it leaked out everywhere. I asked how long it had been since he had any sex and it had been about 3 years. (She was much older than him, 20 years older to be exact). I tried to get him off one more time just to make sure he was empty in case you, the old bag tried something. He left to go home that evening smelling like me, he didn't shower and we both smelled like sex. We were so happy, finally after all of this time talking on the phone and social media, we were finally together!

When we were talking online you said that you wished you had someone to help you clean and other household chores. That was my in You told me "well come on over and you can stay here" joking around. Surprise! I showed up the day after making love to your husband the evening before. So that was how you started taking advantage of me. All you had to do was sit and watch tv but you couldn't even do that without bitching at your husband about every little thing. I felt bad for him and knew that you did not deserve him. I was going to make sure he was mine and nothing was going to stop me. So I became friends with you both, we did everything together as friends and nothing was ever mentioned at first about your sex life. But we became closer and closer (Or should I say You became closer and closer to me).

You began to open up to me and tell me all your desires and your problems. You said that he hadn't been intimate with you for a couple years and that you needed that closeness but he never gave it to you. I filed that bit of info away to use later. I always told him most of what you said. Not everything because I needed some info to get him away from you.

He waited on you hand and foot, took care of your health problems & paid bills. It got to where you weren't even cooking, I was doing all the household duties but, I had the best end of the deal your husband. I was actually staying at your place when I came up to visit and was your best friend on the planet. Talking on the phone when I was back at my place 8 hours away, talking on social media. Keeping me posted on all of your needs, desires, wants things you wanted from him. Now you were telling me everything. I soaked it all up and used it to control and manipulate you.

Your husband and I was sneaking kisses or whatever we could get every time you went to the bathroom or left the room when I was there for visits (which became more and more frequent, and I stayed at their place every time). I remember nights he was rubbing your neck and I started complaining that my neck and head hurt too. You told him to rub my neck so maybe it would help my headache. You weren't going to get a neck massage from my man without me getting one too! He started rubbing my neck and you got up to go to the bathroom. We were kissing and he was playing with my tits until you came back into the room. Sometimes I would rub his cock making it hard thru his jeans.

On the nights you went to bed and left us up alone, you always left the door cracked. I think you were standing on the other side of the door listening to us, not that there was much to hear, except maybe moaning. Linda you would go to bed and I sucked your husbands cock every night and I mean Every night. He would drive me crazy playing with my tits. I Love my tits to be played with. It's one of the things that drives me crazy. I like my tits being played with more than I like to have my pussy eaten. If you hadn't been such a prude you might have found that out. I know, you think being "Bi" is nasty, you are so quick to judge when you haven't had sex in "a couple of years". Prude much?

I decided that I was going to move to where you lived, I wanted this man more than anything and I was going to have him. I got an apartment in the same building as you . One of the best times we had was on your 23rd anniversary. We took you to dinner for your anniversary and then went home. I went to my apartment and then came back like 5 minutes later and said that my window was stuck I asked if he would come over and try to open it do you remember this Linda? We went to my apartment and he went to the bedroom while I was locking the door. I grabbed him and kissed him so deeply rubbing his cock thru his pants. I dropped to my knees and started to unzip him, he said that there wasn't enough time. I just went down on his cock like a starving woman sucking, licking, stroking that cock and I made him cum in less than 5 minutes way less. You would never suck his cock so I'm making up for all the years you were a worthless wife. You are making it way to easy to take your husband away from you. When he went home I made sure there was a lot of cum around his zipper, enough for you to notice, and I hope you see it.

I hated sneaking around and having to watch him kiss you. The way you kiss 3 little pecks makes me ill. But I still hate it because it's affection that I wanted and would have. When he got home that evening you asked what that was, and it was a big wet cum spot. He said it was water from washing his hands and water splashing up from the sink. I wanted you to see it.

There were so many times I sat across from you while I had your husbands cum running out of my wet pussy and running down my ass. You hate the fact that now you know I could control you and now I control your husband, he controls me as well but that's not the point. You Couldn't control him. He does what I want when I want it. I have access to all his credit cards, I take care of everything he needs. It makes me hot to know that I have him now, controlling him and getting what I want, when I want it. Again, doing what was your job is so easy for me and it was so hard for you. You didn't want to be a wife Linda, you wanted an atm. But instead you got nothing and I got it all. When you left and wrote a letter saying you had everything you wanted, I not only took your man, but all of your stuff, and one of the most important items...your bed. I mean, we had fucked on it many times, but now it's mine.

I wanted you to know about us all along but because of your "health" (Ha you lying ass) we hid it from you but I knew I was going to be a homewrecker and I don't care who knows it! I planned the entire thing, and it went perfect.

Another time that is unforgettable is when he was sleeping one afternoon and you went to the dr. by yourself leaving me in your apartment with my man sleeping so close. He woke up and walked into the living room asking where you were, I pulled down his pajamas and started sucking his cock. He tasted so good, I was so hot thinking that you could walk in at any minute and see us. I wanted you to come home and catch us. If I had heard that key turn I would have just sucked that much harder pulling him deep into my throat while staring at her right in the eye. Fuck I wanted you to walk in and see me. The sooner you found out the better as far as I was concerned but we were both trying to take care of you. I love it that I have stolen your man and you are all alone. I get wet knowing that you will never have sex again and it's because of me! I love the fact that I controlled and manipulated you in every way, I would only tell you part of what he told me in private knowing that it would hurt you. And I told you some things that cut to the bone. I suppose it was ok that you had a boyfriend on the side, spent 1000's of dollars, and so many other nasty underhanded tricks.

You cried, I hugged you but inside my pussy was on fire and I was so happy that you were so miserable. I'm even happier now that he is all mine and you have no one. Karma is a bitch! I want you to know that we have sex every day, even after 2 years...when you left 2 years ago, he moved in with me and it's been amazing ever since. Thank you for giving me your husband now if you would just divorce him instead of refusing I could carry his last name and my life will be complete. We are so in love, he wants to marry me so bad but can't until the divorce.

This letter is hot, maybe I'll send it to you after all :)

If you enjoyed this "letter" let me know and I will continue on.

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