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Ashley-Nicole is in a financial bind as she looks to escape her small town life. She gets an unexpected offer from an older man, what is she to do?
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Daniel Goddard sat at his table. On yet another service call to some far-flung place, this time he found himself in a charming, though really small mid-western town. So small it was, he had actually used a vacation rental app to rent a little bungalow for the week he would be here, as it beat the other place to stay; a local bedbug hotel (or so the reviews claimed). Pushing the ‘Double-Nickel’ in years, Dan had worked his 6ft/183cm frame hard, & managed to stay in excellent shape, and were it not for his fast-graying hair, he could pass for a man 20 years his junior.

It had been a long day, and it may have appeared as though he was looking at this menu, but Dan was in fact eavesdropping on the two waitresses at the station just behind him, talking shop. One was discussing her car repair and if she should just repair it @ more than $1k or get another car altogether. Odd thing was, this particular waitress was, he was quite sure, the young lady who had also waited on him at the hardware store earlier the same day. Town was too small for it to be anyone else, and that got his mind spinning.

She was not his ‘normal’ type, not that she had been particularly flirtatious, nor had he, but so much time on the road had worn on him, and as she moved towards another table across the way, Dan let his eyes take her in in. Her name tag said Ashley-Nicole, yep, it was her. With very narrow hips and breasts that looked to be a B-cup at best, he could see that Ashley-Nicole stood about 5’ 4”/163cm in height, and was quite slim & petite, with a very light complexion, and her brown near pixie-cut hair accented her face quite well. Dan gathered from the convo that Ashley-Nicole lived on her own, and was in tech school, so that put her in her very early 20’s, a surprisingly attractive blue-collar girl in a nice little working-class town.

As she approached his table, Ashley-Nicole also had the “I know you” look, and they had a nice chuckle at the coincidence. As she went off to place his order, Dan’s mind was now spinning full tilt. Thru the meal, Dan noted she checked on him several times, always with a smile it was her job to be friendly, he got that, but she did seem to give him a bit more attention that the others around her, and he liked that. Finally, at the end of the meal, Dan was careful to give her a very generous tip, quite a bit more than the price of the meal itself, sure to get noticed, and exited the little place, knowing his plan was underway.

The next day, his last full day in town, Dan headed to the hardware store under the guise of needing a few items. On a side-aisle and with a slight blush, Ashley-Nicole thanked him for the generosity. Dan smiled. “well, look, as I see it, you are a young lady really trying to improve yourself, just wish I could help further.” Ashley-Nicole smiled and said “thanks! I know you’re new here in town…” “Yeah,” Dan replied, “I own my own business, servicing hospital electronic systems mostly and that is what brings me here. I hope I’m not being forward, but if may, I see what you are trying to do, trying to get ahead, because I was once like you. May I ask, do you intend to stay here?” “Umm...No”, Ashley-Nicole replied, “this is nice, but there is a world out there & I want to see it, but it’s hard to do that when you’re here….working two jobs and a bum-car.” Dan smiled and nodded, this was indeed working “Ashley-Nicole,” he said “so there are parts of that I can really help you with, some of it right now, but here’s the thing…you have to be open minded, and think of the future, you good with that?”

Ashley-Nicole furrowed her brow. She half-figured where this was headed, but this was the first person she ever felt a link to, and she knew this person could help her, so she tentatively answered “yes, yes I am. I’m off in two hours & I need a ride, so why not pick me up out front, and let’s talk.”

Clocking out, Ashley-Nicole Creswell took a deep breath. This man was like her dad’s age, she was pretty sure. It wasn’t that she found him unattractive, and she had pretty much decided that to reach her goals, she was going to have to make certain compromises, although she had not really expected this ‘opportunity’ to fall in her lap at this time. He did appear to have a really nice body, cold steel blue eyes, and she found his jawline easy on her eyes, so she tried to look nonchalant as she walked out front to see him sitting in a Cadillac SUV. He apparently did well in business.

Dan smiled as her saw her walking out. ‘You Perv,’ he thought, ‘you ab-so-lute Perv’…. Keeping his smile, he greeted her as Ashley-Nicole got in. Getting directions to her apartment, Dan said, “Look we can certainly go straight there, but if you do not mind, we can just drive about for a bit – that way you can ask me any questions you may have. That sound OK?” Seeing that she was Ok with that, Dan fielded some questions about his business, general talk, and the like. He could tell that she was getting more comfortable with him, and that was good. Finally, it was time. “Ashley-Nicole, I have a suggestion,” Dan said. “It impresses me that you have quite the head for business, and at the same time, it saddens me that you are hit with this financial issue. Bad thing is, at this tender stage at the start of your career, a small thing like reliable transportation can derail you for years. May I ask if you know the cost and the time?”

“Ashley knew it was now, or never. Everything this man said was correct, and she wanted her future to be secure. The repair was going to be just under maybe $700 at the outside, and 4-5 days more of time, so she answered “I am being told about $1500 and a week plus”

Dan smiled, she was a cheeky one to be sure. It was in his nature to bargain, but part of his anatomy was willing to be generous, so he pulled to a red light, & responded, “OK, how about $2K, the possibility of a bonus, and I make sure this vehicle is available to you for the next two weeks?”

‘Well, the die is cast,’ Ashley-Nicole thought, then she said, “I’m not immune to the idea of what we’re not discussing here, but I think I need to know if there are any expectations or details you may have?” As she was speaking, Ashley-Nicole had unbuttoned the top and second buttons of her blouse, curious to see his reaction.

“Ok so we are going to head to the little house I’ve been renting, let me know if I need to change that.” Dan said. He wanted her to have the illusion of control of the situation. “So my expectations are simple, as I head home tomorrow in the late-AM,” he explained. “I fully expect you to spend tonight and tomorrow morning with me. You are going to make yourself fully available to me in every way, maybe in the morning too. We’ll drive the car to the airport rental at the airport, and I’ll pay you then, plus sign the car over for your use at that time.” As the town was small, Dan turned on to his street. “this is my street, so it would be good to know if you’re on board, or if I am dropping you at your apartment” he said. Seeing her start to ask the obvious, he added “bonus to be explained later.”

Ashley-Nicole noted that the lump in his pants was certainly large enough, so she simply replied with “Deal, making sure he saw her staring at it.” There were a few moments of silence as the SUV pulled into a little place that once belonged to her childhood friend, and she added “I would like to shower first…and after. Anything else having to do with the bathroom is completely mine. You won’t be hurting me, or calling me any foul names. I’m a lady, and expect to be treated as such.” Ashley-Nicole considered, then pushed aside the thought that she had made herself a whore. She knew a day similar to this would come, & she would deal with those feelings later. Hearing him agree made her feel good. It was her first real negotiation, and if it worked out as Ashley-Nicole hoped, it could wind up being a good one.

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