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The fun begins, and Ashley gets the idea that there may be more to this older man than she first thought
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It was early evening, but Dan thought he could see a touch of her nipples poking thru her bra. It may have been his imagination, but he was about to find out. Holding the door open for Ashley-Nicole, he flipped the lights on, thankful the maid he had hired had come thru earlier in the day. Holding up a finger, he led his prize directly to the bedroom, and letting go of her hand, he walked over to a small case. Holding his fob to it, there was ‘click’ as it unlocked, & Dan flipped it open. Peeling off five $100 bills, he handed them to Ashley-Nicole he said “Retainer…please don’t tuck them into your bra.”

Ashley-Nicole smiled broadly at the joke. Yep, no doubt about it, the die was cast, and she might as well play it through, especially with 4 times that number coming to her in the morning. She had several times brushed against Dan’s pants, and it was obvious from the bulge his cock was a good sized one. Ashley-Nicole had only had two real partners. The first had no clue what was going on, but while still reserved and hesitant with him, her second had taught her a few things, and she intended to draw on that, but suddenly, she very unsure of herself. Tucking the cash into her pocket, Ashley-Nicole simply stepped out just a bit, began unbuttoning her shirt and said, “How do you want me?”

Dan smiled a broad smile, the kind of a boy about to get into serious trouble, and loving it. Stepping over and taking her hands, he said, “Well, let me ‘help’ you with that” and enjoyed it as he unbuttoned her blouse. Dan noted that his new toy’s breasts were not large, but he could see her nipples clearly making ‘pokies’ thru her bra & shirt. Although she was younger than him by half and then some, she was all woman. While Dan had always fancied a woman who was a bit more ‘voluptuous/curvy’, this young lady in her early 20’s had quite the slim, lithe, petite & sexy frame. He enjoyed unhooking her bra, to finally view champagne-glass-sized breasts, and her slim hips and small ass were well accentuated by the matching cotton hi-cut panties she was wearing. It was like he was unboxing his new toy, and he was enjoying it

A means to an end, it was. Ashley-Nicole was playing a role, and she knew it, yet she found it odd that part of her was enjoying it. Dan didn’t paw at her like the guys her age. He seemed to be ‘delicate’ with her as he undressed her, and it was obvious that he was paying attention not to the act, but to her. While she had managed to grab an over nite bag with a few ‘fun’ things, Ashley-Nicole was thankful she had worn the cute, if not sexy, matching underwear. Ashley was never happy with her small breasts, and was in fact used to them getting no attention at all, so when Dan took one into his mouth, and suckled it just a bit before flicking the nipple with his tongue, it made her flush. In fact, she was quite sure that it made her a bit moist at not just the act, but the attention. She enjoyed his mouth kissing her, then the heat of it on the nape of her neck. That she really liked, and knew herself to be wet as a result, or was it the way he hooked her panties with his fingers and pe-e-e-e-eled them off her? She didn’t know or care, but Damn the attention was nice, and she found herself breathing heavier as a result, her hands fumbling just a touch in anticipation as she helped him out of his clothes.

Dan liked that this young lady naturally went with his earlier cue, and began to undress him. She was naturally submissive and he understood how to develop that, shame he didn’t have more time. Yeah, he had a bit of ‘pudge’ at the hips, a result of his age and the last stubborn bit of fat left from his intense routine, but she didn’t seem to care. He let out an impromptu chuckle as she played with his wiry, whitening chest hair, Thanks goodness his head wasn’t half that. Dan figured himself to be a means to an end but ‘what the Hell, might as well enjoy the ride’ he thought as he stepped out of his pants. Dan had been told before his dick had length to it. He had no idea as to the real length and didn’t care, but he did like the way it hung off both sides of Ashley-Nicole’s hand with considerable room to spare. As she removed his boxer-briefs, Dan was a bit embarrassed that he had clearly ‘leaked’ onto the fabric, but again, she paid it no mind, and his thoughts were of how she was going to feel as he slid it in and out of her….in due course

With both of them naked, Ashley-Nicole allowed herself to be led to the Master Bath. It was more than the attention, she was sure. Dan seemed to have a natural ‘leading-way’ about him, and she liked allowing him to lead, no boy she ever dated had shown such. She smiled as she started to step past him, then stopped and gave him a kiss, using a free hand to open the shower door and start the water. Ashley-Nicole was glad that she had fair skin, because the little makeup she used was promptly washed away After she had wet and washed her hair, she looked back out. Dan’s eyes had never left her. He had maintained contact without staring like an old Perv. SHE was his total focus, and his cock was proof of it. Earlier, she had it laying completely across her hand, and it easily hung off both sides. Her last boyfriend had one that was thicker, but wow was this longer, and she wondered how all of that would feel inside her. Sliding the door and turning away, she looked over her shoulder as some soap ran down her back, & said “Come wash my back…..please.”

There was a slight pleading to this young lady’s call, and Dan need not be told twice. Stepping in as she turned to greet him, Dan took her wrists and pinned her to the wall, the heated water of the rainfall-type shower raining on them as he kissed her. Her mouth as hot, and he liked the way she accepted his tongue so willingly. Stooping down just a bit, he slid his waiting cock underneath her, then pushed himself against Ashley-Nicole. Continuing the kiss, he began a s-l-o-w grind, rubbing his pubic hair against her clit, and felt her moan into his mouth. She raised herself, then raised one leg to accept him because she wanted him, but he didn’t let her had him. He liked the way she moaned more fervently, and moved a bit faster on him. Did she want him inside her already? He wasn’t sure, but wasn’t concerned, as there was no way he was going to give thiS girl control. Grasping her under her ribs he lifted her up, and keeping her eyes go wide as his member shift up, he set her down…without being inside her. The look on her face was palpable, and he turned her away and soaped her back.

Her skin was smooth, and working his hand around to her belly, he trailed down, then thru her pubic hair, mentally noting that he wished he had time to work on that. Dipping just a bit lower, he heard her emit a small gasp as his index finger found her ‘button’, her clit. He liked that she leaned back into him, and with his other hand he reached under her arm to grasp her nipple. With the finger touching her clit he began to make light, fast circles, while with the other he lightly pinched and p-u-ll-u-ed her nipple in a light, teasing manner. The effect was immediate; he held her firmly with his forearms, and as he felt her grind herself back into him he liked that the water fell on her as she looked up and moaned, open-mouthed. Sensing her body tensing, he eased off and stopped. He was going to get the most out of this woman, he decided, so he let her kiss him, enjoying the feel of her hand around his dick, squeezing it as he shut off the water. He wanted her, and he was going to take this woman, but he also going to make damn sure she understood who controlled this situation.
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