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Ashley finds herself willingly submitting to this older man, as he continues to pleasure her
Ashley-Nicole though going into this it was going to be 1-2 quickies and a big payoff. That was wrong, but at the rate this guy was going, it was OK, because she now figured was going to be a Helluva ride. Had he continued in the shower playing with her clit, she would likely have come right there. The other men she’d been with had only been one-orgasm lovers, and it had left her wanting. She had always thought herself to be multi-orgasmic, and with this opportunity, she intended to find out, even if she killed this ‘dad-age’ man. Again, she adored the attention he gave her as they toweled each other off. He added kisses and the like, just showing he was paying attention. What was a real thrill though, was the way, once dry, that he lifted her. His arms weren’t huge, but he was very much in shape, so he lifted her lither frame with ease, and she just naturally allowed her herself to submit and be carried. She like the way he carefully placed her on the bed and she willingly accept his tongue in her mouth. She was hungry for him now, and she wanted to feel him inside her.

As their tongues were exploring each other, she again took hold of his manhood, only to be surprised as Dan broke the kiss, pulled away, and with a knowing grin, Ashley-Nicole heard herself emit a ‘little girl’ squeal as her new lover pulled her around to a new position. He was not handling her roughly, but rather playfully, and her wonder as to the new position was answered as he began kissing the inside of her thigh. She enjoyed being dominated like this, but why? Knowing where he was going made her all but gush in anticipation, she was surely soaked at this point. Letting herself lay back on her elbows, as Dan slowed his progress at the top of her thighs, she twirled his hair just a bit, trying to urge him forward.

It was like a bolt of lightning as she felt his wet tongue part her labia, and the slow, firm LAAAAP of his tongue moving up her slip made her throw her head back and release a moan that had a bit of a whimper. Again, and nearly the same result, but this time she found herself saying “Ahhh..Feels goooood…..” She could feel her muscles tensing as he worked her clit, then relaxing as he moved back to her vagina. It didn’t help that she played with his hair and he let her hold his head in place. It was driving her crazy and that, along with her heavy panting gave away that the wave was definitely building. Her lover was very good at paying attention to her needs, and made it easy to submit to him, laying back and just trying to pace herself with him.

Ashley-Nicole’s face was contorting in a manner that meant she couldn’t hold back much longer. Her voice had grown from low moans to loud yelps and she found herself begging him to not stop. She had always considered herself ‘liberated’ from the control of any man, and now here she was, squirming in erotic delight as her lover licked, nibbled, and suckled her pussy in manner she had only dreamt of. The wave was now getting closer and repeatedly she said “I-I-I’m Cu-Cu-CUmmmmmmming!” but when her lover introduced his finger inside her while still suckling her clit, it was too much, and with a arching back she screamed in manner that nearly cracked the ceiling. Her shaking, quivering orgasm lasted a full 10 seconds of not more, but it felt like a lifetime. Ashley-Nicole’s face was fully flushed as she lay there floating in her own personal space, bathed in new sweat. With slow movements that made her appear high, she reacted to her lover moving over her. Touching his face she tried to speak but did not get full words, and as she felt herself coming down off her newfound high, she had no reaction to her lover, Dan, as he slid something beside her. Ashley-Nicole smiled weakly, as he moved her, what was he doing? But she was now fully submitted to him, so she had no reaction as she was slowly, caringly, moved and rolled her over, a pillow under her hips

Her lover’s caring hands felt so good as he moved her that she didn’t care about the destination he was guiding her to, and she willingly helped him. She knew what was about to happen, and she was hungry for it, to feel him push into her, but her pussy was still sensitive, so she tried to slow him with a meek “s-slow bay- - ahhh – baby…” but in truth she was enjoying being dominated. Her pussy yielded and allowed the invader in, and it’s insertion created chills & shivers. She shuddered and gave a moaning yelp as it filled her. Ashley-Nicole could feel the warmth of Dan’s stomach as he pushed against her ass, and liked being controlled this was. Seeing his arms on either side of her, knowing that he was over he, his hot breath on her back and head made her totally submit to him…and she loved it. Now she was grunting and moaning as her lover’s powerful cock slid in and out of her. His pace started slow, but quickly he picked up the pace and now, he was stroking into her powerfully. As he bottomed into her he was doing so with gusto, and now Ashley-Nicole’s moans were ending in a distinct ‘ahh!’ , and she was instinctively pushing back into him, enjoying the sensation of being fully open to him

As this was happening, Ashley-Nicole could feel the sheets or something rubbing against her clit, and her noises were raising in pitch. “D-Dann-n-n..I cou-I-could…” she was trying to say, “I’m I-I’m gon-gonna…” She was trying to communicate that the wave was back. She felt him thrust into her and ho-o-o-o-ld, then begin to shift. Her mind was thinking & tried to ask “What are you..” but then, feeling him shift to his forearms, and suddenly…”Day-umm…..” she said, as Dan took her breasts in both hands, the second wave began to roll towards her. Her lover was now combining shorter, heavier strokes with kneading her breasts while playing with he nipples. Nipples were her kryptonite, and as the wave rolled thru her, starting at her feet and moving up, she buried her head as she a second, INTENSE orgasm rocked her body. Yes, she was multi-orgasmic! Now she felt her lover’s pace increase greatly. She was thankful as she was on the pill as she felt the cock inside her flood her insides with warmth as it was Dan’s turn to cum with a draining erotic yell.

Ashley-Nicole liked the way his dick went flaccid inside her. Again, her lover made his mark as he lowered himself beside her and, moving them both onto their sides, he pulled in to spoon up close. She smiled as he complimented her, and when he told her there’d be more after a short break, she hoped he was right.
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