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All good things come to an end...or do they?
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Dan had already decided before this whole thing started that if he were going to be willing to shell out the amount agreed to, he was not only going to get his money’s worth, but to make it memorable for her as well. So far, she had really exceeded his expectations, and it was s shame it had to end. If that were going to be the case, he wanted to make sure that she was properly ‘marked’.

Dan felt his toy pick up her pace and he let her push back into him. She continued to move her hips in a slight twerking motion and he enjoyed the feel of having her move her pussy on his dick. Her juices were really flowing, and her moaning was growing in pitch and frequency. Holding her hips, he slowed to a gentle stop and, holding her firmly at the hip and shoulder, he paused, withdrew as before, then paused again. Seeing that she instantly understood and stopped, Dan thrust hard into her…then again….then one more time. Despite her wonderful yelps, he pulled out. Her look back at him was actually a bit hurt, and was precious, “Oh no my dear, not yet…” Dan said softly, and, stepping off the bed, he rolled her on to her back. It took no prompting, she had the full “Submissive-link” thing going, even if she wasn’t aware of it, and he need only suggest for to meet his desire. She quickly stripped off her juice-stained panty, and repositioned herself at the edge of the bed, on her elbows looking up at Dan, knees raised. Stepping forward, Dan placed his arms under her legs and maintaining eye contact, let his wet, swollen dick nudge her gorgeous, gaping cunt. With a steady, firm p-u-s-h Dan entered what was now his, and smiled that wicked little-boy smile as her facial expression changed. He liked the way his dick filled like he owned it. Now, Dan did not thrust hard, but rather, he lifted himself slightly on the in-stroke, down on the out, in a rolling, steady pace. Slowing, he leaned far forward and accepted her heavy, panting kiss, and whispered “loving it, having me inside you?” and then before she could answer, he was back as before, steadily pounding away, squeezing her breasts for effect, and he could tell by her face his work was having the desired effect for sure.. His balls were starting to churn, damn them, but Dan knew he could hold this wave, his last before leaving, back just a bit longer. He wanted to enjoy every second of the erotic torture he was delivering to this young lady, who had proven a fuck to remember

Dan knew the wave would soon be here, but there was one last thing he just had to try. Slowing his roll, as it were, he made sure he kept his eye contact and said “Oh-OK pet...I want yo-you to…damn…try something, OK?”

Ashley-Nicole was just enjoying the ride her man had her on, she was just looking to please him, like she was in her own space as it were. So when He asked, she replied as best she could “Oh—Gahhh…OK, Y-Yes, wha-aaah – what do you want me to d-do?”

Dan kept their eyes locked and had by now stopped, but was fully inside her. His hands were now slightly behind his toy, and he said, “OK baby…I want you use your muscles to ‘squeeze’ me. You know…can you do that for me, can you please me like this?”

Hearing that was like a command, and even though Ashley-Nicole thought she had read about this, her natural ‘link’ to him made her want to do this. She had a look of concentration as she squeezed her stomach – no….there. She had to grin BIG as she say her man’s eyes brighten in reaction to her pussy squeezing his dick. It also was a totally new sensation to her, and made her want to gush right there on him, the bed, everything

“aa-AAHh – Damn you feel good…” Dan stammered out, “yeah baby – like that.” Taking a few deep breaths, he said “Now baby, when I pull back, squee – oh GAWD…”and he almost yelped, and she released allowing him to push back in, then the clamp again. ‘Holy-Shit, man, you’ve created a monster.’ He thought. The wave of his orgasm was closer now, so Dan tried to concentrate on the sensation. He was again steady pumping as before, but now, the effect of getting his dick milked was just crazy. Dan tried to think about work, about football, dammit, anything except that he was gloriously fucking this young lady. Her lithe frame…those narrow hips….that look in her eyes…the feel of her pubic hair – damn he wanted to shave that pu-…”SHIT!” he exclaimed. There was a low, growling moan, his balls were really churning now and yes, the wave was on it’s way.

The sensation of using her pussy to squeeze her man’s dick was certainly new one. Ashley-Nicole liked that suddenly, she had some of the control. Her man had shown her something new, shame there wasn’t time to explore this more. She understood what his intent was as soon as he exclaimed that he was about to cum. She wanted to please her man, so as he pulled out she slipped quickly to her knees. Her man’s cock was an angry red, and she was aware what that meant. She took no time in taking as much of him into her mouth as she could. Ashley-Nicole had once read that grasping a man at the circumference behind his balls would prolong his orgasm, so she went for it, and squeezing him hard this was, she enjoyed the taste of herself and him in her mouth. He had length, and was at the very back of her throat, so she couldn’t maintain this but for a moment, she pulled him out, keeping her lips clamped firmly around him. Releasing her grip, she suckled just the head, then gave it a quick lick. Giving the red, angry cock a few pumps, she looked up at her man and met his eyes, and then she felt the gooey warmth of his load come spilling out, covering her face with a good shot, and she pulled it in just a bit as some of it went into her mouth. She listened to his loud, heavy moaning grunt as he unloaded onto her and smiled, knowing she had fulfilled his wants and needs. She had never been ‘marked’, and decided she liked it.


There was an odd silence in the SUV, as they drove to the airport. There seemed an almost palpable disappointment, though neither dared say it. Dan silently wished he had taken a picture of his goo draped on her face; Ashley-Nicole quietly wished he had taken a pic of him inside her to remember her. Finally, she broke the silence.

“You don’t have to let me use the SUV, I’ll get by.” She said quietly.

“Janet at the rental place owes me, I’m good with it.” Dan answered. “Besides, you’re worth it.” He ended with a grin

“You were very generous with our ‘agreement’ ” Ashley-Nicole said, then quieter she added “I would have taken less.”

“I would have paid far more.” Dan answered. They both smiled

“I notice your ticket says ECP, that’s Panama City FL, you live near the beach?” she asked

“I live ON the beach” Dan answered, then added, “Actually it’s a bit east of there.”

Dan parked in the garage, and he liked that Ashley-Nicole took his hand as they walked to the rental counter. That got a few stares, and he enjoyed that the men his age looked on in envy. He couldn’t give a rat’s ass what the women thought. At TSA Dan accepted a final hug and kiss on the cheek. he tried to hand her another small envelope with more cash I it, but she refused. There was nothing left to say, their time was at an end, so they parted ways. Dan took a final glance as the best piece of ass he would likely ever have rounded the corner…and was gone.

A small part of Ashley-Nicole was relieved it was over, she could go back to her very normal life in this very small town. Quiet. Secure. Flyover country, they called it. She walked away without looking back, lest He see the emotion in her face, because a bigger part of her would gladly sell herself to him again for nothing but to simply be back in a large bed, freely exploring her erotic limits. She got in the SUV, and adjusted the seat. She thought about what it was to have him inside her, to submit in that way she never had before. With a BIG sigh, she wiped her eye, and then, as she looked down to check the gear, she saw it. It was HIS business card, Dan had put it there in front of the Speedometer, with a little arrow scribbled on it. On the back, there was just a personal email address. Smiling, she drove back to her apartment, stopping only to deposit the cash in her bank.

Dan had departed the plane and, as he walked thru the causeway, he flipped his phone off airport mode. There was a message. ‘Work so soon?’ he thought. Looking at the number, he did not recognize it, and upon opening, there was a picture of Ashley-Nicole. She was kneeling on a pillow, it was over her shoulder in front of a large mirror, so from behind, and she was naked. The message read “The back needs sun…the front, something else. After next week I have a whole two weeks before school starts back. Any time to spare?” Always the workaholic, Dan smiled and put the phone back in his pocket, thinking of all the time off and airplane mileage he had accrued, and began making plans.


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